Before things get too serious I’d like to recommend myself for the position of personal homeopath to the President of the United States. Too many world leaders today and in the past have depended heavily on a personal savant, usually referred to as a homeopath, for this President in 2018-2024 to be without one.

For instance, the richest man of all time, and I think the competition for this title includes guys like Cresus, Midas and Jeff Bezos, is John D Rockefeller, 98, who from the day he was born to the day he died had a personal homeopath by his side! one of them being Mary Baker Eddy, the world’s richest woman, no lie.
The nobility of England and Europe have always had personal homeopathic physicians advising them, and this includes the current Queen of England, who ascribes a particular long life to homeopathy. And so why shouldn’t the current President of the United States have one too, and enjoy this boon?

Dr. John R. Benneth, Paris, 2016

As Donald Trump’s personal homeopath, my first suggestion would be to fire Mike Pense and replace him with Michael Avenatti. .2) suggest that the President divorce Melania and make Stormy Daniels First Lady and an honest woman. Then he could relax, all his troubles would go away, the world would be in good hands and he could take a nice long vacation . . or not, see what happens.


Q: What Reprieve,
Do You Expect,
To Achieve,
God’s Respect?

A: pardon me,
if this isn’t the way
two little words
is all I can say

Q: How long do you Object to the Remanent Wave?

A Minute a Day
A Fortnight a Year?
A Lengthening Stay
A Decade, I Fear?

But never to those who would make it their slave.

Too little words
a torturous fast
two little words
left us aghast

The centuries laden
with millennia past
worlds apart
on time at last.

Too little words
a torturous fast
two little words
left us aghast

A Sudden Bromide by John

If you’re tortured by the thought that homeopathy doesn’t work because “there is not one molecule of anything but water in it,” please allow me to lance that boil and burst the null of your hypothesis in two little words . .

It’s a recognized fact that there’s been too many words arguing over what it is clinically, and too little explaining what homeopathy is physically.

Drum roll please: Ladies and gentlemen, in keeping with the homeopathic maxim of like cures like, I am here today with two little words, when uttered, will magically crack the dam of settled science for those who have a thirst for medical genius, like Hahnemann’s, the First Homeopath, or for those who were treated by him to flower their genius, such as exemplified by Mary Baker Eddy, a 19th century American homeopath who published the first text on curative healing, founded a major religion and widespread international newspaper, and became the richest woman on Earth, to incur the wrath of literary genius and intuitional homeopath Mark Twain, author of the first great American novel and the most quoted man in the world today, living or dead. Twain said that what he called Eddyism, at its current rate of growth, would overtake Congress in 30 years, that’s how popular Christian Science was; or the son of a pill peddler, John D Rockefeller, who, when adjusting for inflation, became the richest man to have ever lived; or Charles Darwin, who became the progenitor of Atheist Science after he was cured of a debilitating illness and his genius awakened by Dr, Manford Gully, MD, a homeopath!

I speak of people who became part of a chain reaction triggered by Hahnemann, inside of them, an electric fractal, an electromagnetic nudge . . I’m going to give you two little words that can trigger the same kind of reaction in you that was experienced by Eddie, Twain, Darwin, and Rockefeller

It may cause you to see something you haven’t seen before, to do something you previously thought you were incapable of.

Those two little words are TRITIUM OXIDE.

Tritium oxide is irradiated water. It can be detected throughout the electromagnetic spectrum from . . thermolumonescence to beta radiation.

Here’s a little note from Rolland Conte, the glow and grow chain reaction in homeopathic solutions:

“Tritium creation in homoeopathic solutions has been measured. Initially, the radioactivity of these solutions was

Plasma discharge from supramolecular homeopathic solution

equal to 20 pulses/minute and, one year later, the radioactivity measured was 414 CPM.” Rolland Conte et al Theory of High Dilutions and Experimental Aspects. Read more at http://www.high-dilutions.net/VersionAn/Travaux/Orale.html

It should be noted here who Rolland Conte was. Rolland Conte was a renowned French statistician married to Madeleine Conte, who was the director of the French nuclear safety commission. Using beta scintillation and nuclear magnetic resonance, Rolland Conte and his team of Yves Lasne, Gabriel Vernot and Henri Berliocchi, made a comprehensive study of the physics of the homeopathic remedy. What he discovered was evidence of a nuclear reaction in the homeopathic remedy, and measured it.
The Conteans dubbed the nano bubble cavitation they discovered and seen by other investigators (Roy) as “white holes”, what appears to me to be ball plasma discharging. Radiation coming out of the homeopathic solution they called “the remanent wave.” (See photo above)

This should trigger a question in your mind, where is this energy, this radiation in the homeopathic solution coming from? Where is the fuel stoking this fire? It’s reciting a common aphorism to say “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” so where there’s fire there’s got to be something for it to burn, right?

We have detected radiation coming out of it, so would it be safe to assume there should be radiation going into it?

What if you had a child’s intellect and needed still to cling to Santa Claus? It would be easy enough to say hydrogen and oxygen, the two elemental ingredients of water, are both highly flammable, should blow up in your face when prodded to do so. But no. Here at a time when we are being pried loose from Santa Claus, settled science desperately disavows us of a gift from above bearing hydrogen and its human potential, our notions that hydrogen and oxygen atoms can so easily be pried apart . . disavowed! . . that it would take more energy to unleash them then we would get quid pro quo! . . and blah blah blah denial.
The updated answer to this is that modern-day physicists like Stanford’s William Tiller say there is enough energy in a single hydrogen atom to detonate something short of Creation . . if it is focused . . they say.

Well, I don’t know about that, except to admit that somewhere there is a fractal involved, which I’ll get to later. For now let me direct your attention to this: Like most nuclear weapons, the explosive power of the single hydrogen atom is best used when not used for anything at all. And so it is here. There is a more conventional explanation to where energy in the homeopathic remedy is coming from, an answer that satisfies the most desperate craving and measures the question metrically. This can be explained using conventional weapons, which I will do in the following:

NEXT: Why Homeopathic Remedies Glow
FURTHER ON: The Homeopathic Fractal



  1. Giuseppe Spinelli says:

    Very interesting this exposition of Elizabeth Wanek. ABout this there are two very interestin scientific work of Michel Van Wassenhoven: “Nanoparticle Characterisation of Traditional
    Homeopathically Manufactured Cuprum metallicum and Gelsemium sempervirens Medicines and Controls” in which the conclusions are “There was always morematerial in potentisedmedicines than in potentised pure water. Gelsemium yielded the largest quantity of material (36 times more than that from copper at the same potentisation, 30 cH). The shapes and the chemical composition of the material are differentiable between different medicines and controls.”
    In conclusion we can no longer say that Homeopathy is fresh water!
    A last note wasn’t the Master Hahnemann to coin the term, “similia similibus curantur” but the father of all the doctors, Hippocrates of Kos. A small difference in his sentence compared to that used by Hahnemann. Hippocrates said “Similia, similibus curentur” that means “Similar care is similar”. Hahnemann said “Similia, similibus curantur” taht means “The similar must be treated with the similar”, which is a more assertive concept.

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    • Giuseppe Spinelli says:

      I forgot to insert the second paper of Van Wassenhoven: “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
      characterization of traditional homeopathically-manufactured copper (Cuprum metallicum) and a plant (Gelsemium sempervirens) medicines and controls: Conclusions “In conclusion, our study has shown that it is possible to monitor dilution and potentization processes… It follows that the existence of a putative “Avogadro’s wall” for homeopathically prepared
      medicines is not supported by our data; instead, it should be understood that all dilutions may have a specific material configuration influenced by not only the potentized substance itself but also by the chemical nature of the containers, the chemical nature of dissolved gases and even by the electromagnetic environment. This sensitivity of homeopathically-prepared medicines to electromagnetic fields derives in part from the possible existence of free radicals and in part from a putative coupling with the electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations of the vacuum which may be amplified by the highly non-linear processes routinely used in the preparation of homeopathic medicines. Future work is obviously needed in this direction, and we believe that the time is now ripe for a complete demystification of the principles involved in the preparation of homeopathic remedies.”
      Final consideration of myself “Avogadro wall is definitively demolished”!!!

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  2. Mr. Benneth. I so appreciate your articles and your explanations of the science involved in the homœopathic preparation of a drug. As a chemist and medical doctor, first exposed to Homœopathy about five years ago, I had no idea that there are different ways to prepare medications, each acting in different ways in a human body. I never learned anything in medical school about how drugs are prepared. I wanted to know more, so I returned to my basic science textbooks.

    As you well know, Samuel Hahnemann, MD was a medical doctor, a chemist, a botanist, and a pharmacist. Hahnemann observed and meticulously detailed how medicines in concentrated, crude, molecular form, acted in an “allopathic” way. Allopathy, derived from the Greek word ἄλλος, állos, for other and pathos, πάϑος, páthos, for suffering, meant that the drug acted on a process other than the disease itself, in fact acting on the part most exempt from the disease, i.e. the healthy part of the body. Allopathic actions were noted to induce conditions unrelated to the disease (side-effects), in an infinite number of ways. Drugs in diluted and succussed form acted in a “homœopathic” way. Homœopathy, ὅμοιος, hómoios, for similar + πάϑος, páthos, meant that the drug acted in similar ways to the disease itself, affecting the diseased tissues in a like manner, and curiously (to Hahnemann at the time of the cinchona experiment) and substantively, affecting a cure. For this similar effect, Dr. Hahnemann coined the term, “similia similibus curantor”, “The Law of Cures”, meaning what produces similar symptoms in a healthy person will act to cure a sick person with similar symptoms. A third drug action was also understood by Hahnemann, the “enantiopathic” or “antipathic”, απέναντι, enantíos, for opposite, πάϑος, páthos, and meant that the drug acted in direct opposition to the disease itself, contraria contraiis curantor, “the law of contraries or opposites”.

    As you also well know, we can look to physical chemistry, plasma physics and quantum physics then for an explanation of what happens during the process of trituration, dilution and succussion, all of which produce friction force, to develop the physiologic and pathogenic powers Hahnemann observed while working with homœopathically prepared medicines.

    Friction force produces an energy, “warmth, heat, fire”, that breaks chemical/molecular, bonds, which can either be covalent, meaning electrons are shared between atoms, or ionic, meaning electrons are transferred from one atom to another. During trituration or succussion, friction force breaks chemical bonds in the source material (solute) and the “indifferent substance”, either milk sugar, water, or alcohol (solvents). Chemically, milk sugar, water and alcohol are not “indifferent substances”, however. These substances are polar molecules which participate in and are integral to the physiologic and pathogenic powers that are achieved through the trituration, dilution and succussion process. Polar molecules set up the conditions for hydrogen bonding between solvent and solute, which is required for any substance to “dissolve” in either a solid or a liquid state of matter. Potentization and dynamization do not occur without milk sugar, water and/or alcohol. Both solvents (milk sugar, alcohol or water) and solutes (source materials) are inextricably intertwined and contribute to the preparation of a homœopathic medicine.

    During the initial stages of preparation, up to the mother tincture, 3C powder, or 3C of the Q potencies, a chemical process called “ionization”, “molecular dissociation” or “electrolytic dissociation” occurs. This means that a complex molecular structure is gaining positive and negative charges by gaining or losing electrons, the molecules of the crude substance effectively separating into parts and becoming “ionized”. Creation of positive and negative charges imbues the mixture with electrical conductivity, meaning that the mixture is capable of generating and conducting electricity (hydrogen ions).

    By the time 3C trituration has been reached, enough hydrogen bonding (ionization) has occurred to allow the solid material to dissolve in a liquid medium. Extracting a homoeopathic medicine in liquid form creates the conditions necessary for the source material to form hydrogen bonds in water and immediately ionize. Each dilution step allows more hydrogen bonding to occur and exposes more surface area of the molecular structure of the starting substance to the heat and friction force of succussion, forces amplified by the vacuum created in a sealed container filled only 2/3 full, such that extremely high heat is being applied to the source substance in solution. Each succussion breaks more and more of the chemical bonds between atoms that create a chemical structure, effectively annihilating the starting substance. If we look at the physical chemistry of what happens during dilution and succussion, it becomes quite obvious that, of course, there are no molecules of the starting substance in a homœopathically prepared medicines. Mother tinctures are molecular complexes, which are named entities. If there are no molecules, there are no “named” entities. There is none of the starting substance remaining since there are no molecules in homœopathically prepared medicines. In addition, since it is molecular structure which defines toxicity and since none of the original molecular structure of a starting substance remains after trituration, dilution and succussion, there are no toxins in homœopathically prepared medicines either. No molecules, however, doesn’t mean there is nothing in a homœopathically prepared medicine.

    As homœopathic drug preparation proceeds and intense heat, under pressure, applied to the mixture through succussion, the source material moves through different phases of matter, from solid to liquid to gas and then to plasma. Plasma is a state of matter in which all the electrons have been stripped from the atoms, with protons and electrons moving freely in an electrically charged environment; bare nuclei swimming in a sea of electrons. Positive charges in plasma are equal in number to negative charges, such that the mixture remains electrically neutral, but with unique characteristics, including the ability to create and to act upon electric and magnetic fields, either locally or at great distances.

    Homœopathic medicines exist in the quantum state, retaining all the components of the starting substance, but transformed into plasma, generating electric and magnetic fields with unique patterns depending on the atoms which created the starting substance in the first place. As you know these patterns have been identified through Raman spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. I suggest that the reason the Law of Similars “works” is because any given organ system in a dis-eased state generates symptoms, which are actually disturbances in the coherent and resonant electromagnetic frequencies of a healthy state of being. By and through the genius of Hahnemann we know that specific homoeopathically prepared medicines have specific actions in specific disease states as compiled in the Materia Medica. Homœopathically prepared medicine, as a quantum force, generates a coherent electromagnetic field which is close enough to the electromagnetic disturbance in the dis-eased state to restore resonance, and thereby a return to function. Allopathically prepared medicines act as molecules, pH adjusted to gain entrance into the electrical circuitry of the body. Molecules do not act out of a plasma state. Molecules are acting at the biochemical level to manipulate enzymes, which serves a purpose, but which does not address the dis-ease which manifests from the the level of plasma physics and quantum mechanics.

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    • johnbenneth says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, it really means a lot to me, especially coming from someone like yourself, who skeptics, not knowing you are a homeopath as well an M.D., would call “a real doctor.” Given my Breatharian diet, encouragement from you is sustenance for a year, your help an engine to my paddle.



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