The Epiphanies of Edzard Ernst

Edzard Ernst is at it again . . but this time something is different, dramatically different. Instead of the usual pile on by hordes of skeptics usually heard in response to an article on homeopathy, joining in a keening wail, cavilling about its fraud, this time, in Germany, just the opposite is happening.

According to the Austrian doctor now residing in England, after an interview by Der Spiegel, an interview adverse to homeopathy, 100’s of delusional Germans are responding in the comment section by rhapsodizing about its virtues.


According to a blog recently written by the First Chair of Complementary Med’s, this is a mass psychological aberration, and, he says, another well known homoeopath and I are at the head of it!

Some men are known for their perfidy, some for their boon; others for their acts and others still yet for their chance encounter with destiny. Some men, giants such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Hodgkins, Lou Gehrig, Asperger, Krohn, lose their names to eponyms for newly discovered or idiopathic diseases, their remembrance only . . a malady.

Most of these eponymous diseases are named after the doctor’s who discovered them, others by the patients who sported them and one is named after two towns, Lyme and Old Lyme, in Connecticut.

Or was it New York?

I don’t know, I’m too busy fighting with that other homoeopath over who’s first chair of “homoeopathic delusionism” to get trivia straight. But I must say, how unfortunate for the denizens of Lyme, wherever they may be.

Well, NO MATTER! Tell us more about “homoeopathic delusonism.” How do I get this disease?.

My name might be the label for this troubling condition, but in lieu of a second opinion I think the honor of the odd hominem should go to the doctor who’s chasing me with it (or the place where he first started spreading it) ex-professor of “complementary medicine” Edzard Ernst, who at the University of Exeter  morphed into the Joseph Mengele of homoeopathy.


Why is Edzard Ernst so important? The reason is because he has been the chief ideologue of the placebo theory for the action of homoeopathics and Head Basher. Ernst wants you to use the murder meds big pharma pumps out and join the genocide. Homoeopathy is screwing up their plans to bankrupt America and drain the British Empire.  When you read in the Wikipedia article on Homeopathy the assertion that homeopathic medicines are dangerously inert traces back to Ernst, twisting the meta analyses, and hiding his wound . .


Yes, his horrible, shocking weakness . . I’ll get to that later. But first you must know that in his December 3rd, 2013 blog, Ernst says at least 500 people, who in the German language newspaper Der Spiegel, have now identified themselves as “end-stage homeopathic delusionists” (sic) of which, he says, homoeopathy author, practitioner and proselyte Dana Ullman and I (John Benneth) are his favorite examples amongst the afflicted, both of us patriotic Americans!


Ernst says that after being interviewed about alternative medicine by the newspaper, which included his views on homeopathy (sic), only in part, hordes of people responded with anecdote and testimony, supporting homoeopathy [correct spelling] a system of medical similitude developed by 19th century Saxon physician Samuel Hahnemann.


ERNST SAYS testimonies included statements like “what I discovered shifted my world for ever.”

Such superlatives and rhapsodizing, Ernst says, are because homeopathic medicine induces an “epiphany.”

“The starting point of this journey towards homeopathy-worship,” he says, “is usually an impressive personal experience which is often akin to an epiphany (defined as a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization). I have met hundreds of advocates of homeopathy, and those who talk about this sort of thing invariably offer impressive stories about how they metamorphosed from being a ‘sceptic’ (yes, it is truly phenomenal how many believers insist that they started out as sceptics) into someone who was completely bowled over by homeopathy, and how that ‘moment of great revelation’ changed the rest of their lives. Very often, this ’Saulus-Paulus conversion’ relates to that person’s own (or a close friend’s) illness which allegedly was cured by homeopathy.”


NEXT: Should I comfort him, or take him to task for his perfidy?

You decide!


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 Here’s what happened to Heel’s “huge discovery’ in the ‘natural treatment’ of Alzheimer’s.

DISCLAIMERS: This is not intended as medical advice or a promotion for any product of any kind. If you have a physical or mental problem, consult an appropriate health practitioner or medical doctor.  At the time of this writing the author has no conflict of interest and no financial interests, or contact with Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, Heel, their holding company, or the owner, inventors agents or employees of or for the aforementioned companies.

Sunday 092213: The Atlantic Black Star reported today ‘a huge discovery’ in the ‘natural treatment’ of Alzheimer’s disease. The story, the Star says, was “recently reported at the Neuroscience Conference in Washington.”

However, a Google search shows that the neuroscience conference referenced by the Star was almost two years ago. In a November 23rd, 2011 Business Wire (BW) press release, BW reports “Heel presented latest studies on a multitarget medication based on low dose natural substances that has proven to positively influence both symptoms as well as disease-related mechanisms of Alzheimer’s.” The press release doesn’t say what the multitarget medication is, either by brand or wha the ‘natural’ content is.

Dr. Bernd Seilheimer of Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Heel) made the presentation at the neuroscience conference. Seilheimer is one of the medicine’s two inventors.  Heel is a producer of low dose natural substances as used in “homeopathic mixology,” the use of composite homeopathic remedies, or compounds, for a specified clinical condition instead of a single remedy for a pattern of symptoms.

BW quotes Seilheimer as saying, “We are fascinated by the results. This homeopathically prepared medication leads to significant changes in the gene networks associated with synaptic function and plasticity. It significantly reduces the gene expression of APP and BACE, responsible for the formation of β-amyloid plaques which hallmark Alzheimer’s disease. Upon treatment, axons of neurons even grew faster and longer than under saline control conditions.”

Heel is a corporation that produces supramolecular* hydrate pharmaceuticals used by medical practitioners homeopathically. Previously referred to as “homeopathic remedies” the pharmaceuticals used in homeopathic medicine have recently been chemically identified as supramolecular hydrate pharmaceuticals.

The 2011 BW release reported that electroencephalographic (EEG) studies indicated strong effects on cognitive functions by a mix of several natural substances in low doses.
“No preventive or curative therapy is available today,” BW said. “The few drugs that have been approved by regulatory agencies offer only a small symptomatic benefit.”

According to Seilheimer, “All studies have confirmed our earlier observations: this medication has proven to enhance the learning and memory performance in a dose-dependent fashion. It showed at least as effective as the Gold Standard at all tested behavioral models. In addition, it is very well-tolerated. No negative side-effects could be documented with the natural preparation. Following the new paradigm, multitarget preparations could become a natural alternative to conventional preparations for treating complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

“Alzheimer’s is a multi-factorial disease,” he said. “This calls for a change in the therapeutic paradigm towards a multitarget approach.”

BW noted Seilheimer was the 2011 Head of Bioregulatory Development at Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH in Baden-Baden, Germany).

A search was then conducted on PUBMED to find what published studies there might be that could corroborate the story that Heel had developed a homeopathic compound for the treatment for Alzheimer‘s Disease. None were found. However, PUBMED shows that in 2012 Seilheimer co authored “Effect of Neurexan on the pattern of EEG frequencies in rats,” published by BMC Complement Altern Med.

The “Neurexan” study was for “a multicomponent, low-dose medication” produced by Heel for sleep disorders. No mentioned of a use for Neurexan for Alzheimer’s was made.

A patent search made on the World Property Organization (WIPO) headquartered in Switzerland revealed a patent filed on May 21, 2013 by two German inventors. The patent application reads: “Title of the invention: “COMPOSITION FOR TREATING OR PREVENTING NEURODEGENERATIVE DISORDERS.” Applicants: BIOLOGISCHE HEILMITTEL HEEL GMBH (DE), Bernd Seilheimer (DE) and Kerstin Roska (DE). It lists Seilheimer and Roska as the inventors of the composition: Bernd Seilheimer (DE) and Kerstin Roska (DE).

According to the abstract posted by the World Intellectual Property Organization:

“The present invention is concerned with plant derived pharmaceutically useful compositions. In particular, it relates to a composition for use in treating and/or preventing a neurodegenerative disorder or disease, wherein said composition comprises extracts of Conium … ”


It seems as if Heel is planning to roll out of a new patented homeopathic Alzheimer’s medicine. But there’s a critical problem with this. It is not in Heel’s formula, nor is it in its patenting of homeopathic preparations, nor is it in Heel’s marketing of a homeopathic product to conventional MD’s. These are all good things, these are all positive approaches in Heel‘s unique presentation of homeopathic products.
The problem is that with jealousies and the war of the lancets between allopathy and homeopathy aside, in order for the medical materials used in homeopathy to gain acceptance in mainstream medicine, their physico-chemistry must first be scientifically understood.

Given the expanding data base and growing acceptance in the material sciences of the supramolecular nature of ultra dilute homeopathic medicine, conventional scientific explanations are now becoming available to practitioners and the homeopathic pharmaceutical industry.

Heel  was founded in 1936 by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. The company has offices in 40 countries worldwide including the United States where it is located in Albuquerque, NM. Heel is a subsidiary of DELTON AG, a holding company headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany. Its Pharmaceuticals and Logistics divisions manage the value-creating investment and entrepreneurial activities of its sole shareholder Stefan Quandt.

Of all the present producers of homeopathic medicines, Heel now appears is the most capably situated in the market to present to mainstream medical professionals what the action and physico-chemical distinctions of the supramolecular materials used in homeopathy.

~ ~ ~

 *The identitification of the chemistry of homeopathic medicine as “supramolecular” was first made by John Benneth at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory on Oct. 1, 2010  in a talk entitled “The Supramolecular Chemistry of the Homeopathic Remedy.”

See John Benneth’s milestone 2010 presentation at the Cavendish Laboratory “Beyond the Molecule: The Supramolecular Chemistry of the Homeopathic Remedy”  Power Point Presentation at Audio

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