TRAYVON UNTOLD: The real story behind George Zimmerman’s “innocence”

This last Sunday the 14th I noticed something kind of odd.  The number of views on The John Benneth Journal had doubled. I went to the stats to find out what all the fuss was about. It was for a blog I wrote back in March of 2012, March 25th, to be exact, on George Zimmerman’s history of violence.

I thought that this was the only blog I had written on the subject, and I seemed to have remembered that I had predicted that Zimmerman would go free. But re-reading it I couldn’t find any prediction of the sort whatsoever.

Well, just now, when I went back to get the address of Zimmerman’s history of violence, for this blog, lo and behold I discovered that I had actually written three previous blogs on Zimmerman’s stunt, and in the last, on April 2, 2012, predicted Zimmerman would walk!

At the time, in my blog TRAYVON: ZIMMERMAN TO GO FREE I wrote that I didn’t think he’d even be put on trial, so I was wrong about that part of it, but title was right, he did go free. What could be seen then grew into Seminole county’s trumped-up blame-the-victim show trial, and I named the same culprit lurking behind George Zimmerman as what’s standing in the shadows now.

He picked himself up, and while Trayvon laid on the grass slowly dying, he dusted himself off and waited for the cops to arrive . .

My blog is proof that what happened now in the Martin shooting was predictable more than a year ago. I noted in my previous blogs then as others did, and do now, that the state was dragging its heels in charging the confessed killer . .  George Zimmerman . . with anything, anything at all. In every shooting except this one the shooter is arrested and held. Zimmerman was arrested, but he was let go and not charged . . that same night.

When the cops got there they didn’t check around to see if somebody was missing a teenager. They just took him to the morgue, tagged him a John Doe and let him lie there on a slab . .

Why? There is a reason for this which I partially covered then that I believe remains true today, yet although everyone feels it, it is so oxymoronic I’m not sure it’s been widely articulated.

In this case there has been a steady progression of oddity, omission and error on the part of the State showing a pattern of control that would deliberately sabotage the prosecution of Zimmerman. The regular prosecutor, State Attorney Benjamin Crump, recused himself and Governor Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor, Angela Corey. Corey then bypassed the Grand Jury so as to take control of the indictment and overcharge Zimmerman, making a case against him unprovable.

The medical examiner didn’t even remember the autopsy . .

The second advantage to bypassing the grand Jury is the state loses control of the inquisition. The threat of a grand Jury  is that it is independent of state control. It can subpoena and ask difficult questions of anyone it chooses. Without interference it can call its own witnesses and ask its own questions. It can suddenly turn on the police and prosecution and find them culpable, which is what the evidence in this case shows. It could become a “runaway jury.” A California grand Jury recently indicted all the top county officials, and came close to shutting down the county government. No one of experience would expect this to happen in Seminole county, but it suggests that Corey avoided the grand Jury because she needed to control the indictment to insure that the case would be overcharged and impossible to prove, which is exactly what happened.  One juror said the Zimmerman jury wanted to convict him of something, but it wasn’t in the statute he was charged with.

The problem with bypassing the grand Jury is that it implies that the state does not trust it to do what the state wants it to do.

The shooter was released that night . .

In the “Stand your ground” law the state codifies and promotes a deadly stupidity. This has confused everyone as to who is culpable in a shooting in which the most important events were not seen by any living witness but the shooter, while the intent was recorded in phone calls to police dispatch . .  not 911 . . by Zimmerman, making him their agent, under their direction, operating under a special relationship with them!

Zimmerman was their man.

But there’s another reason, even more powerful. A supernatural reason I am now predicting will lead to a shower of blood.

I was right before, I will be right again. But first, before I drag the real culprit in this case kicking and screaming out into view, allow me to review the contraindications.

If Zimmerman’s victim had been a pretty young blonde, he would have been arrested and never released, and he would have got the death penalty.

The evidence for a charge of manslaughter was manifest but not pressed. Under the normal law, if you start a fight you don’t have an excuse for self-defense. Zimmerman had a history of violence, he lied to the judge for which his probation was revoked, and his story was inconsistent with Rachel Jeantel’s, the central witnessing auditor of the incident. Jeantel’s testimony put Zimmerman approaching Martin to question him about what he was doing there, by time stamp seconds before he died, contradicting his own claim that Martin jumped out of the bushes and tried to kill him. You can hear on the recorded police call Zimmerman running after Martin!

Zimmerman’s defense never challenged Jeantel’s allegation that he and Martin were conversing before the fight, logically destroying the defense’s contention that Martin ambushed Zimmerman.

Why did the forensicists find none of Zimmerman’s blood or DNA on Martin, as would have been expected if Martin was really connecting violently with Zimmerman? Most likely Zimmerman could have approached Martin and grabbed his “hoody” shirt in order to apprehend him, pulling back while drawing his gun. Martin then dropped the phone, as reportedly heard by Jeantel, and believing he was being assaulted by Martin, swung at Zimmerman in self-defense, coming forward, knocking Zimmerman knocked off balance, falling backwards, pulling Martin on top of him, hitting his head. Martin was flailing wildly but ineffectively at Zimmerman, as was witnessed by Zimmerman’s wounds and a neighbor, just before he turned to call 911, and this was when Zimmerman, his fist still clutching the hoody with his gun up against it four inches from Trayvon’s heart, pulled the trigger. The recoil was enough for the gun to jump back far enough for the slide, snapping back from the recoil, to hit Zimmerman in the nose, accounting for the slight injury there.

This of course had to be dismissed by the White/Hispanic jury. Why did the prosecution allow such a jury? Why didn’t they insist on a more representative jury? Where was at least one black attorney in the trial? Will it be said that if blacks had tried the case and found him guilty they would not have been Zimmerman’s peers? Well, who are Zimmerman’s peers? If the prosecution had been on its toes, it would have never let the defense get away with seating the jurors it did.

If it’s true, if the accused deserves a jury of his peers, then what about Trayvon? Shouldn’t it have  worked for him too? And who was it that was really ended up being on trial? Wasn’t the exculpating blame assigned to Martin?  If Martin was the accused, then where are the jury of his peers?

The prosecution was so intent on losing the case they featured testimony by the accused, a videotaped interview of Zimmerman by Sean Hannity, a nationally known, opinionated, TV commentator sympathetic to Zimmerman! If the defense had proposed showing such a tape, wouldn’t any reasonable prosecution object to it without the opportunity to cross examine? Unbelievable!

And in the closing argument, where was the state’s graphic visualization of what happened according to the testimony of witnesses?

The Seminole state’s attorney had to throw the case, or indict themselves.

Ultimately what this is about is entitlement versus parity . .

The culpable party here is the State, and in trying to follow the law it found itself powerless to effectively charge and convict Zimmerman when the points of law had been so blurred by “stand your ground.” The State hesitated, they blinked, because it was the State and the Sanford police that put this wannabe cop up to doing what he did, and the entitled, the prosecutors and the defense, were all on the same side, fighting the same opponent . ..

The defense called Martins father to testify, not the prosecution! It appeared as if the prosecution and the defense were working together. Why did the prosecution not challenge the jury instructions for the inclusion of “Stand Your Ground?”

The Sanford police, the Seminole county State’s attorney, Jeb Bush, Rick Scott and their NRA paymasters are betting that the American public is too stupid to know any different or care about the verdict. They’re wrong.

They’ve lit a fuse.

It took 44 days to arrest Zimmerman. Why? Chris Sereno, a homicide detective, wanted at first to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, then relented, and then coaches Zimmerman. Listen to the tape recording of Sereno playing a tape of a 911 call where either Zimmerman or Martin is screaming in the background. Sereno says to Zimmerman that’s you, to which Zimmerman says “It doesn’t sound like me . .”

“No,” says Sereno, “That’s you . .” And then when Sereno is brought to the stand, he says Zimmerman is credible, he believes him, he testifies for the defense!

What? What was Sereno promised? Early retirement? Who would promise it to him? The gun lobby?

What else did Sereno coach Zimmerman to say? Did he help Zimmerman construct the story about the ambush? Did he tell him to be consistent?

Driven by the American ethos of the gun, the firearms industry reaps the monetary reward. Gun sales after the Sandy Hook massacre soared . . and are expected to rise even more. America is turning in to Armerica, a pistol boom economy.  Gun shops are having trouble keeping guns and ammo in stock. So consider what would have happened to gun sales of the Keltech 9 and other hand guns if George Zimmerman had been found guilty, as opposed to what they are now, now that he has been found innocent. As it is now, the Zimmerman verdict says, if you’re a Trayvon, you don’t have the law to protect you, get a gun. If you’re a George Zimmerman, it will say, you don’t need the law to protect you, get a gun.

They say “follow the money.” I suspect that Mr. Zimmerman’s defense, and possibly even his prosecution, was funded by the firearms manufacturers association.


But wait, there’s more: Maybe there’s a flip side to the tragedy. Predictably the Trayvon Martin shooting will spur gun sales to heights ever greater than before, and accountably this may be a good thing!? Inserting a backbone in the rush to arms is an interesting behind the scenes statistic. As more Americans arm themselves, gun violence is dropping. Death by gun stats have plunged 39% during the last 18 years, say U.S. Department of Justice reports. And as gun sales increase, non fatal gun crimes have plummeted even more by a stunning 69%. (Forbes)

It would seem a well-armed America is a more polite America . . instead of aiming at each other, we should be aiming at reducing disparity by simply raising the minimum wage, bring the jobs home and make the corporations and the billionaires pay their fair share.

Fair share?

That’s right. These billionaires and the corporations they hide behind wouldn’t have their tax free billions if it wasn’t for a poorly paid GI protecting their wealth, defending them and the system that makes it possible for them to get rich. . and what do we defend them with?

Our lives . . and a gun. It’s time for the minimum wage to become a livable wage.

“God made the races of Man, but Colonel Colt made ‘em equal” is a twist on an old Colt ad. T


WASHINGTON, D.C. JULY 19TH, 2013 FBI PUTS HOLD ON GUN- The Federal Bureau of Investigation has asked Sanford police not to give George Zimmerman his gun back. The hold includes all evidence in the shooting, and may be a prelude to a Federal investigation. (FOX)

TAMPA BAY, Florida: Trevor Dooley, a 71 year old black man who last November was sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting and killing his white neighbor, 41 year old David James . .  despite Dooley’s claim that James was throttling him . .  was released today on appeal.

BALTIMORE: A group of young blacks, two women and several men, reportedly chased down a Hispanic man pistol whipped and kick him, yelling “this is for Trayvon [expletive].” According to police the victim refused medical treatment. A witness said the assailants fled when a call to 911 was threatened. The incident was reported on Facebook.

OAKLAND, California: Rioters protesting the Zimmerman verdict threw rocks at police and newsmen and caused an estimated $50,000 in damage.


5 comments on “TRAYVON UNTOLD: The real story behind George Zimmerman’s “innocence”

  1. Raymond says:

    There are so many details wrong with this article give me a second to compile them


  2. jacob says:

    I wouldn’t even know the way i ended up right here, but I considered this post ended up being great. We dont know who you are but certainly you are going to a renowned blogger should you arent already 😉 Regards!


  3. Valeria says:

    I really like your analysis. IMPO I think though, that the real culprit is the State, I’ll explain why, and not the gun manufacturers/NRA. Pro-Gun entities seem to be set up (framed?) into that position to draw attention away from the real masterminds of this contrived ‘trial’. After Mr. Obama entered into the ‘opinion’ fray, it is most likely the best trail to follow the cookie crumbs by..with the aim of creating further division and havoc in the US and criticism of gun laws and is another step towards this goal by a Pinko Federal Government , State of Florida working as a Proxy for them. Thank You.


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