ZIMMERMAN WALKS: Remote Viewing the Shooting of Trayvon Martin

by Jack Hammer

Audio analysts say it was Trayvon . .

It’s a truth, it’s a slang, a slander, it’s a lie.

Zimmerman will walk.

I wish I could say this without prejudice for or against Zimmerman. I wish I could say it in all due respect to everyone. I wish I could say it with great sorrow and sympathy for Trayvon Martin’s family, with no regard for my own preservation or agrandizement.

It doesn’t matter.

It wouldn’t change a thing.

I don’t mean to aggravate or accuse, it doesn’t matter. I don’t mean to distort or trivialize, the facts are the facts. I don’t mean to stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I have a right to stand my ground, wherever I place my feet.

Isn’t that the law? In Florida, that is. And this is all happening in Florida, isn’t it?

No, it’s happening everywhere. Coming to a street corner near you.

Now in Seminole county, they‘re not going to send the judge‘s kid to a Florida hellhole where he‘ll be raped, tortured and burned for killing a black kid.

It isn‘t going to happen.

I predict that the Florida court will not convict George Zimmerman of murder. It is already a known fact that legal scholars and purveyors of public opinion agree with me on this, and they call me and ask me, “Jack, what am I going to tell my listeners?”
“Oh Jack, what should I say to my viewing audience?”,
“Please tell me Jack, what should I write today about the Trayvon Martin case?”

I tell them, listen to me.

The media is like a grazing herd. Sure they’ll stampede on a whistle, yes it is true, but they will ever so cautiously move on anything new or that which may be wrongly construed y the those beyond the front loges, they must first rely on the explorations by taste testers . . like myself.

I posted many days ago that George Zimmerman had a history of violence. Now I finally read today AOL news is reporting this same worn out old news, evident from the beginning of this case to any who weren’t buying what the penny pinchers and the gun pointers were peddling.

Within moments of viewing the scattered evidence it was obvious. Zimmerman was a delusional wannabe lawman, a Batman, hunting down fairytale lawbreakers with a 9mm pistol in his hand. He wasn’t following Trayvon to ask him for the time. He wasn’t following Trayvon to get directions. No, he was following Trayvon to do what he did, it was the outcome he dreamed of, that’s who he is.

I have remote viewed this scene. Zimmerman is cruising in his SUV junker. He see Trayvon anbegins to follow him. He parks the car. Trayon is wlaking quikly. Geroge has to trot to cath up. He touches the gun to reassure himself. He omes up behind Trayon.  Trayvon turns around and asks “Why are you following me?”

Zimmerman responds, “What are you doing here?”

Trayvon isbacking up. He says, “Have you got a problem?”

Zimmerman says, “No . .”

Trayvon turns to go, to continue walking.

Zimmerman yells, “No!” loudly, several times. Trayon won’t stop. Zimmerman pulls his gun. He grabs Trayvon’s arm. Trayvon sees the gun, screams “Help!” swings at Zimmerman and the gun goes off, the bullet hitting Trayvon in the chest. Trayvon spins around and falls down face first. Zimmerman moves forwards, bends down and puts  his hands on Trayvon’s back.


It doesn’t matter. Zimmerman will walk. Too bad! Under Bush Law, with his daddy’s “Get Out of Jail Free” card, with the shadow of hat man behind him, the states Attorney, ALEC, the arms dealers . . George Zimmerman walks.


What do you think? Question? Answer? Please comment. Your thoughful reply will be appreciated

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