MEASLES: The FDA recommended non-toxic vaccine

There can’t be any hotter ticket than this, our new immunology featuring the newly discovered chemistry of the supramolecular “vaccine”> prophylaxis*, and the Old Guard will revolt to protect their own interest. But before any recommendations can be made, we have to put forward the ground rules under which the Federal Drug Administration is empowered to operate within the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act  (FDCA) as both encouragement and caution.

The FDCA recommended nox-toxic prophylaxis for the Measles is supramolecular Morbillinum. Supramolecular means its effective operation is “beyond the molecule” in the transitory energetic plasma phase of the pathogen’s immunity trigger,  made so by the hydrolytic ion extraction of the pathogenic germ so as to avoid the use of long term complications of permanently embedded molecular germs and adjuvants of the old “dirty” molecular “vaccines.”

Here are the FDA restrictions regarding recommendations for traditional use of Morbillinum and other supramolecular prophylaxis “vaccines” as provided by the Compliance Policy Guides of the FDCA under the guidance of Sen. Royal Copeland, Chief Sponsor of the Act.

CPG Sec. 400.400 Conditions Under Which Homeopathic Drugs May be Marketed

“A product’s compliance with requirements of the HPUS, USP, or NF does not establish that it has been shown by appropriate means to be safe, effective, and not misbranded for its intended use.

“A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.”

More can and should be said, and the reader is invited to join in on the discussion to tease out pro and con. More on product compliance can be found at:

Given that the reader understands the provisions of FDA, let it be said that if you must “vaccinate,” use supramolecular prophylaxis only. We also suggest that supramolecular prophylaxis be tested on non human subjects and administered by licensed practitioners trained in its use only, and that a Federal database be maintained tracking the individual use of supramolecular drugs.

Here is the specific page in the FDA recommended supramolecular treatment of Measles

By John Henry CLARKE, M.D.


Morbillin. The nosode of Measles.

Clinical.─Catarrh. Coryza. Cough. Ear, affections of. Eye, affections of. Measles. Skin, affections of.

Example of supramolecular Morbillinum now available for order online. We suggest it be treated like all molecular vaccines and administered by licensed practitioners only.

Characteristics.─The well-known symptoms which characterise an attack of measles may all be taken as guides for its homœopathic use. Its chief use hitherto has been as a prophylactic against infection, and to clear up after effects of an attack. My own use of it has been confined to the 30th and higher, but there is no bar upon lower potencies, and those who prefer them may begin with the 6th. As a prophylactic given to those who are, or may be, exposed to infection, I prescribe a dose of the 30th twice or thrice daily. For an attack of the disease I find nothing better than Morbil. 30, eight or ten globules in six ounces of water, a dessertspoonful every two hours.─The effect of this is heightened by giving alternately Bell. 30 in the same way. These two medicines will be sufficient to carry through any uncomplicated case, and in my experience do even better than Pulsatilla. As the measles poison has a great affinity for the mucous passages, the eyes, the ears and the respiratory mucous membranes, Morbil. may be used in such cases like any other homœopathic remedy, when the symptoms correspond.

Relations.─Complementary: Bell. Compare: Puls., Hep., Merc., Sul.

*vaccine, meaning from cattle, is a misnomer for prophylaxis, meaning prevention of infection, insemination or pregnancy


3 comments on “MEASLES: The FDA recommended non-toxic vaccine

  1. Sue Clary says:

    Hi John,
    I know this is off topic but what do you feel about the New York law that allows full term infants to be murdered at and during birth?? How can homeopathic doctors try to stop the slaughter??


    • johnbenneth says:

      Hi Sue, always good to hear from you again. You picked a very difficult topic. The problem, as I understand it, is that by reasoning under the law, prior to the first breath, much like an internal organ, the fetus is a part of the mother’s body and has no rights as a separate human being. Conversely, the will of the majority cannot be compelled to provide abortions. The best answer to the question of how do we resolve the dilemma is show the mother a sonogram picture of the child, and counsel her to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption.


      • sue clary says:

        John, you must be kidding!!
        Speaking as a woman that you are not,

        No real ‘mother’ would every allow the slaughter of her unborn child. These freaks they call women are not ‘mothers’ they are zombies of the state. Are we the vassals of killers, the bible clearly says that God forms the child in the womb of the mother, which includes, your body, my body your mother your father etc, and that includes all of us walking around on this earth of all races. The unborn child is a creation of
        God the Father and to murder it is or to condone it is to be a savage cannibal beast.

        That being said, are the pharmaceutical companies allowed under the ‘LAW’ to harvest the Tissues of the thing in the womb to sell for flavor enhancers and tissue for experiment in the Laboratories and these blood suckers also as you very well know, have been tortuously killing trillions of animals for their ‘experimental tissue’ like the human child in the protection of mother’s womb every year for the last 150 years or so to the shame of our humanity.

        The question begs the answer: Where are the suspiciously unrecognized and suppressed father’s rights to protect this issue from their loins?

        Well it seems that modern day ‘MEN’ are not man enough to even attempt to protect the child they father. Whether or not they generated the child or maybe their brother or uncle or other male relative, all real men should step up and put a stop to the slaughter that the unwitting and dumb women/feminists have said ‘OK’ to. We are doomed as a God given race if the real human men do not step up and defend the family or extended family, there is an accounting forthcoming. Instead of letting our humanity degenerate into legal barbarism and savagery, very much like the Chinese do.

        I know that an authentic ‘Physician, or Homeopathic strive to protect the humanity they are sworn to do and not be Politically Correct and condone the slaughter of innocents like Herod did. Even Molock the great devourer of infants, Randy was never this gross and barbaric to even side with the barbaric slaughter of full term infants no matter what the ‘color’ of the law says…


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