It’s coming . .

The summer days breeze by. I find myself lounging. Before me is a full plate of fat, burgundy red cherries at which I pick: My cases, my videos, my correspondence, my vast studies, my blog  . .  

The point should be made over and over again, that every statement made against homeopathy by those who are masquerading as ‘atheists,’ ‘rationalists’ and ‘skeptics’ who hold themelves out to be ‘scientists’, or ‘defenders of logic’ . .  blows up in their faces . .  all is set . . all I have to do is strike the match.

HOMEOPATHS! Stand up, promote homeopathy for what it is, for what the pseudoscientists say it is not, the only REAL medicine we have . . as follows:

Response to Jessica Roy –  Woo, Boy: Singularity U’s Vivek Wadhwa Spreads the Dark Art of ‘Pseudoscience’
“Alan Smukler is right. And it’s laughable to see how out of touch with reality the homeopathy haters are, and how they violate their own implied standards, and this article by Jessica Roy is no exception. “The reference here supporting the claim that “several credible academic studies found that the alternative medicine wasn’t proven to work better than a placebo” is from the self-referencing Edzard Ernst, the recently defrocked mouthpiece for the troubled patent pharmaceutical industry now under criminal indictment for fraud and $3 billion dollar fine.
“When you ask just what studies they’re talking about, it turns out that there are none . . no comprehensive metanalysis of homeopathy has ever been able to conclude that the effects of the material analogs . . the homogenous substances used as medicine in homeopathy by a growing number of MDs . . is solely due to “the placebo effect.”
“Note that the lack of discretion and trope in “placebo.” The word, like the author, refers to nothing definite. If they could honestly say what they want us to believe, they’d say it. Where is the body of literature proving “placebo?” They can’t even say what it is! TEACH ME!
“Furthermore, the homeopathic principle of like cures like was discovered by overdosing with crude material substances before it was witnessed in the dilute. All vaccines, anti-toxins and anti-venoms work on this same principle of similitude. The word ‘homeopathy’ literally has nothing to do with dilutes.

[The only difference is that homeopaths have learned posology, how to admininister the right dose, effectively and safely.]

“So now look who’s being ‘unscientific.’ And so it follows, that my challenge to these professed ‘experts’ like Ernst is to show me one good study that proves homeopathic medicines are nothing but “placebos.” Do it and I’ll quit studying homeopathic medicine and go string beads.
“Homeopathy is real medicine, unlike what’s being injected into the rumps of the unwitting public . . “

My plate is still full of fat, burgundy red cherries at which I pick: My overwhelming case load, my videos, my correspondence, my vast studies, my blogs, my poetry and the cornerstone of medicine,  The Doctrine, ‘The Physics of Homeopathy’  . . by Fall this essay and those to follow will have dried and will scuttle on the hard thoroughfare like rip brown leaves . .what Springs turns to Fall, what is green, bright and startling soon becomes brown, dull and commonplace . .

Ah! Another fat cherry!  


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7 comments on “It’s coming . .

  1. Dr Zorro says:

    I’ve searched half the night and can find nothing to support your statements about Prof Edzard Ernst. He is not facing any criminal charges, and since he is a British citizen resident in Britain why should he be facing a fine in dollars. The currency in the UK is pounds, and yor 3 billion figure is a pure fantasy. Unless you can direct me to a credible source that says otherwise.


  2. says:

    So basically….. what you are complaining about is that the ‘majority’ of homeopathists who use dilutes are not actual homeopathists. Because you have just discounted all attacks on homeopathy on the basis that the word has been misused. Pretty much all the research indicating that it is bunkum is based on the use of dilutes… of course you would be aware if you read any of it since it clearly states this is the case.

    I am interested you claim there are ‘remedies for cancer’ after attacking the debunking of homeopathy on a semantic argument….. not even the established medical profession would use this word. treatment is the closest you get.

    Oh and your case load isnt evidence of anything. Its not a cherry. All major religions have subscribers and they self evidently cannot all be correct. Case load means nothing.

    I am not a skeptic and had come here hoping for a reasoned response. What I have found is barley coherent. One day I hope there will be a champion for alternative practices who doesnt make us all look like fools.


    • johnbenneth says:

      “Mr. Flannel” – The problem with your criticism (if that’s what it’s supposed to be) is the same as always: It lacks any specificiity, definition, global perspective or citation. The most you an say for it’s authority is stuck on your bush name, “Mr. Flannel.”
      There is no researh indicating homeopathy is bunkum. If I’m wrong, show me some, throw us a link.
      If you were a real person you’d put a real name on some real heartfelt words talking about a real probem, like the 100,000 people a year you by omission now condone killing, in hosptals, with properly prescribed, properly administered, poison pharmaceuticals, you’d be up on that heap soapbox of yours shouting your lungs out about the USA’s catch and release programf or pharmacrimes, where the criminals get fined a few billion and then let go to re-offend with a new patented poison.
      So don’t think that you’re fooling anyone here by hiding behind a veil of ridicule and hatred: You can’t divert our attention away from the real problem by making feeble attmepts to insult us and the greatest medicine ever devised, real medicine, the only medicine. You’ve got your finger in an industry of destruction, you know it and you’re running scared. You think by malice of demogogeury alone you can win, by accusing me of YOUR crimes


  3. sue says:

    I love your site. I am interested in learning homeopathy. Because of my busy schedule, I can do only a modest home study course. Can your recommend one?
    Thank you, Sue


    • johnbenneth says:

      HI Sue, thanks for your question. I think there are, as you may suspect, numerous home study courses available, but I’m not familiar with any one in particular. I suggest that what you can do immediately for home study is go to and familiarize yourself with There are a number of free online homeopathic “materia medicas” there which show the historical action of various homeopathic medicines, and repertories that list symptoms and the remedies which are indicated by them.
      A good one is Boericke . .
      His repertory of symptoms is at
      The basic model of diagnosis by hand is to refer to the repertory for symptoms of the individual, and write them down with the indicated remedies running across.
      Each remedy is weighted in the rep, indicated by small letters, CAPS, italics or color, usually indicating a weight of one to three.
      For instance, let’s say you are looking for a remedy for someone who has “cancer.”
      There are 125 remedies listed in the various materia medica for cancer. Of those, 20 have a weighted value for effectiveness of 3.
      But how do you know which one will be the most effective? This is where the genius of homeopathy evolves. For the homeopath it is not enough to simply say the patient has cancer. What kind, where is it, when did it appear, what is the feeling with it? And what kind of person is it who has this problem of cancer, and what other problems are there? What goes into him and what comes out? how do they express themselves? What do they feel, how do they react? What do they like to eat? How do they keep their surroundings? What kind of dreams do they have? When, how do they sleep? Are they a hot person or a cold person? What kind of body type?
      These and more are all indicators of what the best remedy, or similitude is. And similitude will guide you to the remedy, like cures like, this is the first principal of homeopathy, and this is your best guide and teacher. Once you understand that, you understand one if not the greatest keys to medicine. These are all clues and more in what is very much like a detective looking for clues. Among other seemingly totally unrelated symptoms, there will be many other nuances.
      The brilliance of historical repertories is that you will find most of these nuances covered as symptoms. But, here, for you, to simplify the example, let’s say the patient also has diabetes. In the same materia medica there are 68 remedies listed for diabetes. So with these two conditions alone, you have the beginning of a matrix.
      Of the 68 remedies indicated by diabetes, all but one of them have a weighted value of one for diabetes. Carcinosinum has a two. And Carc. is one of 20 out of 125 remedies indicated by “cancer,” when the matrix is added up, it is the most indicated by both cancer and diabetes.
      This is a huge data set, and creating a matrix is tedious, but with only two criteria we’ve managed to narrow own the “suspects” to five, which apply to both criteria of diabetes and cancer, of which Carcinosinum is chief. Studying those five remedies we may see other clues as to which best fit the patient. Oncee again, thisis a simplified eample. There are other rules that apply.
      Developing this matrix can be time consuming. Now there are computer programs that do it for us. This is a wonderful way to study the materia medica, Which is the prerequisite of homeopathy.
      The second is clinical practice. Someday you may wish to become a professional practitioner in which case it would be wise to get clinical practice with the help of a teacher.
      I hope this helps you. Please stay in touch and let me know if there is anything that is not clear.

      John Benneth


  4. Moin A. Syed says:

    Answer looks like a homeopathic highly potentized punch wrapped in the sweet words and banged on the heads of skeptics of many times tested and scientifically proved homeopathic medical science, I think homeopathic punch was so highly potentized and strong in effects that refuters injections would not cause any type of side effects.


  5. Why not using HOMOEO and not homeo as Hahnemann insisted? You did not catch what he said! the other ones did not WHO was Samuel!…..they are on bleeding medicine end stiil talking to burn Pasteur:


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