Bush/Cheney Out, Pelosi/Reid In.

Stop the murder. End the killing. Do the right thing. I’m sorry to say it, but Bush and Cheney have to now be impeached and charged with crimes against humanity. Why? Well, because it is the only way the world’s going to trust the U.S. government again. Yeah, I know, it’s a drag and would be traumatic and embarassing for everyone involved, but this is the only way I know to suggest so as the world knows that Americans are serious about doing the right thing again.

George and Dick wouldn’t really mind. Deep down inside they want to do the right thing too. And right now, by simply going along with the program, this is the best contribution they can make. And if they don’t fight it, why shouldn’t we be forgiving? Let the healing start at the top, from the inside out, from the highest command and most important offices to the lowest and the least, from the last occurence of crime to the first. Everything gets settled and the meek get their birthright.

Makes a lot of sense and carries with it the wisdom of the ages.

And speaking of again, how about if Americans start acting like human beings . . . again? Good idea. Remember what that was like? Remember when Americans were the good guys? Remember how good it felt? Everybody loving everybody else?

The Benneth plan is then, after Geroge and Dick are safely behind bars, under the leadership of President Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Harry Reid, for the U.S. to pull back over the horizon, turn the stinking mess over to the U.N. and start paying reparations and making friends again with world.

So mote it be. What else really is there to do?

How about a real energy policy with hydrogen hi-ways, bio-fuels, solar, wind and geo power? How about a public works program, a return to the Moon, a trip to Mars? How about a national health plan? How about working on ways so as Americans can feel safe in their homes and communities again? How about better education? How about finding safe and productive ways to empty the prisons of non-violent offenders? How about rebuilding the economy and the middle class?

See? Look at all the challenging, fun and productive things there are for Americans to do within their lifetimes, much more worthwhile than killing and maiming people and blowing things up on the other side of the Earth.

Americans, come together and say it together: “Let’s leave a legacy. Give peace a chance. Let’s show the world that we can recognize a mistake and correct it quickly. Let’s show them we’re still the greatest country on Earth . . . or at least within the top ten or twenty.”

 Okay? Really, all it takes on your part as an American is a simple change of mind if you’re in disagreement, having the courage to admit you were duped. You were doing the best you could with the information you had. Nobody can blame you in the end. You were scared. But now you know the truth, and now you can do the right thing, by letting these words sharpen your focus  or just by changing your mind.

Hey, maybe if we stop being so materialistic, blaming, hurting and killing each other,  and learn to share, we can all come out winners . . . again!

God bless you all,

your friend, your best friend, your only friend, 

John Benneth

PS: Don’t send money, just send love!


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