UK gov’t condemns Prince’s homeopathy is witchcraft

Here we go again . . according to the UK certain medical doctors and members of the Royal Family are practicing witchcraft.

LONDON, JULY 21, 2013: The Daily Mail Online announced in an article today that heir apparent Prince Charles of Britain is meddling in UK government policy that tabs homeopathy as voodoo medicine. The British Medical Association, the article says, has described homeopathy  as ‘witchcraft.’ You can read the article for yourself by clicking on this link: Charles in homeopathy row; Prince holds secret meeting with Health Sec’y to lobby for treatment denounced by top doctors as ‘witchcraft.’

The article comes at just the right time to pick homeopathy up out of a slump, just when I was beginning to think they didn’t care. Homeopaths in the UK are having to widen their doors on the announcement that the heir to the throne is conspiring with the Gov’t Health Sec’y Jeremy Hunt to further homeopathics on the agenda, while the quacks working for the pharmaceutical companies are sticking their heads out of doors wondering where all their victims went.


Of course . .  as long as it works I’d take voodoo, witchcraft over their chemogogues any old day. Wouldn’t you? No, chemogogue is not a neologism, you know exactly what I’m talking about, the chemical gods of the pharmacy industrial complex. I won’t say medical because that would be a neologism for what they do.

And by the way, doesn’t the Greek root of “pharmaceutical” mean “witches brew?” Now look who’s making things up in a big bubbling pot . . they are.

They’re standing in front of the cameras whining about a tested, tried and true doctrine of curative medicine, real medicine, saying that there’s nothing in it and crying about their Head of State practicing what they want everyone else to believe is witchcraft, while behind them, the Head of Government is openly practicing medical genocide with big pills to swallow, injecting their poisons into the rumps of babies.

Ignoring patient satisfaction to clutch at some illusive concept of ‘efficacy,’ the decidedly English Advertising Standards Authority, the ASA, has now joined another pharma funded anti-homeopathy group called the  “Nightingale Collaboration” to condemn homeopathy as bunkum, saying it leads people away from real medicine while their pederast hero, head lemming James the Amazing Randi, the man who wants his ashes blown in Uri Geller’s face, leads his sick rats over Dover.

That’s a tortious interference in a business relationship. When are we going to sue them?

The Art of Medical Antipathy

Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues, family and friends, let me explain. Allow me in my own bumbling way to try to explain something here. Homeopathy, the art of medical similitude, similia similibus curentur (like cures like) as we all know, or should know (according to Hippocrates) was, is and will continue to be, a doctrine of medicine far apart from antipathy, the art of medical opposition, what blows out as allopathy (other symptoms; contraindications), that is to say, conventional medicine . . no matter how many million quid James “the Amazing” Randi throws at it in prize money to prove itself to him and his posse.

Enigmatic Supramoleculars

The difference between the two medical doctrines is an interesting and widely demonstrable point, don’t you think? Here we have one medicine that uses such enigmatic supramoleculars as medicine, applied in this exquisitely subtle practice of similitude, opposed by poisoners and ham handed butchers who simply oppose anything they can’t physically grasp in their bloody meathooks. And homeopathy doesn’t fight back, a supernatural whirlwind picks up their arrows and flings them back at them, sticking them with their own accusations.


Homeopathy is curative medicine.  The other, what they’re pushing on us now through syndical advertising, racketeering and colour of law, for the most part is expensive disease maintenance . .  hoping you won’t notice and stay away from this other little business of effective quackery.

Carry on . .


The real “problem” here is that everyone in the argument who should know what homeopathy is, either doesn’t or is pretending not to. “Well,” you may ask, “it’s one thing to be ignorant and another to be deceitful, so why would anyone pretend not to know what homeopathy is?”

Good question, I’m glad you asked. Homeopathy smells better and sells better as supernatural medicine then it does as something quite explicable.

They say, ‘oh, if you can explain the physics of the highly diluted not-one-atom-left in just plain water homeopathy, then la! we’ll have to burn all the physics books and give you the Nobel prize!’

Nobel Prize for Homeopathy

LOL! It’s already been done. That is to say they’re constantly having to burn all the physics books because the old rubbish they’ve been pushing has just been replaced by some new rubbish; and 2.) the Nobel prize was already won by a physicist for work done on homeopathy! What’s this, you say? The Nobel prize was awarded to homeopathy? Outrageous! Yes, quite inadvertently in fact, they never would have done it had they known, and he was the first one to get it, Adolph Emil von Behring won it in 1901 for his development of the diphtheria anti-toxin, which, after receiving the prize, he said was homeopathic . . as are all vaccines, most particularly the small pox vaccine! As Behring put it, what else would you call it? Check the record, you’ll see that Jenner’s discovery of the small pox vaccine in 1796 was Hahnemann’s homeopathic eureka in the same year!

Oh, God has a delightful sense of humor, I can tell you this from my meeting him in my willow one day. You wouldn’t believe some of the wisecracks he makes. Imagine the looks of horror on the faces of the cognoscente when after getting his mitts on that first check, Behring starts thanking Hahnemann and implicating Pasteur and giving all the credit to “homoeopathy,” saying, “only the road of homoeopathy led to my goal!”

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Thanks, John

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5 comments on “UK gov’t condemns Prince’s homeopathy is witchcraft

  1. Laurie Willberg says:

    I like your style, John!
    The U.K. media are slamming Charles because he met with the U.K. Health Secretary “in secret” (gasp, shriek). So we’re to assume that pharma lobbyists meet with government officials at public forums? Not. And suppose we just guess at the number of $$ millions spent by pharma companies to underwrite that lobbying?
    Pasteur begged his family to keep his journals secret until his death because he didn’t want the public to learn that he was a first-rate plagiarist who could have given PT Barnum a run for his money in the showmanship department. On his death bed Pasteur stated “Beauchamp was right, the terrain IS everything…” meaning that that “other” germ theory (pleomorphism) was correct.
    Imagine people paying $400 a head to listen to the Amusing Randi at his annual Amusing Meetings in (where else?) Las Vegas. I’d rather spend the cash at the Homeopath… oh, wait, I’m in perfect health since the last visit.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Thanks Laurie . . and I like what you have to say from Pasteur regarding pleomorphism. Seems like he got it from both sides, the allopaths denounced him for practicing homeopathy, and the homeopaths denounced him for doing it wrong.


  2. John – You have a gift for words, story-telling, getting us to notice and giving a surprise twist at the end. We maybe be looking at a good movie.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Debby! Well, I don’t know about you, but I take that as high praise coming from one of the most educated and THE most influential woman in homeopathy, i.e. real medicine.


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