The Homeopathic Physician General

Kill the health scare system and replace it with one that works.


What the world needs now is a new office of Physician General, a homeopath. Homeopathy is curative medicine, superior to the palliative medicine of allopathy. Homeopaths are superior physicians.

It’s time to make a real physician the chief medical authority.

surgeon general is the head of a public health service or the head of an armed forces medical service. The title of surgeon general is outdated, from the 19th century, when the office was commissioned in 1871. It is laughable, that in the 21st century, we are still mired in 19th century concepts that have become outdated and superceded by a new biological paradigm of supramolecular medicine, the new defining term for what homeopathy is.

“Surgeon General” is now the highest ranking health official in the US. He or she has the power, by executive order, to issue decrees mandating compliance in matters of public health. The US Physician General replaces the Surgeon General as the chief medical officer in government.

The problem with such a title is it designates a martial command of medicine. It implies that the highest, most critical function in medicine is surgery, the branch of invasive, allopathy that treats injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments.

[Allopathy is the most common form of treatment regarded as “medicine” in the U.S. It treats illnesses with substances and procedures that create symptoms and conditions different from those of the illness, usually desensitization or removal.]

Allopathy does not cure.

Allopathy is  inferior to homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine creates symptoms similar to those of the illness in order to trigger powerful, organic curative forces. It is superior in most appliations to allopathy.

Now, many conditions do require surgery, but many conditions do not,  yet are treated with  unnecessary and dangerous surgery.


“An estimated 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed each year, writes Gary Null, PhD., in Death by Medicine. Rather than reverse the problems they purport to fix, these unwarranted procedures can often lead to greater health problems and even death. A 1995 report by Milliman & Robertson, Inc. concluded that nearly 60 percent of all sugeries performed are medically unnecessary, according to Under The Influence of Modern Medicine by Terry A. Rondberg. Some of the most major and frequently performed unnecessary surgeries include hysterectomies, Cesarean sections and coronary artery bypass surgeries.”

One report shows that within a 6 year period  there were 65000 lawsuits against allopathic drug companies.

There is more to medicine than just surgery. Invasive, palliative “medicine” as practiced in allopathy is inferior to the curative medicine of homeopathy.

Take the one most controersial issue of our time: Tobacco

The effects and antidotes of tobacco smoking and usage were already well known in great specifity by homeopathic physicians a century before the allopaths had anything to ay about it. The Surgeon General in 1964 Dr. Luther Leonides Terry, M.D. published the landmark report  in 1964 saying that smoking “may be” hazardous to health.

That alone was enough to spark nationwide anti-smoking efforts. But Terry and his committee refused to define cigarette smoking as an addiction . . the committee was made up of “doctors” who smoked.

Anyone who has taken up smoking knows that the consumption of tobacco has addictive effects. Terry’s obvious error, which anyone can see now was false, wasn’t corrected for 24 years.

By the 1900’s homeopathic references had noted extensive symptomology for tobacco poisoning. The more current Repertorium Publicum shows 2,106 ymptoms specifically for Tabacum.

No one can now deny that the effects of tobacco can be dramatic, if not drastic, on the human constitution. But these have been seen for hundreds of years. Fifteenth century Turkish writer wrote, “As to tobacco’s harmful effects, there is no doubt . . . tobacco is medically noxious in that it makes morbid the aerial essence  .  . for men of dry temperment . . it is no wise permissile. It will increase his dryness an will constantly dessicate the moisture of his lungs.”

English King James I, in his 1604 Counterblast to Tobacco, wrote “A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in black stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.”

In a 1790 essay entitled Tobacco, American journalist and rebel Phillip Freneau wrote, “Tobacco was surely designed to poison and destroy Mankind. ”

To be fair, it should be noted that not everyone who smokes dies of it. Of the nine oldest known living people, a third of them smoked. Louise Marie Meilleur was an avid smoker and lived to be 117.  Shigechiyo Izumi took up smoking at the age of 70 and lived to be 120 years old.  Jeanne Calment, the last person to have met Van Gogh, lived to be 122 and smoked up until the age of 117. I seem to recollect reading somewhere that she smoked Gauloise, a short, wide unfiltered cigarette made with strong, dark Syrian tobacco that stings the lungs.

In a Farewell to Tobacco, 19th century English writer Charles Lamb wrote “”For thy sake, Tobacco, I would do anything but die.”

So, as you can see, tobacco is an example of the egregious long term medical incompetence of the Office of the Surgeon General. But don’t stop

Vice Admiral Regina Benjamin, current U.S. Surgeon General

there.  There are other mass maladies even worse than tobacco that the Surgeon General has missed.


How about the use of chlorine and fluoride in drinking water?

Standby for shocking news.

Chlorine and fluoride are deep acting poisons that have gone unnoticed by the Surgeon General, poisons that homeopaths have known about for many years, poisons that have contributed to the high murder rate and hypersexuality that can be seen in modern populations since their introduction in the mid 20th century.

Then there are the vaccines, which in essence are homeopathic. The only trouble is, the allpaths haven’t learned to cut the dose.

Then there are the countles allopathic drugs that flood the market that are bringing on a tidal wave of lawsuits and crinal penalties.

It’s a medical disaster.

5 comments on “The Homeopathic Physician General

  1. Gasman says:

    You state “many conditions do require surgery”.
    What about anaesthesia? Is there a homeopathic alternative?


  2. Real is homeopathy. Homeopathy for everyone.


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