The Strange Power of Homeopathy

A eulogy to homeopathy antagonist and debunker Andy Lewis, author of le Canard Noir:

Ah, excellent article, Dr. Lewis, very entertaining indeed. It was almost enough to get me to go to the cupboard and toss out all my little sugar pills! But then some mysterious force stopped me, and strange questions began to burn themelves into my brain!
Why are we ignoring the amazing psychological impact of this mysterious medicine? How is it that this little cult of homeopathy has spread so far and wide, not only to engulf the minds of those you briefly mention, but also Nobel prize winning scientists like Josephson and Montagnier. And yes, what about Montagnier? Did he not used the patented system of renowned virologist Jacques Benveniste, designed to detect the electromagnetic signals (EMS) from the crystalline aqueous “nanostructures” other highly credentialed material scientists, like Demangeat, Rao, Sukul, Roy, Tiller, Elia, Baumgartner, Witt, Bell, Schwartz have detected, just to name a few, all academics, none homeopaths, many Heads of their Depts. at places like Penn State, Stanford, University of Arizona.
This is a strange elixir indeed. If this is some kind of delusion, it ranks in its powers with that of Mesmerism, what btw, Hahnemann recognized as manipulating the same biomagnetic force as homeopathy!
OMG, I can feel its pull on me now!
Dr. Lewis, listen to me, please, this is a profound discovery you have made, that by means of nothing more than persuasion and a drop or two of water, spread out in alcohol and splashed on a hundred little sugar pills, and only one of these placed under the tongue, we homeopaths can fool the great minds and masses of science and the modern world, heal the sick, correct chronic maladies, defy the deadly mosquito, halt terminal disease and even appear to stop epidemics, such as leptospirosis recently in Cuba with 4.8 MILLION doses!
If this is due to some psychogenic force as you seem to imply, then why is it then that I cannot find some text elucidating it? Where is all the science for it, the tests, double blind trials, peer reviewed reports published in prestigious magazines proving the placebo effect and informing the world of its great psychogenic powers, so that we all may partake of it wonders?
All I find are these strange reports that have to be spurious, must be incorrect, claiming homeopathy has been seen to act biochemically in vitro! No! This cannot be so, unless we have yet to unravel the ideomotor placebo force, as Dr. Amazing Randi suggests . . Or perhaps a magnetic fluid that pours from t he mind of the homeoapth, how can the placebo junket affect blood cells in a petri dish? Please help me with this psychokinesis, Dr. Lewis. Teach me! Perhaps we could use these amazing powers of persuasion to avert getting sued for libel and having our domains taken away!
John Benneth, PG Hom.- London (Hons.)
PS: Save me a seat at the Pub, and buy me a pint, I’ll gladly pay you back in services.

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A Fight to the Death

Should Homeopaths be called Doctors?

It is of critical importance that homeopaths fight for the right to legally call themselves doctors. Homeopathic treatment is of vital importance to the public. The historical record and modern day epidemiological reports, in vitro, in vivo, in silico tests and clinical trials show homeopathy is an astoundingly superior medicine.
Take the recent swamp fever epidemic in Cuba as a stunning example. In 2007 the results of a very large-scale homeoprophylaxis intervention against swamp fever (Leptospirosis) in a dangerous epidemic situation was reported by Cubans in three provinces of that country.

2,300,000 homeopathic doses stop epidemic 

The Cubans prepared a homeoprophylactic formulation from dilutions of four strains of Leptospirosis and administered it orally to 2.3 million persons at high risk during a swamp fever epidemic in an affected region. Intervention was then compared with non-intervention.
Homeoprophylactic intervention showed a significant decrease of swamp fever, while there was no decrease in non-intervention regions.
This is conformation that I have seen little response by the corporate controlled anti-homeopathy campaign.  The Cubans are not controlled in their use of coroporatized medicine.

Such a trial would be unheard of of in corporatized countries.
Bracho, “Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.”
This is not the first time that reports of the outstanding success of the use of homeopathics in massive disease control have been met with silence, ignored or thrown back in our faces by the racketeer controlled campaign against us.

Effective in epidemics

Homeopathy is effective in epidemics of scarlet fever, cholera, yellow fever, typhus, pneumonia and influenza.
Statistically then the number of lives saved by homeopathy are estimable. It may rank in the millions. (See my blog here on WordPress,  “The Logic of Epidemics,” and my article “The Truth about Homeopathy and the Swine Flu”
And now we are facing a huge epidemic of soft tissue cancer.
Homeopathy stands ready to treat those who bear the most serious diseases.
Homeopaths must insist on the need for accredited schools and their services and abilities, and that they be recognized as such with the right titles. Homeopaths have historically proven themselves master physicians, and continue to do so.
Make no doubt about it, there is, literally, a fight to the death struggle by an organized campaign against homeopathy, to malign it, to suppress its use and even to outlaw it. It may not be a life and death struggle for homeopathy, for homeopathy as a doctrine will most likely continue. Rather it is a life and death struggle for the millions who potentially saved by it from cancer and other epidemics.
Homeopaths must become acutely aware of the competing interests that seek to dissuade the public from using it. Homeoapths must warn the public of the dangers of the criminally convicted allopathic pharmacy threatened by the statistically noted superiority of homeopathy in treating suffering from wide spread disease, that criminal interests seek to tortiously interfere with the practice of homeopathy and protect their monopoly.
The public needs to be informed. Doctor means teacher,and homeopaths must be the ones to lead the fight against the indiscriminate use of “pharmacides” by picketing their use,  media and on the sidewalk.
We need more homeopaths.
This is an opportunity for the a to demonstrate the superiority of his craft.
We need more homeopaths. Calling htem doctors will attract more interested students.

Try homeopathy. It works.

John Benneth, PG Hom. – London (Hons.)

Death by Embarassment, from Homeopathy

by Dr. John Benneth

Embarassment is an emotion of having to remember what you don’t want to know.
Remember Memento? It’s a movie made in 2000, directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Guy Pearce, who plays a man who’s lost his short term memory and trying to find his wife‘s murderer.
The film noir story runs black and white scenes in chronological order and color scenes in reverse . . just like the argument against homeopathy.
The last scene is played first. Sort of. I think. Oh, I don’t remember. It’s a confusing movie until you realize what’s happening. So by the end of it the plot converges and hopefully you won‘t have to buy another ticket to figure out what you saw the first time. What would be helpful is if they warned you at the box office . . “Now look, here’s what you need toknow if you’re going to udnerstand this thing.”

You know, it’s embarrassing when you’re the only one who doesn’t get it. It’s kind of like the threat of being the last smoker.    
Just like with homeopathy. I’ve seen it a hundred times, if not a thousand and they always bear the same old stamp of disapproval.

I got a classic example of this mentally-ill kind of thinking sent to me as a comment on my last blog, signed by “Guy Chapman.”

He says:
“All your proposed evidence is weak and observational, most of it fatally undermined by selection bias and other confounders. In the days before the Enlightenment it was enough to produce an empirical result and from that propose a possible rule; Newton did away with that . . ”

“You – homeopaths – can silence your critics by demonstrating in a large randomised a double blind trial that human subjects show a difference in response between (a) the “correct” remedy, (b) a “remedy” designed to produce an opposite or substantially different effect and (c) placebo. Do that and science will ahve to take note and work with you to understand the underlying mechanism. ”

Like the movie Memento, what Chapman doesn’t tell you right away is that he’s playing the logic backwards. He leaves it until the last to tell you why he thinks we need all this stuff that would never occur to him in any other context,

“Because there is no way on earth we’re likely to believe that water with nothing in it has an effect based on a physically and chemically undetectable memory of an arbitrarily chosen substance.”

How  many times have we heard that one? It’s like having a name everyone makes a the same joke about.  Chapman waits until the very last sentence to say what he should of said to begin with, which is why he thinks the evidence is weak, which is why he won’t state criteria for testing, and which is why he can’t say what he thinks “science” is. He leaves it until last because he doesn’t want to believe that there is any, but he has to say it,  what is most important to the argument, the hump he can‘t get over and doesn‘t want anyone else to either. Whatever we show him, he won’t believe it.  
So here, in this last sentence he has given us the key to his mind. The strength of the evidence is its “rationale,” how it fits into the corpus mundi of science.
Chapman is no different in his thinking in this regard than Professor Sir John Beddington (UK Chief Scientist), Prof. David Colquhoun, Michael Shermer, Prof. Steven Novella, Prof. Edzard Ernst, Ben Goldacre, Andy Lewis, James “the Amazing” Randi and a million others.

Will knowing the  secret will result in a massive book burning and loss of funding for academia by drug company profits? And loud mouths like Chapman that chant their litanies, in a slow, excruciating death by embarrassment . . from homeopathy.

John Benneth, PG Hom. (Hon.)
Hahnemann College, London

The Disease Only Homeopathy Can Cure

Watch out, there’s a new disease going around. It’s called Le Canard Noir. That means the black lie, n‘est ce pas? It’s like pederasty. In homoepathy they think they’ve found an innocent child to molest. They thinkn they can bully it with threats & lies.
In a symptom of le canard noir, an article here about Florence Nightingale, that tracks back to a most unfortunate eponym for a recent collaboration against the innocent child, some anti-homeopathy blogger known for his fabrications says he don’t think homeopaths check out sources.
The name of this flat out fabricator is a sleezy little punk who slimed his way out of Soho, found a used lap top.
His blog is at . . no, wait! That’s wrong. That’s not his website . . not anymore . . it was taken away from him for lying, now redirects to a real doctor’s website, where instead of lies you can get real help for real problems.
Proudly, insanely, the black liar calls himself that,  Le Canard Noir, in Frenchy means, “the black liar.” Funny how the truth just seeps through a man’s cracks. It’s as if he was gut busted without seeming to know it or even care.
I think its critically important to not make any sumptions, or least try not to, such as thinking that I caught someone in a lie, not just misquoting a Nobel laureate, but intentionally misquoting him, for the purpose of maligning someone else.
Something carefully thought out, like a canard!
A canard noir.
I have another rule. If you seen it done once, keep watching, you’ll seen it done it again. Poke into the past, it’s just another lie in a long string of lyings. Know it. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time le canard noir got caught in a bold faced lie. He can’t help it. He‘s been sued for it more than once, and he always loses. Boo hoo. And as always, he get‘s booted off the old website, has to scrounge up a new one.

God puts people here on Earth for many a strange reason. Some to just sit around and wait to get killed. Some to tell lies, twist the truth. Like Canard Noir. To make Man check his facts for sure. Others to do great things, like Josephson, who brought the world it’s greatest invention . . the mind-machine interface (SQUIBS).
Me? Oh, God put me here on the face of It to set things straight. I done it before, I do it again.
I’m here to save millions of lives from the Evil Empire of Pharmaceutical Racketeers. Bring in the world’s greatest medicine. I have done this by teaching the world’s top scientists that there is a real detectable, physical basis for it. Homeopathics are powerful crystalline hydroxl analogs that work directly on the immune system.
Won’t you join me in this great mission?
When you get cancer, like Michael Douglas, look in the mirror and say, “I choose homeopathy.”
If you are midst rampant disease, like malaria, look in the mirror and say, “I choose homeopathy.”
If your mind isn’t right, like Canard noir, look in the mirror and say, “I choose homeopathy.”
Say “I choose homeopathy because it works.”
You seen me do it before, you’ll see me do it again.

John Benneth, PG Hom. (Hons.)
Hahnemann College, London


THE BLACK LIAR and the lies he tells

The key argument against homeopathics is that because they contain nothing but pure water as their active ingredient they must therefore be placebos. I have countered this by revealing, in classical scientific terms, the supramolecular (supra, not super) makeup of the remedy to be electromagnetic from crystalline hydroxl analogs of the intended molecular content. So on September 25th, 2010, I was invited by Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in London to share my findings with homeopaths from the United Kingdom, India and other countries. I also received an invitation from physicist and Nobel laureate Professor Brian Josephson to give the same lecture at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge on October 1st.
This created a usual outrage in the establishment, for having a heretic like myself talk about such a controversial subject at such a prestigious place.
Stooges for the pharmacetuical companies went to work on me.
One in particular, an Englishman I think, is such a prevaricator he has even given himself a nickname in French. Le Canard Noir.
The teller of black lies.
His name is Andy Lewis.
Dear Andy, in his Quackometer column, has created another black canard about Josephson and me, about what the Professor said about my little talk at the Cavendish. Someone threw it at me in the commentary on one of my videos, so I ran the quote, and it came up on Lewis’ blog, but nowhere else . . in other words, it appears Lewis reconstructed things which Josephson said in the past to fabricate a quote that even had me fooled. When I first read it, I passed over it as unfortunate but ASSUMED IT WAS TRUE.
When someone posted it in the comment section on my Youtube video FLAMING HYPOCRITES (and the lies they tell) on the Bandershot channel, I Googled the phrase in question, and all that came up was Lewis’ blog . .
Suspicious, I clicked on the link he gave as its source, and found that the damning quote appears nowhere in it!
Check it out and let me know what you think I should do. Here’s the link to Lewis’ blog where that black lie is:

And here’s what he links to as its source:;jsessionid=1CC5B0A9560E74B2FA93747DB5F9655D?format=mp3&quality=high
Even though I had read the original quote, I accepted the quote as being real until I went back and checked it out. It was so skillfully done that it sounded like something Josephson had indeed said in the past, such as the part of conferring with a colleague, and other things that were paraphrases of actual quotes, but twisted into maligning statements.
This, I think, is what Lewis prides himself on, the facility to create false statements.
But here’s what is the jaw dropper. In the actual review of the lecture, Josepshon predicts what Lewis would do!
He says,
“The fact of the matter is that no argument is better than the assumptions on which it is based, and almost all arguments contain hidden assumptions. It is obvious, is it not, that if chemical reactants are mixed the system will proceed monotonically to its equilibrium state? And so everyone thought, until they were forced to accept by the evidence of their own eyes that oscillatory chemical reactions exist. And so it is with arguments against memory of water; unsustainable assumptions are slipped in before believers’ eyes, and not noticed, in a way that magician James Randi, also someone whose presentations might be thought problematic, would be proud of.

An unsustainable assumption, slipped in before my eyes, and not noticed, in a way that magician James Randi, also someone whose presentations might be problematic, would be proud of.

And, further, from Josephson:

‘belief that something is impossible, however strongly held, does not constitute proof that it actually is impossible’ “