Homeopathic Quantum Chemistry 090218

John Benneth explains how homeopathic medicines work at the sub-atomic level

4 comments on “Homeopathic Quantum Chemistry 090218

  1. Dr. Obinna C. H says:

    With reference to allergy exposure therapy and immunization(as part of treatment of an actual disease), I think remedies work by modulating receptor activities…

    Dilution and potentisation reduces the concentration of a substance and at the same time makes it possible for only few molecules to reach target cells/sites(receptors)..

    Based on the theory validating dose-response curve, I believe receptors only need a few molecules to induce receptor modulation…

    The receptors are automatic in action..

    Small doses stimulate.
    Lager doses inhibit.
    Minimum dose(smallest possible dose to induce a physiological action) #modulates .

    What our receptors need is an agent that will create an electrical gradient in its membrane… These agents can be drugs, heat, electricity and other forms of energy including radiation.. Homeopathic remedies induce more advanced functions of receptors especially homeostatic functions..

    Potentisation and related process are directed towards adjusting the concentration of substances…. Remember , a drop of a substance contains more than 6 million molecules. This makes it possible for receptors (which is significantly microscopic) to come in contact with specific molecules.
    That’s my opinion

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  2. Sherry Fortune says:

    Dear John, thank you for the wonderfully astute and hilarious vlogs. Somehow I fell off the notifications lists for your stuff for awhile but recently the online gods smiled favor with new transmissions. Omg the camaraderie is delicious. please call or email re Parkinsonism. I’d like to support you with some ideas, or at least commiserate. Call anytime, the phone’s off when unavailable.

    Warmly, Sher sherryfortune1@gmail.com (949) 212-9055 Cell (415) 454-5280 Home – Fairfax, CA


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