Nobel Laureate Proves Homeopathy Works

Another new stunning development in the war over homeopathy. Get a load of this. In the same week that the perilous patent pill peddlers have described homeopathy as ‘nonsense on stilts’, a Nobel prize-winning scientist reports that he has confirmed a discovery made by another renowned virologist that homeopathy does indeed have a scientific basis.
Now ladies and gentlemen, what have I been telling you all along? But the merchants of death don’t want you to believe it, because this kind of information is what is going to put them out of business, and this why they are trying to kill homeopathy.
But unfortunately for them, homeopathy just won’t die.
Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who won the Nobel prize for discovering the link between HIV and AIDS, has shocked his fellow Nobel prize-winners by confirming a discovery made by another renowned virologist that proves homeopathy is real medicine, not just a placebo.
The discovery made by Dr. Jacques Benveniste shows that homeopathic solutions made from the DNA of viruses and bacteria “emit low frequency radio waves.” Patent medicine proponent defender James Randi responded to this by conducting a lifelong smear campaign against Benveniste.
Montagnier’s support for Benveniste’s discovery couldn’t have happened at a worse time for for the stumblebums who are tryng to stop homeopathy from being made available to patients in the UK‘s socialized medcine program.
Just recently the UK’s British Medical Association (BMA) – the trade union for doctors who’s livelihood is being threatened by the growing popularity of homeoapthy – passed a resolution to stop homeopathy being made available on the NHS, the National Health Service. The BMA also wants all homeopathic remedies to be placed in a special area marked ‘Placebos’ in health stores and pharmacies.
Well, if they’re going to do that, then to be fair, they should put in the area where the deadly patent medicines the BMA uses are sold are sold should be marked POISON with a big skull and crossbones.
There’s more evidence fortheir junk being poison than for the homeopathic pharmacy being placebo.
And what’s wrong with calling placebo? What does that mean? It certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, if you translate the word, placebo, all it means in Latin is “to please.” Whereas if the correct term was used to translate the realmenaing of patnet medicine, it is “to kill.”
By comparison to all those ugly contradictions, where if the disease doesn’t kill you the cure will, homeopathy is safe and more effective.
The problem with homeopathy is not that it doesn’t work, the problem is that it does, and the average doctor who doesn’t know anything about it is terrified by the competition. And they should be.
Homeoapthy works.
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My name is John Benneth.

The NHS currently spends around £4m a year on homeopathy, mainly by funding four homeopathic hospitals in the UK. (Sources: Sunday Times, July 4, 2010; British Medical Association).


2 comments on “Nobel Laureate Proves Homeopathy Works

  1. Rob H says:

    Just assuming for sake or argument that Montagnier is correct in his yet-to-be-reproduced finding that dilute DNA emits radio waves, how does this “prove homeopathy works” and “prove homeopathy is real medicine” as you claim?


  2. Nigel says:

    Hi there. When Montagnier’s results are published in a peer reviewed journal then we can look to see how meaningful his claims are.

    In the meantime, perhaps you could explain how radio wave emitting DNA is consistent with your own ideas about supramolecular chemistry?


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