The Remedy for Terror

Compare Mark Anthony CONDITT/Jared Lee LOUGHNER, STRAMONIUM, 16 criteria, value 63
Themes: Light and dark, clinging from terror

  1. Alone, 6
  2. Sadness when alone, 4
  3. Repetition of thoughts, 1
  4. Grasps at genitals, 1
  5. Shamelessness, lewd, 6
  6. Sleeplessness, 6
  7. Frightful fancies, 6
  8. Confused speech, 1
  9. Speaks nonsense, 4
  10. Look fixed on one point staring, 6
  11. Delusions of murder, 4
  12. Desire to kill, 2
  13. Somnambulism, 4
  14. Violent, 4
  15. Tries to kill people, 4
  16. Kill, 4

These must be Stramonium times, for Stramonium is the major remedy for terror. Terrors of wars long past. Terror, terrorist, terrorism are featured in Lughner’s writing.

STRAM: “Violent laughter with sardonic expression on his face. Stram. stands alone among the deep acting remedies, in its violence of mental symptoms.” (Kent)

STRAM: Desire for light and company. (Lippe)

STRAM: 1. Young plethoric persons who desire light and company, dread the dark and solitude.

The repertorized symptoms for Stramonium put it in competition with Hyoscamus as the top remedy. What Stamonium lacks in value it makes up for in criteria. What distinguishes this remedy is that it is the main remedy for terror.

One or all of these remedies may have been preventatives for the pre murder-spree Jared Lee Loughner. We’ll never really know because we can’t turn the clock back. What other remedy within the homeopathic materia medica addresses seemingly motiveless mass murder? If it can’t address some the more peculiar symptoms, then it has to address a personality type that seems to have absolute remorseless disregrd for human life.


Well, there is one more that comes to mind. It isn’t repertporied in any of the materia medicas, such as as exhaustive works by Kent or Clarke or others I’ve been using, with the exception of a short entry by TF Allen, who doesn’t repertorize symptoms.
However, there have been a modern proving of it which my references don’t have, but Chappell and others describe its indicators. It a remedy for sociopathy.
The remedy is Scorpion and it has some rather stunning implications in the Loughner case.

Made from the venom of the scorpion, this is the homeopathic medicine for sociopaths, according to Peter Chappell in his great book, “Emotional Healing with Homeopathy.”

“Scorpions live under rocks and sting their prey to death by sudden attack,” he writes. This begins, in part, to build the first part of an image of a neighbor of the Loughners painted of the young Jared as a child, looking out from indoors at the other children playing outside.
In online refernces to it I’ve seen it as a remedy prescribed for children, especially those with ADHD who are violent and whose parents fear them.
It’s been said of Loughner that he was disruptive, so much so that he was kicked out of class. One of the people who knew him said he would stir up trouble wherever he went. I’ve tried to repertorize that particular criterion, and haven’t succeeded in the classical materia medica. I find violence as a mental criterion, but I haven’t found anything for or akin to troublemaking.
Although it disruptive is missing in his index, Chappell describes the types most affected by the Scorpion remedy to be impossible kids who can‘t learn, and are disruptive everywhere.

It may fit Loughner in what he became, but it doesn’t seem to describe him as well as Hyoscomas and Stramonium.
The literature provides us with three basic remediees that may be of value in the schizophremic condition.of over citable manic psychosis: Belladonna, Hyoscamus and Stramonium.

In Belladonna there is a red theme that runs through it, “seeing red,” redness of the skin, particularly the face and together with complaints of heat and dryness. The remedy is indicated when there is uncontrolled manic excitement. There is always an interest in metaphysics.
“All of my Belladonna patients have professed to have physic abilities,” writes Phillip Bailey, MD, in his book, Homeopathic Psychology, “and this has been accompanied in each case by an obsession with understanding non physical realms of reality.”
That sounds like what was reported of Loughner’s obsession with what is real and what is not real. Violence is a major part of the Belladonna constitutional pattern. Bell. fit’s the bossy, assertive type to those who know him.

Hyoscamus, like Belladonna, is another nightshade. There is a shameless, shocking and revealing focus on sexuality, They can kill from jealousy. Their hands tend to gravitate to the genital area. They tell inappropriate sexual jokes, or jokes that are malicious and nasty, engaging in inappropriate antisocial behavior. They can be streakers, flashers.

“There can be suspicion dengenerating into deep mental states of paranoia,” writes Peter Chappell of the Hyoscamus state in his book Emotional Healing with Homeopathy.
Hyoscamus is characterized by a passive delirium. Hyos. is a remedy between Belladonna and Stramonium.

There is no more violent type than Stramonium, who are usually calm most of the time and will talk in a strangely detached way about how they have no control over it when they want to kill.

Stramonium people will look at you with a stare that is unnerving and totally devoid of fear.

Compared with the fevers of Belladonna, the fever indicated by Stramonium is continual and unremitting.

“Fifty-one pages of confidential police documents released by the Tucson community college Jared Lee Loughner attended give detailed descriptions of his behavior, offered by fellow students, instructors, and campus police: Loughner was disruptive in class, often speaking out of turn or making nonsensical assertions. He once insisted that the number 6 was the number 18 and, in an act that got him expelled, made a YouTube video calling the college “the biggest scam in America” and linking it to genocide. Campus police officers wrote in their reports that they believed he might be mentally ill, while others described Loughner as “creepy,” “very hostile,” and having a “dark personality.” When two police officers delivered a letter about Loughner’s suspension to the young man’s home, they requested two additional officers be posted in the neighborhood.” -Posted at 6:13 AM, Jan 13, 2011 on The Daily Beast.

After looking at these remedies, the one that seems to edge out the others is Stramonium.

However, there is one more remedy that should be considered and if not used, at least kept in mind for future cases, especially those dealing with young people. Chappell declares that be believes the traits of of the Scorpion remedy profile come from genetic damage, from one of the parents having been stung by a scorpion. It raises an interesting question. How many people who have been stung by scorpions have children with behavioral issues?

“They can be extremely violent, hurting or even murdering others just for the fun of it. They can be mean without any conscience.” (Chappell)

One of the earliest records of the homeopathic principle is in the Ebers papyrus, which describes Isis using scorpion venom to cure patients exhibiting similar symptom pictures to those caused by scorpion stings. And there is indeed an eponymous homeopathic made from it.

Parents of these children, according to Chappell, often fear bodily harm from Scorpion children or that they are headed for a life of violent crime. The children are detached, like to be alone. Indifferent to pleasure or pain, to others opinion of them or to responsibility, removed from the demands of society, Scorpions live in a self imposed isolation where they build up a store of hatred. They view the world as if they are looking at it through a hole in the rocks.
Their minds go blank when concentrating and can’t think of more than one thing at a time.

Without knowing more, without talking to the subject, his parents and those who knew him, its hard to know exactly what the right remedy might be. But I think its pretty obvious its narrowed down to three, and my bet is still on Stramonium.

Differences between homeopathy and conventional medicine, called “allopathy”

Orthomolecular physician Dr. Joel Wallach, N.D. says school shooters are nutritionally deficient, especially in Lithium (orate).

Causal motives are not required to find a homeopathic remedy. All that is needed to find the right homeopathic remedy are known guiding symptoms.
However, without examining motive, how do we know the remedy isn’t simply suppressing symptoms caused by the motive? If the motive isn’t dealt with, what’s to keep the symptoms from returning?

Conventional, corporatized mainstream medicine, uses a technique called allopathy for the treatment of disease. The word allopathy means “other suffering.” It is the technique of treating symptoms by creating new ones. The symptom most often caused by allopathic treatment is an artificial sense of well being, dullness and insensitivity.
Allopathy is the opposite of homeopathy, which means “same suffering.” Homeopathy treats disease by creating similar symptoms so as to evoke the body’s powerful healing mechanism. The chemicals used to do this are ionic liquids, hydrolyzed chemicals, the solute plasmas that act as energetic analogues of the substances from which they were extruded that can evoke a curative response without the overwhelming physical damage and ineffective palliation caused by allopathic drugs. The fundamental reaction caused by homeopathic materials is heightened sensitivity of the curative response, just the opposite of the primary symptom of allopathy.

Allopathically it is much easier, therefore much more profitable, to simply address each symptom by creating a diversion of other symptoms, usually numbness, or another disease unrelated to the allopathic drug given as an implied “cure.” Capitalistic systems which depend on the exploitation of human weaknesses then are compelled to abhor homeopathic and gravitate toward allopathic treatments.

NEXT: Kaviraj’s assessment of the Loughner case.
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7 comments on “The Remedy for Terror

  1. Since the admun off this website is working, no hesjtation very rapidly it will be well-known, due to
    its feature contents.


  2. Cheryl says:

    Sorry there were a few typo s
    Steam hyos I have tried.
    Beautiful but hyos no longer works.
    Stram has never worked.
    Arsenicum has been beautiful.
    I ve tried nearly every remedy.
    Nothing has really swept up my case so far.
    My symptoms
    Panic disorder…
    Complex otsd.

    If anyone can lead me into some help…healing..
    Id greatly appreciate it with all my heart.
    Kind regards.


    • johnbenneth says:

      As homeopathy is individualized, the best advice I can give you is to consult a competent, experienced homeopath. It should also be noted that chronic problems can take a year to clear up.
      Without knowing more about you I would suggest that you avoid coffee, as it can make you more sensitive to anxiety, but what do I know of your situation? Nothing, really, without asking questions and hearing you talk.


  3. Cheryl says:

    My name is Cheryl.
    I have a terrible past suffering tremendous fear.
    I have tried steam…no healing occurs….hyos was beatuful In the beginning but dies nothing now.
    Arsen alb saved ny life like hyos.
    But I’m stuck now…id love to find tge remedy or healing that sweeps up my case.
    Can anyone help or recommend who I ciuld speak to next.
    My only desire is to heal.
    Thank you.


  4. Magdalena says:

    If you are going for most excellent contents like me, just
    visit this site every day since it provides quality contents, thanks


  5. Peter says:

    Wikipedia on Atropine:
    “Atropine is a tropane alkaloid extracted from deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) and other plants of the family Solanaceae. It is a secondary metabolite of these plants and serves as a drug with a wide variety of effects.”

    I once proved this homeopathic remedy and I’m too scared to prove it ever again. It let me see shadows, strange things. Stramonium affects the brain, especially the meninges. But on the level of mind and memory it is able to let one remember things that happened in the past, maybe in the childhood. They then appear like shadows, not clear. The fright is similar to aconitum (again a remedy that contains atropine). The difference is that the aconitum-fright happens all at one, the stramonium-fright comes in flashes (or shadows). If a person is not ready for these kinds of bad memory that was repressed for so long time, than one can even react with anger to them and naturally towards others. Why also towards others? Well, because we are all one, we share one field of collective consciousness, and we are all involved in these drama. Some more, some less.


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