Secret Fears of Cannabis Indica

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With the exception of Vithoulkas, among homeopaths no discussion of the effects of cannabis exists in my memory, when in fact the Materia Medica provide comprehensive semiological registers to host such a discussion.             Please add your own experience and information in the commentary below.0

Vithoulka video, Cannabis indica
Fear of losing control; delusions

Clinical.─Catalepsy. Chordee. Clairvoyance. Delirium tremens. Delusions. Epilepsy. Gonorrhœa. Headache. Mania. Menorrhagia. Paralysis. Prostatitis. Satyriasis. Stammering. Uræmia. Urinary disorders.
Characteristics.─The use of Cannabis ind. in the East as an intoxicant gives the leading note of its sphere of action. It produces a state of exaltation with sublime visions, delusions, and hallucinations in great variety. Time seems interminable, space illimitable. Imagines himself in a room of which the walls gradually close in upon him. Double consciousness. Fixed ideas. Apprehensive of approaching death; of becoming insane. Great agitation; anxiety; nervousness. Horror of darkness. Incoherent talking. Uncontrollable laughter. Inability to fix his thoughts on one subject. Forgets what he intends to write or speak. Can. ind. produces a sensation of levitation. Sensation as if in a dream. Vertigo on rising, with stunning pain in back part of head. (Can. ind. removed for me a vertigo in which the patient felt as if the house were falling in ruins about her.) Shocks through brain on regaining consciousness. Guided by this symptom, I removed with this remedy a “noise like a crash or explosion during sleep.” Sensation as of brain boiling over and lifting cranial arch like a lid; opening and shutting sensation. Weight at occiput, from which pains start up sides of head to temples and vertex. Headache with flatulence; lasts till flatus can be passed up or down; throbbing of occiput. Scalp sore feeling; crawling on vertex; sensation as though skin tightly stretched over bones of face. Clairvoyance and clairaudience; extreme sensitiveness to noise. Grinds teeth whilst asleep. Stammering and stuttering. There is a sensation in anus as if sitting on a ball; as if anus and part of urethra were filled by a hard, round body. The urinary and generative organs are very strongly affected. There is constant dull pain in region of right kidney. Pains in kidneys when laughing. Urine loaded with slimy mucus after exposure to damp and cold. Frequent micturition with burning pain, in evening. Dribbling. Urging and straining, but cannot pass a drop. Burning, scalding, or stinging in urethra before, during, and after urination. Increased sexual desire, satyriasis, priapism. Erections: while riding, walking, or sitting still, not caused by amorous thoughts; violent; painful. Gonorrhœa; without pain; with light-headedness; very profuse yellowish-white discharge. Feeling as if discharge in urethra. Chordee. Very profuse, painful, dark menstruation, but without clots. Palpitation, awakens from sleep. Stitches in heart, with oppression, > deep breathing. Warmth of spine extending to head. Backache < during catamenia, which occur every two weeks and are scanty. Paralysis of lower limbs and right arm. Nash relates the case of a lady suffering from cardiac dropsy, who, when relieved of the latter, suddenly lost the power of speech. In answer to a question she could begin a sentence, but could not finish it, as she could not remember what she wished to say. She was very impatient about it; would cry, but could not finish the sentence, though she could signify assent if any one did finish it for her. Can. ind. cured rapidly. [In one case of over-dose the observer experienced a modification of this: Absolute forgetfulness of the thought, speech, or acts of the previous moment; startled by hearing the echo of the last words of a sentence he has just spoken. Having suggested a walk to a companion and meeting him at the street door, wondered why they were there. Afterwards he could remember everything. Walking about out of doors.] Can. i., like Bell., has: Wants to sleep but cannot. Very sleepy. During sleep: starting; talking; grinding teeth; nightmare. In paralysis there is tingling of the affected parts. The sensitiveness to noise is extreme; can hear a whisper in adjoining room and is irritated thereby. In some subjects a perfect condition of catalepsy is produced.

3 comments on “Secret Fears of Cannabis Indica

  1. My observations on people who smoked cannabis (indica), they talk way too much and they change the topic faster than the audience could follow. They seem to be interested in spirituality, but it’s only “fast food spirituality”. Sometimes they have their moments and they ask a lot of questions about everything, but you cannot give them a satisfactory answer, because they change the topic before you could answer.


  2. Will says:

    I always think of one of the great homeopaths (forgotten which one), who diagnosed a patient as Cann I. because he missed his step coming into the office. In Clarke: “Exaggeration of duration of time and extent of space; seconds seem ages, a few rods an immense distance” (or, “inches, miles”)

    I don’t think people outside of homeopathy really understand these remedy descriptions from lectures on materia medica (not to mention the Victorian language).

    They indicate a propensity in a patient for each observation, rather than the patient having actually progressed to having everything decribed therein. It’s a patchy picture, with some aspects more emphasised.
    These remedy pictures derive initially from “provings”, nowadays double-blinded, and are enhanced by observed clinical experience (not from imagination as the idiot pseudoskeptics sometimes would have you imagine).

    I often liken the homeopathic mindset to recognising a painter by looking at a painting, but the decision needs to be ratified preferably by at least three matching points, although keynotes are important, and so are modalities.

    Clarke isn’t very well observed here in the classic sense, which would follow primary and secondary effects (through to feeling intense hunger and driven to gorge food or mars bars – something of pica there).

    It also seems to induce fear and irrational hatred after only mild exposure (or even just thinking about it ) in some character types. And difficulty inhaling (a well-known politician is known not to have inhaled, because he was high on hash-cakes the entire time).

    And its action can be quite paradoxical. I haven’t seen a proving for the up-to-date, hybrid plants which seem to be different altogether. in the West Indies, the wise women recognise many different varieties.

    What is more, Clarke carelessly makes no reference to modalities: WORSE, morning; from liquor and tobacco; lying on right side. BETTER from fresh air, cold water, rest. (and mars bars)

    But then, he did convert from orthodox medicine.

    (Peace, man.)

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