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It can’t be true!

There can’t be a cure for COVID19!

You can’t say there’s a cure! It’s against the law!

Well, presumably YOU can’t use the word “cure” when describing the effects of homeopathic  medicine, but the FDA seems to suggest thru its recommended literature someone can. Clarke, in his Dictionary of the Materia Medica) uses the word “cure” over 1,500 times describing the results of using homeopathic medicine, more accurately defined as  “supramolecular medicine”, for numerous conditions.

Could COVID 19 influenza be one of them?

The answer from the usual authorities, I suspect will be a resounding NO, because they don’t want to look like fools after insisting that the medical diluents used as pharmaceuticals can theoretically have any effect at all . . except by the power of suggestion. But there are sources that would say otherwise, such as the governments of India and Cuba and its clients, which are using homeopathy for prevention and treatment of COVID 19. 

Check out the India and Cuba’s statistics for the number of COVID 19 cases reported, and compare them to the U.S., Spain and other countries at worldometer. I trust you will find it jaw dropping.

It’s been done before in1918 and is being done again 100 years later, amazing results using homeopathic medicine. 

There was a question on the Minutus forum about the effectiveness of radionics. 
Yes, it would appear by testimonial and supramolecular theory, that radionics essentially produces a remedy comparable to remedies called “imponderabilia” like X-Ray and Sol  in homeopathy.

I love it! To call homeopathic remedies made  by exposing water to various sources of radiation “imponderabilia” is another classic example of modern orthodox agreed upon science’s failure to explain the clearly” ponderable” if not obvious action of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Yes, I know it hurts to think when your IQ is in the lower digits, it’s so much easier to just condemn what you can’t explain, dust it with some insults, call it fraud and move on, “there’s nothing to see here . .” 
Allow  me to quickly suggest that the mechanics of creating “imponderabilia” skips dissociation of a solute stage reducing the solute to electrons to create an ionic liquid,  hydrolyzation of solutes  into radiolytes, as is done with triturated solutes, but rather structures the molecules directly from radiant sources.
This gets very interesting when molecular structuring in aqueous solution is affected  by dint of nothing more than “neural radiation” , as was reported in The Structure of Liquid Water and its Potential Relevance to Homeopathy, a monumental work validating homeopathy from the view of the material sciences by  renowned physicists  Rustum Roy and Rick Hover of Penn State, William Tiller of Stanford, and psychiatrist and science of homeopathy researcher Iris Bell, MD of the University of Arizona, 2005.
It’s a daunting 15k read, but every serious homeopath should put an eyeball or two on it . Check out their amazing report amidst some mind numbing technical reporting of a Qi Gong master changing the pH of water in Tiller’s SF lab telekinetically from China . . i.e. believe in the biochemical power of your remedies. Suspicion and  disbelief may abrogate your effectiveness. As a matter of fact, experienced homeopaths have reported that there comes a time when the sugar pills can indeed work as placebos, directed by the minds of practitioner and practitionee alone. The condensed matter of the remedy is merely token to the mind, a psychokinetic congress, a meeting place where healing minds convene.
Speaking of that, let’s stop the pandemic. The nosode Influenzinum COVID 19, and the curative supramolecular similia of the homeopathic materia medica for influenza similia should be made available to all 7 billion of us . . immediately!
And speaking of that, we don’t have to make any specific claims for the action and medicinal effects of homeopathic remedies. The FDA and homeopathy’s godfather Royal Copeland  have done that for us for decades in U.S. FDA 400.400:

“A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.” FDA 400.400 

If homeopathic remedies are fraudulent and without curative action, why has the U.S. Federal government, for decades until last October, been directing us to its centuries old, voluminous and concordant, robust and dense literature, specifically led by British homeopath John Clarke, M.D.? Is this not encouraging the reader to investigate and practice homeopathy?
Here’s the FDA recommended report on Influenzinum:

The nosode of Influenza.
Clinical.─Catarrh. Colds. Influenza.
Characteristics.─The nosode of influenza has with many practitioners taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. It may be given in the 12th or 30th potency, either in the form of tincture, pilules, or discs; or ten globules may be dissolved in six ounces of water, and of this a dessertspoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases. The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds” appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Arsen. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two. This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the “colds,” whether they are of the influenza type or not. Influenza has the property of developing old troubles, and thus it takes an infinite variety of forms in different persons, so that Influ. need not be expected to cure all cases unaided, or, indeed, to be appropriate to every case.
Relations.─I find Influ. compatible with Act. r., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hep., Merc., and many others.

Note that via Clarke, the FDA  says Influenzinum  “may be given”. Reads like a recommendation to use it to me, and although it may not be expected to cure ALL cases of the flu, i.e. not ALL cases of the corona virus, but indeed it apparently by inference means  more than some, in fact homeopathy has outperformed allopathy 30 to 1, 30 being the average number of deaths per 100 cases of the 1918 flu when treated by allopaths, using mostly salycilic acid, ” Aspirin” and coal tar, exacerbating symptoms, (same as in the Ebola epidemic) vs.only one per hundred lost by homeopathic physicians (Sandra Perko, The Homeopathic Treatment of Inluenza, pp.103-111)
Perhaps a better if not bitter word for allopathy would be murder . .

We have the cure for the corona virus. What has allopathy got? Nothing!
in love and war your BFF,

PS: Read what Hahnemann says about Mesmerism at the end of the 6th edition. switching teams on the power of the mind as an instrument of cure. 


Time and temperature as loving literature



  1. Husain Sattar says:


    If one is new to homeopathy which book or books would you recommend ? Would like to ask you some questions as well. How does one contact you?



    • Shashi Mohan Sharma says:

      There are many books for beginners of homeopathy. I suggest that you go for Elements of Homeopathy. Another good book is Homeopathic Family Practice by M.Bhattacharya – Kolkata


  2. isuretpolos says:

    Reblogged this on Radionics.


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  4. isuretpolos says:

    Imponderabilia is a typical materialistic term for something they cannot touch and therefore not understand. I am always amused by people who needs to touch something in order to convince themselves that it is real. Most times these are people with a lower intellect, not able to understand abstract concepts. But it does not matter how intelligent a materialist is, they still need the comfort of a safe environment made of atoms, else they would get lost in the vibrating factory made of thoughts and ideas.


  5. Dear Mr Benneth, Thanks for sharing the important and timely information. Yes, we have Homeopathic solution for Corona problem. We need to find all the symptoms in each individual case and find the remedy on the Totality of symptoms. I have suggested and seen good results in 6 cases of illness with a speedy recovery. All were given different remedies. Many Corona cases are losing their lives in hospitals, without any success with modern medicines. Homeopathy can save not all but some of them, I am very sure that we can prove the efficacy of Homeopathy and help the suffering community. Please note that Biochemic Medicines are also very effective and helpful.
    Keep your work with full might and confidence. My best wishes are always with you.
    With best regards


    • johnbenneth says:

      Why aren’t people lining up to receive homeoprophylaxis for the coronavirus? We should be demanding that everyone receive this amazingly inexpensive, quick and effective immunization immediately and end the pandemic in hours instead of months!


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