Epiphanies in Similitude

Epiphany, (1): An appearance of a God or other supernatural being; (2):  a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something  (3): an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as reading the John Benneth Journal while on LSD) that is unusually simple and striking (4): the illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure of  an ontological revelation 

Epiphanies in Similitude and the shift in medical thinking, science is catching up to homeopathy by John Benneth, virtual cover, 2012, All in My Mind Press

IN MY LAST THESIS and video ALL VACCINES HOMEOPATHIC I revealed that all vaccines are essentially, in the essence of the word, homeopathic.

In this version, I am called before the Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis to confess my heresies . .

“Of course, Grand Inquisitor, I knew this was a heresy when I made it. I confess. But I did so with the true secret in my heart that I would catch moresuspected  heretics for you to condemn and send onward for the Lord to sort out. And so I thought it would be proof that  1) 35 Nobelists convened to condemn fellow 2) Luc Montagnier for having first danced with the devil, i.e. homeopathy, as we suspected.

“But such is not the case. No, as your humble plant and spy, I expurgate, for it would seem the heresy is NOT  for suggesting electromagnetic (EM) doses, but for proposing hard antibiotics to correct vaccine damage done by autism, and that we swim in it: LUC BACK TO HARD DOSING Nobel Prize winner draws condemnation for proposed autism treatment

“Yes, I know. This all rather confusing, Your Honor. It is a well intentioned conspiracy I’m quite sure, but can we now make any apology for the Condemned? This is, if I may be allowed to say so off the record, a cluster coitus, indeed. This is worse than trying to straighten out a plate of fettucine doused in clam sauce after Goody Elisabeth’s cat’s played with it.  How are we to separate this scramble?

“Well, don’t panic, Goodman Benneth will fix, somehow. Let me see.  Montagnier was following his fellow immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who, like any honest man would do, confessed homeopathy when he was anointed with the epiphany of the evidence, and in Montagnier’s case, this amounted to the discovery of the electromagnetic  (EM) analog transduction of the Schumann resonance, the background radiation resonating though the crystalline restructuring of the aqueous medium.

“Now, in that this is a magnetic phenom in harmony with Hahnemann’s original thesis, it was a milestone revelation, THE latest and greatest epiphany in similitude, demonstrable evidence for what Benveniste referred to at Jospehson’s Cavendish as “a new biological paradigm.” What an irony! To think “oh, he’s got it!” and then to watch him fall back into a pool of antibiotics . . good grief,  he’s not connecting the dots!

“Well . . but wait! Now there’s more! He’s not the only one who’s gone off the rails, there’s another track suffering a crack up, another monkey who’s whipping up an angry mob of Nobelists who are now at the door of Montagnier Castle, demanding Dr. M’s removal as Herr Fuehrer Docteur at his jungle clinic for AIDS in the Cameroons!

“It’s an insanity! So much for ‘epiphanies’ when the Devil raises his ugly head out of the Potatoes O’Brien in the midst of what you thought would be the Monday Prayer Breakfast at the 700 Club. Now I know why it was I was never invited to that conference. I would have given Him the credit he was due and then I would have torn the bastard apart limb from limb for turning it all on its head.

“Yes, yes, I know, but that’s what I’m here for. I think what happened is that he got a stomach full of Chinese cuisine (they eat Dachshunds, you know, tough for even a Frenchman to digest) panicked and went for the hard drugs. How many time have we seen that in the Craft?

“So I beg of you Grand inquisitor and your Sublime Majesties, give me another chance. I’ll get for you the information you demand, you will learn from me who it is who is practicing voodoo in the jungle clinics without your license and who it is who is not!”

Whatever, back to business. The word homeopathy refers to similitude, “like cures like,” the principle of using a substance that causes a disease to cure a similar disease. Everybody just relax. This is the key to vaccines, inoculations, immunizations, trances and cures. This is medicine in its pure state. The EM state is simply further similitude.

Stay a little longer and watch . .