I’ve been gypped!

Steven commented on People’s vs. Corporate Medicine

There’s nothing left to discuss. The science has been settled and Homeopathy doesn’t make the cut. This is why we’ve left it.

Goodbye John, you and Homeopathy will fade from memory despite all of your efforts.
Homeopaths are quickly becoming the new flat-earthers.



Dear Steven,

LOL! If there’s nothing left to discuss, then why are you still discussing it?

We’ve heard this same pathetic cry now for 200 years, the “end of homeopathy,’ how it’s ‘finally been exposed for the fraud that it is,’ and then a year later we hear its overtaken Congress.

It is Congressionally mandated now, you know.  you id know that, didn’t you?

In fact it’s been Congressionally mandated for over 100 years!

The FDCA was sponsored by a homeopath, Sen Royal Copeland, MD. Homeopathy is now being used to treat cancer patients in the nation’s number one rated cancer clinic, MD Anderson, in Houston. It’s growing at 30% annually worldwide.

And you think by posting a comment on a blog, moderated by a homeopath, you’re going to stop it?

“Oh gosh, in 45 words posted on the John Benneth Journal some guy named Steven just put a stop to an industry of FDA regulated and approved medicine. golly, what are we going to do now? I guess we’ll just have to burn that warehouse full of books on homeopathy and go back to swallowing that crap that killed off the Kennedys.”

Check it out Brainstein.

But before I pull the lever on my automatic allopathic self-burial system, where all I have to do is lie down, pull the lever and it dumps the dirt on top of me in the grave, could you please grant me one last request?

Could you answer a question?

Who are you talking about when you’ve decided the science has been settled? George “I’m the decider” Bush? Pee Wee Herman? Ronald MacDonald? James the Amazing Randi? Steven Novella? Scientists at Glaxo Smith Klein . .or Pfizer?

And just which science are you talking about ?

Christian Science? Rocket Science? Social Science? Pseudo Science? Political Science? The Science of Homeopathy? Mr. Science? The Science of Homo Dumbo? The Science of Creationism? The Science of Cretinism? The Wonderful World of Science? Popular Science? Modern Science? The Science of Atlantis?

The Scientist’s Science of Scientism? The Science of Science of Science of Science?

The Science of Steven Novellaa?

You know what I think? I think there just isn’t enough Science to go around. I mean, if you say the Science has been settled, it implies that people have been arguing over it, which means that people just aren’t getting enough of it. I think we should all have a backpack full of it. And you Professor Steven (Novellaa?), I nominate YOU to be the Scientist of all Scientists, Chief Scientist Steven Noellaaa?)

You’ll have to wear a lab coat and thick, horn rimmed glasses, of course, and talk in a monotone voice, and preface every sentence with “according to my precise calculations . . ” and give us the double blinded peer reviewed random controlled studies, tests and trials reported in peer reviewed double blinded no peek Science magazines, Journals, and Comic Books, like Super Scienceman.

Now I’ll just pull that lever . .


It doesn’t work!



John Benneth, Homeopath

503 819 7777

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2 comments on “I’ve been gypped!

  1. Steven says:

    John, the preponderance of scientific evidence suggests that there is nothing to Homeopathy. Science, as we know it, does not have an adequate explanation of how Homeopathy would even begin to work. The same science that does not support your Homeopathy and supports Medicine is the same science that brought the very gifts of the modern age that you enjoy so much. The same gifts by which you use to bash science and Medicine.

    Hypocrite! If you have such faith in Homeopathy and disregard for science please abandon you computer now with its Internet connection. Go live in a shack and avoid all modern conveniences. Heck, give up good hygiene too because it was science that showed us the link between hygiene and health.

    Nothing is science is absolute, but the scientific evidence has determined within a high-degree of statistical significance that Homeopathy doesn’t work and that medicine does. Homeopathy supporters have been unable to show the efficacy of Homeopathy to be statistically significant at all. Since science is falsifiable and we’re working on the premise that either Homeopathy works or it doesn’t it then follows that there isn’t enough evidence to support the notion that Homeopathy should be used as medicine. In the end, you are not following the evidence but are merely acting in faith, your faith in Homeopathy.

    If people like you had your way we’d all be back in the dark ages, living short, uncomfortable and superstitious lives. Science has discovered and continues to find medicine that works. Homeopathy was found not to work and, like blood-letting, trepanning, etc…, has been left in the past.

    You think because people like I talk to people like you that it means the science isn’t settled. No John, the only reason people like I talk to people like you is because people like yourself not only reject the scientific findings and consensus, but you work loudly to convince other people of your unsubstantiated bullshit. There are people we care about and quackery such as Homeopathy is harmful in the very least that it would prevent them from getting the help they need on time.


    • johnbenneth says:


      Clarify and specify what you’re talking about. Don’t make broad assertions such as “homeopathy doesn’t work because it shouln’t work” and “this is what you mean by science,” tell me how many published biochemical tests there have been done on homeopathy, and show me, prove to me, that there’s noting that falsifies your conclusions.
      Give us citations, things we all can lookup online, because in all my years of study I haven’t seen what you’re talking about, what supports your conclusions. The direct observation from millions of people alone proves you wrong. This can be amazingly effective CURATIVE medicine.

      The FDA classication of these substances alone proves you wrong.
      But all I’ve heard you say so far is that itdoesn’t work because it should’t work. You haven’t named one scientific study. You haven’t even asked a question when there are medical doctors who have based their careers on it. All you’ve one is insult me, accuse me of thihgs you have no knowledge of. You’re just making it up. What’s worng with you?
      Are you sick?
      I think you need help, and you'[re not getting it, and you don’t know wher eto go to get it . . and a part o your min thnks that maybe,, maybe this is it.
      Well, let metell you, this is it. This is curative medicine that really works when its used right, when you use it as directed. But you’re tooo fullof yourself to do that. You’re too angry and too suspicious. Sosstop pretening to be stupid and epecting the rest of us to go along with you.
      You think you’re going to get something by sneaking around here taking potshots at it?
      YoLook who’s lliving in the shadows.
      Sincce you won’t be speciic, then we’ll just have to take it on your authority, right? But what might that be? You too a science class from james the Amazing Randi?
      Yoiu can’t win an argument in this, not in a court of law. Homeoapthics are FDA regulated and approved medicine. End of legal argument, case closed. So now who’s the hypocrite? Who’s REJECTING it on faith?
      You have yet to back up your conclusions with ONE published test or trial that demonstrates your assertions . . while I’m sitting here on a whole stack of them. Yet what you’d have everyone believe is that they don’t exist.
      SHOW ME!
      Take the work of Boyd, for example. William E. Boyd, MD of Glasgow University spent fifteen years studying the in vitro action of of a high dilutes of mercuric chloride on diastase. This is just one scientific study that you’ve been hiding from. ANd whenn shown it you’ll say it doesn’t have “scientific rigor” while your crap gets peddled by “biostitution,” advertising on TV, and bribing doctors to kill their patients with it. Where’s your big mouth oh that? Is that what you’re referring to when you say there’s no science for homeopathy?
      Or how about the basphil degranulation test made famous by Jacque Benveniste? You think he invented that test? His was the fourth replication of it, working just fine until a illusionist with a million dollars to lose spent the night with the index to the double blind and next morning, bingo, “look, the test failed!”
      If the results had come out positive after a stunt like that you’ be shouting fraud to the rooftops, yet when the results came out all screwed up, showing action for placebo and inertia for verum, then it was proof that homeopathy “doesn’t work.”
      This subject is rife with that, “this is what it is beause this is what I want it to be.” But when you look at the actual data, when you look at the facts, a different picture emerges. Between 1984 an 2007 there have reportedly been at least 24 successful trials of the effects of high dilutes on basophil degranulation. One test, Hirst, concluded that it didn’t work, but on closer inspection of the raw data, it was shown that it had. It was given a perfect rating and published in Nature.
      One multi centered trial showed that homeopathy worked in vitro, but that was discredtied when once again the same magician showed up with a TV crew claiming they couln’t replicate the results. Was it published in a peer reiewed journal like they emand for all positive results? No, of course not, it was proof that homeoapthy doesn’t work, even though when their test was analyuzed, it was a bungle from begining to end.
      How do you eplain that, Mr. Science?
      And the b.d. test is only one of six different types of biochemical tests for homeopathy which have shown their action. Read the WItt review.
      I can spend all day long spelling this out for guys like you, but you’llstart with the hand waving, reject it because you’ve been told otherwise on the basis that “because it shouldn’t work it doesn’t work.”
      And meanwhile it’s being used to cure cancer at the nation’s leading cancer clinic, growing at 30% annually . . just drives you nuts, doesn’t it?
      What’s happening here is that it always ends up being a reversal of the charges. You end up looking like the compleat idiot you wanted to make someody else out to be, you end up looking like the health threat.
      Take a look at how many billions the crap you’re pushing here has been fined in the last few years, the racketeering charges, the death rate, the amount of harm your poison does.
      No wonder you won’t put your real name on your posts.
      I could write volumes on what you don’t know about homeopathy, and say in one word what you do: NOTHING
      Let’s see if you have the courage of your convictions. If you really believe what you’re saying is true, then take it to court. SUE. Put your money and reputation where your mouth is.
      By what you say it shouldn’t be hard at all to prove once and for all, that what shouldn’t work doesn’t work.

      John Benneth, Homeopath
      503 819 7777


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