‘Sorghum ergot fungi causes symptoms in animals that are similar to symptoms in children who have the nodding disease . .’  ibid

You’re about to find out what may be the cause of a mysterious disease affecting thousands of children and what you can do to help right now.

The answer to this horrendous problem may be a simple one.

Of course, this is my opinion. The following is not intended to be medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice please consult an appropriate medical professional before taking or administering the remedies mentioned here. You may wish to share  this blog and the video about the nodding disease with your doctor.

Neither is this meant to promote any particular drug. Nor am I asking for any money. Nor do I expect to receive any material gains, reward, fame or fortune from it. What I do expect are the usual dismissals, misdirected corrections, ridicule, arguments, demands, accusations and threats. The only help I’m asking for from you is in finding out more about the problem and testing the solution.

What I’m going to briefly talk about in this video is a devastating illness that has had no known cause or cure, and how suddenly we have stumbled upon what the possible cause and cure of it may be.

To get more information, to find out the answer if it is, I need your help.

Perhaps you’ve seen Jason Russell’s viral video “Kony 2012,” a film about the Ugandan guerrilla force terrorizing central Africa, kidnapping kids to work as soldiers.  It’s heart breaking to see that, but media reports are now saying that there’s a much greater problem that affects children in Africa, a mysterious illness called . . the nodding disease.

It mostly afflicts children. It’s called the nodding disease because those who have it have a strange pendulous nodding of the head, especially when they are trying to eat certain foods or when they get cold. They also have an inabiity to eat and are affected by malnutrition.

They say there’s no known cure for it, but I think I may have discovered what causes the nodding disease and what the cure for it may be. What it appears to me to be is a systemic necrotizing vasculitis due to a mycosis infection, in other words . . something like gangrene from a fungal infection. The pathogen here specifically appears to be Claviceps africana, or in other words, I think it’s from sorghum rot, a fungal infection also called sorghum ergot.

Sorghum is a type of grain that is grown widely in the regions of Africa affected by the nodding disease. The infection in children might be from eating infected sorghum cereal and simply breathing the spores from downwind from sorghum fields.

Sorghum ergot fungi causes symptoms in animals that are similar to symptoms in children who have the nodding disease . . hyperthermia, convulsions and lack of appetite.

Many children who have the nodding disease have stunted growth and mental retardation and other symptoms that make one suspect . These symptoms are very similar to ergot mold poisoning in rye, which was linked to the Salem witch trials because of the hallucinations and bizarre behavior caused by it.

And we’ve recently seen what appears to be symptoms of ergot poisoning in the man who made the film KONY 2012. I think it’s what the director, Jason Russell was infected with and explains his strange behavior in March of of 2012.

My questions are, 1.) has he ever eaten sorghum porridge? 2.) When he was in Africa, did he visit villages that were near sorghum fields?

The sorghum fungus flowers when it is cold and wet. Children with the nodding disease who live in wet areas near sorghum fields go into convulsions when it gets cold.

I hope that the people around Jason Russell will take what I’m saying into consideration, because what I think the antidote is, is fairly easy to obtain and is safe to use with no serious side effects.

Cattle and pigs that have eaten ergot infected sorghum suffer from the same refusal to eat and from the same severe hypothermia experienced by children with the nodding disease. One of the symptoms related by family members of Jason Russell are that he is suffering from malnutrition, which could be from a loss of appetite because of sorghum ergot or some similar type of poisoning. It could be that people who have been subjected to ergot poisoning build up a resistance to it. Maybe sorghum porridge is mostly consumed by children and this is why they are mostly affected by the nodding disease.

There are several possible homeopathic remedies that act as antidotes to the effects of sorghum poisoning. In homeopathic symptom analysis remedies are indicated by the symptoms that are associated with them. So by cross indexing the remedies associated with these symptoms, we find that all of the remedies that meet the most criteria are all alkaloid based remedies, homeopathic remedies like Causticum, Belladonna and Opium, which indicates an alkaloid pathogen. And this is what led me to what the source may be because one of the top remedies for this constellation of symptoms in the nodding disease is a remedy made from the ergot of rye, and one of two indicated for pendulous nodding of the head. (The other is cannabis indica) This is the tip off.  Ergot fungi produces a strong alkaloid. When we look at the symptomology of this particular remedy, it really starts to fit. The source of this remedy is Claviceps purpurea, a relation to the ergot of sorghum, and the ergot fungi produce a very strong alkaloid. These alkaloids can produce psychotomimetic states.

The ergot remedy here is called Secale cornutum.

Homeopathy carries all before it” Emil Adoph von Behring, Nobelist, father of modern medicine

Secale and cannabis both share a similar symtomology of psychotic and physiological symptomology, but there is a distinction between the two substances  in the type of haluccinations associated with them.

LSD, which is an ergot derivative, and psychedelic mushrooms, which are ergot relatives, are actually not considered to be psychotomimetic. Their symtpomology is not the same as a psychotic state of mind, as is induced by other drugs, such as THC and the cannabinoids. Though they have similar effects, psychedelics do not create the same state of psychosis as do the true hallucinogens, like prolonged use of cannabis. The lucid clarity produced by the psychedelic pseudohallucinogens are not actually hallucinogenic. Pseudohallucinogens do not create sensory experiences from nothing. They simply distort the senses. Likewise, the ergots also proue phyisical distortions, while the cannabis’ are inventive.

So in this regard Secale, a relative of the source for LSD, is a pseudopsycotic, while cannabis is a true psychotic. If you doubt this , watch what happen to a long term pot smoker when denied a bag.

Secale is available from any good homeopathic pharmacy or through any homeopathically trained physician. Medical professionals trained in the use of homeopathic medicine should be consulted prior to the use of this or any homeopathic remedy used for any serious condition, illness or disease.

What’s ironic about this is that homeopathic posology isn’t dependent of pathogenic etiology as allopathy is. In other words, we don’t need to know what the cause of a disease is to be able to treat it like allopathy does.

‘Samuel Hahnemann [founder of homeopathy] was right when he took his starting point in the symptoms of patients. In the similia similibus principle [like cures like] modern etiology therapy is at one with homeopathy’  -Emil Adolph von Behring, winner of the first Nobel prize for Medicine for development of the diptheria anti-toxin

Please help the children of Africa who are struggling with this disease. Take action now by sharing the video and/or this blog with your friends. Use the Facebook and Twitter button here and on Youtube, and email the links to your friends. Please help. I’m not asking for money. What I want you to do is send a link to this video to seven people and then enter your name in the comment section below. And may something good come your way. Or paste the embed code for this video in your favorite forum or webpage. You’ll be blessed for sharing.

I sincerely believe there is a remedy for the nodding disease and I want to help. A small action on your part may have monumental effects that will save many lives. Let’s get the word out on stopping the nodding disease, this terrible illness that is hurting and illing kids. I want to see the remedy Secale cornutum, and remedies like it, like Causticum, put to the test. I want to see if I’m right about the cause of the nodding disease, and I want to see if I’m right about how to treat it. If I am right, thousands of lives may be saved from taking a simple remedy. If I’m wrong, no harm done. But I bet I’m right. Too many coincidneces for this not to be sorghum rot poisoning.

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“Only the road of homeopathy ld me to my goal.” – Emil von Behring, 1st Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1901.

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7 comments on “CAUSE and CURE of the NODDING DISEASE

  1. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from
    somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out.
    Please let me know where you got your design. Bless you


  2. I do not even understand how I stopped up here, however I assumed this put up used to be great.


  3. Okot says:

    Unlike James, I will not dismiss John’s proposal out of hand. Since we do not know the cause of the nodding disease, we should consider all possibilities until evidence prove otherwise. None of the proposed causes including crushed roots, Onchocercus vulvulus, munition exposure, sorghum rot and others have been definitively ruled in or out.

    To me, the age restriction is an important clue to all causative factors proposed so far. What it means is that whatever it is affects people at specific stages of their development. For example, we can safely assume that adults already have their neuromuscular system fully developed. Any factor that affects a developing system would have little or no effect whatsoever on adults. The time of exposure also does not have to coincide with the time of manifestation of the consequence. For example, children could be exposed anywhere from the time they are in the woumb to the age by which they begin to exhibit symptoms. The critical factor is that exposure has to occur before the wiring of certain nerves is completed. Such event may result in the correct but partial wiring or the incorrect wiring of certain neurons or the complete absence of certain nerves. By the time exposed children reach the age when such nerves and muscles are needed, the children begin to display the nodding symptoms because they lack the machinery needed for normal functions. I could say more on this but I will leave it here for now.

    A final point I want to make is that, John’s proposal should not be limited to just contaminated sorghum presumably grown in the local areas where the disease has occurred. We should also consider the possibility that the contamination could have been brought from outside directly or indirectly by the humanitarian organizations who supplied various foods for feeding displaced people. I am aware that in Witto and Baridi, South Sudan as well as Northern Uganda, the concerned populations had all been displaced by war and lived in camps. It is conceivable that a particular shipment of food could have been contaminated at the site of production, in transit or after distribution. Depending of the source, it could happen more than once. Consequently, only mothers who consume such foods would have bore children or or children who ate such food who are now developing the nodding disease 5-15 years after the exposure.

    As for treatment, I am aware only of anti-epileptic medication, which does nothing but treat the symptoms. I do not know about John’s proposed homeopathic treatments. If the damage is permanent, I suspect that the treatments may also be directed at the symptoms which is also fine if they are effective. The biggest prize will be to know the cause and how to prevent it and/or cure the disease.


  4. James says:

    Northern Uganda has grown sorghum for time immemorial. they have never seen something like this. secondly the disease is age specific 7-15 years and along the river banks. they are also from homes that seem to have low hygiene standards. Question is, why this age and not everybody? why along river banks? and why dirty homes?
    We dont know what it is. Is it the introduction new reservoir?


    • johnbenneth says:

      Thanks for being the first to respond and pose good questions. The lack of response on this particular blog til now has been disappointing.
      Sorghum has a long reported history of usage it’s true, but I question whether or not this has never been seen before. I’ve read that the “nodding disease” has been around since the 1960’s, and it may be mistaken for jungle rot in adults, which is prevalent and has also been around for time immemorial; or they may not have grown sorghum in wet regions where claviceps africana is prevalent and sprouts. There also could be other factors, lack of reporting, use of pesticides that kill claviceps’ natural predator, who know, it may be that I’m totally wrong about it being claviceps,
      but there are too many coincidences here to dismiss this as an ergot-like mycosis, the nodding disease bears too many similarities to ergotism. There have been ergot epidemics throughout history.
      It may be specific to children for the simple reason that the kids have eaten uncooked sweet sorghum. Adults are less affected by it because of developed immunity, although I believe everyone has it to some degree. It may be occuring in low hygeine homes because others in the family have a low grade infection . . one of the symptoms of ergot poisoning is depression.
      I’ve obtained the homeoapthic remedy in potency. My question now is how to find a contact over there to try it.
      Thanks again for replying.


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