A new, more effective vaccine for measles?

A new, more effective vaccine for measles?
By John R. Benneth

Morbillin: Ionized prophylaxis for the measles

1/19/19 – The Portland, Oregonian newspaper reported today an outbreak of measles in SW Washington State, hitting both vaccinated and non vaccinated children and adults. Nineteen people, mostly unvaccinated children, were struck with the pathogen. That some of those infected were vaccinated against measles, gives rise to the concern that the modern molecular vaccine is ineffective.
It is the prime directive of this blog, the John Benneth Journal, to illuminate the virtues of the ionized pharmaceuticals used in homeopathic medicince, and once again the FDA recommended semiological register, Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, is our goto reference for Morbillin, the ionized prophylaxis for measles.
CPG Sec. 400.400
“A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.”

By John Henry Clarke, M.D.
Morbillin. The nosode of Measles.
Clinical indications ─ Catarrh. Coryza. Cough. Ear, affections of. Eye, affections of. Measles. Skin, affections of.
Characteristics.─The well-known symptoms which characterise an attack of measles may all be taken as guides for its homœopathic use. Its chief use hitherto has been as a prophylactic against infection, and to clear up after effects of an attack. My own use of it has been confined to the 30th and higher, but there is no bar upon lower potencies, and those who prefer them may begin with the 6th. As a prophylactic given to those who are, or may be, exposed to infection, I prescribe a dose of the 30th twice or thrice daily. For an attack of the disease I find nothing better than Morbil. 30, eight or ten globules in six ounces of water, a dessertspoonful every two hours.─The effect of this is heightened by giving alternately Bell. 30 in the same way. These two medicines will be sufficient to carry through any uncomplicated case, and in my experience do even better than Pulsatilla. As the measles poison has a great affinity for the mucous passages, the eyes, the ears and the respiratory mucous membranes, Morbil. may be used in such cases like any other homœopathic remedy, when the symptoms correspond.
Relations.─Complementary: Bell. Compare: Puls., Hep., Merc., Sul.

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