Rubbing Out Homeopathy

The previous John Benneth Journal reported secret documents show the United Nations wants to tax the Internet. This entry reveals for the first time plans for population control through a secret disease program.

The documents, obtained through Wikileaks, the controversial online conduit for confidential and sensitive government documents, reveal that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been collaborating with a pharmaceutical industry trade group to raise money for a secret disease program for population control under the guise of “biotech” and vaccination research and development by taxing the Internet. The biggest hitch is to these plans turns out to be a little known doctrine of medicine called homeopathy.

The documents report that a committee of advisors in the WHO, sensitive to Big Pharma interests, called an “expert working group” (EW group), specifically was looking for ways to raise money for “biotech” and vaccination research and development.

The WHO EW group decided that the best way to realize money would be to indirectly tax the Internet.

The EW group also noted voluntary private contributions, new donor funds, and taxes on pharmaceutical profits as potential funding sources, but ranked them behind taxing the Internet user, under the guise of oxymoronic “health care.”

Hard to swallow. Hard to digest. But look at scaremongering by the Chief Science Advisor to the UK government.

Professor Sir John Beddington is claiming that by 2030 the rising world population will outpace the Earth’s resources and precipitate a great calamity of water shortages and starvation.

The United Nations Environment Program predicts widespread water shortages across Africa, Europe and Asia by 2025. The amount of fresh water available per head of the population is expected to decline sharply in that time.

Beddington predicts mass migrations from the Third world countries, which is predicted to be hardest hit in a “perfect storm” of problems, resulting in a mass migration to Europe, England and other countries.

He offers no clear answers to the perceived dilemma.

If Beddington truly believes what he is saying and can see no other option than drastically reducing the population, then the most likely option is cryptogenocide, secret mass murder through the spread of a secret new fatal disease.

In order for a program of genocide on a population to work, the population must be convinced that there is no effective vaccination during a sudden outbreak of a mysterious new disease. The only problem with this plan is if there is a medicine that can be created quickly to treat a new disease.

This is where homeopathy comes in. Homeopathy is a controversial form of medicine that has challenged common uses of crude or synthesized drugs. Although not well known or understood, homeopathy uses government regulated and accepted drugs in its treatment.

However, the physics of these drugs and the way they are prescribed is not understood by most doctors. But more importantly, the homeopathic pharmacy is a generic one. Its drugs are easily made and can’t be patented. There is little comparative money in their prescription and use.

But the record shows they are highly effective when properly administered. And because they are selected by observing a patients symptoms, it is not necessary to know what the cause of those symptoms are. This makes them ideal pharmaceuticals for the treatment of new diseases, or for diseases which have no known treatment, vaccine or antidote.

Recently 4.8 million doses of homeopathic medicines were administered by the Cuban government to potential victims of an annual swamp fever epidemic and drastically reduced the number of infections, proving what the historical record has shown, that homeopathic medicines are vastly more effective in reducing infectious diseases than are patent medicines and vaccines.

And so is it coincidental that the Chief Science Advisor to the UK government publicly denounces their use?

“I have made it completely clear that there is no scientific basis for homeopathy beyond the placebo effect and that there are serious concerns about its efficacy,” Professor Beddington told the Commons a Parliamentary committee in the UK investigating homeopathic medicine.

He went on to warn that government funding for homeopathy risked legitimizing unproven treatments and that patients could harm their health by choosing these over conventional vaccines and medicines.

“There is a danger that the public will think that there is real efficacy for some serious conditions and I believe we have to work on that and make clear that this is not correct,” he told the committee.”
However, a follow up report on the House of Commons committee investigation by the Upper House revealed that the Lower House’s proceeding were a sham.

“The Committee criticised the supporters of homeopathy for their ‘selective approaches’ to evidence,” wrote Lord Baldwin, “They could fairly be accused of the same.”

The only “scientific “study that seems to best support Beddington’s conclusion that homeopathy is a placebo was done in 2005. It is one of eight major systematic reviews of homeopathy in CLINICAL use. It is the premier piece of evidence in the case against homeopathy.

And so in my next blog, I want to take a closer look at this one piece of evidence that seems to stand between the consumer and the use of homeopathy in socialized medicine programs, and question how it plays a part in a deadly game of planned genocide.


44 comments on “Rubbing Out Homeopathy

  1. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for newbie blog writers? I’d really
    appreciate it.


  2. Myślę, że jest to jeden z fenomenalnych artykułów jakie spotkałam.
    Jestem rada, że mogłam go przeczytać. Proszę o więcej:


  3. masterelectric3 says:

    Hi John,
    Great blog, not a surprise. Things are getting stealthier and stealthier as the world continues to hemorrhage from the wounding perpetrated on it by big industry, big pharma, and pathetic allopathic assholes who have no ability to heal anything, especially their own over-inflated egos, which have largely been purchased by their deceitful, wealthy families. Thankfully, the People are starting to wake up, and it won’t be long before the entire lot of THE FILTHY LIARS are thrown out on their ears. Perhaps the piles of falsified “evidence” they call science, and which they worship like a golden calf will cushion their falls so that they can be tried and prosecuted for the criminals that they are.
    Keep up the great work, John! You are a shining beam in a dusty warehouse full of rats.


  4. Nigel says:

    Desperately trying to cover your inadequacies now by deleting comments.

    Once again, your dishonesty is fully exposed.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Yes, my dishonesty has now been fully exposed, but only after honestly restoring your precious comment about being dishonest so everyone could see how honest I am about being dishonest. Feel better now? Well, enjoy it. Wait til the real facts come out in my next column. And guess what? ALL comments are now on MODERATION. Do you know what that means, Nigel? That means that ALL your comments now are AUTOMATICALLY DELETED even before they appear! Hahaha! What could be more dishonest than that?
      Now you know how really dishonest I am. I’m so dishonest, I can be honest dishonestly!


  5. MadGav says:

    Is this the link?

    I admit I’m posting this somewhat tentatively and waiting for it to be redacted.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Yes, they keep taking things down and putting them up again with different words. Sort of like that time me and my friends snuck around town changing all the house numbers. It was amazing. Everybody’s dad went to the wrong house when he came home that night. Years later all my friends had brothers and sisters that looked like the next door neighbor kids.


  6. shellshocked says:

    Hi John

    Could you direct me to the posts you mention above? I’ve had a look and can’t find the links.

    Fantastically entertaining blog, Big Pharma are out to kill us all!

    Who’d of thunk it?


  7. QuantumOverlord! says:

    Why did you ban me bandershot?


    • johnbenneth says:

      Dear QuantumOverlord!
      I don’t like your PSEUDOnym. The things you write are always wrong and repetitive. And why are you using a false email address on your account?
      No such account exists!
      Everything about you is phony
      If you’re not willing to be honest about a couple of things like that, goodness me, QO, then how is it we can believe ANYthing you say? If you can post just one thing that is true I’m sure we could restore your . . . whatever.
      John Benneth


      • QuantumOverlord says:

        Everything I have posted on your Youtube is true, and is quoted from books I have. Obviously Im not gonna tell you my real email adress, but that doesnt really mean Im wrong about the facts, not does my use of a pseudonym.


      • QuantumOverlord says:

        Nothing I have written about science is Wrong. Nothing. Whether it is repetative or not in my mind is irrelevant. Do you still claim chlathrates do not obey the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

        Im sure thats what you said just before you blocked me.


        • johnbenneth says:

          The reason I blocked you on Youtube is for the same reason I’m trying to ignore you here. You make things up. Intentionally providing a false email address that states that your objective here is to bash homeopathy, not discuss it, is just one example of what i’m talking about. I keep answering your questions and you keep responding to them with arguments and twisted reasoning. I never said “chlathrates” (sic) “do not obey the 2nd law of thermodynamics”

          CHAPLIN: “Samal and Geckeler have published an interesting, if controversial, paper concerning the effect of dilution on some molecules. They found that some molecules form larger clusters on dilution rather than the smaller clusters thermodynamically expected. Just the presence of one such large μm-sized particle in the ‘diluted’ solution could give rise to the noticed biological action (of course, some such preparations may be totally without action, being without such clustered particles.
          “However, it remains to explain this particular phenomenon, which appears to disobey the second law of thermodynamics. A possible explanation is that such biologically-active molecules can cooperatively form icosahedral expanded water networks (ES) to surround and screen them by the formation of face-linked icosahedra, similar to as expected in the minimal energy related poly-tetrahedral Dzugutov clusters.”


  8. Rob H says:

    You say documents obtained through Wikileaks “reveal that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been collaborating with a pharmaceutical industry trade group to raise money for a secret disease program for population control”. This is a big claim. Could you please link to the documents so people can read them for themselves and see the evidence which you have uncovered of a plan for genocide.

    I know you say “I’ve already posted the links in previous blogs” but I can see no such links. Given the importance of what you are claiming – a plan for genocide – a working link seems a trivial enough thing to ask for.


  9. Adam says:

    Gosh, plans for population control through a secret disease program, eh? Wow, that sounds scary.

    And all revealed through Wikileaks, was it?

    Don’t suppose you have a link to the specific document, do you?

    Oh, don’t tell me, the CIA have managed to hack into the bit of Wikileaks that contained the document and delete it (but mysteriously left all the other ones in place)?


    • johnbenneth says:

      To the poster who goes by the name “Adam:” How dare you come on to my commentary section, insult me, then start making demands. I’ve played your stupid game long enough with countless other trolls, I’m not going to play it with you. If you want something extra me, such as to repost a link, then you better damn well ask me respectuflly for it. You don’t come in here with your guns blazing and then ask for a free donut hole and get it. What you is trashed.
      I’d be happy to take the EXTRA time to repost the numerous links onthis subject once again for you, if you could make the request to do so respecfully.
      Until then I’m trashing ALL your posts here, and others like it, as abusive and a waste of time. In fact, I’m not only going to trash your posts, I’m then going to rescue them from the incinerator so i can have the pleasure of TRASHING THEM AGAIN!


  10. Nigel says:

    The wonderful thing about web sites is that they easily allow you to link to source documents.

    John, could you link to the wikileaks cables that gave you this information, so that we can better understand your interpretation.

    You wouldn’t want people to think you were making things up now would you?


    • johnbenneth says:

      I’ve already posted the links in previous blogs. .And look who’s talking about making things up. That’s all the allopathic crime industry can do, is make things up. We know who you are, Nigel. We know what you’re doing. You’re here to troll for racketeers that are trying to rub out homeoapthy. You’re getting paid by the post. If you’re not, then by your own reckoning you’re an even bigger fool
      I’m deleting all your posts andthose like it from now on. You’re banned form this site for abuse, for lying, and “making things up.”


      • Guy Chapman says:

        So, you say you already posted them, but we can’t find them, so how about posting them again?


        • johnbenneth says:

          Dear Guy:
          How about looking for them again? Why is it I have to do ALL of your work for you? And if that isn’t enough, I have to do all your thinking, too. Do I hve to also tell you when to eat and breathe? While I’m at it, what else do you want me to do for you? Pick up some of those horrible crisps and bangers you’re so fond of? And it’s all for free, isn’t it? Just shows you, you get what you pay for, you idiot!
          What’s next? You want me to date your mother?
          John Benneth


        • Nigel says:

          Providing links in a blog post is a trivial thing to do. Not doing it is at best lazy. Making your readers do the leg work is discourteous and suggests to me you are hiding the sources (if they exist).

          Indeed, if your readers fail to find the sources, you can always exclaim “look again!” (as you do) rather than have to admit you made everything up.


      • Nigel says:

        Well I am sorry you feel you have to ban me for simply asking you to use the technique of providing links to your sources.

        I can only assume your petulant response is because you know that you are making things up.

        You are a fascinating character and you do the world of skepticism a great service through your behaviour.


        • Adam says:

          Couldn’t have put it better myself.


        • johnbenneth says:

          Well thank you Nigel, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever had to say to me. I think I’ll add that to the growing collection of letter’s behind my name. John Benneth, FC, “fascinating character.” It won’t be long before I’ll have all the letters in the alphabet behind my name, although i don’t look forward to playing the Xylophone, or cleaning out the lion’s cage, there’s not many choices of activities for those letters, you know.
          John Benneth, GLS


  11. Thyrisis says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh before Christmas, John.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Dear Thyrisis,
      You’re quite welcome. My gift to you. Perhaps i can get another laugh out of you before New Years. Thyrisis, what kind of disease is that? Do the symptoms have anything to do with with writing inane comments on homoepathy blogs?
      Whatever it is, it seems to be an epidemic.
      There, how’s that?



  12. jeff garrington says:

    John you seem stuck in a rut unable to move forward. May I suggest some Homeopathic Light of Venus, available from Ainsworths in the UK.
    Why do I sense your stuck? Well you mention once again the use of Homeopathy for Leptospirosis in Cuba. Now John lots of people have pointed out to you that this paper does not show Homeopathy to be effective.
    To save you further embarrassment the paper is here, go read it.
    Bracho G, Varela E, Fernández R, Ordaz B, Marzoa N, Menéndez J, et al. Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. Homeopathy. 2010 July;99(3). Available from:
    Some small extracts from the paper.
    “Within a few weeks the number of cases had fallen from 38 to 4 cases per 100,000 per week, significantly fewer than the historically-based forecast for those weeks of the year.”
    This clearly aims to make an impressive point, and it’s straight from the paper, so reflects it fairly. However, the press release like Bracho et al (2010) fail to mention that this just returned the region to its 2004 level of Leptospirosis – when it didn’t use homeopathy – a level typical of the rest of the country. This is quite a nice propaganda technique – presenting something that is true, but removing it from a context that would help someone draw ‘off message’ conclusions.
    “The 8.8 million population of the other provinces did not receive homeopathic treatment and the incidence was as forecast.”
    This tries to imply that something bad happened in the rest of the country, it did not. The incidence rate for Leptospirosis for the whole of 2007 was 16.7 cases/week per 100,000 inhabitants for the Intervention Region (IR) and 3.5 in the rest of Cuba. In 2008 these weekly rates ran at 2.7 and 4.3 respectively.
    The un-spun truth is that in both treated and untreated regions, the Leptospirosis rate was in the same “3 – 4 cases/week per 100,000″ range over the course of 2008 (Roniger and Jacobs, 2010). The untreated region did just as well as the treated one.
    “Homeopathic propagandists will not worry that real medicines were also used in the treatment region, a media campaign raised awareness of the disease and the homeopaths intervened at the peak of a multi-year problem. Neither will it bother them that the net outcome was a return to the same infection rate as the rest of Cuba or the Intervention Region in 2004.”


  13. No black helicopters, but it looks as though the denialists will seek just to dismiss this – their usual trick.

    What you say in this blog is important, crucially important. Thanks for doing the research. It puts a little flesh on the skeleton of a story that has been around for several years which sought to answer two questions.

    First, why is ConMed so bad, so dangerous? Why is it allowed to kill so many people every year with there being any reaction, by governments, by National Health Services, by Medics – to do anything about it? Why is the mainstream media, throughout the world, so quiet about the dangers of ConMed?

    Second, why has homeopathy been under such attack during the last 5-6 years? Why have the denialists been activated in such numbers, making such loud noises, without making any sense, or addressing the real issues? Who pays the denialists to take part in such negative activity?

    John, keep up the great work you are doing. And thanks for this blog.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Well you’re quite welcome, Steve, and thans for being such a great supporter. And thank you for your blog, it certainly one o the best on the Web for homeopathy. I really appreciate it.
      Regading black helicopters, I wish one would follow me, especially at night, with a searchlight, I could use the publicity.


    • ISayISaw says:

      “Second, why has homeopathy been under such attack during the last 5-6 years? ”

      Well, for me, the turning point came when I found homeopaths flagrantly misrepresenting the outcomes of cases they regarded as successes. Bemusement turned to outrage when I found the lengths they would go to in bending the truth and fudging the wider evidence base. I used to regard homeopaths as harmless fools. The activities of homeopaths in malaria clinics in Africa shook me out of that.

      Obviously, I also like riding in a black helicopter.

      As a specific point, with respect to Cuba, I put this to you again;

      List the other factors that were at play in the treated region during the study period.

      It’s a very simple question and capable of a ready answer even if you happen to think homeopathy was also useful.


  14. Guy Chapman says:

    You forgot the black helicopters, John.


  15. lizbrynin says:

    Well done for rooting this story out, John. It makes fascinating reading – and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Everything is subordinate to profit.
    It would be interesting – and ironic – if the only people left on earth were to be the Cubans and the Indians!
    Oh – and one bright side to this: hopefully the epidemic would wipe out all the naysayers too!


    • johnbenneth says:

      Yes, exactly Liz, I had the same thought. Unless we get on it, we’ll all be speaking Hindi in 30 years. I doubt though that will help to lift the boycott . Nothing it seems can lift the boycott on homeopathy, not even Cuba . . I mean . . oh never mind.
      And I bet Castro will still be alive, too.



  16. MadGav says:

    Sorry, John, I think you jumped the shark with this post.


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