THE ELECTRIC ORGANON: Theory for the Structure and Action of the Homeopathic Remedy

A lie will circumnavigate the globe five times before the truth gets out of bed and puts it shoes on.

This has been hanging fire for months now. It is time to release it, lest I suddenly be assassinated by the interests it challenges . .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lying in bed this morning I was thinking about the the blogs I am writing, concentrating on the physico-chemical discoveries of Luc Montagnier, what the next blog will be about. When do I stop talking about the skeptics and focus on the physics? When do I discuss the clinical?

I have now written 12,000 words on an essay entitled The Homeopathic Repertorization of Jared Lee Loughner. It took days to write.

I’ve put it aside to focus first on Montagnier and the chemistry and physics of the homeopathic remedy. It is wrong to put theoretical physics before the tried and true treatments of people such as homeopathy has to offer,  but I seriously doubt that over the clash and trash of the media fighting over “who dunnit,” whose politics motivated Loughner to start shooting, anyone but homeopaths, students of homeopathy and enthusiasts are going to take such a piece seriously without first understanding how it works. It is the theoretical physics, then, that is indeed what is interfering with the use of real medicine to treat real problems with.

Although I doubt most allopaths have even a clue how their poisons work,  as an effective application homeopathy is still thought to be only theoretical if not outright quackery (although a cursory examination and common sense would reveal that there is something suspicious in theory) deeply troubled in a charge of quackery. We homeopaths know it works, we’ve seen it work, and we have felt it work, we’ve studied the literature on it, we’ve read about the men and women who support it, we need no more assurances to know it works.  But its not an easy sell. Its pharmacy is a crypto- molecular one and its application is counterintuitive to allopathic strategies.

Physico-chemical explanations for homeopathy do exist, in parts.  Reports of action are cryptic and scattered in lesser known journals and books, and to date, to my knowledge (tmk), no one has fully explained what it is and how it works. The literature, most notably by the Benveniste and Montagnier teams, has to date simply raised more questions:

If liquid aqueous structuring (LAS) is the cause of a biologically effective  electromagnetic signal, then

  1. How is it that the water can structure at liquid temperatures?
  2. How are these structures maintained beyond the time limit of the hydrogen bond?
  3. How does liquid aqueous structuring mimic inserted contamination?
  4. How does LAS produce an EM signal?
  5. How does the EM signal have known specific biological and psychological effects?
  6. How are the electromagnetic features of LAS transferred to the dry vehicle (such as lactose sugar)?

Well, let it be said that we homeopaths are quite familiar with what restraints there are on our businesses. The skeptics serve our purposes for free insurance against malpractice suits. It would probably serve us well to do just as they say and label our substances as placebos that must be administered by a skilled placeboist, such as homeopaths are characterized to be.

When the aggravation sets in, collaborating with allopathic “medicine” spoils and turn into dissolution of the victims internal organs, or when too strong a potency saddles its bearer with a lifelong symptom, it can all be said to be in the patient’s mind.

I know how far I’ve penetrated into this secret subterranean realm where allopathy collaborates with homeopathy. The allopaths produce most of the dramatic income, just as we homeopaths produce most of the dramatic cures, how few of them we are allowed, usually only those dire cases allopathy has backed away from, smiling, hands up, pronated,  palms out, exiting the room after sucking the victim dry.

What technically distinguishes what you have read in my blogs and seen in my videos, and what you are reading now, first and foremost in the homeopathy community, are my popularizations of physico-chemical explanations for the workings of the homeopathic remedy.  What you are about to read is particularly unique in the annals of medical science, for it aggregates and it explains what on a physical level other investigators such as Conte, Montagnier, Benveniste, Demangeat, Sainte Laudy, Poitevin, Ennis, Belon, Jonas, Roy, Tiller, Bell, Schwartz, Baumgartner, Chaplin, Del Guidice, Weingartner, Anagnostatos,  and others (which I apolgize for not listing here) have revealed in various parts in their in vitro, in vivo, physical and theoretical studies.

I thought about the conversation I had with Kaviraj  on Skype the day before. I had wanted to ask him what he thought about the Loughner case, and he had his usual brilliant insights and diagnosis, but when we were through analyzing Loughner, the conversation drifted over to what I consider to be my end of the table, the chemistry and physics of the homeopathic remedy.

At some point while I was talking I thought I heard him say something . . something about having finally understood something after my last lecture . .

“What? What did you say?” I asked

“I think I understand what it is you’re talking about,” he said.

I had to stop blathering for a moment. It was like being in a fog and hearing a voice coming from somewhere.

“The last time we talked,”  he said. “I think I understand what you are trying to say.”

Leave it to Kaviraj to be the first one to get it. I remember that he did say something in the last conversation that told me that he understood. I’ve spoken to many people about it, but I never had the feeling as if anyone really understood what I was saying. It was clear to me, what I knew, but it didn’t seem clear to anyone else.

If the view from classical science on the subject isn’t atheist, it is at least agnostic. To my knowledge, I am the only homeopath who has partially expressed, and for what has been left unexpressed, has a reasonably complete, cohesive theory for the electromagnetic, biological action of the supramolecular polymorphs used in homeopathic medicine called “high dilutes.”

As I lie in bed it runs over and over again in my mind. In order for hydrogen to bind with oxygen, energy has to be dissipated. In order for the same elements to separate, it has to be gained.  The atoms in H2O molecules suck in energy when they split and send it out again when they combine to form water again. Most likely the major operative element is hydrogen.

I became fascinataed with it as a boy when I learned that by passing an electric current through it I could produce hydrogen gas. I studied electrolysis and thought I had found a way to produce free energy from water. No, my teachers told me, it would take more energy to produce hydrogen from  water than the energy found in hydrogen.

However, it was all theoretical and I didn’t want to believe it. Water holds too many mysteries to be summarily dismissed.  Water is a very peculiar substance. It seems almost magical. It is conventionally recognized as the only common element that exists regularly on Earth in the three common, classical phases of matter, solid, liquid and gaseous, plus one of its own, supercritical, where it is under great heat and pressure, such as at the bottom of the ocean around volcanic vents, where it is superheated and under great pressure.

But there is yet one more, unrecognized form of water . . ionized . . and this is a novel key to understanding the H2O mechanics of homeopathy . . the plasma, electromagnetic phase of water. The Conventional focus of H2O physics for the most part has been on the structure of liquid water . .  a focus that  has bypassed ionization of the solute by hydrolysis.

This is the part that has heretofore been left out the water mechanics: the hydrolysis of the solute into an expanding electron. More on hydrolytic ionization later at which time the other shoe will drop.

The elements of structure are not so mundane and stereotyped as one might think. In an average glass of water one molecule in every 3200 is supposed to be HDO, heavy water, the D standing for deuterium, hydrogen that has a neutron as well as the standard issue single proton. The average human body contains a few grams of heavy water.

It will be seen that the elements of radioactive transception (the ability to transmit and receive electromagnetic energy) by the water molecule are keys to understanding the mechanism of homeopathic chemistry.

Allotropy, or allotropism, is the property of some chemical elements to exist in two or more different forms. Allotropes are different structural changes in an element, where the atoms of the element are bonded together as in a different manner. Oxygen is an excellent example of an allotropic element, with four forms that are additional to that of plain oxygen, dioxygen, (O2), ozone (O3), tetraraoxygen, (O4), and octaoxygen (O8).

Water is an allotrope, made so by its ability to transceive electromagnetism.

Tritium is the great corollary of the electric organon. It is an even rarer form of hydrogen with three nuclei, one proton and two neutrons. In combination with oxygen tritum is super heavy water. The detection of tritium is used to determine the age of vintage wines, the implication being that with age, water changes at its most elemental phase.

So as you can see, the element of water is highly polymorphic. In fact, polymorphism defines a quality of some substances,  like water, to imitate other substances.

French physicist Rolland Conte and his co-authors, doctor of science Yves Lasne, mathematician Henri Berliocchi and software engineer Gabrielle Vernot, the authors of Theory of High Dilutes, report that homeopathic remedies emit beta radiation that is associated with tritium reactions.

When you squeeze the elements of water together, energy pops out, like lightning before the rain hits. To pry them apart, you have to put energy in, like in electrolysis, or in the warmth of the Sun.

My mind drifted from topic to topic, how the opposition is understandable but not excusable, whose ass I was going to kick, what I was going to write next.

I reached over and turned on the radio. Literally the first word out of it was “homeopathic,” spoken by a woman caller on the Dr. Dean Edell talk radio program. Edell’s is a program where people call in to have Edell, a 70 year old retiree who went into entertainment when he couldn’t make it as an opthomologist, answer their questions about their lumbago, their tetanus, their chancres and malarial ague, their iatrogenic fevers disguised as Krones, Alzheimers, coronaries, neuroses, hypochondria  and a host, a myriad of other weird problems.

It is a creep show of medical oddities. To give him his due, Edell, always has an answer and commentary for just about every problem and is a nice bedside Jekyll until homeopathy, alternative medicine, or iatrogenesis (mostly death by vaccine) is mentioned. During a lifelong career on the radio he has become a walking talking medical archive of useless facts, fantastical fictions, wild medical superstitions and 19th century prejudices worthy of only the most sophisticated abattoirs.

His is a Promethean genius rivalled by only by that  of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, MD.

Edell’s favorite punching bags are homeopaths. He hates them. He wants to get his long claw like fingers around the neck of one and choke the life out of him. He wants to burn another at the stake, submit others to vivisection and donate their organs to dog food companies. My cerbreal processes reeled. This woman had just as well of lit a fire under a pan of nitro glycerin.

She was asking for his advice as to whether or not she should forego regular chemo therapy treatment in favor of homeopathy.

OMG. Predictably Edell went nuclear, yelling that lymphoma could be cured by regular medicine . . and homeopathy, homeopathy, could do nothing.

He told an anecdote about how he had heard about someone who abandoned, who eschewed the orthodoxy of allopathy for the heresy of homeopathy . . and died. He said homeopathy is the ultimate quackery, and then he said with a quiver, “its so illogical.”

I rolled my eyes, turned off the radio and got out of bed.   The show was a re-run. Edell, you see, was finally kicked off the air on January 3, 2011.

Apparently the higher ups have been reading the John Benneth Journal.

I put my shoes on.

John Benneth Journal reader SCOTT DEVLIN asks the following questions about Luc Montagnier’s ground breaking study of high dilutes

SCOTT DEVLIN: “An aliquot of the unfiltered supernatant did not show any signals above background up to the 10−38 dilution, indicating again the critical importance of the filtration step for the generation of specific signals.”
Can you clarify for me the filtration v dilution? how would one get a sufficiently dilute sample from a non dilute sample with a method other than filtration? Could this indicate that in fact the filtration technique is causing or contributing to the effect?

JOHN BENNETH: You’ve focused on one of the most absolutely fascinating aspects of the Montagnier study. Diluting the solution was not enough to produce a signal generating solvent. The gross, larger material had to be filtered out first.

What Montagnier did by filtration, homeopaths do by triturating with mortar and pestle, grinding the starter material down to the finest powder possible. It would appear that Montagnier has discovered that filtration creates the same effect. This is what Kaviraj calls the nanophase, explained by the Law of Kosmotropy: the smaller the nucleator the greater the potential for order within its surrounding aqueous domain, theoretically limited to the smallest sized particle or bubble H2O molecules can enclose.

A kosmotrope is an order inducing particle.

H2O is a small polar protic molecule magnetically attracted to contamination (guest particles) and will configure around them according to the guest charge. This is how water structurally and dynamically imitates other substances. If the particle is too big for water molecules to uniformly assemble around it, the chunk then acts as a chaotrope, a disorder inducing particle.

By filtration Montagnier is creating kosmotropes, a kosmotropic solvent. The order created by these kosmotropes extends ubiquitously throughout the solution via the hydrogen bond network.

MONTAGNIER: “In the course of investigating the nature of such filtering infectious forms, we found another property of the filtrates, which may or may not be related to the former: their capacity to produce some electromagnetic waves of low frequency in a reproducible manner after appropriate dilutions in water. The emission of such waves is likely to represent a resonance phenomenon depending on excitation by the ambient electromagnetic noise. It is associated with the presence in the aqueous dilutions of polymeric nanostructures of defined sizes. The supernatant of uninfected eukaryotic cells used as controls did not exhibit this property.
“In this paper we provide a first characterization of the electromagnetic signals (EMS) and of their underlying nanostructures produced by some purified bacteria.”

SCOTT DEVLIN: “In addition, please clarify for me any distinction, if any between the documented dilution levels here and those in some of your proposals.”

JOHN BENNETH: There are none that I can see. The dilutions used by M., although low, are within the range used in some applications of homeopathy, mostly acute. Constantine Hering introduced the use of remedies in the dilution range used by Montagnier. What M. refers to as a 10^18 dilution would be called an 18X dilution in homeopathy. According to Montagnier, there can virtually be no original particles left in dilution.

SCOTT DEVLIN: It is my understanding that you claim that a sample diluted to such a state that not a single molecule of the original substance is likely to exist in the sample can still have an effect, and as related to this particular study, likely to be resultant from said EMS. Is there a difference between the dilution levels you propose and those documented in this study?

JOHN BENNETH: No. By my calculations this would equal one million molecules within 10^23, or one quintillionth of a drop of water. These are still considered below the molecular limit, but they are regarded as homeopathic levels of dilution according to FDA regulations.

SCOTT DEVLIN: Given that Montagnier does not mention Clathrates, is this where your proposition of Clathrates comes into effect, that specific Clathrates are formed by specific DNA molecules and it is from these Clathrates that the EMS are emitted?

JOHN BENNETH: Yes. It should be noted though that “aqueous nanostructure” define clathrates, and that clathrates may not be the only form of liquid aqueous structuring (LAS). I focus on clathrates because they are known and accepted within classical science, and the formation of LAS can be explained classically through the analogy of clathrates, and it also fits the aerogeneous requirement for homeopathic solutions. It is an interesting distinction to note that homeopathics lose their biological action when they are made without enough air in the succussion chamber.
This is a striking distinction to make for homeopathics in the face of charges that they theoretically can have no specific biological action. It shows we’ve cracked the code. Clathrate means “cage” and clathrates have been referred to as cage molecules, analagous to the mantle that surrounds a light on a lamp post, hexagonal or polyhedral structures surrounding the utlimate kosmotope . . gas.
My theory is that an unique hydrogen bonded network is first established by particulate matter. Dilution removes the particulate matter and the network then nucleates around atmosphere that comes into dilution from agitation of solvent surfaces, forming aerogeneous clathrates.

SCOTT DEVLIN: “We have studied the decay with time of the capacity of dilutions for emitting EMS, after they have been removed (in mumetal boxes) from exposure to the excitation by the background. This capacity lasts at least several hours, some time up to 48 hours, indicating the relative stability of the nanostructures.”
Has the apparent lifespan of this effect or propert ever been tested as the cause of other studies inability to show such effects?”

JOHN BENNETH: Yes, we know from trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Without the introduction of ethanol, homeopathic solvents lose their biological capabilities within 24 hours. Ethanol is another solvent and appears to act as stabilizer for LAS. I believe that the internal tension from hydrogen bonding forces aerogeneous LAS to fall apart and the nanobubbles to aggregate, float upward and move to the surface. If you watch a glass of freshly poured water you can see it happening within a couple of hours, depending on how much atmosphere has been dissolved in it.
Rolland Conte et al, authors of “Theory of High Dilutions” have used NMR to study the effects of temperature, magnetism, photons on homeopathic solutions.

DEMANGEAT: “Nanosized bubbles have been identified in liquid water [26–29], which are stabilized by traces of ions and tend to associate in fractal clusters, that scatter light. Removal of gases suppresses the small-angle laser-light scattering by water [30]. Radiofrequency(rf)-treatment has been shown to induce formation of arrays of stable (hours) nanobubbles in water and aqueous solutions; degassing of the treated water erases all the effects, and rf-treatment has no effect on degassed water (see [31] for review). The gas–water interface of the nanobubbles is hydrophobic, and therefore the water molecules may form clathrate shells with an “icelike” structure around the nanobubbles [32]. These ordered shells can induce long range structure up to the micrometer level [31]. Let us propose here that nanobubbles are generated during agitation, mostly through cavitation, and induce supramolecular organization of the water molecules in their vicinity, through hydrophobic forces and hydrogen bonding, responsible for the observed heterogeneity of R2.
. . .
Large-scale long-lived supramolecular structures of water around low molar mass compounds have been shown by laser-light scattering [45,46]. With the same technique, Jin et al. [47] showed that rather stable nanobubbles are implied within the supramolecular structures formed around small organic molecules.
According to these authors, bubbles stabilized by small organic molecules could even be a universal phenomenon.
NMR water proton relaxation in unheated and heated ultrahigh aqueous dilutions of histamine Evidence for an air-dependent supramolecular organization of water Jean-Louis Demangeat Nuclear Medicine Department, General Hospital, Haguenau, France.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of black coffee in a black Harley Davidson mug. The heat from the coffee caused a color changing pigment in the shape of flames painted on the mug to change color from black to orange.  I climbed onto a high stool in front of my black laptop on the black granite counter top, and opened my email.

An email notification said I had a message on Facebook. I opened the website. It was a message from a friend of Rolland Conte’s who wanted to contact Montagnier to inform him about Conte’s work, and wanted to know if I had any contact information for  Montagnier.

Conte is a French physicist and statistician, collaborating with doctor of science Yves Lasne, computer programmer Gabrielle Vernot and mathematician  Henri Bertilocchi, who have done what may be the most comprehensive analysis of high dilutes, using nuclear magnetic resonance and beta scintllation, corroborating studies done by Lilli Kolisko. Their findings were reported in a book entitled “Theory of High Dilutions and experimental aspects.”

Conte claims homeopathy saved his life, and claims that spectral analysis can be used to identify the correct remedy for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

I sent what I had, adding a pessimistic note.

Montagnier has been unable to obtain funding for further research. Montagnier says that other labs have not published their research on high dilutes for fear of losing their funding sources, which is what happened to Benveniste.

Like Conte, like Benveniste, Montagnier is finding that no one wants to touch his work with a ten foot pole. As much as Montagnier has avoided the label of homeopathy, like Conte, it has been close enough to brand him. He has committed heresy.

And so Montagnier is moving his laboratory to Beijing, where the Chinese, unrestrained by capital interests,  are awaiting for him with open arms and a brand new eponymous institute.

For those who have forgotten what eponymous means, it means named after him.

There are several major developments here that in relation to homeopathy are confirmations of old theory and  new considerations:

  1. Liquid aqueous structuring (LAS) is the distinguishing and motive featured force within the remedy.
  2. The size of the relevant LAS is between 20 and 100 nMs.
  3. LAS lasts for hours, apparently without non aqueous-host stabilization (such as ethanol and lactose sugar)
  4. LAS emits biologically significant electromagnetic (EM) signals.
  5. The biological signal from LAS can be replicated by transmission of the signal from one container to another.

This leaves basically two other details.

  1. How is it that LAS can produce the signal?
  2. The answer lies in the same dynamics of the piezo electric effect.

Piezoelectricity is a charge that accumulates in crystals and other materials, including  organic matter such as DNA bone,  DNA and proteins in response to pressure applied mechanically. Piezo means “to squeeze or press.” Piezoelectricity is the direct result of mechanical stress on crystalline substances. For those who are skeptical that water has any crystalline features, I will be so bold as to point out that the word “crystal” comes from a Greek word meaning “ice,” and all homeopathic remedies are  crystalliferous.

At this particular moment, please note your place in time and date, for at this point the key to one of the world’s greatest mysteries has opened a black strongbox previously sealed and now revealed . . the Electric Organon. 

This crystalline aqueous piezoelectric effect demonstrates, scientifically, the basis for the electrodynamic  effects of the homeopathic remedy.

It is a reversible process. Materials that have this ability to internally generate a direct piezoelectric effect, an electrical charge resulting from mechanical pressure,  also have the reverse ability to store it, as is known by observing structural changes in matter resulting from an applied electrical field.

Crystals will generate measurable electricity when their structure is changed by pressure, and also will deform when  subjected to an electric charge, or field.

It should be noted that the molecular structure of H2O is very similar to that of silica, the major elemental constituent of the most common crystalline material in the Earth'[s crust. Silica, water and other crystalline materials have tetrahedral components within their structure.

In water the dynamic is extremely facile. The crystalline structures that originate the motive force for homeopathic remedies act as reciprocal pumps, taking in energy and sending it out again in unique electromagnetic signatures. This is what accounts for the oscillating sine wave  found in the results of every successful record of action of a homeopathic remedy. It is why homeopathic remedies have varying effects at different potencies.

According to Rolland Conte in his Theory of HIgh Dilutions, the radio transmission from the homeopathic remedy is received by an antenna like array in the cell, and the array turns in accordance to the signal. It could very well regenerate the signal throughout the immune system as to the nature of the disorder and even an illusory location of it.

Water is classically known to be a diamagnetic material. It is sensitive to and easily overpowered by paramagnetic forces;it responds to an induced magnetic field. This explains Montagnier’s cross talk experiments which show the ability of water to assemble specific aqueous structures that imitate structures in the sending unit. It shows that molecular self assembly can be initiated in water with a magnetic field.

This is in complete concordance with theory postulated by Hahnemann 200 years ago, for even then, during the infancy of electrical technology, he knew that the only plausible reason for the action of the homeopathic remedy was magnetic.

A homeopath (left) is assisted by the author (right) with the homeopath’s usual daily case load.

Bones contain ferromagnetic crystals. The greatest concentration of them are in the ethmoid bone, which is at the base of the nose under the eye sockets, attesting to the direction “follow your nose.” This is the center for what might be thought to be intuition and probably is engaged in the detection of scent; it also explains why homeopathics have been found to be effective when sprayed in the nose.

So there it is. I could be wrong, but in the last ten years of studying this subject I have yet to find any real contradiction to it. It all fits in . . for me.

I know I’ll get the usual ton of crap about it from the usual poseurs, I’m sure there are refinements that will be made, all the incomplete sentences and typos I make will have to be corrected,  maybe redactions, retractions and complimentary action made, but for the most part, I think I’ve nailed it.

The material sciences have buckled under the weight of the facts, homeopathy is explainable. Professor Martin Chaplin of London South Bank University has come down from the mountain top and proclaimed that water can indeed store and transmit information through its hydrogen bonded network.

Case closed.

Now I can go blind and spend the rest of my days in bed, listening to talk radio.

Au revoir.

NEXT: The Homeopathic Repertorization of Jared Lee Loughner


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  2. Erik says:

    I really like what you guys are usually up too.
    This kind of clever work and reporting! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.


  3. Guy Chapman says:

    Liquid aqueous structuring! Priceless! Wait till my friend the electrochemist hears about that!

    Incidentally, what purity of water do you use? Do you keep it in glass vessels, and if so do you HF wash them first?


  4. bonjour,

    question to Kaviraj: discussion on nanomolecule lies on a “smoothe space-time” if the space-time present singularies what are the changes in the description of “what could be?” as far as nannbubbles? Are they the consequences of the non smoothe space time?

    We should have a clear vision of space-time shappe to use in the various interpretation.
    In the we are using a space-time with singularities and NOT the usual smoothe one, singularities interacting with wave of the material and not the molecule


  5. Kaviraj says:

    Let us return to the concept of the minimum dose and see if we can satisfy the rigours of orthodoxy, by giving a comprehensive and concise theory that satisfactorily explains the conundrum of the homoeopathic potencies. After all, if we claim that homoeopathy is scientific, we must be able to explain it scientifically.
    Hahnemann considered these things unimportant, essentially because he did not have the language to describe it. To the modern homoeopath it can make the difference between alternatively looking somewhat bewildered or sheepish and being capable to sufficiently impress the most learned of scientific brethren.

    Von Boenninghausen says:

    “For a scientific establishment of the curative power and efficiency of the high potencies, we cite the well-established law of nature, discovered by Maupertuis and mathematically proved by him; this we apply to therapy. This is the law of the least effects, by others called the Lex parsimoniae. The discoverer stated it in the following words: ‘La quantite d’action necessaire pour causer quelque changement dans la nature, est la plus petite qu’il soit possible,’ i.e. the quantity of action necessary to produce any change in nature, is always the smallest that is possible.”
    (Von Boenninghausen The Lesser Writings)

    “This law of effects (minimus maxima) appears therefore to be an essential and necessary complement to the law of homoeopathy (similia similibus) and to occupy a similar place with it.”
    (Von Boenninghausen ‘The lesser writings.’)

    ‘Poison is in everything. Whether something is a medicine or a poison is dependent on the amount. The dose determines whether something is a medicine or a poison.’
    (Paracelsus. De Natura Rerum)


    Many are the objections that those ignorant of homoeopathy and its doctrine have brought against the Organon of Rational Medicine. The founder of homeopathy has been accused of all sorts of things, the least of which is the ridicule piled upon our infinitisimal doses as mere placebos.
    Orthodoxy has the greatest difficulty with our dilutions, which they consider to be ineffective. If there is any effect from homoeopathic medicines, so is their claim, it cannot but be the effect of suggestion and thus be nothing more than a placebo-effect. If this would be true, it would serve even the orthodox to adopt them, since they are apparently very useful placebos that are more efficacious than orthodox medicine.

    If we study his Organon, we find there the solution to the potency conundrum. Let us investigate Hahnemann’s own words, to see if the solution can be found.

    “The homoeopathic system of medicine develops the medicinal powers to a previously unheard degree by means of a process unique to it. This process develops and liberates the medicinal powers of crude substances to an immeasurable and penetrating efficaciousness, even in those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human or animal body.
    ‘This remarkable change in the latent medicinal qualities of natural bodies develops the unperceived dynamic powers that are capable of influencing the state of health, changing the wellbeing of all animal and human life. This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of rubbing and shaking and which through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry or fluid, are separated from each other.
    ‘This process is called dynamisation or potentisation and the products are dynamisations or potencies in different degrees.”
    (Organon 269)

    Here Hahnemann makes a few apparently outrageous claims and statements. ‘It develops the medicinal powers to a previously unheard degree’, ‘to an immeasurable and penetrating efficaciousness’; these are pretty tall claims.
    And then comes the clincher: ‘even in those that in the crude state give no evidence of the slightest medicinal power on the human or animal body’.
    Indeed, this is the most outrageous of all his claims, at least in the minds of the sceptics and quack-busters. Yet we all know from practical experience that they work and that their power is awesome. So how do we obtain this power?

    The claims of Hahnemannian homoeopathy are reminiscent of Richard Feynman’s expressions, when he was working for the California Institute of Technology. He put it like this, at a meeting of the American Physical Society in 1959:

    “I can hardly doubt that when we have some control over the arrangement of things on a small scale, we will get an enormously greater range of possible properties that substances can have.”

    This means that when the size of the building blocks of a material become smaller than the critical length-scale associated with any property of that material, the property changes and can be engineered accordingly through size control.

    “The suitableness of a medicine is not only decided by symptom similarity alone, but also by the size of the dose. By means of division and dynamisation preparations are produced, which only in this way reach their full capacity to influence the suffering parts of the organism.”
    (Organon 275)

    We mention this, because we expect some resistance from the mechanistic heads at work in the diverse research facilities, which will no doubt put forward many objections against the use of homoeopathy in high dilutions.


    The silliest of these is Avogadro’s limit, which tells you nothing more than that in any given substance, there are no more molecules found beyond the 12th centesimal or the 24th decimal dilution. However, there are between 2 and 250 atoms in each molecule, so their relative size should have an influence on the dilution rate – at least in the potencies. Moreover, Avogadro discovered the limit for gases, where the molecules always have the same size regardless the amount of atoms per molecule, while its use for dilutions is but a derived value. Even the use of the term is misleading for that reason alone and thus not scientifically sound.
    Avogadro’s limit tells you nothing more than that he had no means to detect beyond the molecular level. Yet we find that nuclear magnetic resonance sinus waves are not found in Avogadro’s dilutions, but are visible from the second homoeopathic potency onward. This is because the homoeopathic potencies are not mere dilutions, but receive the succussions that are believed to confer their power.
    However, the mystery remains. These are not explanations, but the gathering of relatively useful data. These data moreover, are not the process.

    If we examine the ultra-small achievements of technology, we notice that nobody makes objections to the microchip, nanobots, atomic particles such as neutrons, quantum-mechanical photons and other examples of ultra-small scale, while denying the same for homoeopathic remedies.
    This is due to bias and/or prejudice, of which our opponents have plentiful supplies, but which in the face of the reality of homeopathic potencies are not very scientific, to say the least. In reality, it is utterly childish. We might expect at least adult behaviour in those scientists that are opposed to homoeopathy through ignorance.

    “By means of this procedure a change is effected in the given drug, which in the crude state shows itself as material – often non-medicinal material. The higher dynamisations liberate the dynamic conscious medicinal power, which in itself is imperceptible by the senses. The medicinally prepared globules are but the carrier of the inherent consciousness of the medicine. In this condition they manifest their healing power on the sick mind and body.”
    (Organon 270)

    Nanophase technology is a relatively new way of using materials – at least in the field of technology. It seeks to change the properties of a substance through an extreme reduction in size of the particles, according to the principles set out by the physicist Richard Feynman, quoted above. When the particle size is reduced to nanometre size, it is smaller than the critical mass associated with its regular properties. As a result, those properties change to something different and the difference is determined through control of the size of the particles.
    In regular nanophase technology the properties wanted are malleability, elasticity, hardness, superconductivity or ceramic, among several other options.

    Nanophase technology makes use of superfinely ground powders to produce its diverse products. In the case of superfine powders, the resultant product is again dependent on the particle size. It is the latter method that applies to homoeopathic potencies, since they also depend on grinding the substance to the appropriate sizes, so that the medicinal powers are released or developed.

    The manner in which to arrive at the nanophase must have some bearing on the type of properties generated, otherwise they would stick with one method only. Different examples can be given in which this is the case. There is more than one way to skin a cat. We shall list them here for the benefit of the student.
    1. The Gastein gneiss formation and its nanophase suspension in the drinking water, producing cretinism. Lapis albus is the remedy made from this.
    2. The fluxion potencies that generate the equivalent of a 10M from a 3c in one hour.
    3. The suspension of nanophase particles of lead and copper in drinking water, where such conduits are used.
    4. Volcanic action, where under heat and pressure one type of stone or other material turns into another.
    5. Cooking, where the ingredients all change properties.
    6. Bombarding a substance with neutrons, so that it falls apart in nanophase particles of a particular size, generating particular properties.
    7. Boiling a substance and driving it through an inert gas to crystallise the nanoparticles, precipitating them onto the wanted precipitate.
    8. Boiling a substance and driving it through a reactive gas to crystallise the nanoparticles, precipitating them onto the wanted precipitate.
    9. Superfine grinding of substances to the nano-phase, to obtain different properties.
    Since there are several ways in which the nanophase can be obtained, we propose that trituration is accepted as a valid manner in which to obtain nanophase particles that generate different properties.

    How is it possible that solid materials become soluble in water or alcohol? The solids never do. The answer is that under pressure – with the mortar and pestle – the grains are reduced to nanometre size and they slide over each other easier than millimetre sized ones. In the case of solids, the grains are bound to each other. A fracture occurs, when too many of these bonds break. If a crack opens, atoms from the lactose begin to move to fill them in. The smaller the grain size, the shorter the distance the lactose atoms have to travel and thus the finer the substance can be ground. Simultaneously, the substance particles are penetrating the lactose particles in the same manner, thus passing on their properties to the lactose.

    Just as nanophase technology discovers new properties in matter, homoeopathy has done so for the last 200 years. Our potencies are quantum mechanically different from ordinary solids or substances – both in nano-technology and homoeopathic potencies, which are quantum mechanical dilutions. Dr Benneth has made this abundantly clear in his diverse blog posts.

    we use the mortar and pestle to achieve the same – reduction to nano-size particles. The processes do not differ greatly – grinding equals heat and pressure. In the making of a potency, we seek to divide the nanophased particles, as opposed to the nanotechnologists, who seek to collect them.

    A homoeopathic remedy is really a nanophase half-product, which needs the human body to precipitate its entire product, which can be either of two – health or disease. Therefore it is invisible as long as precipitation does not take place. Trituration is the separation of the nanospheres from the original substance, passing through lactose as the carrier, before precipitation in the body with either health or disease as the final product. In summary:
    1. At the nanophase different properties arise in potentio.
    2. They pass through a medium before precipitating into the final product.
    3. Until precipitation, the properties are in suspension or in potentio.
    4. A potency consists of a product reduced to nanophase, suspended in a medium before precipitation.
    5. Precipitation produces the final product – in homoeopathy this is either health or disease.
    These 5 stages apply to all nanophase products, whether visible as a product with a single property or as one with multi-properties. It merely depends on how many differently sized nanospheres have been suspended in the original carrier. Succussion imprints the entire nanophase upon the carrier, including all its latent properties. At the release of those properties onto the precipitating medium, the entire product becomes visible.

    To understand the concept of nanophase potencies, the following points regarding nanophase materials and products must be considered:
    When control is obtained of the arrangement of things on a very small scale, we arrive at an enormously greater range of possible properties that substances can have. (See also Organon 269)
    When the size of the building blocks of matter become smaller than the critical length scale associated with any property, that property changes and can be engineered through size control. (See also Organon 270)

    Ultrafine powders can be made into consolidate materials. Trituration is a way to arrive at the superfine powder stage.

    In our remedies we also have different properties from the crude as in the potencies. This is even more so with the medically inert substances. They only are released by the process of trituration. It may also mean that for instance a 30C will have all the possible properties Cobalt may possess in all its phases. Because, the admixture with lactose in the first three stadia of potency may release the full properties to the lactose, which then dissolves in water.

    homeopathic potencies cannot change properties at the same nanophase as the nanophase materials. This is impossible, since the properties are totally different.
    We must therefore conclude that homoeopathic potencies are obtained at another nanosized particle, possibly larger, but more likely to be smaller than the nanophase materials. Naturally, one would expect that the subtler a property, the smaller the nanophase must be, to accommodate the subtlety. Since nanophase particles are visible under the electron microscope, it should be easy to confirm or refute these notions.


    Water is that wonderfully complicated simple substance at the border between alkaline and acid. It is the universal reagent, while not becoming itself affected. Simple distillation returns the original substance, whether it is a simple solution or a nanophase potency before distillation.
    Water does not have a memory, as Benveniste asserted it had. His was a simple error of perception on which they broke his back, so to speak. Water is a storage medium, much like a CD or a hard disk in a computer. The disk has no memory, but only space to write bits of information. Similarly, water has space to store bits of matter or the information concerning that matter. Nanophase materials light up in different colours than their crude counterparts when dissolved in water, simply because they have different properties, which are among others visible in different colours. Since we disperse and use very little, we do not produce such colour differences in our potencies. It is a matter of scale.

    Similarly, by putting in the remedy, we convey that something that is visible in NMR imaging and RLS light, although there is nothing but water according to Avogadro. However, we have established we are beyond Avogadro when the trituration brings the substance to the nanophase – there are no molecules, but nanophase particles that have different characteristics than the full molecule, so Avogadro does not apply, since it applies to molecules and not to nanophase particles, which because they miss a proton or electron, will easily couple themselves to the lone pair of Oxygen atoms in water molecules. Since they have a connection now to the water, they exchange their information with it, in a similar manner as with the lactose.
    The succussions convey the attachment and the passing of information. The problems raised by succussion are not easily conveyed, but since water is a ‘soft’ medium as opposed to lactose which is much ‘harder’, molecule-structure wise, we can understand that the water molecule is more adaptable and therefore an information carrier at the lone pairs, which through the other pair conveys the message to the rest of the water molecules.

    Our potencies have been reduced to nano-size powders, which are soluble in water. The process of succussion, which is rhythmically shaking the vial with powerful strokes, arranges the water molecules in patterns. By division and succussion we have arrived at the ultimate manageable dose, in control of every aspect of the disease and leave no residues. Since such small doses are least detected by the immune response, the question of resistance cannot even arise.

    Since they are somewhat off-balance, so to speak, they seek that by coupling to the lone pair and by giving off radiation, which NMR detects in a perfect set of sinus waves on the monitor and which is seen as the spectrum of the substance and not water, when misted through Raman Laser Spectrographs. Since succussion does divide the remedy and its radiation through the water, all of it is written full with the complete program.

    Our scales of potencies made from medicinally inert substances prove that Feynman’s assertions for nanophase materials are also applicable to our remedies. For these potencies suddenly develop medicinal powers, when they are reduced below the critical length scale associated with their crude properties. This means that the process of trituration causes a change in properties, with the implication that the critical mass associated with its regular properties – non-medicinality etc. – has been reduced to nanophase size and has generated different properties, such as medicinality.

    Our properties are medicinal, as opposed to malleable, superconductive or strong. Although trituration seems very different from the making of uniform extra-fine powders, the process of grinding is the same. We seek not to have uniformity nor to accumulate the nanophase particles, but on the contrary to disperse them. Also, we want not just one property, but all possible properties, from different nano-sized particles. This is what makes nanophase materials and homoeopathic potencies different in both effects and properties.
    They make these remedies the only medicinal substances where the doctor has complete control over the dose and has manageable medicines, rather than guesswork poisons.


  6. Henry says:

    John, another interesting essay.

    A further question is posed by the above about LAS, though. If they can persist for hours even in an unstabilised medium, and can be transmitted from one container to another giving a persistence through serial dilution, how does one prevent the gross contamination from any number of other structured LAS in the water used to dilute the original sample. Is there any way to ensure it is free from other LAS?

    A an aside, “Although I doubt most allopaths have even a clue how their poisons work” is possibly a little unfair. I will happily admit to not knowing the mechanism of some drugs, but there are vast numbers of drugs with well understood mechanisms of action and, in my field (anaesthesia), a good understanding of the drugs we use is pretty much ubiquitous and examined, so a prerequisite to progression in training.




    • johnbenneth says:

      Dear Henry,
      Thanks for your input here and a great question.
      ” . . how does one prevent the gross contamination from any number of other structured LAS in the water used to dilute the original sample. Is there any way to ensure it is free from other LAS?”
      You are perspicacious indeed to ask about contaminaiton of the host from unintended sources. The answer to that question has to lie in numbers.
      Even pure water has many contaminants, both particulate and spectral. Most notably are those from the container. NMR and biolgoical tests have shown that the silica contamination from the the succussion vial appears to be a necessary ingredient to the biological action of the remedy. If we started out with a 1:100 dilution, the intended molecule becomes by far the most prevalent contamination and simply overwhelms the aqueous host. Accordingly then, as all particulate matter of the first order is being diluted out it will overrule all other contaminants in the structural transformation of the aqueous host.
      My theory is that any segment of the potentized host will contain features that are both unique and holistic to it, but as the solution is diuted, the unique qualities of any part begin to give way to greater conformity, and the amplitude of the signal rises along the spectral scale, the higher potencies having at least comparative greater amplitude in the higher range, such as beta and gamma.
      But this latter part is only theory on my part that is supported only in part by the work of Conte et al, who report that homeopathic pilules emit beta emissions.
      The silica contamination is another interesting feature of the remedy. Tests at Harvard by Anick and others by Ives and others have shown that serial succussed and diluted solutions do not appear to have an NMR signature or significant biological effects if they are made in Pyrex (borosilicate) test tubes.
      We believe that the silica, which has a molecular structure that is very similar to that of water and may be acting as a nucleator and amplifier of biologically signicant signals from LAS.


  7. Peter says:

    This informations are wonderful. Please continue the good work. I alway enjoy very much your posts and your humor. The world is changing, … like Benoit Mandelbrot once said in a interview “we are all screwed” … but I have the hope that soon more and more people will expose their knowledge (and secrets) hidden in front of the public for so long time and this will trigger a global change. Homeopathy is the best resource for the noetic science.


  8. Hans Georg Andras says:

    Thank you very much dear Mr Benneth
    You are a generous friend, and I am glad I have met you
    Hans Georg Andras


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