HEAVY WATER: Physics of Homeopathic Metamorphosis and Charge with Supramolecular Aspects

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Physics of Homeopathic Metamorphosis and Charge with  Supramolecular Aspects

by John R. Benneth

One of the charges against the practice of homeopathy is that the preparations it uses for medicine have no active ingredient in them other than plain water, and therefore, because plain water is thought to be inert, homeopathic remedies can have no biological action. It is the purpose of this essay to dispel these and other incorrect notions about homeopathy.

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John Benneth, Heretic

It should be noted that the major complaints against homeopathy are not local, that is they cannot be a logical evaluation only of homeopathy without matching criteria for other forms of internal medicine. If they weren’t applied unilaterally against homeopathy, but were applied globally against the physico-chemistry of conventional internal medicine as well, there would not be a complaint against homeopathy such as they are by the people who are making them now, as the results of efficacy in clinical tests of homeopathy are almost exactly the same as those in allopathy (Milgrom).


An example of global homeopathic effects in allopathic pharmacy is the vaccine. The common vaccine is technically  homeopathic. It is the first distinction of homeopathy that like cures like, and the crude vaccine proves it.

This is a fact that even homeopaths appear loathe to accept. But anybody with an unbiased mind can see plainly what Hahnemann was first to point out, that diseases can be cured by the imposition of similar diseases.

. . . to which the word homeopathy alludes and therefore should not be attempted . . is that all good conventional vaccinations would have to be discontinued, because they are, in effect, not direct blocking mechanisms but actually homeopathic in their action.

This is a revolutionary but still a widely unrecognized fact, and due to sclerotic thinking will not be easily comprehended even by some homeopaths. But the evidence that it is true is found in definition and chemistry. The case could easily be made then that in eradicating small pox, man’s greatest medical achievement was homeopathic.
This is prima facie evidence that anyone who does not have a cursory knowledge of what vaccines are can easily see by looking up what constitutes vaccination . . and conclude that there is something drastically wrong in the way that modern conventional “medicine” thinks about curative therapy.

This one point, the conventional refusal to recognize or accept the actual meaning of the word “homeopathy”, and the unwitting use of it in modern medicine, should put a screeching halt to the 200 years of scorn and ridicule heaped in its direction, obloquy that has effectively curtailed any meaningful dialectic into just what modern medicine really is; and just what is the action and proper use of supramolecular materials.


Next we need to take a look as to what the specific excuse is for homeopathy not being accepted by the scientific community. As reasonable as it first may appear, it will be shown to be unreasonable in the final analysis. The prevailing belief has been that there are no physics to homeopathy, so the answer to its efficacy is perceived by the majority of the scientific “community” is that by the action of theatricals, it must be psychological. Once again the opposite will be shown to be true. As absurd as it may sound to some, the physics will be shown to stand behind homeopathy both in experimental evidence and in theory, and the argument against homeopathy to be completely emotional.

The putative complaint against most unrecognized phenomena, which has been maladapted by what should be regarded as the scientific community, is the presumption that because it shouldn’t be happening, it isn’t happening, and such has been the complaint against homeopathy. The argument against homeopathy embraces then one that is purely emotional and essentially “unscientific,” the same as it is against other unconventional phenomenon such as telepathy and cold fusion.
The carpers should be forewarned: There is no legal case against homeopathy. This is because the evidence of action, shown both by popular usage and pre-clinical tests, has far outweighed the null hypothesis. Proof that the case against homeopathy is purely emotional and ridiculous is demonstrated by the lack of scientific studies of the placebo effect in the use of homeopathic remedies.



Dr. Rustum Roy,Dean of Material Sciences, Penn State, co-author of The Structure Of Liquid Water; Novel Insights From Materials Research; Potential Relevance To Homeopathy Rustum Roy, W.A. Tiller, Iris Bell, M. R. Hoover

The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing “plain” about water. Physical studies of water by the material sciences have proved (Roy, Pollack, Del Guidice, Montagnier, Benveniste, Chaplin) that through associative forces such as sigma and hydrogen bonds and van der Waals, water is highly susceptible to being structured in ways that affect its chemical properties. Examples of how the pure elements of water restructure to form radioactive or corrosive liquids are ditritium oxide, i.e. 3H20 and hydrogen peroxide, i.e. H2O2

Theory as to how it is that the apparently pure water used as medicine in homeopathic medical practice can have any biochemical effects has always been regarded as being akin to a process much like magnetic recording tape . . that water has a capability within it to erase a previously recorded magnetic signal, while recording and transmitting a new one from contact with solutes or exogenous radiation, including, most amazingly, neural radiation (Roy et al, Structure of Liquid Water, p. 600).

The water molecule is a relatively small one and it can easily penetrate into the crystalline lattice work of sub ionized matter where it can attach itself, and given its diamagnetic polar properties and tetrahedral shape, it has the capacity for self-assembly into chains and polyhedral forms defined by solid gel gas and plasma guests and phase heterogeneity. The hypothetical inability of liquid water to structure as such has been perceived to be due to hydrogen bond breakage within pico seconds, the argument being made especially by opponents of homeopathy seeking to discredit any possible assertion that water as a host solvent can structurally mimic guest materials within it. The inability of water to structure at liquid temperatures is merely a theory that can be easily dismissed by direct observation of clathrates, lattice like ice cages that form around guest solutes.


Emilio Del Guidice, Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms

Water is unique in several regards. It cannot be replaced in biological functions by any other H-bonded liquid (Del Guidice, Water, p. 568). Most noticeably its high internal tension, second only to liquid Mercury, is evidently due to its accommodation of electromagnetic forces, and for this hypothesis it is these same forces that give it its great powers of solvation and the ionization of solute molecules.

In addition to being a polar molecule, the water molecule is protic, meaning it “donates” hydrogen.
Water technically is an electrical solvent. It has four connecting points on the bivalent oxygen atom, two positive and two negative. The polar protic qualities of the water molecule mean that H2O can form dynamic chains treating two conveyor belts, one pumping hydrogen in and the other vampiring hydrogen and bits of matter dislodged out of guest solutes, conveying ions from the guest particles within a water host solvent and transmuting them into the higher phase plasma charge.

This last suggestion is not a conveniently recognized fact, it is simply logical circulating reciprocity and a redox phase change.

The confusion of water as an electrical meme, its ability to carry the electromagnetic signal of solutes that have passed through it, comes from two basic misunderstandings about the phases of matter.

Water has been long regarded as a one phase liquid. But recently highly credible workers have come to regard liquid water as multiphasic, structurally inhomogeneous (Del Guidice, Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms.) Prof. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington has identified what he considers to be a fourth phase of water, H3O2, which he named exclusion zone (EZ) water, negatively charged pure water found adjacent to hydrophilic surfaces and in biological cells.

The three familiar phases of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. But there is also a phase of matter that is not considered in these discussions; this is the fourth phase, plasma, i.e. ionized gas.

Nobel laureate Luc-Montagnier, Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences

The rebuttal to those who would say that water is not a gas, and therefore cannot be called a plasma, need to be reminded that water is the quintessential plasma in that it is the formation of two elements, that when separate at liquid water temperatures are gasses: hydrogen and oxygen. When combined they become a liquid, due once again to water’s intense internal tensions. In addition, it should be noted that elemental phase shifts are gradual and not so sudden as expected.

In water all phases can be present at the same time.

According to Pollack, water takes on the action of a battery when exposed to light, especially infrared, and that water within the cells and when in contact with hydrophilic surfaces reorganizes itself into a different form.

“The water in your cells is not like the water in a glass of water,” says Pollack. “It is highly organized inside your cell.”
“Water molecules transform themselves next to those surfaces . . they’re no longer H2O, they’re actually organizing themselves into another structure and what we found is that this water that fills your cells is not like the kind of water we drink. Most people think water is boring H2O. What we found and what other people have found earlier is that the water is organized in some kind of regular fashion. It’s actually not H2O. It’s H3O2. When in contact with hydrophilic surfaces, it is like the molecules inside cells. So what happens is that the water molecules transform themselves, and this water’s physical and chemical properties are totally different from ordinary H2O. This kind of structure is similar to ice, similar to a crystal, it excludes solutes, heterogeneous material. It’s also charged, the charge of H3O2 is negative, and the water beyond it is positive., so it is basically like a battery. So next to all surfaces hydrophilic, including proteins, you have this special water, we call it EZ water.” (Pollack, 3:00 video)

Recently, in the theoretical frame of Quantum Optics, it has been discovered [53] that a closely packed ensemble of atoms is able to leak out photons (namely to give rise to a non vanishing e.m.f.), also in the absence of external driving, provided that the usual Rotating Wave Approximation (RWA), which is equivalent to neglect all the couplings between e.m. modes with different frequencies, is dropped. This result, which is derived rigorously from the basic equations of Quantum Optics, can be understood by recalling that in Quantum Physics the vacuum is able to exchange energy and momentum with matter, as shown by well known effects such as the Lamb-shift or the Casimir effect. Just considering the existence of the fluctuations of the quantum vacuum, as far back as in 1916, W. Nernst [54] suggested the possibility of tuning together the fluctuations of all the components of a system and therefore the appearance of a common phase. (Del Guidice)

“. . the energy lent originally by the quantum vacuum is given back through the above outflow of energy which is nothing else than the latent heat of the phase transition.” Del Guidice, Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms, Emilio Del Giudice 1,2,*, Paola Rosa Spinetti 3 and Alberto Tedeschi 4



SO RADIOACTIVE IT GLOWS IN THE DARK – Swiss military watch with a tritium illuminated dial is an example of the pure elements of water (3H2O) carrying an electromagnetic charge, chemical proof for homeopathy.

The most demonstrable take-away here is the comparison of the ionized H2O of the homeopathic remedy with heavy water, 3H2O, ditritium oxide, pure water naturally ionized in the atmosphere, not by de-ionization of a solute, but like homeopathic remedies known as imponderabilia, ionized by bombardment from radiation, specifically cosmic rays. Ditritium oxide subsequently is used as a medical isotope, dragging along with it yet another medical classification for the homeopathic remedy, like “radiopharmaceutical.”

If heavy water can hold a electromagnetic charge, then so can the aqueous base of a homeopathic remedy hold a similar one

But these are just corollaries. How do such small amounts of +H2O work in revenant medicine?


Accordingly, these radiometric indices in a homeopathic remedy can be assayed in the 1kH range with a Benveniste coil, as was done by Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier in one of the most significant medico-physical studies of all time:

Click to access Electromagnetic%20Signals%20Are%20Produced%20by%20Aqueous%20Nanostructures%20Derived%20from%20Bacterial%20DNA%20Sequences%20(LM%20&%20al,%20jan%202009)%20_p.pdf

The revelation of these facts should drive the pathological skeptic community mad with denial . .


Jacques Benveniste, dir. of immunology at France’s INSERM, in Davenas replicated an infamous biochemical test for proof of homeopathy (Poitevin), now replicated over two dozen times . . (Witt, 2007)

WITT, 2oo7: “The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies—–A systematic review of the literature” lists dozens of successful biochemical tests  showing the action of the homeopathic remedy at the microscopic level . .



There is one aspect the chameleon of water leads us to in its miniscule application in triggering such dramatic effects in the organism: How is it that such a small amount of it, as can barely be detected in the little sugar pellets used in homeopathy, be biologically relevant?



2 comments on “HEAVY WATER: Physics of Homeopathic Metamorphosis and Charge with Supramolecular Aspects

  1. Wow, that refund is like an early Christmas present! Click http://tu2s.in/searchll100830


  2. drgsrinivas says:

    Dear John Benneth, I am an allopathic doctor who explored both homeopathy and modern physics in depth. During my medical practice, I have come across many patients (some of whom are my own relatives and friends) who take homeopathic medicines for many common ailments, both acute and chronic, and claiming to experience good relief of symptoms with homeopathic remedies. I was rather intrigued by the profile and number of people seeking homeopathy that I couldn’t simply ‘recite’ the same old ‘placebo song’ to explain the improvement claimed by so many people. As a doctor, I know how much benefit patients would experience from placebo treatment/ psychological counseling. Of course my initial feeling was that homeopathy is absurd and weird, but after listening to so many patients and listening to the experiences of homeopathic practitioners, I felt that homeopathy shouldn’t just be ignored and labelled as a witch medicine just because that appears against our understanding of Nature.

    And that’s what drove me to explore homeopathy. Over a time, having studied the material physics and having ‘travelled’ beyond the boundaries of known science, I got convinced of the existence of some deeper physical phenomenon which would explain the therapeutic effect of homeopathic remedies. And, surely, homeopathy is not as weird as quantum religion or relativity.

    During the initial days of my exploration into homeopathy, I have read many homeopaths claiming quantum physics as a possible mechanism behind homeopathy. Not just homeopaths but many other ‘experts’ including consciousness/mind specialists, spiritualists, religious heads etc also try to speak of quantum physics to argue why their beliefs are highly scientific and in accordance with the predictions of the cutting edge theory. And, in no time I have realized the reason: quantum physics is so mythical that any group can imagine and claim that as supportive of their beliefs. More over, the word ‘quantum’ enjoys so much patronage and respect amongst the half religious and half scientific crowd of our modern world that it helps religious heads and spiritualists to promote their ideologies by merely quoting the word ‘quantum’. Even many scientists ‘use’ that trick to sell/ publish their work! (Quantum biology, quantum computers, quantum neuropsychiatry etc)

    Unfortunately, the main stream science is capturing and ‘consuming’ almost all the intelligent minds in the society (via the ritual of education) that very few intelligent minds are left to flourish independently and explore Nature with truly open mind. So it is understandable why homeopathy has remained as a mystery and failed to prove itself to the authorities of science despite its wide acceptance amongst the lay public and despite the vast number of homeopathic practitioners.

    Anyway, following is my explanation of how homeopathy works.


    According to Avogadro Number concept, most homeopathic remedies, which are prepared by the process of serial dilution and succussion, contain very few or no molecules of the original ingredient in them. In other words they contain no trace of the active ingredient. Then how could homeopathic remedies exert any effect at all? “So homeopathy must be witch craft” scientists argue. But is it really true that homeopathic remedies contain no trace of the original substance?

    Well, actually the belief that molecules exist as discrete localized entities isn’t true. On my blog ( http://debunkingrelativity.com/2014/03/05/double-slit-experiment-electrons/ ), I have explained how objects/ particles exist as vibrations of ether medium (or electromagnetic wave) rather than as discrete physical entities. Just like how different patterns of vibration of the same air medium gives rise to the sensation of different notes of sound, different patterns of vibration of the ether medium gives rise to our feeling of different objects/particles. In other words, each object/ particle that we experience in this universe is like a note of sound. A note is not a localized entity, rather it gets propagated throughout the medium and can be felt everywhere like a holographic image. Of course, the farther away the source, the less likely that a sound detector or a sense organ picks up the note. But that is to do with the sensitivity of the sensor.

    Similarly in Homeopathy, we have the solvent (water/alcohol) which is nothing but a pattern of vibration of ether medium and which forms the background. And superimposed upon this background vibration, we have a solute with its own specific pattern of vibration of Ether. Just like how we can’t ‘dilute’ a note of sound to the point of extinction, we can’t also dilute the solute to the point of extinction. That is, the solute never really disappears from the solvent however much we dilute. Rather it only gets attenuated.


    In Nature, we have some examples where by small doses of a substance produce effects opposite to that caused by the large doses of the same. Similarly, increasing or decreasing the strength of a stimulus seem to reverse the sensation that one feels. For example, when you slap somebody with great force, it causes pain and gives an unpleasant feeling. But when you use the same hand to gently touch that somebody’s cheek, it gives a soothing and pleasant feeling. In both cases, the stimulus is the same and what varied is only the intensity/strength of the stimulus. How can we explain the two contrasting effects from the same hand? Well, very easy. In one scenario, your hand stimulated the pain receptors while in the latter scenario, the same hand stimulated the touch/pressure receptors. So the answer lies in the ability of the hand to stimulate different kinds of receptors at different intensities.

    In our modern medical practice, we see a similar dual behavior with a drug called dopamine and which produces opposite effects at different dose ranges. Dopamine when administered in the lower dose range produces a drop in blood pressure and improves kidney perfusion. And the same in the higher dose range produces a rise in blood pressure and a drop in renal perfusion etc. And these differing actions can again be explained by its ability to stimulate different receptors at different dose ranges.

    I think we constantly receive such very low intensity signals from the environment around us and also from the food and beverages that we consume, and these signals probably play a vital role in maintaining our body and mind in a healthy condition. And without such stimuli, all living beings probably degenerate and die much sooner. It is likely that placebo effect, the beneficial effects of music etc also stem from the same small dose phenomenon.

    At what point of the dosage range, the effects get reversed is probably specific to each drug /type of stimulus though that may vary between individuals and between health and disease states. And finding out that dosage range for each drug would guide homeopaths in selecting the right potency of a drug for a given condition.


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