2 comments on “The Homeopathic Trump and news 082118

  1. I think lately a lot about the remedy Abrotanum.

    – Marasmus
    – Great anxiety and depression
    – easily tired by conversation or mental effort

    It needs to be compared with Absinthe.

    By the way, I believe that people like Trump cannot be healed from their narcissism. They are way to deep in this. Maybe it’s not even Platina, but a heavier element from the stage 10, beneath Platina is Curium, a lot heavier and radioactive. Trump once said “why do we have nukes if we don’t use them?!”. He is into a kind of endtime feelings, he wants to push the button and be remembered as the ONE who pushed the button first.


    • johnbenneth says:

      First I have to say how much I appreciate the support you’ve given me over all the years you have been a great friend to me and I can’t say thank you enough. Regarding Trump’s homeopathic remedy, I don’t see how Abrotanum applies to him, but seems to more like a remedy for me! Thank you very much for your comment.

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