Emergency Homeopathy for Overeating

Alexander the Great, Mozart and Zachary Taylor are notables who died from overeating. Alexander ate for two days straight before he capitulated, Mozart had too many undercooked pork chops, and Taylor died from too much “iced milk and cherries.”

What a way to go.

CALL 911

Dying as a direct result from an instance overeating appears to be rare, but countless millions do it indirectly. President Warren Harding, for instance, left this veil of wrath and tears after a large supper of steamed clams. Perhaps its possible that your stomach can get so full it just squeezes your arteries shut.

Today a man was reported to have become desperately ill and was hospitalised while eating a Triple Bypass burger at a famous Las Vegas restaurant called “The Heart Attack Grill,” a Las Vegas restaurant that warns its customers:

“This Establishment is bad for your health.”

The man at last check was still alive. Whether he actually suffered from a heart attack or overeating is not known.

I hear they’re going to add a “911 Chili Dog” to the menu.

Here’s my video report on the incident.


What homeopathic remedies are there that can help with the distress from overeating?

The first ones to pop up in the repertories is carbo vegetalis; the nux’s: Nux vomica is usually indicated for gastric debauches; Nux moschata is indicated as is Kali bichromium, best in low potencies.

Like Arnica, Nux vomica and Carbo-v I say should always be carried by travellers.

Of course, never let any of this substitute for professional emergency help when you’re in REAL distress. Rememebr, if your suffering from debilitating pain, all 911 first, then reach for the homeopathics

In other news, I still haven’t received an answer to my challenge to the Wikipedia editors of the homeopathy page to provide a citation to their claim that “homeopathy is a placebo.”

My article on the subject is in spell check.

The scantily clad waitresses look like nurses

“Laughing tourists were either cynical or confused about whether the man was really suffering a medical episode amid the “doctor,” “nurses” and health warnings at the Heart Attack Grill, restaurant owner Jon Basso said Wednesday.

“”It was no joke,” said Basso, who promotes himself “Doctor Jon,” his scantily clad waitresses as nurses and customers as patients.

“Basso said he could tell right away the man in his 40s eating a Triple Bypass burger was having trouble. He was sweating, shaking and could barely talk.”

4 comments on “Emergency Homeopathy for Overeating

  1. Peter says:

    Hello John,

    which remedy would be helpful for preventing overeating?


      • Moin A. Syed says:

        Suggest any remedy to gain power for will power.


        • johnbenneth says:

          Lack of will power is just one generally defined symptom. What may thought to be a lack of will power could be something else, such as depression that only an individulazed homeopathic assessment of the totality of symptoms could determine.
          However, there are two remedies that are specifically indicated by a lack of will power. Compare these to a other indicators within those remedies to see which one fits best.
          For lack of will power, Kent lists Phosphorus and Picricum acidum. According to Clarke, Phos. has more irritability and excessive sensitiveness, sexual excitement very strong; Pic. ac. has more intense erections but less marked lasciviousness.

          Phos’s are friendly whereas Pic-ac wants to be alone.


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