The French virologist who stunned the world with his discovery of the HIV virus has done it again with what may be the medical discovery of the ages. But because of what he calls “intellectual terrorism” the Nobel laureate is leaving his home country to set up shop in China.

His name is Luc Antoine Montagnier. He is a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Now he has something new. The discovery of proof for a new medical paradigm, complete with in vitro and in vivo evidence . . and supportive texts on how to use it.

Montagnier’s published research reported detecting electromagnetic signals that were produced by “aqueous nanostructures” from biologically active bacterial DNA sequences.

It is perhaps the most controversial scientific study to date. It sets the scientific world ablaze with controversy.

It is not just a shot across the bow of the old worn out bump and grind biological paradigm for medicine failures exposed by the current raging cancer epidemic.

It is a bomb about to go off.

In a recent interview by SCIENCE MAGAZINE, Montagnier defended renowned immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who became the target of ridicule and obloquy when he also declared that the high dilutes used in homeopathy have biologoical effects.

SCIENCE MAGAZINE: You have called Benveniste a modern Galileo. Why?

Luc Montagnier

LUC MONTAGNIER: Benveniste was rejected by everybody, because he was too far ahead. He lost everything, his lab, his money. … I think he was mostly right, but the problem was that his results weren’t 100% reproducible.

SCIENCE MAGAZINE: Do you think there’s something to homeopathy as well?

LUC MONTAGNIER: I can’t say that homeopathy is right in everything. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules. I have applied for funding from other sources, but I have been turned down. There is a kind of fear around this topic in Europe. I am told that some people have reproduced Benveniste’s results, but they are afraid to publish it because of the intellectual terror from people who don’t understand it.

NEXT: Pseudoscientist Harriet Hall of Skeptic Magazine attempts to debunk Montagnier.

John Benneth, PG Hom. – London (Hons.)

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  2. […] shows intellectu­al terror the so-called science puts up on homeopathy and homeopathsWater has a memoryNobel Prize Winner does homeopathic study; […]


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  5. Thanks for the article. I would like to add a link to this article in our company blog on Homeopathy. Please mail me regarding the permissions to use your articles in our company blog.


  6. Guy Chapman says:

    John, you forgot to mention that Montaigner specifically states that you “cannot extrapolate it to the products used in homeopathy”.

    You also forgot to mention that even if water memory existed you would still have to prove it can be transferred from water to sugar and thence to the body via the alimentary canal and thence to the diseased tissues.

    And you’d also have to overcome the fact that the “law of similars” lacks any scientific evidential basis.

    So it’s a bit like citing a paper which studies ostrich wings but notes that ostriches can’t fly, in support of the idea that ostriches can fly.


    • johnbenneth says:

      You’re wrong about me forgetting to mention what Canada’s CBC Marketplace television program eportedly quoted Montagnier as saying because I didn’t see the program nor was I aware that he made the quote. But if he did, it doesn’t specifiy what he is talking about what it is when he says he cannot exptrapolate it out to homeopathy. The quote is vague and anecddotal.
      In my current blog I’m simply reporting what Montagnier was quoted as saying in a Science magazine interview. Montagnier is not technically studying “homeopathy” because homeopathy refers to a system of application, not dilution. The association between homeopathy and the use of highy diluted substances is posological and contextual . . homeopathic technique can be applied to non diluted substances as well, and also events.
      What Montagnier is studying are “high dilutes” the substances that are thought to be used exclusively in homeopathy. Nowhere that I’ve seen does he say that homeopathy doesn’t work. He’s using the same methoed of serial agitation and dilution to prepare the substances, and his observation that restructured arrangements of water molecules can mimic and amplify the electromegnetic signals of other susbtances that they have come into contact with not only fits perfectly with what I have been presenting in my assertions here and other places, it also confirms Hahnemann’s assertions that these unique substances have magnetic indices.
      The high dilute is the center of controversy for homeopathy, and Montagnier specifically says that the high dilute is real, and he shows what he means by that in his study report. What more needs to be said?
      And the law of similars has been proven in hormesis, the Arndt-Schult Law and in the chemical law of solvents, LIKE DISSOLVES LIKE.


    • Peter says:

      “You also forgot to mention that even if water memory existed you would still have to prove it can be transferred from water to sugar and thence to the body via the alimentary canal and thence to the diseased tissues.”

      Well, our heart is a “potentize machine”. Through our tongue our body can absorb many substances (also homeopathic remedies). And don’t forget that our body works also on a electromagnetic basis, our consciousness is thought to be a electromagnetic phenomenon. Even smelling is not only working by particles hitting some nerve in our nose, but also by the electromagnetic signature that such a particle have (this was proofed by mainstream science).

      How then water memory is transfered to sugar … quantum mechanics … entanglement … 😉

      Be open minded (and skeptic towards the skeptics)!


  7. Dear Mr Benneth,

    Thanks for bringing this terrific news to the Homeopathic world. Homeopathy was and is still condemned and ridiculed by pseudo-scientists(they are not true scientist in any mean)and this clearly show, that, they are not interested in saving human lives, but very arrogantly suppressing the use of scientific homeopathy, which is definitely capable of helping in many so called incurable diseases, including AIDS etc.

    With best wishes & regards


    • johnbenneth says:

      Thank you Dr. Sharma, as always you are absolutely right when it comes to homeoapthy and the inferior doctrine of medicine that competes with it. Our opponents would be well advised to drop their pretenses and investigate what they have been ridiculing for so long before they are singularly an collectively charged with more racketeering, malpractice, assault, battery and murder.
      Every allopathic doctor needs re-education at the U.K.’s Hahnemann College of Homeopathy.
      your devoted student,
      John Benneth, PG Hom. – London (Hons.)


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