Since my last posting August 7th, 2012, a lot has happened in the world of homeopathy, some things quite personal to me, but during all that time I’ve kept my lip buttoned. I vowed not to say a word until I was prepared to speak more on the most important thing I know, the physics of homeopathy, what makes the homeopathic remedy tick.

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In September 2012 I was drawn into an argument on the Homeopathic World Community website with my old friend, the world’s most beloved homeopath, Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. The argument  with Kaviraji was over the physics of homeopathy and then, after it was over, I suffered a deeply frozen shoulder of an arctic polar grade, which I finally shrugged off with a dose of Lycopodium, a dose that worked almost instantaneously.

While Australian health authorities were trying to stifle information about homeopathic prophylaxis (dynamic immunization) Canada was licensing it. Homeopathy antagonists Edzard Ernst and David Colquhoun fell from grace for the flaming indiscretions brought on by the usual hypocrisy of localized skepticism; then in March Kaviraji passed away.  And then efforts to fluoridate Portland Oregon ’s pristine alpine reservoir failed . . again.

But through all of it, with all I had to say, I didn’t write a word and kept the blog moribund, with the exception of an occasional response to a comment, like last Saturday’s on a blog I wrote two years ago about curing homosexuality . . always good for a comment or two.

For the demise of our antagonists I felt no satisfaction, it was inevitable, as is the continued use of homeopathics in stopping epidemics, curing cancer and homosexuality, because homeopathy is the basis for all immunizations and cures of illness, physical and otherwise, always has been and always will be until some new principle of immunity and cure is found.

The only problems is seeing it . . and learning how to cut the dose.

And I felt no real grief when Kaviraj passed away. I miss his commiseration, but after the argument a kind of emotional numbness set in. It was inevitable. He shouldn’t have died.  I can’t even say I felt I was disappointed, when in fact I’d be mad at him if it wasn’t for my pet ego . But I didn’t post a word about it since my argument with him because I did not want to say anything more on this blog until I was able, as I am now, to present to the world the crystalliferous physics of homeopathy, the only thing missing from the case for what is the world’s only real medicine.

I know this all sounds carelessly oversold and dangerous to say, I’ve heard it repeated that its bunk again and again over the years, but the truth is behind it. I’ve learned to choose my words carefully before I put them together carelessly. I don’t like to say anything I can’t back up with a credible reference.  MD Anderson, the top cancer clinic in the U.S., collaborating with the Banerjis, the top cancer clinic in India, discovered that OTC homeopathics can cure cancer, and dozens of homosexuals have shed their curse using the practice of similitude to keep their heads from rolling in Arab streets.

All the vituperative and putative perceptions of homeopathy have been, are and always will be delusions, with the exception of one, that there has been no known physico-chemical explanation for it . .  perhaps. 

That homeopathy is fraud is a delusion; that it doesn’t work is a delusion; that it isn’t accepted by the medical profession is a delusion; that there are no double blind tests for it is a delusion; that there are no known corollaries for “like cures like” is a delusion; that water doesn’t have a memory is a delusion;  that it isn’t peer reviewed is a delusion; that it isn’t the soul of immunology is a delusion;  that it isn’t the only cure for epidemics is a delusion; that the vaccine is not homeopathic is a delusion; that mainstream so-called medicine, i.e. allopathy, is medicine is a delusion.

And with the word “perhaps” I equivocate that there is no known physico chemical explanation for homeopathy, not because there is doubt in my mind about the explanation, but because there is doubt in my mind whether or not I am the only one who knows it.

It’s time the world understands what homeopathy really is.

Yes, I know what they will say, that once Benneth takes Ruta for his eyestrain he’ll find his remedy is Platina.


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  1. Diego Fox says:

    Have searched the web, but can’t find what it was that Kaviraj died of at the young age of 66. I’ve no doubt that he will have tried homeopathic remedies for his terminal condition. Didn’t work did it?


    • rosross says:

      Like any medical methodology, Homeopathy can never guarantee cure or survival. Perhaps Kaviraj lived longer because he use Homeopathic medicine. Who knows what his general health was from birth and the fact is, many years in India, can be the test of any constitution. Apart from which, there are karmic reasons as to why we die when we do and what matters is how healthy we are throughout our lives and that is where Homeopathy is such a gift.


  2. zetetic1500 says:

    Reply to John Benneth: Homoeopathy do not cure the homosexuality

    Dear Mr Benneth. We strongly disagree with the suggestion that homoeopathy “curing homosexuality”. Homosexuality is not a disease and can not be treated with homoeopathy . Such statements undermine and discredit homeopathy. That is not science, it is quackery. The idea of curing homosexuality comes over religion (Catholic Church for example) and some homeopaths who have pooled their religious prejudices with therapeutics.

    Homeopathy is a hard discipline, and with years of effort have made ​​significant progress in physics, chemistry, biology and clinical. Please do not tear down the years of effort with statements like “curign homosexuality”.

    Please do not combine ideas without scientific basis, with homoeopathy.


    • If this is actual, some cases of homeosexuality can be healed: “The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published an interesting article in today’s journal that examines the physical structure of brains in heterosexual and homosexual study participants.
      The best summary of the article, PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects, authored by lead researchers Ivanka Savic and Per Linstrom of the Stockholm Brain Institute in Sweden, is provided by Richard Monastersky on the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s News Blog:
      Is There a Gay Brain? Imagine Study Finds Anatomical Clues”
      More; New Theory: “Sexual Orientation Determined by Brain Hemisphere Dominance
      One California author believes he’s found the missing link to the physiological source of sexual orientation, and it lies in the brain, not the loins.”
      No doubt the brains of gay and men are different because our conduct is different and the way gays act is more like women’s.


      • zetetic1500 says:

        Counterstatement to Andres Zuno:

        Mr. Zuno:

        That the brains of gay men is different does not mean that homosexuality is a disease. The links you cite are related to differences in brain structure of neuronal connections, not a “disease”. Please read the study of PNAS (original Paper) here:

        Click to access 0801566105.full.pdf

        It is suggested that the attempt to cure homosexuality should be banished homeopathy as quackery.

        Can provide evidence of homeopathy cures homosexuality, any Papers? In British Homeopathic Journal of Homeopathy Journal not treat a homosexuality


    • johnbenneth says:

      Zetetic – I think your comment, which I thank you for, deserves some kind of rebuttal here. My first question to you is what do you think a particular disease is in an individual? If a patient tells you, the homeopath, that he is suffering because of his condition, that he is suffering because of uncontrollable thoughts, passions and behavior and wants to change, then who are you to withhold traditional remedies for it and tell him that he is shouldn’t be disturbed by it? You’re arguiong from the position that once designated homosexual there’s no return, that it’s natural and one should just accept it, that’s the way he was made, right?
      But that’s not the way it is, men have changed their orientation after homeopathic treatment, either way, and some haven’t. But for someone who wants to change, who are you to tell them they can’t? Your primary job as a physician is to relieve suffering and do no harm.
      What we are seeing are lot of indications that a common remedy for gay men is Platina, and classically that would mean other symtoms, at least two, need to be present to choose Platina. That confirms there’s no “gay remedy” as such. A man could be gay and not be a Platina type and not be seeking to change his sexual oprientation, but does unintentionally anyway after taking another remedy, like Nux-v.
      And it’s not to say that homosexuality is a disease necessarily either, there’s no mention of homosexuality in my repertories, but there certainly is for sexual perversion, but this is semantics. Homosexuality is not a problem for the individual, then its not a disease.
      The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines it differently. They simply use the term “man on man sex,” not “gay sex,” and they say “woman on woman sex,” not Lesbianism or homosexuality. Those are putative, political distinctions. WHat the CDC does do is report that a majority of men and women who classify themselves as “homosexuals” have engaged in coitus with the opposite sex in the past six months, and many people who consider themselves heterosexuals have engaged in sexual relations with the same sex during their lifetimes.
      So does that mean that during sex with the opposite sex a person is not homosexual and during sex with the same sex he or she is? WHat I’m saying is that the term homosexual doesn’t very accurately define who the person is or necessarilyw hat they do to acquire that title and the euphemisms that go with it. As you must know, sex with the same sex in prison is more common, withjout the participants necessarily thinking of themselves as gay but because it is the only sex available to them. Sodoes that mean that homosexuality is a product of “peer pressure?” Apparentlyh changing from one orientation to another isn’t so difficult after all. No matter who’s doing it with who, it’s still all just fornication, isn’t it?
      Now with that point made, there’s something else I want to say, somesthing that isn’t being said in most discussions about homosexuality I’ve overheard, and that’s that homosexuality is a public health hazard. Traditional and putative feelings about “homosexuality” aside, there are a number of disturbing factors involved in sex with the same sex, data from the CDC that should give any thinking human being cause to pause before engaging in sex with a member of the same sex. The disease and illness rate is much higher among practitioners of same-sex sex. The anal rectal cancer rate among “gay” men is 17 times higher than it is for straight men, in addition to anal fissures and general rectal problems. Gay men even have their own particular brand of cancer called Karposi’s sarcoma. That and the fact that the anal cavity is not designed for intercourse and does not have the same barriers against infection as the vagina does should give anyone who feels compelled to engage in such stupid activity a reason to get help, from whatever source can assist him in it, be it spiritual, psychological, homeopathic or allopathic. The gay community, with its hyper sexualized promiscuity has been described by gays as a polyandrous sewer, and that’s exactly what it is, an incubation place for sexually transmitted diseases that are then carried over into the heterosexual community.
      In addition to this, according to the CDC, gays have a higher rate of alienation, drug and alcohol problems, shorter lives, mental illness and suicide than normal.
      You must know that men who have engaged in man on man sex can’t donate blood, either.
      So since there is this crossover by gay men into the heterosexual community, maybe they should come with a warning. Like the surgeon general’s warning printed on the outside of packs of cigarettes that says smoking can be dangerous to your health, maybe a similar thing should be done with homosexuals, especially gay men, and tattoo them with a similar warning.


      • I agree with you, dear friend John.


      • John; may I publish this in facebook? with your blog’s link.


      • zetetic1500 says:


        Thakns for response, but…

        The example of the prison is out of context, there are many factors that affect it. And many times they try to rape and not “taste”. Have you talked to the prisoners? Do you know what is living in prisons? Justification has rape in prisons and thus label someone the trauma?

        There is no scientific reasoning for justification. The CDC does not say that they are “sick”, but unfortunately there are still health professional institutes such pseudoscientific believe it is a disease.

        It is horrible what you say:

        “So since there is this crossover by gay men into the heterosexual community, maybe they should come with a warning. Like the surgeon general’s warning printed on the outside of packs of cigarettes that says smoking can be dangerous to your health, maybe a similar thing should be done with homosexuals, especially gay men, and tattoo them with a similar warning.”

        The example of cigarettes has little or nothing to do, it’s a bad example.

        Where are the statistics that the “gay” are more likely to use alcohol, smoking, drugs?

        P.D. If you want to have a science of homoeopathy, must use knowledge of science: Demangeat, Poitvein, Benveniste, Conte, Montagnier, Milgrom, Walach… is a examples of use of knowledge of sciences. The repertoires not always right, nor every truth. Homeopathy should not be dogmatic, which Hahnemann himself reproach.


      • rosross says:

        Well answered. I think your point about ‘suffering’ is an important one. If an individual considers themselves to be homosexual or lesbian and leads a fulfilling life with no suffering because they will not have family relationships in the way that nature has designed, then why would they bother to change anything? They would not.

        If however, for whatever reason, there is suffering and a wish to be other then seeking treatment makes sense and because Homeopathy works on all levels to treat any suffering, there is no reason why it could not work on this.

        In reality, sexual pleasure for the human being can be found anywhere. The reason why most relationships are between men and women is because nature has designed sexual relationships as the source of procreation, i.e. if too many men are homosexual or too many women lesbian, there are no human beings.

        So, male/female sexual relationships are a norm within nature. That is just how it works and how it must work. No doubt nature in its great diversity has no problem with variations on the ‘theme’ at minimal levels, but the norm will remain heterosexuality. At least in this material world.

        Everyone exists because they have a mother and a father – it can be no other way.


    Here one can read my paper about a therapeutic law of nature, Law of Therapeutic Neuromodulation, which was corrected and improved by Dr. Carlos Häubi Segura, an allopath, homeopath and researcher in University of Aguascalientes, México who studied in England and speaks good English.
    I am missing the presence of our beloved Kavi!!


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