The Threat of Homeopathy

The war over homeopathy is getting hotter. In the last 60 days there have been three devastating revelations about toxic pharmaceutical drug scams of megalithic proportions, which in turn have forced the drug cartels, through their shills, to issue warnings against what will overtake them for it by mere default. It’s come to Hahnemann time.
October surprises included another criminal conviction of a pharmaceutical giant hit with another huge fine.
Attorney Mike Ferrara, posting on the Injury Board blog, Network says “Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline is pleading guilty to criminal felony charges in an American investigation into its manufacturing practices at a Puerto Rico plant, and will pay $750 million in fines as a result.”

Dangerous Glaxo toxins labeled as medicine include anti-nausea drug Kytril, anti-bacterial drug Bactroban, and diabetes drug Avandamet.
And on November 3, 2010 24-7 Press Release announced that another whistleblower lawsuit filed in 2005 involving Pfizer has now been joined by the U.S. Justice Department. The suit alleges violations under the False Claims Act and could result in another judgment against Pfizer in the hundreds of millions of dollars due to inappropriate billing of public health programs and other wrongdoing.
24-7 reports that in the New York Times Patrick Burns of Taxpayers Against Fraud says, “The government’s not happy with Pfizer. These are repeat offenders.” The government’s entry into the action, they say, suggests that significantly larger consequences may be at stake for the drug company.
“It’s going to be a big case,” says Burns.

What? A big case? Pfizer already has the largest criminal fine in U.S. history, $1.3 billion, for illegally marketing various painkillers and other medications. That case also involved an additional $1 billion in civil penalties and damages! Isn’t that big enough? . . the emphasis being on enough! When is it going to stop?


Okay, so what does this have to do with homeopathy? At the same time GlaxoSmithKline Kline and Pfizer are being taken to the woodshed, the Chief Science Advisor to the government of the United Kingdom, Professor Sir John Beddington of Imperial College, and the country’s pharmacy association, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, are warning people away from homeopathy, issuing edicts against it, saying homeopathics are placebos and insisting that they be labeled as such, with advance warning.

Pardon me for stopping and staring for a moment. Shouldn’t the Prof. Sir and the RPS be warning people about the dangers of these huge corporations . . with their staggering wealth, pumping out their poisonous swill from their jungle island sweat shops? says there are now about 13,000 Avandia lawsuits pending in one US district court jurisdiction alone, all involving similar allegations that Glaxo failed to adequately research Avandia and warn users about the risk of serious side effects.

And here is the Prof. Sir and the RPS complaining about homeopathy instead?

Why aren’t the Prof. Sir and the RPS busting their chops and refusing their chips and riding over each other in their haste to warn the public about that, chemically induced diseases of epidemic proportions?
In the UK the government has paid for homeopathic treatment as a part of its National Health Service plan. But after a hatchet job on homeopathy by the Lower House (exposed as a hoax by the Upper House) of Parliament, the issue of whether to continue to fund homeopathy has become at times something of a raging public debate.
Could it be that homeopathy, due to its superiority, is a bigger threat to the vested interests than are their malfeasances? And so they say that homeopathy is ineffective, that it can’t do anything? He’s the Chief Scientist, and they’re the Royal Pharmacists. We have to give them some credit for that, don’t we? And there are plenty of English doctors who will snootily sign petitions denouncing this odd little practice. we can cont on them for that.

But doesn’t it make sense to investigate a little further, just what it is, and why it is that the vested interests appear to be so afraid of it?

According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy has become the second most used medicine in the world today. It has been reportedly successful in treating every manner of disease and problem of the human condition. Its action can be seen on plants and animals, even biochemically. Homeoapthics have unique physical distinctions and electromagnetic indices.That’s a huge threat to Pfizer and Glaxo, now in the assizes.
It’s time to seek a telling answer . . .and take a closer look at the stats.
Just how well do homeopathics perform in epidemics?

John Benneth, 11/07/10


19 comments on “The Threat of Homeopathy

  1. best hgh says:

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  2. Dr.Pramod Chandran says:

    I am Graduate Homoeopathic Physician licensed to Practice in India and the U.A.E in Middle East.
    I frequently come across the type of arguements which is similar to the one in this site.My opinion has and will always be this-if Homeopathy is totally unscientific and just having a “placebo” effect how did it manage to stay alive for so long?Technology has grown very rapidly in the past 20 years,still Conventional Medicine has not been able to provide the expected relief to the suffering of millions.New diseases keeps on appearing.
    Maybe in future Homoeopathy might disappear,maybe it will become a part of “Integrated Medicine”, so can’t the skeptics and critics of Homeopathy save their energy and wait for that day??
    Good Luck in your “Homoeopathy Bashing”!!!


  3. Kaviraj says:

    Ah John, these dishonest clowns always seek a scapegoat for their own inadequacies.


  4. […] In my last masterpiece I showed that allopathy (medicine that isn’t homeopathic) is conducting mass murder on the premise that there’s nowhere else to turn, and so when they land in the jackpot, are criminally indicted and fined billions, they take it out on homeopathy  .  .  sort of like the man who has had a hard day’s work, comes home and beats up his wife. […]


  5. Kaviraj says:

    In fact, if the ill-assorted club of clobbering clowns so wish, I can present them with over 500 studies of human trials, efficacy studies, and Materials science studies.

    I also have 450 animal studies, as well as over 100 plant studies, and a list of homoeopathic statistics on epidemics from 1835 to the present. That makes for well over 1000 studies of Evidence-Based Homoeopathy, which the clobbering clowns wish to ignore.


    • Guy Chapman says:

      That’s really quite funny. Over 500 after 200+ years, whereas conventional medicine has amassed a piffling 350,000+ randomised controlled trials in the same timeframe. You also forgot to mention that quite a few trials show no benefit to homeopathy over placebo, including the recent paper from Brian et. al, which includes authors traditionally sympathetic to CAM.


  6. Kaviraj says:

    So let us open the floodgates on those nincompoops. Beddington and RSP, you said you wanted proof? Here is some more and also some examples of biased reporting. Just like your own hatchet job os lies and innuendo.

    Inaccurate reporting, like your own epistle of questionable accuracy, intellectual and scientific honesty.

    Equally so for allopathic drugs

    and CAM always is at the bottom

    Relations between Drs and Big Pharma – sounds familiar, is it not, Beddington and the RSP?

    WHO report of 2005.


  7. alastair yarrow says:

    The biggest threat is that the control of the Mind is no longer the domain of the (ancient and many modern)academics; infact the basis of their claim to intellectual supremacy is coming to an end so of course they must react as best they can to defend their status and the security of their paymasters. A good day will soon dawn, i hope, when Science is respected for its Truths, not the defence of “authority.”


  8. Homeopathy works, and ConMed does not only NOT work, but it is positively dangerous to our health.

    So homeopathy is a threat. And it is a threat to Big Pharma companies who are trying to protect their ill-gotten profits. People like Beddington are just part of the whole rotten medical establishment.


  9. Peter says:

    Follow the money:
    Homeopathy is not only a threat to the pharmaceutical lobbies, but also to the “mainstream” science that claim to be the only one to has the truth about how the universe works. Homeopathy is a threat to the materialistic science, that is dying but still tries to have the control. The mainstream is a animal full of fears. Materialism is fear!

    Homeopathy like quantum mechanics goes beyond what the simple mind can perceive. Stuart Hamerhoff wrote that a human has about 40 moments of consciousness in a second, and a worm has perhaps one in a minute. Maybe a human (pseudo skeptics) that is always thinking on a low materialistic level has only one conscious moment a day, when “it” awakes. The collective of all materialists fears that their world will fall apart when a critical mass of “awake people” will be achieved.


  10. maria says:

    Would you have a link to the WHO statement about homeopathy being the second most used medicine? Thanks!


  11. Kaviraj says:

    So let us put up some proof of our assertions.

    Cholera statistics over the last 2 centuries.

    Homeopathic remedies shown to have a cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cells

    Homoeopathy and leptospirosis.

    Homoeopathy and the 1918 Flu pandemic.

    Homoeopathy in other pandemics and epidemics.

    Dengue fever.,anvisa-aprova-1-remedio-contra-sintomas-da-dengue,326091,0.htm

    Take that, SIR Beddington and RPS! No proof you said? Then what are these? As they would say in the US: “You Lie!!!!!”


  12. Kaviraj says:

    Ah John, Pfizer was recently fined for an even larger sum – $4 billion, in fact. But don’t worry, that is just the turnover of a single day. They don’t care much about those peanut fines.

    However, the DO care about the threat of homoeopathy! That must be denounced at every turn and opportunity and when they can get a Lord to denounce it, they hope the public will swallow it like their toxic drugs. And the attempt is just as toxicly libelous.

    Where do these shills get the audacity to attempt to destroy people’s businesses and jeopardise the health of the populations? It is a matter of following the money. Goldacre, the man without any credentials other than that of the schoolyard bully; Colquhoun, the pharmacologist who has forgotten his high school lessons about the indestructibilty of matter; Beddington, the head of the science department who has lost his brain through the crack of his supposed open-mindedness; Ernst, the phony homoeopath without any qualifications; Baum, his equally ignorant side-kick; Lewis the failed parking attendant; this assorted club of clobbering clowns is supposed to save Big Pharma from itself.

    They are feeling the heat of their scientific malfeasance breathing down their unwashed necks. JAMA’s latest issue carried an article about frsudulent RCT’s, calling them into question. BMJ’s latest issue did the same thing, concluding that none can be trusted. The failure to disclose what goes in the placebo, calling into question the entire placebo effect, and the impossibility of consequent adequate evaluation of any RCT, bodes very ill for their machinations. Combined with the utter loss of credibility of the effectiveness of their drugs, other than creating iatrogenesis, Big Pharma is rapidly losing all standing it might have had at some point in history, although I have failed to discover any of it in the annals of medical science.

    So that is the reason Sense About Science is getting their minions to denounce the superior science of homoeopathy. That is the reason the BMA has the audacity to return to the 13th century and call homoeopathy witchcraft. Mind you, their 13th century monkish work of the beancounter, enumerating, calculating and classifying the things they can hold between the fingers and see with the eyes, is what they fob the public off with as “science and scientific”. They are supposed to be inclusive, as real scientists ought to be, but have instead turned their so-called “science” into an exclusive bookkeepers club.

    If it were not so sad, it would be laughable. They will have to go by slaughter or laughter. Hilarity will be the fitter exit. We have to murder their notions or we have to laugh them away. There is much that can be said for murder, but that would be willful waste of the stuff of laughter.


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