The Worst Argument for Atheism

This foul mouthed, expletive sputtering young man once again makes the usual connection between atheism and the relentless trolling attacks on curative medicine.

Kulinski’s Mouth

Kyle Kulinski isn’t giving us the best argument for atheism, he’s giving us the worst, he’s giving us the usual atheist knee jerk “ontology” for what ironically amounts to a sweltering pig hiding in the shadows of syndicalism. “If alternative medicine was really medicine it wouldn’t be called alternative.” Now there’s a strawman argument for patent medicine genocide. “Alternative” is HIS definition for anything that doesn’t fit the monetized health scare cookie cutter.
“Homeopathy’s a sham,” he says, when in fact Kulinski doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Homeopathy is a long and widely observed principle of immunology. But not wide enough, andpsimon3 2010_05_01_16_12_21 001 apparently not long enough either.. The smallpox vaccine, man’s greatest medical achievement, was, by strict definition of the word, homeopathic.
So here, Kulinski’s atheism, as always, blows up in his face. In reality atheism always leads to pseudoscience . . like Democritus’ Atomic Theory, the only “scientific” delusion of the ancient world to belly crawl into modern (secular) thinking, totally dependent on empty spaces between indivisble particles swimming around in . . what was it again? Empty space? What is this wind again, and where does it come from? Kulinski’s mouth. And what is this vacuum, and where does it reside? Kulinski’s brain.
Watch him. He’s climbed so high in this tree he’ll never come out of it by his own volition, he’ll fall out of it first.


3 comments on “The Worst Argument for Atheism

  1. Taquoshi says:

    Personally, I’ve been baffled with recent atheists actions, such as having a “fair” or “services” on Sunday. What is the difference between an atheist fair and a state fair? Why would atheists want to gather on a Sunday morning for some kind of service? Like Laurie, my question is “Why would they even care?”

    And most importantly, how does homeopathy link into this weird mess? Is he postulating that the remedies would not work as effectively on someone who is an atheist as they would on someone who was not? If someone does not think homeopathy is worthwhile, they are free to go and use whatever method of healing they choose. They don’t need my approval and I certainly don’t need theirs.


    • “Personally, I’ve been baffled with recent atheists actions, such as having a “fair” or “services” on Sunday.” And there are numerous atheist churches Google,is full of them, testifying, according to Dawkins, to the natural religious tendencies installed in us all by Evolution including, even atheists.,hence their ritualistic behaviours. Dawkins pointed out in 2 videos, there has never been an atheist society in the history of man.
      Therefore, Dawkins concludes, religious tendencies like prayer and meditation are installed in us by Evolution. Its in our DNA and our brains are physically designed to do prayer and meditation.
      Which means Evolution doesn’t want Atheists like Dawkins I bathe in this irony 3 times daily. Isnt it rich? Send in the clowns LOL

      Just think, you have never seen in Nat Geo the headline “Atheist city or tribe dug up” .Just go thru your history Greek city states, central & south american city states Aztecs Incas etc, the Middle east, India, China. None were atheist. Even before us for 250,000 yrs Cro-magnons buried their dead with jewellery and herbal medicines, with afterlife in mind.

      And of course Kulinsky isn’t wanted by his beloved Evolution either. Howls of derisive laughter.

      All those militant atheists really just argue about argumentation in itself.
      Its a way of arguing off point continually depriving .the opponent of material.
      They foolishly believe including the word Logic in every sentence has the magical power of always putting themselves in the winning position.
      “Logical fallacy” is just an unexplained put down of anything the opponent says.
      They mistakenly believe its a winning magical phrase that can be randomly trump anything.
      These are all methods of avoiding real argument.Which atheist skeptics just can’t do.

      Because they just can’t join dots to form an evidence picture- pattern, like normal people do.
      Similarly their blanket condemnation of anecdotes is just an attempt to gag the opponent.
      Its because they can’t form their own opinions, only recite one provided for them. typically in a one way megaphone address. as in Kulinsky
      And only parroting others is how Homeopathy gets included on the hate list. Its slipped in by Big Pharma and ridiculed mindlessly in goose-stepping chorus.



  2. I think you’ll find a high correlation of militant atheist doctrine with the organized “skeptic” and “humanist” cults. These are really political movements masterminded by cultural Marxism (not the economic variety). Real atheists are open-minded people who don’t jump on political bandwagons, write invective blogs and attack those whose ideologies differ — in fact they could care less what other people believe or don’t as the case may be.
    Militant atheists regurgitate the same potty-mouthed nonsense to such a degree that it makes one wonder if they’re not all given an official “playbook” to quote, just like the anti-homeopathy skeptic cult. It’s simply another manifestation of rationalist materialist Scientism bunk.
    No one with a real functioning mind would consider that materialism can prove the immaterial.

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