The Allopathic Murder Association

The American Medical Association (AMA, better known to homeopaths as the Allopathic Murder Association) representing popular mainstream medicine recently broke down and confessed, in the open court of their journal, to using properly prescribed and properly administered patent allopathic pharmaceuticals to kill around 300,000 people a year in the US alone.

100,000 of those die of drug overdoses in hospital. The rest are gunned down during escape attempts., usually within 20 miles of the institution. Although a many make it more than a few feet beyond the death chamber door, virtually no American ever makes it all the way to France, Cuba or Italy . . not even Canada,  where they can live in peace as medical exiles.

The excuse for this, that allopathy is all that stands between the patient and the Boatman, is a necessary fabrication by the AMA, and for the sake of population control must remain so.

In order to get away with it, allopathic murderers have to hide behind a thin veil of pretended do-gooding. And this is their assurance that out of the context of assisted suicide, and in the context that there is another form of treatment, at worst they would only be convicted of manslaughter.

In the meantime, without the daily recognition of real medicine, which they have but can’t patent, the average allopath wanders around in a psychosis, like a volunteer neighborhood night watchman, looking for his next victim to tattoo with a Very. Big. Nightmare.

Sure. Instead of the neighborhood association cheering them on, they have the patent pharmaceutical industry to do it for them . . with money . . bales of it.

Of course we can’t entirely blame the pusher. These guys have been dealing dangerous drugs as medicine for centuries now and getting away with it. This isn’t a scientific problem, it’s a financial one.

The streets would be full of the jobless wandering the streets . . more than there are now . . if homeopathy were to replace allopathy, as it should.

Which is better? A few homeless homeopaths barking at the drug dealers, or a nation of healthy, unemployed derelicts?

4 comments on “MEDICAL EXILE

  1. Colin says:

    Reply: 4tis

    Did those people who have evidence on “gov creating this deadly virus” in a Lab, bravo enough to raise this issue in a court, simply say things that can threaten their very own lives?
    (they couldn’t get killed as soon as they outside the court)
    The power will soon belongs to black, no matter how gov trying to stop that, the outcome cannot be changed.


  2. Colin says:

    From the begining when Homeopathy was strongly opposed is because they want to monopolize the weath of the world with allopathy medicine.
    Government kill lots of people every year, not to mention HIV (AIDS) was intentionally created by US gov to “Reduce the population of Black” in order to prevent the future world falls into black hand.
    We all know, allopathy doesn’t cure diesease, most of them is just a temporary suppresion.


    • 4tis says:

      Can AIDS conspiracy theorists make their mind up? AIDS either:

      a) Was created in a lab to kill vast numbers of blacks and/or homosexuals or

      b) It doesn’t exist. HIV doesn’t cause AIDS & AIDS is just a scam profiting on misdiagnosis of malnutrition and/or amyl nitrate abuse.

      Once the conspiracy theorists have decided which it is then we can worry about arguing the case.


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