Conspires with Big Pharma to protect drug patents as “biotech, vaccination R&D”

By John Benneth
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Documents obtained by Wikileaks, the controversial exposer of government secrets and sensitive information, show what appears to be a working conspiracy between a non profit organization representing global pharmaceutical interests and the United Nation’s (UN) World Health Organization (WHO).

The conspiracy explicitly proposes to tax Internet use under the guise of raising money for biotech and vaccine research.

The non profit organization representing global pharmaceutical interests is the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA; aka “Big Pharma”). The WHO is the specialized agency of the UN that acts as a “coordinating authority” on international public health.

Although WHO representatives deny that confidential documents were intentionally shared with the IFPMA before they were shared with member states,  WHO officials have yet to reveal how the IFPMA got hold of confidential documents.

More importanly they expose an “expert working group” (EWG) in the World Health Organization (WHO) collaborating with the patent drug industry to indirectly tax the Internet, presumably to raise funds for biotech and vaccination research and development (R&D.)

But there may be a darker side in this unholy alliance.

“The IFPMA document confirms much of what had been feared,” that there is “a larger WHO strategy to protect the status quo, particularly as it relates to intellectual property issues,” – James Love, Knowledge Ecology International

Public health groups have expressed fears since early 2009, when the WHO EWG met with the drug industry representatives but refused to meet with those who are known to be drug industry critics.

The fact that WHO reports were distributed to IFPMA private members before they were distributed to the UN’s member governments reveals where WHO real interests reside . . with the drug companies.

The WHO EWG appraised “fundraising,” proposals, some which they considered “least likely to work,” such as diverting existing resources to health, reducing tax evasion and havens and levying new charges on services or access rights.  A proposal for a “Green IP” system (Intellectual Property Watch, Inside Views, 27 June 2008) was viewed as “too hard to operationalise” but that “some elements could potentially be useful.”

Ominously they said the best idea and  most likely to work would be new “indirect taxes,” on Internet users.

What is meant by “indirect“ is not known.

The EWG estimated taxing pharmaceutical profits would generate only $160 million. They see the profits from taxing the Internet to be 12 times greater, at $2 billion.

The question arises as to why, and how, the UN through the WHO would be interested in taxing Internet use to raise such a comparatively small sum.

By what authority can the UN tax the Internet, unless it is through a crisis. A crisis that would require immediate funding.

Hiding behind the money burden of taxation is a greater, more ominous issue.


Not of just the Internet, but of Mankind.

If the UN, acting in the interests of pharmaceutical interests, has the power to tax the Internet, it has the power to control it. Controlling it gives it the power of censoring information that could be injurious to its patent drug company benefactors.

Information such as that revealed by Wikileaks.

Note that the watch dogs in this fight are Swiss investigators reporting on “intellectual property rights.”  They are part of an organization called “Intellectual Property Watch,” based in Geneva.

In a word, “intellectual property rights” means “patent.” The UN, through its major client is an indirect enforcement agency, leads directly to the monopolized use of allopathic patent drugs in health care, and on to patented genetic modification.

(Allopathy is the current, mainstream philosophy of treating disease in the patient by creating new symptoms,  opposed to homeopathy, which treats the patient by matching symptoms of the disease.)

Control the health issues, control the medical system, control genetic modification, control Mankind.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

If they can own the patent on genetic structure, they can patent life. Plant life, animal life, human life. This is why the first investigators on the crime scene are from an organization that watches intellectual property rights issues.

The spying issues are merely an obfuscation of something much bigger. No mere house cat has been let out of the bag. What is out of the bag is a leopard stalking man.

I’m still reeling from the implications of the Wikileak revelation.

I hope you see its seriousness too.


(Still sounds crazy? Stay tuned. This blog is not finished.)

NEXT: The role of Chief Science Advisor to the UK government Sir John Beddington.

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  1. Thank You For Information. Good Post.


  2. Kaviraj says:

    Jeff, you are not even an original. You have to post other people’s stuff, because you have run out of arguments and then post something that has nothing to do with the subject. The usual obfuscation and the usual lack of arguments. Pathetic, also as usual.


  3. really nice sharing …. sharing are really useful and helpful information on this site ….


  4. Kaviraj says:

    You “skeptics are simply prejudiced. “Prejudiced,” as in meaning the “holding opinions, especially unfavorable ones, that are based on insufficient knowledge, irrational feelings, or inaccurate stereotypes,” which is how my Encarta World English Dictionary defines the term.

    So the irrationality screams out from every post. Insufficient knowledge comes out when you fail to discuss the science rationally.
    Irrational feelings are shown when you try to ridicule what you don’t understand.
    Inaccurate stereotypes are shown when you call 100 million users deluded dupes and “anecdotal evidence”.
    You present Shang et al, who “meta-analysed” all of 8 out of 120 reports and think you have done your duty, whereas you have presented less than anecdotal evidence. You think you have outsmarted everyone and lie to make your case. Pathetic and prejudiced.


  5. jonas says:

    Dude, you got the internet totally wrong. The American government has its fingers very tight around those national organizations that control the internet. The UN can run around in circles and holler as much as they want, if the US don’t want to, nothing happens with the internet.

    What kinda weed have you been smoking?
    And where are your sources?

    BTW: My sources high up in our Alien Overlord Administration tell me they plan a plot to eradicate every single human being because we eat too many hamburgers. I’m too lazy to post links, though.


    • johnbenneth says:

      IN asnwer to your questions:
      Q: What have you been smoking?
      A: Prince William in the can.
      Q: What are your sources?
      A: High Street Tobacconist. But I don’t get it. Every time I ask for it he goes and checks the loo.

      John Benneth


  6. jeff garrington says:

    Yes John doesn’t want the truth to come out (wikileaks jargon) So one more try.

    Published by Mark Crislip
    osillococcinum? For flu anyone……..
    Look at the box. Seems impressive.
It is non sedating, no drug interactions, no side effects. It also has no cholesterol and no radon. It is, I have heard, the biggest emitter of N-rays ever discovered. It is “officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States”, and we know from yesterdays post how worthless that designation is.
    The active ingredient is listed as anas barbarae hepatis et cordis extractum 200C.
    Whoa. The power of Latin, like a Harry Potter curse. I bet the product has been imbued with the Confundus charm, which may explain why it is “used by millions of people and is recommended by doctors around the world.”
    What is the active ingredient, this anas barbarae hepatis et cordis extractum?
    In the 1919 flu epidemic a physician who did not understand that artifacts on the slide, probably bubbles, move randomly due to Brownian motion. Looking at the tissues of flu patients with a microscope, he found what he thought was not only the cause of influenza, but the cause of all diseases: small cocci (round balls) that oscillated under the microscope. He found these wiggling bubbles in all the tissues of all the ill people he examined and thought he discovered the true cause of all disease. Sigh. Yet another cause of all illness. He is the only person, before or since, to see these oscillating cocci. Hence the name.
    Subsequently, for obscure reasons, he became of the opinion that the heart and liver of the Muscovy Duck were the most concentrated source of these oscillating cocci. I have found the suggestion that it was because duck liver and heart is a source of influenza, but the product predates the discovery of the influenza, so that would be an oh so silly explanation.
    So how best to to treat disease? Turn the oscilliococinum into a homeopathic nostrum:
    Into a one litre bottle, a mixture of pancreatic juice and glucose is poured. Next a Canard de Barbarie is decapitated and 35 grams of its liver and 15 grams of its heart are put into the bottle. Why liver? Doctor Roy writes: “The Ancients considered the liver as the seat of suffering, even more important than the heart, which is a very profound insight, because it is on the level of the liver that the pathological modifications of the blood happen, and also there the quality of the energy of our heart muscle changes in a durable manner.”
    After 40 days in the sterile bottle, liver and heart autolyse (disintegrate) into a kind of goo, which is then “potentized” with the Korsakov method where the glass containing the remedy is shaken and then just emptied and refilled, and the dilution factor is assumed to be 1:100.
    Go to Starbucks tomorrow and get your Americano at 200C made with the same method as oscilliococinum. They will make your drink. Pour it out and fill the cup with water and shake it. Then pour it out, fill it up with water and shake it again. Pour it out etc.. And so on 200 times, the ultimate rinse, lather, repeat. And that should potentize the drink such that you will never sleep again.
    By the time they are done, the duck goo can be found at one part duck goo in 102000 water molecules, which is damn impressive since there are only about 1080 (+/- 3) total atoms in the entire observable universe. Then one drop is placed on a bunch of tiny pills and sold for about a dollar a vial in the US. I bitch that linezolid is 50 dollars a pill, but at least there is something useful, 600 mg in fact, in the pill.
    And that is the active ingredient. Active. I do not think it means what you think it means. Is here anyone of sound mind who reads the above who thinks oscilliococinum has any potential to treat flu? Really? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. How this nostrum is supposed to alter the course of influenza is a delusion understood only by homeopaths. Anyone who understands the life cycle of influenza, the immune response to infection would find this concoction mystifying as a treatment for flu or its symptoms.
    Oscilliococinum is popular over the world, and many of the testimonials on the interwebs suggest it is effective as both a preventative and a therapy, a stark example of why anecdotes are considered a suboptimal form of evidence.
    There is no better example of the disconnect between EBM and SBM than oscilliococinum used for the treatment of flu, since the Cochran reviews have evaluated oscilliococinum and suggests that while it is useless for a prevention, it shortens symptoms by 0.28 days. For reasons I cannot discover, the Cochrane review on homeopathy was withdrawn. Embarrassment would be my guess. Other reviews have found no effect of oscilliococinum on flu symptoms.
    Think about it. .28 days is about 6 hours. Have you ever had the flu or other viral illness and could say yes, now, at 3 pm, I am symptom free and no longer ill? Viral illnesses don’t die, they fade away. Given the nature of oscilliococinum, it is far more likely that the 6 hours from the studies was the random variation seen in clinical trials. There is zero reason, based on the known pathophysiology of influenza and the known origin of oscilliococinum, that the latter would have any effects on the former.
    Oh well another fail for Homeopathy.


  7. MadGav says:

    Wasn’t there a comment here about Oscillococcinum?


  8. Kaviraj says:

    Notice the deafening silence of the critics, John?


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