Was it something I said?

What is the chief end of man?–to get rich. In what way?–dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must. Who is God, the one only and true? Money is God. God and Greenbacks and Stock–father, son, and the ghost of same–three persons in one; these are the true and only God, mighty and supreme… Mark Twain,
– “The Revised Catechism” 9/27/1871

There are few inventions, that is, there are few real inventions that aren’t prevarications. What we take as being a stroke of genius in reality, most times I think, is nothing more than habitual discovery. .  long experimentation, hard work and the study of the recursion of others doing trial after experiment after assay after trial all over again. Rey discovers thermoluminescence  in supramolecular dilutions of theoretically pure water, complaints by pseudoscientists that

They say Heaven conspires for those who know what they want. Sometimes there are inspirations that seem to dart from Heaven, come out of nowhere. They are coincidences with impossible denominators, as if to lead us on this dark and misty road and keep trudging on past the warm and lighted inn.

This last evening I experienced one.

An amazing coincidence. Something to spur me on. Whether or not it’s relevant to my efforts is hard to know.
You see, I’ve been getting criticisms over my approach to the subject of homeopathy. Some people have suggested that I’ve been unprofessional, in a somewhat mean and derogatory way, in response to my critics.
And sometimes, in reflection, I feel compelled to agree. I should be kinder. I should be nicer. It’s not like me to tell a man he’s so stupid he must think a fire engine is something that automatically starts fires, tiptoes in the drugstore so as to not wake up the sleeping pills. I’m the type of man who pets cats, drives around squirrels and is nice to telephone solicitors.
I try to be friendly and smile. But in the case of homeopathy, I feel I am faced with sinister forces. Evil. The bane of humanity.


Now this may seem a little paranoid to those unwilling to take the time to verify it, but it’s true.
Well, the ground work for this miracle started out earlier today when one of the people in our online homeopathy discussion group posted a list of salaries of the major drug company chief executive officers (CEOs). I took an immediate interest in it because of late I’ve been wondering who the CEO of Pfizer is, the world’s largest manufacturer of allopathic drugs.
Allopathy is the form of medicine that produces effects different from or opposite of those produced by the disease. Allo means variation, departure from the normal, or reversal, exactly what you experience when you go to an allopath.

I live my life to be with you.
No one can do the things you do.
Anything you want, you got it.
Anything you need, you got it.
Anything at all, you got it.

Roy Orbison, You Got It Writers: Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Hahnemann, who was first trained as an allopathic physician, developed homeopathy as a response to the compulsive abuse and failure of allopathy.
I wonder, how many people does allopathy murder a year? Look at their drugs, their failures, their lawsuits. Poisons happily advertised on TV that produce symptoms worse than the disease. TV ads one year that recommend you ask your doctor (he’s been bribed) and the subject of massive lawsuits and fines the next. Then it happens all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been going on centuries. And they call homeopaths quacks? Time to get up on your hindlegs and stop these criminals!

The term iatrogenesis means brought forth by a healer, from the Greekἰατρός (iatros, “healer”) and γένεσις (genesis, “origin”); as such, in its earlier forms, it could refer to good or bad effects.

Since at least the time of Hippocrates, people have recognized the potentially damaging effects of medical intervention. “First do no harm” (primum non nocere) is a primary Hippocratic mandate in modern medical ethics. Iatrogenic illness or death caused purposefully or by avoidable error or negligence on the healer’s part became a punishable offense in many civilizations.[29]  iatrogenesisWikipedia

Addictive drugs, killer drugs. First one’s always free.

Statini drugs, Vioxx, Avandia, anti-diabetic drugs, Yaz, Yasmin birth control, thalidomide babies, bloodletting, unnecessary surgery, overdoses, mercury poisoning, crippling vaccines, oxycontin, opium, intellectual property rights, patent medicine, molecular synthesis, opiates, Fetanyl, the list goes on and on. Recently Pfizer was fined billions of dollars for racketeering. RICO. GlaxoSmithKline was fined hundreds of millions for violations. It’s amazing. But the public puts up with it, because  black propaganda campaigns have convinced them that there is no alternative.

“Homeopathy?” they say,  “Come now, it’s just plain water, placebos, ineffective” . .  the literature of course proves all of that false. Homeopathy poses a greater threat to the allopathic drug industry than do government fines and regulation, not just because it works, but because it works better. Government simply runs a catch and release program for allopaths, on the basis that that’s all we got for a desperately ill clientele.
It’s what I’ve characterized in my columns of the past week as the “Evil Empire,”
It’s what I write about. The charges may sound excessive, but they’re true. And, as you will see, how quickly they fruit. So I pick out a few targets to expose. Looming on the list was the CEO of Pfizer, the world’s sickest, deadliest corporation. There are few that would outrank it in the evil index. I just hadn’t gotten around to finding out who he is . . or was,  as the case may be.

According to the list, the CEO of Pfizer is an attorney by the name of Jeff Kindler.
I eventually got off my mental hind end and looked him up.
According to Wikipedia, “Jeffrey Kindler graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University and magna cum laude from Harvard in 1980. He clerked for Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. and worked at the law firm Williams & Connolly in Washington, D.C. He was Vice President and Senior Counselor for General Electric Co. Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and General Counsel for McDonald’s, President of Partner Brands which owns Boston Market and    Chipotle Mexican Grill, a sandwich lawyer until 2002, when he moved to Pfizer to serve as General Counsel. Wikipedia says, Kindler’s role at Pfizer quickly took on critical importance as the company faced a vast array of generic assaults on its patents, most notably on the $12 billion drug Lipitor, and the rising threat of counterfeit drugs.”

“The selection of a lawyer to the top post at the world’s largest and most venerable pharmaceutical company highlighted the growing dominance of legal issues in the pharmaceutical industry.”

His salary is . .  or was . . $12.6 million dollars. This may seem like a lot, but it is only a third of the $33.4 million Miles White, CEO of Abbott made, and Abbott isn’t being sued for a billion.

I guess you get what you’re paid for.

Here’s the list of the top 14 drug company CEO salaries from which Jeff‘s salary is taken. It appears to be outdated. Sidney Taurel (9) for instance, has been replaced by John Leichleiter with a salary of only a paltry $1.48 million, although I might have missed a digit:

  1. Miles White – Abbott – $33.4M
    2. Fred Hassan – Schering-Plough – $30.1M
    3. Bill Weldon – Johnson & Johnson – $25.1M
    4. Bob Essner – Wyeth – $24.1M
    5. Robert Parkinson – Baxter – $17.6M
    6. Daniel Vasella – Novartis – $15.5M
    7. Richard Clark – Merck – $14.5M
    8. Frank Baldino – Cephalon – $13.5M
    9. Sidney Taurel – Eli Lilly – $13M
    10. Jeff Kindler – Pfizer – $12.6M
    11. Jim Cornelius – Bristol-Myers Squibb – $11.3
    12. Franz Humer – Roche – $11.1M
    13. Robert Coury – Mylan – $8.5M
    14. Jean-Pierre Garnier – GlaxoSmithKline – $6M

Tonight, lying in bed, I dwelled on this. Allopathy is the form of medicine that homeopathy opposes. The word was coined by Hahnemann, a fluent wordsmith in 10 languages, to describe mainstream medicine.
And these men who oppose us are the extraordinarily wealthy cream of the allopathic crop of drug manufacturers.
An awesome array.
However, there is a huge difference that I see between them and me. I don‘t make money. I‘m just a homeless guy who got lucky, through another wild coincidence . .

. . okay okay, I‘ll get to the one that prompted this piece in a moment.

So, I’m lying in bed, thinking about all of this, and about Jeff Kindler in particular. Unlocked, Golum might wander, “Whereas I may be poor as a church mouse, I have a couple of things he doesn’t have, and that is what sets us miles apart. I possess something that I have a real passion for. I have been let in on the inner circle of a great discovery. The kind of thing they hand out Nobels like door prizes for.”

Yes, if Golum lived, dealt the same hand, he might say,

“I am hated by the people who would be expected to hate me. I for being right, they for being wrong. I am probably one of only a handful of people who understands the mechanical, molecular basis for the action of the homeopathic remedy. I possess a knowledge of a chemistry that is far more advanced than Kindler’s. So in that way I am far more wealthy than he is. What he claims in riches time and thieves will take away, where mine is in Heaven’s store. I am in a Kingdom far above his Evil Empire. For his own sake and everyone else’s who is in his wake, I wish he’d quit, I wish he’d quit defending the indefensible.”

He relieved me of saying it, so I presumptuously turned the radio on and continued to think as the news man called out his rip ‘n’ read for the day’s end. And I thought, this man Kindler, how many lives might be laid at his feet? A civil war’s worth?  How much suffering and death is he responsible for? Could we measure it in holocausts? Or will we have to pay for it in Apocalypses and get change back in Cataclysms?  Would I want that in trade of a wealth that can be taken away in a moment?
What kind of reputation is that?
What would it take to stop this man, to get him to step down?
As I am thinking this the newsman announces that Jeffery Kindler has resigned as CEO of Pfizer. The CEO of the world’s largest drug company has stepped down to “recharge his batteries.”

Jeff Kindler . . quit? Just as I , for the sake of his Soul, was hoping he would?
Now what are the chances of that? That I would be thinking of someone so distant from the common thrall, thinking of his demise, that at that following instant, hear about it on the radio? Is that telepathy, or . .

Was it something I said?


10 comments on “Was it something I said?

  1. MadGav says:

    It does sound as though you’re suggesting that, because science does not explain everything, we should act as though it explains nothing.

    “Like produces like. Dogs come from dogs, humans from humans, etc.
    Like attracts like. We don’t see that humans are attracted to monkeys, apart from a few exceptions and that in a very limited way.
    Like imitates like. We don’t see the donkey playing lion.
    Like cures like, as homoeopathy always proves.
    Like neutralises like. The antidote will always neutralise the effect of the previous remedy.”

    This was a particularly interesting series of assertions:

    To clarify then, your ‘like comes from like’ comment would seem at odds with evolution (dolphins coming from terrestrial mammals etc). ‘Like attracts like’ you already debunked… ‘like imitates like’ denies mimicry and ‘like neutralises like’ seems to ignore the basic principles of chemistry (for example, acid neutralising base).

    Obviously ‘like cures like’ is a central tenet of homeopathy. But I have yet to see anyone with vomiting respond better with ipecac than they do with metoclopramide.

    Could you perhaps expand on your thoughts here? Your post did read like a ‘stream of consciousness’ and a little clarification would perhaps aid comprehension.


  2. Kaviraj says:

    That’s all you have?


  3. ISayISaw says:

    Homeoapthy?” they say,

    Presumably only if they have suffered a brain injury.


  4. Kaviraj says:

    Big Pharma office seeks blind person with beautiful handwriting to copy “scientific” documents.


    • Guy Chapman says:

      Have you noticed that the main actors in bringing this to wider attention are the same actors that criticise homeopathy for its lack of any provable basis? Ben Goldacre, for example? You do seem to be suffering from some kind of schizophrenia here.


  5. Kaviraj says:

    Science & Scientific

    It is normal to live in the knowledge that the circle of knowledge that we may have is inscribed by a circumference of darkness of the unknown, that is of unknown proportions. Within it lays the understanding of homoeopathy. It should not be surmised that we have at present reached the limit of the knowable. And if that which is unknown and unknowable is preponderant beyond compare, it must certainly be determinant and controls the sphere of finite or so-called knowledge. The reason is it “so-called” is because it can only be apparent or incomplete knowledge, for the unknown lies not only outside but also within everything. Inside our homoeopathic remedies lies something unknown, but from what has been discovered so far, it is certainly not unknowable. Thus the practical application through inference – which is a valid way to come to knowledge – shows that the inference is right, backed up by NMR, RLS, piezo-electric values and other methods of determining whether something is there or whether nothing is there. The conclusion is that something is there, although we cannot see it.

    This is our position. One may like to think that nothing is superior to oneself. But this is certainly mere egotism. Our honest position is that we are finite beings trying to maintain our existence, know our real purpose in life, and to find fulfillment, which is the definite discovery of the homoeopathic mechanism in objective, scientific terms. We have come a long way, but admittedly, we have not yet been able to explain to everyone’s satisfaction. Philosophy teaches us to acknowledge both the finite and infinite worlds that constitute reality. It is really a matter of humility and sanity. This is the beginning. We already have a relationship with the finite reality. What is missing for many is their relation with the infinite that is above and beyond them. This kind of scientific knowledge will be complete real knowledge. And that is the message that we are trying to deliver through this blog.

    So far as “evidence base” is concerned, it is still not a scientifically validated ideology that has always been observed. The evidence is lacking, and sorely, as the latest JAMA and BMJ state. BMJ goes so far as to say none can be trusted. Where then is the evidence base? It is imaginary and visible on the numbers on a machine although the machine has nothing to do with the diseased man. Scientists continue trying to impose their idea on Nature, rather than observing Nature and letting her present her evidence to us. We don’t observe suppression. We are blind to the facts. The facts are that our society is a society of suppression. It begins with ideology, regardless whether this is religious or atheist. Then follows education, which is meant to make you a memory bank, engaged in classification ,enumeration and calculation. We have effectively been reduced to bookkeepers, if we succumb to the demand for numbers as a sign of proof.

    We shall provide an example that shows the fallacy of this type of reasoning. If we look at the elections and we see a voter turnout of 30% and we note that their affiliations for leftwing or rightwing politics is split approximately down the middle. 70% have declared not to agree with the votes and the voted for and so these need do nothing but go home. Yet nobody will accept this as the outcome, because not voting is declared to have no voice. From an objective point of view, the nonvoters are right – the government has been rejected by 70%. That would be real democracy, when all the votes – also the non-vote of “no confidence” – would be counted. That is scientific, because it does not leave out uncomfortable data. Nonetheless, we have excluded the non-voter although as a sign of proof for “no confidence” it has easily carried the day. The numbers can be easily twisted and turned to manipulate what you wanted to say. I bet the bookkeepers are past masters and I wait for someone to come and juggle the numbers.

    We don’t observe anything other than similar either.
    Like produces like. Dogs come from dogs, humans from humans, etc.
    Like attracts like. We don’t see that humans are attracted to monkeys, apart from a few exceptions and that in a very limited way.
    Like imitates like. We don’t see the donkey playing lion.
    Like cures like, as homoeopathy always proves.
    Like neutralises like. The antidote will always neutralise the effect of the previous remedy.
    To try to fit Nature into some Procrustean bed made by the finite brains of scientists, is not science and will not lead to any progress in science. To go back into “evidence based” is to go back into deep dreams that ultimately lead nowhere, as all dreams do. Now at this juncture of our medical scientific revolution, it would be a good time to stop wasting time and daydreaming and go in the direction of some real science. This is my humble opinion.


  6. CEO of Kelloggs stepped down today, John. Who’s next?


      • Guy Chapman says:

        Not as far as I’m aware. But actually I am not your problem, my presence here is just a symptom of the much larger problem you have, in that the science community understands more about the world every day and each new discovery is *less* consistent with the fundamental tenets of homeopathy. That’s why you have to prove a credible mechanism rather than waving your arms and trying to just generally shout your critics down.


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