One comment on “In One Year: Homeopathy could have helped . .

  1. debbybruck says:

    Absolutely staggering statistics. The numbers alone warn that the status quo fails on treatment and care, we incur high numbers of poor family dynamics, stress causes inability of parents to cope, and financial grief turns relations between partners into crisis. Drugging humans further into a deeper numb condition, without compassionate care that enables individual to connect, relate, serve humanity, care for others, carry on their responsibilities, make rational decisions and control violent or suicidal behavior has not worked as a solution.

    I imagine a world where thousands of healthcare workers are trained in homeopathy, nutrition, balancing exercise and meditation programs, plus educational opportunities to improve family relations, parental skills and technical training to enable adults to find self sufficient careers.

    Your sweeping remarks concerning homeopathic remedies left me wondering why a number of them were chosen for each specific category; while, other selections made sense based upon my knowledge of the subject area.

    Blessings, Debby


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