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  1. What I learned from Alexander Bishop’s book “The Two Babylons” is that Easter Island has a very interesting legend about a man who pushed heaven to an higher level, so that people could walk upright again. He was considered as THE most important hero of all times. You know Asterix&Obelix comics? Their chief (Vitalstatistix) has nothing to fear, but only one thing: that the sky might fall on their heads, … based on a real historical account where Gallic chieftains were asked by Alexander the Great what they were most afraid of in all the world.

    The legend has true origins.

    After the great flood Noah and his sons was considered to be a kind of “titans”, because they lived longer than their descendants. For example Shem is represented in some mythologies as the “sad god”, because he outlived many of his descendants, something horrible to experience.

    Anyway, people lived then in a “holy atmosphere”, where sinning (for example promiscuity) was impossible to do in public, because there was this “atmosphere”. People like Noah and Shem uphold this atmosphere, rendering it stable.

    There was one man who challenged it: Nimrod.

    He first tried to find Noah, but was unsuccessful. Then he arrived at Babel, the tower his father Cush build together with the other people, together with his brother Canaan. The tower was unfinished and there was a huge confusion, … people began to speak in different languages at that time. During this confusion Nimrod killed his own father, unknowingly that he was his father … you know the mythology of Odipus … all mythology directs to one point in the time, where a huge trauma occurred to this world … and all mythologies has one reason to exist, to help to cope with this trauma, a wound in the collective subconsciousness, on a deeper level where language is not more abstract but only symbolic.

    Nimrod fought for putting people again together, to put them in one place, under one government, his government. He gave them what they sought for, freedom from the “holy atmosphere”, raising heaven at a higher place. He did that with the help of one special woman, Ishtar, or Semiramis. She was beautiful and she knew how to mislead people into apostasy, against the one true God in Heaven. A new cult was born, that of Ishtar and Nimrod, that of Venus and Mars, the god of fertility and the god of war, he destroyed and she rebuild. People worshiped them as gods. The new religion allowed them to do whatever one was pleased to do.

    Free Masons has their origin from this one city, Babel. Nimrod is a major figure in every mythology. Ishtar is today worshiped under pseudonyms, like Maria or Madonna, the “mother of god”. Indeed, what Nimrod didn’t know, he killed his own father and married his own mother. He was given away by his mother when he was born in order to save his life, because Cush his father was expected to kill every firstborn in order to prevent that the Messiah arrive.

    Now because of the confusion of language tribes started to travel in different directions. Their story transformed into mythology and survived till today.

    The “holy atmosphere” will be soon reestablished again. But then everyone who dare to resist it will go crazy. You know the movie “The Crazies”? (don’t watch it!). They will transform into a kind of zombies … the very reason why movies about zombies are so popular is because on a subconscious level the collective tries to cope with the stress of the awareness of what soon will happen. Again, the movie “The Happening” (don’t watch it!).

    Mystery Babylon. It will burn. The great city. There is no time, no more.

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