Homeopathy and the Expanding Electron

i’m barely here, the grim reaper comes, a little more time please, the one last thing I got to do, the expanding electron fractal, not particle, structure, the particle of nothing; please respond, anagram, Donald Trump Not Lard Dump, Turdland Mop; Let the Dialectic Roll, Who Can Prove Free Will?


10 comments on “Homeopathy and the Expanding Electron

  1. Regarding the narcissistic personality, here is a small analysis done. You can see that all elements on stage 10, where Platinum is, all other elements have a problem with narcissism too.

    Link (translated with Google translator, because original is in German): https://translate.google.de/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fpietro-lusso.de%2F2016%2F11%2F03%2Fdie-narzisstische-personlichkeit%2F&edit-text=&act=url

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  2. Serena says:

    Are you giving up on us? …
    … the generations and generations of peoples who need healing … who need someone like you to help us understand and maybe us to help you and each other figure out the connection between potentized homeopathic remedies and the expanding electron? …
    all because a group of stupido misfits hammer you every chance they get to make you feel small …
    when the real reason they mess with you is because of a combination of I Timothy 6:10 and the 1st Georgian Commandment?
    The best way that you can beat them
    the best legacy, IMHO, you can give the us,
    your friends, is a motto I learned in school …
    Never give up. I’ll add a “Please!” to that …

    Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

    If you need a break, then take a break, even a long one –
    but don’t waste your beautiful dialectical mind on thoughts of ending it all.
    That’s exactly what your enemies want.

    If a penny were a problem:
    When does a penny appear larger, when you hold it in front of your eye or when you hold it out arms-length away from you?

    Ever heard that problems are opportunities in work clothes?

    Meanwhile, you know enough about quantum physics and potentialities that the following works:
    I stand in the gap/space/empty part for you before The Big Guy.

    P.S. That guy with the gray hooded cloak and scythe is really a mouse with a holographic projection camera. To get rid of him, repeat 3x/day:

    “The peace of The Big Guy rules in my heart, I and refuse to worry about anything.”

    P.P.S. What is the best thing that could happen to you?
    Put that in your holodeck and think about it as often as possible and watch it happen.
    Faith is the substance of things UNSEEN. (hint: Structure, not particle.)

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  3. Tim says:

    I really enjoy your videos, John. I’m interested in both Homeopathy – having had great success with it, both for myself and my family for the last 20 years, and am also interested in NonDuality.

    A couple of videos of yours feature a lady called ‘Alice’ – can you remember her second name?

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  4. Will says:

    Hi, John

    Clearly there isn’t “empty space”, because if there was, it would not have dimension. At least, it has dimension in it. This is something about the minimalist interpretation of physics which wants to discard the aether (luminiferous aether, not as extinct as they’d like it to be).

    As for free Will, it’s true I may be an illusion.

    One step at a time, eh? Climb back to health. Nil carborundum. (Maybe that’s a clue; I don’t know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • johnbenneth says:

      I don’t see how anything could have dimension without something not being there . .


      • Will says:

        The Japanese have ‘ma’ ้–“ the “space between”.
        Whoa, that’s difficult to explain, something like reading between the lines but applied to the quality of relationships.

        I still say if there wasn’t a ‘something between’ then things would be stuck together. Then, no universe.

        John, why the hell are you on L-dopa? Didn’t you do your homework? Didn’t you notice the allopaths ~lie~ to you?
        A friend of mine just said, “That dopamine is a disaster. My Mother was on it. You can never get off it as side effects are horrendous apparently.”
        You should try homoeopathy.

        Also this: “A synthetic neurotoxin agent called MPTP can also cause immediate and permanent Parkinsonism.”
        Poisons. Now we are at home.
        ( https://www.wellinghomeopathy.com/treatment-of-parkinsons-disease/ )

        With so many alt med doctors dropping like flies one has to wonder. Peter Fisher run over just the other week, obviously an accident. If not an accident, they may have picked the wrong enemy, there.

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