Cause of Aurora Colorado Batman shooting

July 20, 2012, a 24 year old man with a gun, wearing a gas mask and bullet proof vest, opened fire during a 12:30 a.m. showing of the film The Dark Knight Rises in Theater Nine at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. He set off a smoke grenade in the theater and started shooting, killing 14 people and injuring more than fifty.

The alleged shooter was James Holmes.. He was found next to his car in the theater parking lot with a rifle, shotgun, and handgun. He did not resist arrest.

Holmes told authorities about explosives at his residence in North Aurora. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said the shooter’s home was a site where there might be more explosives.

Homeoapth John Benneth examines the psychochemical evidence as to what may have triggered the violence.

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It’s coming . .The Physics of Homeopathy



5 comments on “Cause of Aurora Colorado Batman shooting

  1. V.E.G. says:

    There is another one worse than Aurora: Sandy Hook, Connecticut. A gunman with the same last name as the singer and the real last name of the Woody Woodpecker creator shot 27 people before shooting himself. He was cremated and his location has been kept secret. Dawn Lafferty was a hero!


  2. V.E.G. says:

    There is another shooting after Aurora: Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Wade Michael Page, a balding large man who shot 6 people and injured four before turning the gun on himself. Satwant Singh Kaleka was a hero.


  3. Sam Harrington says:

    What really happened in the Batman Shootings is the natural outcome when people are promised something of value, after successfully completing a difficult task, and that promise is nothing less than puffery nor more than. . .a lie.

    I have estimated that within the past 1.5 years over 190 young Americans, after a most successfully completed degree program and being only able (at best) to secure positions that they were vastly overqualified to hold, have committed suicide. Now, most folks, when pushed to wits end, will suffer though, some end it all and some attempt to end all.

    Stop lying to people about the, fictional, benefits of higher education and this one problem will be ended; it’s just as Noam Comsky states, “If you don’t like terrorism, stop being terrorists,” or as the musical comedy artist Tor Hershman puts it

    of course, that would require an actual civilization thus is impossible.


  4. Interesting. I’m certainly not a fan of excessively prescribed pharmaceuticals for chronic conditions that can be addressed in other ways. However, I think it goes too far to suggest that “allopathic medicine doesn’t work”. There are many situations where conventional intervention is necessary.

    Furthermore, I haven’t heard any word on what actually motivated this shooter. It seems to me a drug-induced rampage wouldn’t have had so much premeditation behind it. Do you have any evidence that this person was even on an SSRI like Fluoxetine?


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