5 comments on “BOMBS MEANT TO BE FOUND

  1. johnbenneth says:

    Interesting! Trouble is, Trump has openly invoked violence against vocal opponents before the nation . . that’s a felony.


  2. Sherry Fortune says:

    Benneth arrives, hilarity ensues! Thanks for keeping us laughing through the insanity.


  3. I was surprised to hear you announce that “Trump” sent those letter bombs and then claimed that the reason you know this was because formerly you were a private investigator.

    What evidence do you have that these originated from Trump, other than the fact that many Democratic leaders received these package?

    And please tell me, when was the legal standard of “innocent until proven guilt” suspended?

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    • johnbenneth says:

      Great comment Casey, thanks for posing the questions because I made the video before Trump’s proxy was caught and am impressed by my clairvoyance! As a jury of one I find him guilty!


      • The only problem is that Internet sleuths have uncovered a photo of the van only a few weeks before the attack with no Trump stickers, and the bomber’s posting history has been wiped. That says suspicious to me.

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