by John Benneth

APRIL 2, 2012, Sanford, Florida

Murder not withstanding, the outcome of this case will be (and I said it in my last report and I will say it again) that Zimmerman will go free.

Even if he gets down on his knees an begs for it, the State of Florida will not prosecute George Zimmerman. To prosecute George Zimmerman the State of Florida will have to prosecute itself for obstructing justice. The State of Florida is not ruled by the people, it is ruled by the gun. To prosecute Zimmerman it would be shooting itself in the foot. It can’t do it. The State can’t prosecute the State.

We’ve already seen that in Florida, the bullet is more powerful than the ballot. In Florida, the only vote that means anything is the one cast by a gun.


Unless new evidence surfaces, evidence that the State did not have in its possession before, it is even in less of a position to charge him with murder than it was before. The evidence of even greater importance accumulating here is that the people are no longer in control of their government. Government has slipped into the hands of inhuman money interests alone for government by the gun.

It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people, it is a government of the money, by the money, for the money, and right now, the money is in guns.

Fox News, Mar. 29,’12: After the Trayon shooting “gun sales are exploding all across the country, so much so, gun makers are having trouble keeping up with demand.”

Why? According to ex-cop Bo Dietl:

“People are afraid Obama’s going to take their guns away.”

The murder of Trayvon Martin is a windfall for gun makers. Notice nothing is said about the “law” that puts every Floridian in the middle of High Noon, a sweating, trembling Gary Cooper . .

Get your guns, load up, it’s every man, woman and child for hisself.”

Even though his actions on that fateful night were pathological, and I use that word in all of its glorious meanings, what Zimmerman did before in other manifestations of this same perverted spirit were of the money. What Zimmerman did that night again, were by the money. What will be done in the days to come will continue to be done again, over and over again, not for Zimmerman, but for the money Zimmerman will bring to the gun industry.

The people can demand, putter and pout, but it won’t change a thing. Zimmerman will go free. That’s the way its going to be. He won’t even be charged.

But there wil be a common law bail, and that bail will be paid in blood.

Just wait and see. You’ve seen nothing yet.

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One comment on “Trayvon: ZIMMERMAN TO GO FREE!

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