I receive the Yves Lasne Price award for homeopathy


Theory of High Dilutions co-author Gabriel Vernot; John Benneth; Madeleine and Rolland Conte Foundation (FMRC) President Hans Georg Andras; FMRC Conseiller Maurice Albert. “Prix Yves Lasne décerné à John Benneth l’un des grands chercheurs & journalistes de la recherche fondamentale Homéopathie” [Yves Lasne Prize awarded to John Benneth one of the leading researchers & journalists in basic research Homeopathy.]

Today, in Paris, France, I received the Madeleine and Rolland Conte Foundation’s Yves Lasne Price award for fundamental research in the physics of homeopathy.
It has been one of the most incredible days in my life.
More on this later when it’s easier to type.

7 comments on “I receive the Yves Lasne Price award for homeopathy

  1. How wonderful for you John. Keep us informed


  2. Trevor James says:

    Congratulations!! Would love to see a write up regarding this. Also I miss your Youtube videos…


  3. Gold says:

    Can anyone think of a better set of search terms to locate information about this award? Apart from Johns blog posts this organisation appears to be totally offline.


    I mean, there’s not even any media coverage of this award being presented.


  4. Congratulations John!


  5. Traudl says:

    I’m happy for you – even though I have never heard of Yves Lasne before.


  6. Shirley Reischman says:



  7. Will LaChenal says:

    Congratulations, Sir.


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