NOVELLA: Shouldn’t work means it doesn’t work.

Submitted by “Steve” on 2011/11/09 at 2:13 am to the John Benneth Journal

Since you’re attacking Dr. Novella I thought you and your readership would appreciate what he said about this self-same video of yours last year.



Alright “Steve”, let’s take a look at what Novella said . . ad rem:

“. . an exhaustive review of the evidence for homeopathy led the UK Science and Technology Committee to conclude that homeopathy should not work, it does not work, and all public support for homeopathy and homeopathy research should be halted.”

Have you stopped to think how stupid that sounds? Because “homeopathy shouldn’t work, it doesn’t work” [?].

Granted the word because sits outside the quotes. Novella’s interpolation does not mae that word explicit.

But which is it?

“Shouldn’t” or “doesn’t?”

And what do you mean by work?

He later dismisses the effects as being those of the placebo effect, which he knows perfectly well can be powerful effects . . that work.

But where the hell does did he get the should an doesn’t part? Thomas Edison? Herman Cain? Mussolini?

Who says that?

And that’s all the evidence you got?

That because it shouldn’t work, we shouldn’t look anymore?

Stop the research on homeopathy before it’s too late!

Isn’t that the same kind of logic criminals use?

“Whatever you’re looking for you find it so you’re just wasting everyone time and the taxpayer’s money.”

And perhaps you or Dr. Novella would like to clarify what you mean by exhaustive. If you think that was exhaustive, then you do need something more than the crap you’re peddling. Sounds like somebody’s been drinking Drano to get high..

Say it again, Steve and Steve: Because something shouldn’t work, it doesn’t work.

You mean the Sun doesn’t orbit the Earth?

You mean like gravity?

Heavier than air flight?

The age of the Universe being less than its observable limit in light years?

Sounds like something out of the Dark Ages, Steve and Steve.

Where have you been?

If you’re up to it, here is a video of Novella getting his brains beat out on this same subject by one of Amerrica’s top material scientists.

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2 comments on “NOVELLA: Shouldn’t work means it doesn’t work.

  1. Homeopathy Works. Placebo Works. But do allopathy works?


  2. Ken Travis says:

    You seem to have added the word ‘because’ to “it shouldn’t work, it doesn’t work” giving the sentence a whole new meaning. A meaning not carried by the original statement.
    Novella says these as two spearate things.
    A. It shouldn’t work
    B It doesn’t work.

    You have reconstrued this as “Because of A….B” a trick often attempt by homeopaths when trying to tackle its critics ( I believe Dana Ullman makes the same sort of claim in a recent article)

    Do you see why your credibility as a commentor on homeopathy is in tatters?


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