Amidst vicious attacks on its credibility, the world’s smartest woman has denied it was her who wrote a letter in response to an article about Swedish authorities accepting homeopathy.


Apparently not, at least NOT YET. 

After it has been called to my attention, by one of our faithful readers, that the Marilyn vos Savant of “world’s smartest woman” fame has denied writing the letter that appeared under the same name in a comment responding to an online article, I am amending my assertions, equivocally.

Well, certainly it should come as no surprise that those of the highest echelons of intelligence have validated, used, supported or endorsed homeopathy. But really, what constitutes such a claim as the world’s most intelligent anybody? What about some of these evil geniuses? How smart, really, are they? Shouldn’t intgelligence include indices for how well you get along with others? Does some abstract figure of I.Q. warrant such a nomer?

And if we can say some woman by dint of this quanta is the world’s most intelligent, what does achievement, wealth, approbation and . . wealth (again) rate for it?

I’d like to know.

Is a mere paper and pencil test, which can be cheated or lied about, not common to a rat in a maze? What is the best criteria for intelligence? How would we rate our own if we accepted a quotient of intelligence for the ability to rate intelligence? Cannot intelligence be appraised solely in spiritual terms of happiness? Why not a misery index?  Couldn’t it be said the dumbest people on the planet are in reality the most miserable no matter what fiscal appendages, achievements and academic commendations  they may bear? How smart is a man who throws him self into a fire?

Have you ever thrown a cup at someone’s head?

Does she use Splenda? What is her daily consumption of aspartame? Did she vote for Romney? Does she know who Victor Neuman is?

Shouldn’t warning signs such as the above be consodered benchmarks of intelligence? And how does intelligence farfe beside wisdom?

No, I submit to you, my friends, these are too arbitrary and give inapprpriate indications of intelligence, and how much greater is wisdom? A better index, I think, is indeed homeopathy! Allow me to illustrate my assertions to you in full Technicolor in the plush 3-D cinema of your mind.

Is Marilyn vos Savant really the world’s most intelligernt woman. She never responded to my inquiry, how intelligent is that?

Who was the world’s most intelligent man?

Mark Twain remains the world’s most quoted man. Defintely a candidate for the world’s smartest man. Who but a man of such incomparable intelligence as this Clemens would stave off his last work for publication, Letters from the Earth, to 50 years after his death, just to give the world a chance to catch up? Not only is it an ontology, it brings up the progenitor of the Judaeo Christian faith before a celestial court by his ears for his report in Numbers 31, without reference to ice cream flavors, but rather to the rapine genocide of the Midianites and the modern karma of the Jew.

Twain is the Godfather of American literature, he wrote her first great novel (The Adverentures of Huckleberry Finn) he is the Lincoln of her literature, the cynosure of her jungle . . and he used homeopaths almost exclusively.

That’s right. Mark Twain was an ardent user of homeopathy!

He wrote, “. . the introduction of homeopathy . . forced the old-school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business; you may honestly feel grateful that homoeopathy survived the attempts of the allopathists [conventional physicians] to destroy it, even though you may never employ any physician but an allopathist while you live.”

John D. Rockerfeller, in today’s dollars, was the richest man to have ever lived. He was also a homeopathy enthusiast. He lived to the age of 97 with his personal homeopath by his side.

Emil Adolph von Behring, a physicist, the father of immunology, winner of the first Nobel prize for medicine due to his work in developing the diptheria antitoxin. He credited homeopathy for his success. He wrote, “Indeed, what else causes the epidemiological immunity in sheep, vaccinated against anthrax than the influence previously exerted by a virus, similar in character to that of the fatal anthrax virus? And by what technical term could we more appropriately speak of this influence, exerted by a similar virus than by Hahnemann’s word ‘homeopathy’? I am touching here upon a subject anathematized till very recently by medical penalty: but if I am to present these problems in historical illumination, dogmatic imprecations must not deter me . . only the road of homeopathy led to my goal!

Mohandas “Mahatma” Ghandi was the exemplary sanyasin of his time, the GOdfather of India, exponent non pareil of the power of non violent civil disobedience. He was also one of the world’s greatest proponents of homeopathy, and from the impact of his words on such a huge number of people, second only to Hahnemann himself as homeopathy’s chief proselyte.

Ghandi wrote, “Hahneman’s memory wakes us again and you are to follow him, but the opponents hate the existence of the principles and practice of homeopathy, which in reality cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment, and it is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.”);

Abraham Lincoln (greatest U.S. President, surrounded himself with homeopaths and sent them to cure McClellan of typhoid fever );

Bill Clinton (President of U.S. during the world’s greatest economic boom, reportedly received homeopathic treament);

Queen Elizabeth II (current Queen of England)  and the Royal Family have made long use of homeopathy r

Professor William Tiller, (former head of the Stanford physics department, co-authored The Structure Of Liquid Water; Novel Insights From Materials Research; Potential Relevance To Homeopathy. He and others write, “The burden of proof on critics of homeopathy is to establish that the structure of the processed remedy is not different from the original solvent. The principal conclusions of this paper concern only the plausibility of the biological action of ultradiluted water remedies, they are based on some very old (e.g. homeopathy) and some very new (e.g. metallic and nanobubble colloids) observations which have been rejected on invalid grounds or due to ignorance of the materials research literature and its theoretical basis. This constitutes an excellent example of the common error in rejecting new scientific discoveries by using the absence of evidence as evidence for absence.”

Luc Montagnier (immunologist, Nobel prize winner for discovery of the HIV virus, He says in an interview that Jacques Benveniste, whose controversial homeopathic work had been attacked, was “a modern Galileo”. When asked if he wasn’t “worried that your colleagues will think you have drifted into pseudo-science?”, Montagnier replied “No, because it’s not pseudo-science. It’s not quackery. These are real phenomena which deserve further study.”

Professor Brian Josephson, British physicist, Nobel prize winner for discovery of the Josephson Effect, sponsored seminal lectures by French immunologist Jacques Benveniste on the new biological paradigm of homeopathy,  and American homeopath John Benneth’s Supramolecular Chemistry of the Homeopathic Remedy at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University.

These are but a few of the geniuses who have supported homeoapthy. It got me to wondering: If Marilyn vos Savant, the world’s smartest woman, can endorse it, what about the world’s smartest man, Emanuel Swedenborg?  What did he think about it? Well, unfortunately, he died before Hahnemann could get to him, but it has been stated that Hahnemann was a devotee’ of Swedenborg’s. Philosophically, Swedenborg and Hahneamnn reportedly drank from the same well.

“Swedenborg had attempted to philosophically redefine Paracelsus and Kircher´s theory of signatures, renaming it as “theory of correspondences” – scientia correspondetiarum.[5] This constituted the ground of later parallels with Hahnemann´s similitude.

“Yet, Swedenborg´s theories had no empirical support. As they derived from deductions, revelations, intuitions and spiritual insights, the Swedish was considered a dreamer, the founder of a religious-philosophic sect rather than of a system of rational thought.

“Homeopaths were always perplexed by the fact that many of the most original homeopathic minds were attracted by Swedenborg´s ideas. Especially, it was very difficult to explain how they could have confounded a therapeutic system – grounded on experience and elaborated through the strictest rational criteria, a kind of offshoot of 18th century Enlightenment – with such dark hermetic speculations.

“In fact, some of his theories seemed to correspond to homeopathic notions: besides correspondences theory, the idea of the representation of the maximum through the minimum (consequently, of minimal doses), the refusal of aggressive medical intervention, the stress upon body-mind relationship, the postulate of matter-energy unity, the octaves scale (employed by Kent as a guide to the sequence of dynamizations). However, these affinities do not suffice as an explanation. It would seem that Swedenborg´s ideas provided an “existential solution” that surpassed the frame of homeopathic doctrine.” Dr. Paulo Rosenbaum, Kent: Homeopathic Criticism and Knowledge

Senator Royal Copeland, MD chief sponsor of the FDA’s Federal Drug and Cosmeitc’s Act, prior to his tenure as a U.S. Senator in 1922, served as President of the New York Board of Health.  He became popular with New Yorkers while training as a homeopathic physician to protect them from the greatest epidemic to ever hit Mankind.

Pardon me for that errand . . I get carried away [sometimes], especially when someone mentions Swedenborg, but it’s nothing a dose of Lycopodium can’t cure.

It may sound cheeky, but to my own devoted followers I would say the point is this, that if vos Savant of brain teaser fame did endorse homeopathy, she would be in good company, as indices in the remarkable book by the great Dana Ullman have illumined for us, The Homeopathic Revolution. [I’m still waiting for him to send me a fresh copy, as the binding has given way due to pressing it down too hard on the copy machine, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re an honest person who needs question your utility]

Now, as you may note, all of these savants have been male with the exception of the woman who bears the word as her surname, which makes me susicpicious, and who to date has not yet, apparently, admitted to having a Come to Hahnemann moment. Too bad, as we have seen those who pursue approbation before the fact shy away from homeopathy.

Mary Baker Eddy was a trained Mesmerist, spiritual healer and founder of the Christian Science religion, best selling author and, according to Twain, the most powerful and wealthiest woman of her time, who with a wave of her hand could command millions. But above all to her credit she was a professional homeopath. Whatever you may think of her, saviour or scam artist, using a more liberal measure, you may very well conclude that she may actually have been . . and still remains . . the most intelligent woman to have ever lived, and if not not, at least [perhaps] commanding a solid second to Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Eddy wrote

“Homoeopathy furnishes the evidence to the senses, that symptoms, which might be produced by a certain drug, are removed by using the same drug which might cause the symptoms.”

Mrs. Eddy was married to a homeopath. she was herself a practicing homeopath and her adopted son, Dr. Ebenezer Foster Eddy, who as drummer boy during the Civil War was known as “Little Nell,” at the age of 15 being small, fair and delicate, bore the sobriquet “daughter of the regiment,” at 40 was a homeopathic physician and for a time second only to his mother in power and command of the Church.

 A jack of diamonds,  skinned with hides from writhing creatures, Dr. Ebenezer Foster Eddy was immaculately dressed with his magnificent fur-lined coat, fur cap. These gifts to “Bennie” were from Mother Eddy. A stunning diamond stickpin spangling from his shirt front was the climax of his couture.

No ordinary musician, he would play, sit for hours on the massive pipe organ in the austere cathedral inspired by homeopathy and play for Mother, the woman sitting alone midst the Greek revival architecture, playhing canonical hymns to which she had appended poetic lyrics,

“Shepherd, show me how to go O’er the hillside steep, How to gather, how to sow, How to feed Thy sheep. I will listen for Thy voice, Lest my footsteps stray; I will follow and rejoice, All the rugged way.

“Thou wilt bind the stubborn will, Wound the callous breast, Make self righteousness be still, Break earth’s stupid rest. Strangers on a barren shore, Laboring long and lone, We would enter by the door, And Thou knowest Thine own.

“So, when day grows dark and cold, Tear or triumph harms, Lead Thy lambkins to the fold, Take them in Thine arms. Feed the hungry, heal the heart, Till the morning’s beam; White as wool, ’ere they depart, Shepherd, wash them clean.

She writes of herself,

“The author’s medical researches and experiments had prepared herthought for the metaphysics of Christian Science. Every material dependence had failed her in her search for truth; and she can now understand why, and can see the means by which mortals are divinely driven to a spiritual source for health and happiness.

This was the Church Homeopathy inspired. It’s growth in the early 1900’s, according to Twain, who was Mrs. Eddy’s most ardent critic, if its phenomenal growth continued as its 1904 rate, by the 1930’s it would overtake Congress.

If nay the inheritance but the creation of money and power in today’s dollars are it’s indices, Mary Baker Eddy, a homeopath,  may still well be the world’s most intelligent woman. In her seminal test, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures she writes,

Christian Science’s homoeopathic attenuations

“Her experiments in homoeopathy had made her skeptical as to material curative methods. Jahr, from Aconitum to Zincum, enumerates the general symptoms, the characteristic signs, which demand different remedies; but the drug is frequently attenuated to such a degree that not a vestige of it remains. Thus we learn that it is not the drug which expels the disease or changes one of the symptoms of disease.

Only salt and water

“The author has attenuated Natrum Muriaticum (common table salt) until there was not a single saline property left. The salt had “lost his savour;” and yet, with one drop of that attenuation in a goblet of water, and a teaspoonful of the water administered at intervals of three hours, she has cured a patient sinking in the last stage of typhoid fever. The highest attenuation of homoeopathy and the most potent rises above matter into mind. This discovery leads to more light. From it may be learned that either human faith or the divine Mind is the healer and that there is no efficacy in a drug.”

Now, returning to the letter in question, be it hoax or fact haven,  it reported Swedish authorities have accepted homeopathy as a valid referral by non homeopathic medical doctors!

Much to my discredit, I simply assumed, out of hope, that this was the same Marilyn vos Savant I thought it was.

Immediately after being informed of the fact check oversight error, I sent her a note through Twitter stating that I was amending the post, hoping she would share her true thoughts on homeopathy.

Fair enough so far? 

Hopefully the real Marilyn vos Savant will be amenable to reviewing the evidence for homeopathy, and rendering an opinion. Yes, that would be nice, but it didn’t happen and I doubt it ever will. Marilyn vos Savant appears to limit the use of her great intelligence to solving crossword puzzles.

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The country of  Sweden has joined Nobel laureates, top material scientists, the heads of state, royalty, countless medical doctors over two centuries, the state of Arizona, Cuba and millions of common people in accepting homeopathy, the world’s fastest growing medicine.

Hopefully, the world’s smartest woman, after reviewing the evidence for homeopathy, will join these luminaries in supporting further research into curative medicine.

Meanwhile, a ruling by Sweden’s Supreme Administrative court has struck down the Swedish Medical Association’s prohibition of homeopathy.

Swedish doctors may now recommend it.

The ruling has drawn the usual spears from its competitor of allopathy (common modern medicine that evokes symptoms other than those being treated). But in a comment following an article on the Swedish ruling, the defense of the embattled curative doctrine appeared  to have been joined by Marilyn vos Savant, the woman the Guiness Book of World Records claimed has the world’s greatest IQ for a woman,  rated to be as high as 230.

One of the points of the letter signed by “Marilyn vos Savant” pointed out is a noted fact that made it sound like this was indeed a letter from someone who was looking at the argument from an unusally objective point of view, what one would expect from the world’s smartest woman: Criticisms of homeopathy bear little or no references.

Exactly what I’ve been saying for years now.

At 12:59 on September 24, 2011 the letter signed by Marilyn vos Savant was posted as a reply to the announcement that Swedish courts are recognizing homeopathy.

This is actually nothing new. Courts all over the world recognize homeopathy. Homeopathic high dilutes are FDA regulated and approved LEGAL drugs. They are used by numerous medical doctors, as well as licensed homeopaths.

The letter in question endorses homeopathy and asks intelligent questions, just as one would expedct from the world’s smartest woman. She writes:

“Personally, I believe in homeopathy. But that is me. The system, developed by a GERMAN doctor named Samuel Hahnemann, is a system based on the principle that a much diluted preparation of a substance that causes symptoms in healthy individuals can cure disease that causes the same symptoms in a sick person. As I said, it has worked for me, but I might be the exception of the rule.

“What is “top thinking” is the statement made by Marie Wedin, chairwoman of the Swedish Medical Association, about the stance of the organism on the matter:

“We believe treatment should be evidence-based, and evidence has shown that the absolute majority of homeopathic cures have not been proven effective.”

“Why doesn’t she provide numbers and/or who made a research about it?


“Marie Wedin is just another bureaucrat, that is, an administrator concerned with procedural correctness at the  expense of people’s needs. They usually open their mouths, long before they start their brain’s ignition system.

“With due respect

“Marilyn vos Savant”


The writer is indeed perceptive in calling for references. Every statement against homeopathy turns out to be false, and there really aren’t any exceptions. Critics say homeopathy’s rule of  “like cures like” has no correlatives in science. This isn’t true. In magnetic fields, like repels like. In chemistry, like dissolves like. In alcoholism, hair of the dog that bit you.

“Bartender, methamphetamine for all my ADHD friends. And the smallpox vaccine for the Apaches!”

“If water has a memory,” they quibble, “then why doesn’t it remember everything that passes through it?” Well, why doesn’t magnetic recording tape remember everything that’s been recorded on it, it’s not a Victrola, or why don’t the memories in atheist computers remember all the porn they’ve watched?

Because it gets erased!

Homeopathy is often indicted as not being evidence based, when in fact it has built its protocols on evidence alone by directly observing the action of its curative substances on human subjects in double and even triple blind trials. In fact, it has been asserted that homeopaths invented the double blind trial. All classical homeopathic remedies are subjected to “provings,” tests on volunteers to see what symptoms they elicit.

Homeopathy has borne the burden of epidemics, outperforming its allopathic counterpart 10 to one. Recently Cuba administered 4.5 million doses to stop an annual epidemic and saved lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even more compelling evidence for the science minded is seen in the action of high dilutes on plants, animals and in vitro biochemical experiments.

Critics say homeopathic remedies have no plausible mechanism of action, that because they shouldn’t work they don’t work. This “implausiblity argument” has been struck down by a team of American material scientists led by Prof. Rustum Roy of Penn State University, who have unequivocally stated that the highly diluted aqueous solutions used in homeopathy do indeed have identifiable physical differences from their inert vehicles.

Recently Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who co-discovered the AIDS virus, used equipment developed by the renowned French immunologist Jacques Benveniste to detect the homeopathic signal, an electromagnetic frequency beginning at one kH, detectable at other higher frequencies throughout the spectrum.

Montagnier speculated that the signal is triggered by the Schumann resonance, the Earth’s background radiation.


It can now be said that the EM operative mechanism is most likely to include radioactivity, similar to tritium, a natural trace element isotope found in small quantities in the human body.

The experiments by Nobel laureate Montagnier reveal a homeopathic signal at 1kH. Beta scintillation measures observed by Dr. Rolland Conte  and his team show that homeopathic high dilutes emit high beta frequencies between ultra violet and gamma (Theory of High Dilutons).

Opponents of homeopathy have complained that water cannot have a memory as required by homeopathy. But in June 2010, chemistry Prof. Emeritus Martin Chaplin of London Southbank University, who Roy calls “the guru of water,” wrote “Water does store and transmit information, concerning solutes, by means of its hydrogen-bonded network.” [Chaplin, Memory of Water]

Others have said that all good studies of homeopathy have concluded that homeopathy is merely a placebo. But this isn’t true. Placebo is not an accurately definitive term of anything other than what we want it to be, no major metanalysis has ever concluded that homeopathy is a placebo.

Of the five major metanalyses done on homeopathy, only one, Shang, has come close to stating that homeopathy is a placebo, but that study has been soundly dismissed as seriously flawed, and the reviewers of Shang  stated conclusively in their results that the data showed that collective trials showed  “Homeopathy had a significant effect beyond placebo” (Ludtke & Rutten).

As one explores the research and testimony of homeopathy and personally experiences it, a second paradigm arises in stark contrast with allopathy:  The statements made against homeopathy are always based on assumption, presumption and fallacy.

There’s something in the water . .

As implausible as it may be ,due to the dilution of its remedies, it is impossible for this crypto molecular pharmacy  of homeopathy to be dependent on the ‘”placebo effect.” What is implausible is that its effects are purely psychogenic.

A recent question in commentary asked “why is there this opposition to homeopathy?”

I think it is because of several reasons.  Homeopathy is difficult to understand yet it is accessible to lay people for very little cost. Its pharmacy can be created by anyone from anything. It escapes the grasp of intellectual property rights. It competes with the profit incentive of allopathy, is more effective than allopathy and infuriates the elitism of science.

It puts real medicine back into health care.

John Benneth, Homeopath

503- 819 – 7777

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  8. 4tis says:

    Why do you think it really was vos Savant that made comments supporting homeopathy. For the record, vos Savant has stated on her Twitter stream,

    “Marilyn vos Savant (@VirtualMvS):
    17/10/2011 16:19
    Just a note to mention that someone is impersonating me on the subject of homeopathy. I’ve been unable to get the fraudulent posts removed.”


    Weren’t you even a little suspicious when the “smartest woman in the world” wrote
    ““Why doesn’t she provide numbers and/or who made a research about it?” given that she is a native English speaker?


    • johnbenneth says:

      Hi 4tis!

      Good detective work. I am immediately correcting the blog to read correctly and have sent a messsage to Marilyn. Thanks for your diligence. It will be interesting to see what she says about homeopathy when presented with recent research.

      John Benneth, Homeoapth
      503 819 7777


  9. R.Harris says:

    Dear Guy Chapman,

    You state ” …..homeopathy as practiced today violates laws of Physics”. Firstly you do not state , what laws. Secondly you do you agree from your own statement “as practiced today’ means practiced before was okay.

    Considering you have failed to provide the Law/s, I assume you mean “dilutions” This principle has created controversy, since Avogadro’s Number is 6.025×1023 particles/mole. However educate yourself further and you learn that a particle e=4.809×10 -10 electrostatic units=16.021×10 -20 coulombs. So we are speaking of energy. As we dilute more and more potential energy (PE) is converted to kinetic energy (KE). it is this energy which is useful.

    As the dilution creates more space for molecules to move around they collide with each other and release energy. In both physics and chemistry, this is known as the “Theory of molecular bombardment”


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  11. APN says:

    Great article and comments John!

    As a scientist and user of homeopathy I can attest to its effectiveness. Homeopathy was discovered and developed purely by careful documented experimentation. The phenomena of like curing like is a simple truth as much as gravity is. You can observe it in nature without taking an active role, much like Hahnemann did around the time he decided to run his first experiments, or Jenner did when he observed the relationship between cow pow & small pox. Homeopathy is probably the most scientific complete system of medicine in existence. It is based on reality, that which is actually happening (not why we think this or how we think that). Much of allopathic medicine is based on assumptions, conjectures, and beliefs, with very little good logic.

    I think it is hilarious that despite real world experiences and sound logic, western medicine proclaims if there isn’t a study done on a subject matter then it can’t be so. And biological studies by themselves, while potentially informative, can rarely be 100% conclusive. Experimentation is important for data collection, but real science requires deductive reasoning more than anything else and this reasoning can be applied to real world experiences as well.

    Furthermore, anyone that argues on a subject matter he knows nothing about is a complete fool & the furthest from a scientist. When I first learned of the possibilities of homeopathy I was incredulous as well. But there was only one way to find out, learn and experiment on my own. This is scientific method, everything else is hot air…


  12. […] our discussion of the strangeness of homeopathy, you may be surprised to hear that “the world’s smartest woman” is a believer. Oh now I’m convinced. The blogger, by the way, is a vigorous defender of homeopathy. Check […]


  13. great John. Still wiping my tears away

    long before ignition of the brain did it


  14. Kerri says:

    what about Cuba?? look at their success in the homeopathic treatment of Denghue Fever… They are one of, if not, the largest vaccine producing nation ever and yet they have found the greatest success in reducing the occurence of this disease during their wet season where allopathy has failed…


  15. Kerri says:

    In the US they have banned certain homeopathic medicines, if it is not a plausible medication then why ban it as a toxic substance if it has no physical measurable qaulity? I am not a homeopath but a homeopathic patient. I have had profound physiological changes bought about by my homeopathic treatment that allopathic medicine has not been able to do. If it does not work then submit yourself to a prooving. Put your own body on the line and try it out for yourself and see what happens. If it doesn’t work then what have you lost? If it does work what have you gained? your health…


  16. Holistic Doc says:

    Great stuff, John.

    I honor you for your willingness to step out and fight for something which is of such value to humanity, despite the outrageous bullying of those who are afraid of changing their little worldviews.

    A couple conventional medical treatments to add to your “like cures like” examples, which validate this concept – vaccination and allergy desensitization.

    Also, the Cuban leptospirosis trial did not save the Cuban gov’t thousands of dollars. In fact it saved several million dollars and cost only 2% of the conventional vaccine product!! 🙂

    You can read about it at my blog:

    Keep up the good work


  17. John – do you have a citation for homeopathy being the world’s fastest-growing medicine? I’d love to use it but need the source.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Yes, the Indian Chamber of Commerce estimates that homeopathy is growing at 30% a year.

      Indian homeopathy treatment market is likely to grow 30% annually and reach a size of Rs. 4,600 crore as the number of takers is growing fast within and outside the country, apex chamber ASSOCHAM said today.”

      “Globally, the homeopathy market is estimated at Rs. 26,300 crore with France being the largest contributor, according to the study by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Last year, the domestic homeopathy market size was about Rs. 2,758 crore.”

      A crore is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to ten million (10,000,000.)
      ” . . the growth of homeopathy is not only confined to India but world over, its size has gone beyond Rs.263 billion and interestingly the growth rate is almost on par and that is around 25%.”

      In dollars then the world homoeopathy market is, according to the Indians, about $5.35 billion. I don’t know if this includes services, is for the sale of remedies items alone, or includes ancillary products. . but if we multiply 5.35 billion by 1.25% annually, without adjustment for inflation, we get a 1.1 trillion dollar market by 2035, which means it will have surpassed current allopathic medicine.

      But these are only projected monetary figures, and homeopathy is noted for its great qualities, among them if not its infinitesimal posology, a cost just as small compared to allopathy in the treatment of serious diseases, like cancer.

      Other factors are indicators of growth, which means acceptance and general usage. So when I say it the fastest growing medicine, I’m basically comparing it to its dominant counterpart of allopathy, but I’m also making the statement out of my own observations . .
      When I first began exploring the literature on pre-clinical testing, I discovered it to be virtually unknown by homeopaths. After receiving a stack of pre-clicnal studies from the DHU and discovery of Stephenson’s bibliography of pre-clincal trials during the 20th century, I assembled a list of 52 of them and was the first to post such data on the Internet in 2000 on, listed as the first entry off the John Benneth Journal as “Proof for Homeopathy.”

      Since that time, when there were few if any websites on homeopathy, the amount of information available on homeopathy has exploded eponneitally. Google now reports 5.4 million “results” when the word is entered into their search engine. Compare this my little website 12 years ago. That’s explosive growth.

      Well, admittedly many things have grown as well or even more by comparison to to it. Any celebrity can claim as many hits. But it has been 215 years now since Hahnemann administered the first doses of of a high dilute of Belladonna during the 1796 Scarlet Fever epidemic in Leipzig and stunned his colleagues when it turned out he appeared to be handing out nothing for than little sugar pills, an since then to the present day homeopathy has repeatedly outperformed standard immunizations 10 to 1 or more in epidemics of Poliomyelitis; Chicken-pox; Hepatitis (all types); Japanese Encephalitis; Hib; Influenza; Measles; Pneumococcal disease; Cholera; Smallpox; Typhoid; Typhus; Whooping cough; Rubella (German measles); Mumps; Diphtheria; Malaria; Yellow Fever; AIDS, and Dysentery, and is now addressing diseases such as cncer, diabetes, veterinary, and phytopathological (plant) diseases.

      During a Poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, homeopaths and medical doctors distributed homeopathic Lathyrus sativus to over 40,000 people. Not one of them developed Polio during the epidemic despite exposure.
      You can’t say that acupuncture, chiropratic or Chinese herbs . . Or even standardized,Western allopathic medicine can be as effective as homeopathic in epidemics without the numbers casting doubt on the speaker.

      Why is it then that homeopathy is not use exlusively in the treament of infectious diseases. The reason my dear Watson is xenophobia, fear o the strange, ana cheapophobia, fear of anything that is virtually free.

      Because of the thinking that because there appears to be no known cause, there is no cause, and so what is seen as the absence of theory becomes the basis for the absence of evidence. The atheist mind finds it difficult to grasp that something tht shouldn’t work does and the loudest opponents of homeopathy are always atheists.

      [This is not meant to be a prejudice against atheism, I (John Benneth) have considered adopting it many times, as I believe God prefers atheists . . they’re less bother and more, they don‘t misrepresent Deity and they’re fun trying to convert. Confessing atheism also ensure that my children do not become atheists.]

      Although it is difficult to dig up concrete stats on the universal sales of natural and homeopathic related products, newly released data from the National Center for Homeopathy (U.S.) shows sales increasing by as much as 20-30% in 2006, as compared to the year before.”

      According to a study conducted in 2005 by, $230 million were made in sales of homeopathic products in 2005.

      There is one final argument I would like to present here for the claim that homeopathy is the fastest growing medicine in the world today (this is my killshot) and that is compared to other systems of medicine . . allopathy, acupuncture, Yoga, herbal, Qi Gong, manipulation, massage . . at its inception, all these other systems of treatment were thousands of years old. (A case could be made for chiropratic being newer, but I would counter by saying that it was a devlopment of what was already self evident, many chiropractic doctors practice homeopathy., chirpratic has no ancillary pharmacy for onsumers, nor revolutionary physics just now being understood)

      If this is not explosive growth, then I ask you, how does anyone explain its acceptance by the very same people who were formerly thought to denounce it as delusion? I have lectured at the world’s most renowned laboratory to Nobel laureates on the physico-chemical properties of homeopathy, as reported by top material scientists. Why am I being entertained at the Cavendish by Prof. Josepshon if there wasn’t a desire to know more about homeopathy in the top eschelons of science?

      Yet without validation, it has been in constant use by medical doctors for 200 years. The FDCA was sponsored by a homeopath. It outperformed allopathy 10 to one during the 1918 Flu panpidemic. The Cubans recently administered 4.5 million doses of it to stop an epidemic. It is driving crackpot debunkers crazy with doubt. Some have made careers fighting it, and yet they seems to be only throwing gasoline on its fire.

      As the physical properties and mechanism of the homeopathic remedies become undertood, how can it not supercharge this industry? If this is not a marker off explosive growth, now and yet to come, what is?

      So not only is it the fastest growing medicine in the world today, it is the most modern, and as will be seen, the most scientific, in that it is, for the most part, discovered and developed through direct observation and personal experience by both laymen and professionals alike, unlike the theoretical inventions of mercenary allopathic cobblers, which currently dominate putative thinking as to what “medicine” is.

      Most people, including current practicing homeopaths, don’t know how powerful homeopathy can be when properly executed.

      In the 20th century it has been relegated to the treatment of self limiting diseases. But there has been a remarkable change in this when it was announced in an internaitonal journal of oncology that in-vivo experiments have revealed that high dilutes, as used in homeopathy, can kill cancer cells, and subsequently was used clinically to cure cancer in-vivo.
      From its very inception, homeopathy has had the same abusive, non-sensical opposition by the puppets of allopathy as it has now. In other words, whereas the evidence for homeopathy, the case for it, has grown by leaps and bounds, the argument against it remains the same as it was 200 years, amounting to nothing more than hand waving, name calling and curses.

      Anyone with any intelligence can see through that for what it is. All it takes to propel this great adventure ahead is work of the kind found on websites like

      John Benneth, Homeopath


  18. Guy Chapman says:

    Incidentally, you forgot to point out that Benveniste’s research was admitted by one of those involved to have been deliberately falsified and Montaigner has specifically stated that his work cannot be extended to the substances used in homeopathy. Since you know both of these facts I’m sure we can rely on you not to continue repeating such blatant falsehoods.


    • Holistic Doc says:

      Incorrect, Guy.

      You didn’t read this article, did you?

      As with most homeopathic critics, no references are given to back up their claims.

      Here is Luc Montaigner quoted in Science Magazine (Dec 24, 2010, vol 330):
      “I can’t say homeopathy is right in everything. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecule…even at 10(-18) you can calculate there is not a single molecule of DNA left. And yet we detect a signal…it’s not pseudoscience. It’s not quackery. These are real phenomena that deserve further study.”

      So there it is Guy, blatant and unambiguous evidence of Montagnier’s extrapolation of his results to homeopathy.

      Read ’em and weep.


  19. Guy Chapman says:

    Ah, the usual fallacies of appeal to popularity, special pleading and reversal of burden of proof. John, the General Counsel for the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists acknowledged ten years ago that if homeopathic products had to adhere to any of the normal levels of proof, this would be the end of homeopathy. You can’t say “oh, well, some criticisms lack citations” and use that to excuse the fact that the fundamental principles of homeopathy lack any credible evidence base whatsoever, and homeopathy as currently practiced violates the laws of physics.

    Equally you can’t claim legitimacy form the results of lobbying and special pleading.

    Homeopathy is without any evidential basis. All you have is a bunch of anecdotes all consistent with the null hypothesis of placebo plus observer bias. All your arm waving will never obscure that fact. Go away and come back when you have some actual research that shows real, repeatable, measurable, empirically verifiable effects with durations beyond nanoseconds and which generalise in the way that you claim.

    Or alternatively accept that homeopathy will continue to be ridiculed until it dies out.


    • Bernard Honey says:

      Guy maybe you should change the tag at the top of your “blahg” – “A tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” One might be able to take your remarks more seriously then.

      I suspect that the General Counsel for the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists would be able to point to a lot more evidence come forward in the last 10 years by new research or better publicised research. Guy try reading “Homeopathy: Good Science: How New Science Validates Homeopathy” by Peter Adams published this year. It summarises the case for homeopathy being in line with recent science research. I think anyone with an objective viewpoint, with no special interests or funding to biase their writing, would find it clarifies the support homeopathy has from recent scientific discoveries and contradicts the statements you make above.

      Read the book and then post again please otherwise it’s not contributing to the discusion.


  20. molecular medicine has triple action: placeo (no result), curative (sometime), killer (sometime).
    if homoeo is only placebo then it is 33% of molecular
    if it does cure sometime then it is 33% of molecular
    since it doest not kill it will never be a medicament since a drog has always it dark side!

    any how 66% of possibilities 40% of the population takes it: why getting 33% killing risks?


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