Letter to Myself – Oct. 23, 2018

Love and other dangerous thoughts; if you can’t be with the one you love, then what do you do? Is there a quantum chemistry of love? Why should you never believe a skeptic or Atheist? What should we do about the alien invasion?
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It should be emphasized that loving who you’re with is not limited to girls only, it should include everyone . . male and female . . young and old . . friend, foe and stranger, with a love for humanity and all living things second only to God.



5 comments on “Letter to Myself – Oct. 23, 2018

  1. Sherry Fortune says:

    Musings on love and Q from my favorite muse. Beautiful, John. Love you!

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  2. timothyrowe says:

    Thanks for the reminder, John. Love is a truly potent remedy – The Ultimate Medicine.

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  3. Will says:

    Hi, John
    Would you ask John how he is doing?
    He looks a bit better this week. I hope that’s the case.

    entymonline says quantum (n.)
    1610s, “one’s share or portion,” from Latin quantum (plural quanta) “as much as, so much as; how much? how far? how great an extent?” neuter singular of correlative pronominal adjective quantus “as much”
    The idea in physics is that it’s a smallest, regular size for a particle, rather than having lots of different sizes at the small.That matter can be divided into regular lumps, because then the maths is easier. As a convenience for mathematicians, in fact.
    I suspect most skeptics – the ones who do that follow-my-leader thinking – don’t actually know why Avogadro’s ideas were enthusiastically embraced by chemists (to the extend of not being bothered by anomalies) a couple of decades after his death. I know the history, but I’m not telling them, they’ll have to find out for themselves. Anomalies – I bet they didn’t know there were anomalies. It’s become Holy Writ, and as we now know the nothing-after-infinite-dilution theory is wrong.

    The problem with quantum-b** is people like that Charlene woman, who embarrasses us all by not having a clue. Some of us did gain a smattering of such things at uni, mind. Just don’t be Indian; you’ll never get a Nobel prize for science.Tagore was an exception.

    Best wishes anyway. Time for the Sulph soon?

    (pp Will)

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