New Science of Homeopathy Website:

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything here for an updoozal, so I’d like to first thank everyone who has supported me with their readership, and special kudos tothose who have deemed to grace my little blog with a comment, and that includes even the scoffers, because they keep me diving back into the literature to meet their objections; but I’d like to especially thank Dr. Sharma at the Hahnemann College in London for his invitation to me to speak on the science of homeopathy at the upcoming World Homeopathic Congress in London this coming April. I’m saving my allowance and I certainly look forward to it and hope I can make a reasonable showing in a clean suit, at least.
But the most important part is that it was such an inspiration to me that I have hoisted a new website,, dedicated to the subject as stated, which means featuring the work of so many people in bringing this wonderful science to fruition with clinical, physical, in vitro, and in vivo studies that prove the efficacy of it. I hope that anyone who has any questions about homeopathy will give it a looksee.
love to all,


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