End stage homeopathic delusion grips Earth

Either way you look at it, it is a strange phenomenon. Millions are either seriously deluded, or a great number of authority figures are fooling somebody, if not themselves.

No one can deny that it is counterintuitive. Its physics are almost totally unknown, or if they are known, then it is as if there is a taboo on talking about them.

What was up until just recently regarded as nothing much more than a cure for the sniffles, its self assembling trajectory is aimed at overthrowing what is regarded as mainstream internal medicine.

The majority of us plod down this road unknown, passerby in the night of the world, our footprints wiped clean by the wind . . a few steps behind soon enough; and all of us, famous, infamous and unknown to his generation alike, even Christ, are, or will be, eventually, completely . . forgotten; forgotten in some landscape like wasteland.

But not apparently in the mind of defrocked Professor Edzard Ernst.

“No! No!” the ego cries out, “I  . . or someone from my race . . Adam! He will always be remembered, always . .”

No, no, I don’t think so. But from his carving out of space of a reality all his own, certainly the world’s first professor of Complementary Medicine, whose caboose once parked in the world’s most important and most coveted chair of the healing arts, Edzard Ernst thinks he will be remembered long after the Sun has blown itself out and Earth, as a cold derelict, is stupidly wandering in space. Uberdoktor Ernst apparently thinks he will be immortalized for what he wrote on December 03, 2013 in his blog   “My two favourite examples of end-stage homeopathic delusionists are John Benneth and Dana Ullman.”

How many have already denied Christ, Mohammed, Moses or Zarathustra? Where is the true remembrance of Abraham? Is one man a myth, another a legend for the choosing? How or why I have to share this honor with Ullman I can only hope be surmised by wild speculation, for I see no sense in it, but I suppose I should be magnamous and share, though now I know what it’s like to receive only half of a Nobel Prize.

The honor was prefaced by Ernst’s report in his December 03, 2013 blog of an interview done with him by Der Spiegel.  Ernst states that although he discussed numerous alternative therapies there were well over 500 responses to it by readers, “focussed [sic] almost entirely on homeopathy.” Most of those responders spoke as if gripped by some strange force, claiming that what was scorned for centuries works.

What is remarkable about the interview is the lack of challenge by Der Spiegel to what Ernst sees as a completely non-scientific “quasi-religious faith many people have in homeopathy.”

I say this because there are countless testimonies saying it works, from scientists and users alike . . and while possessing an uncanny insight into human character, its physicians, adding to the mystery, tend to keep their heads down and their mouths shut about what it is they do, and how they do it . . how for a patient they select an individualized remedy out of thousands.

Anyone can put it to the test and anyone can read the literature online that shows the scientific basis in both evidence and theory. But Der Spiegel failed to confront Ernst with his denial of the facts

Der Spiegel did, however, catch Ernst in another one of his oddball contradictions. Der Spiegel asked the world’s leading antagonist of the doctrine if he thought alternative medicine can treat cancer . .

SPIEGEL: What about using herbal therapies?

Ernst: There is to my knowledge no plant extract that can tackle cancer itself.

SPIEGEL: What about what Rudolph Steiner said long ago about mistletoe as a cancer treatment, that because like cures like, and mistltoe hangs on the tree like a tumor, it could fight tumors. Now today we know that mistletoe actually has effective anti cancer ingredients. What about that?

Ernst: Mistletoe lectins can kill cells, they are highly toxic.  How could Steiner know?  He just had a bit of luck: Many plants have such toxic ingredients. But whether the mistletoe really helps in cancer, due to the study location, is rather questionable.

What? One moment Ernst is saying that “no plant extract can tackle cancer,” (exactly what we would expect to hear from a proselyte of allopathic patent medicine) and the next moment, after the Spiegel interviewer has astutely caught him with the mistletoe example, he admits he knew all along that a plant extract is indeed capable of apoptosis, and Steiner, the Austrian who founded anthroposophy, a religion that promotes a form of homoeopathy, just got lucky?

Steiner made this observation almost 100 years ago. According to the BMJ, by 2006 there had been about 1,000 in vitro studies showing that mistletoe, or its main constituents of alkaloids, lectins, and viscotoxins, do indeed have anti-cancer activity!

This is just one example of the blatant self-contradictions and errors of commission, that besides a breach of trust, got Ernst’s rump booted out of his Exeter throne as the first chair devolved from complementary medicine to a hot seat of uncomplimentary lies that peddle mainstream “orthodox medicine” by bad mouthing curative therapies and the ionized pharmacy.

But who would expect anything more from Exeter? How does a leopard change its spots or the Devil throw out the Devil? For a “medical” institution like Exeter to establish a chair of “complementary medicine” investigating homoeopathy is like asking investigating Islam and not mentioning the Mosaic genocide reported in Numbers 31.

Aren’t these things obvious? “Mainstream medicine” is now the third leading cause of death in the US, where it reigns supreme. It does this solely on a bubble, inflated by hubris, that a competing form of medicine, homoeopathy, built on a radically different iatric and posology, doesn’t exist, for the moment homoeopathy takes over a person’s mind, allopathy loses that person as prey. Up until then, that the victim thought there was only one kind of medicine, and although it may be the third leading cause of death, thought it’s all there was.

When will it be enough? How much longer will we tolerate putting profit over cure?

It doesn’t matter to the allopath that people rhapsodize over homoeopathy’s startling cures, it doesn’t matter homoeopathy is demonstrably superior to modern mainstream “medicine” in the treatment and prevention of deadly and epidemic diseases, it doesn’t matter that homoeopathy is secretly what completely eradicated smallpox, the world’s greatest scourge, homoeopathy will not and cannot exist as a form of medicine in the mind of the allopath. This is because the strategy of allopathy is that Medicine is to rule, not serve.

But the responses in the Der Spiegel interview  shows that with the advent of homeopathy iatrocide may be quelling, as does Ernst’s confused wabbling in his blog , followed by sputtering commentary from his posse . . confused attempts to explain this growing mass delusion called “homoeopathy.”

Into this confused commentary of Ernst’s blog I have waded, and I have issued a challenge they cannot meet . .

8 comments on “End stage homeopathic delusion grips Earth

  1. perry says:

    John, your passion is energizing. Your choice of words elegant: a joy to read.


  2. Hentrich says:

    Of course you think the physics of homeopathy are unknown, because everything about physics is unknown to you. Or what you think you know is wrong.


  3. It never ceases to amaze, how pseudoskeptics claiming to think above and beyond mere superstition, to be more “rational”, when confronted by a jarring contradiction to their claims, that they, immediately and desperately, invoke “Good luck” as a satisfactory scientific dismissal.Completely unaware of their gaff, and how it makes them look. Yet such apalling lame tripe apparently got into german mainstream media. Millions of copies printed. Its unexpectedly bizarre that such a feeble minded intellect could even be interviewed by Der Spiegel., proven a fool in the interview, and still get into print, And the unexpected outcome is a new disease is in currency already, Homeopathic Delusion Epiphany. and John Benneth is a top leading light now, leading more and more into this new Epiphanic psychosis.A new contagious mental disease ? Alleged by a a materialistic skeptic? Doesn’t this rate as a supernatural claim ?


    • asdas says:

      “homoeopathy is secretly what completely eradicated smallpox” – the stupidity of this statement is out of this world. I hope that I will be “rewarded in Heaven” for pointing this out to you!


      • johnbenneth says:

        I’ve been waiting for someone to take exception to the claim that the sdmasll pox vaccine is homoeoepathic, but by strict definition of he word “homoeopathy” you can’t reasonably deny it. For smallpox you give a disease to cure a similar one, which is exactly the stated strategy of homoeopathy. Hahnemann discusses it at length in the Organon of Medicine. Read it for yourself online.

        Para 26
        “This is in accordance with the natural law of homoeopathy, which has always been the basis of all true cure, a law sometimes anticipated in the past, certainly, but never acknowledged before now:
        “In the living organism a weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished by a stronger one, which, through different in nature, nevertheless greatly resembles it in expression.”
        This exactly describes how the smallpox vaccine works. Hahnemann makes this point repeatedly, mentioning “smallpox” or “Jenner” 40 times. Read it for yourself, use your head! The small pox vaccine is homoeopathic! LOL!
        Any more questions? What is flabbergasting is that modern medicine will not admit this obvious fact.


        • Hentrich says:

          No matter what Hahnemann says, there is no “natural law of homeopathy”. If the smallpox vaccine is homeopathic, why is administered by doctors instead of homeopaths?


          • johnbenneth says:

            Ah, yet another myth to detonate!
            You ask, “If the smallpox vaccine is homeopathic, why is [it] administered by doctors instead of homeopaths?”
            Well, how do you know that homoeopathic physicians haven’t administered inoculations for the small pox vaccine? And, LOL, since the small pox vaccine is homoeopathic, any doctor who has administered it . . OR ANY OTHER INOCULATION by medical similitude, has acted as a homoeopath!
            I doubt if most allopathic doctors realize that the operative strategy of giving a disease to cure a disease is a doctrinal concept that is not just peculiar to homoeopathy . . but I would think anyone with a logical mind not clouded by a traditional delusion would quickly agree . . and upon further reflection would also recognize that the practice of medical similitude is actually a concept well established, but unwittingly used, in allopathic medicine. They use homoeopathy because it works.
            And just beause a licensed medical doctor is trained in the use of homoeopathic medicine doesn’t mean he is excluded from administering a vaccine.
            Think, Heintrich, think! Use your own head instead of someone else’s propaganda!


          • Because doctors can inadvertently practice homeopathy by mistakenly believing they are doing something else. Its just a variation in titling. Perhaps like the VHS and Betamax conflict. Different names for the same process, by different interest groups.


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