Gift of the Pandemic: HAHNEMANN CORPS

July 6th, 2020, the weekend featuring a strange orchestra of soft whistling flutes and whizzes, pops and bangs, the small percussion section scatteringthem into the wind like roasting corn pouring out of the pan under the beat of high flak chasing phantoms.

The July 4th fireworks display in a small town in a quiet liberal Western U.S. state.

One man’s sword that night was the President, “we need someone who will bring people together, not drive them apart,” he said

“We should pray for him,” said another.

“Pray for him? Why?”

“To do the right thing,” he said. “he has a difficult job. Pray for him to do what ultimately has to be done.”

“And what might that be?”

“To provide for the best outcome for the most people possible.”

It is all Perfect, you know, in some sort of way. If you believe in God, then time will tell, you cannot accept anything less. If you find yourself being troubled by all of this, just considier that it’s all part of a Perfect Plan . .

In every adversity there is the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.. This inspiration to look for a greater benefjt  comes from the Godfather of personally motivated success and the power of positive thinking, Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and other books on how to achieve success in obeying your original commandments for a Plan. . your most distant and greatest goal.


How easy has our personal technology been forgotten, how much time lost,  wasted ruminating on both our secret and collective plights, how deep have we waded into the miasm?

We’re going to end it, beginning now. Turn to  the mirror, point at yourself and say, “You can do it.”

You will be given the pharmaceuticals you need to STOP THE EPIDEMIC but you must act now. You can call me at 503 819 7777

Make an affirmation . . 


“We can stop the Pandemic before the end of this summer 2020.”

When you arise in the morning throw your arms uoward and yell “WE WIN AGAIN!” You got another day!

Stand in front of the mirror again, look yourself in the eyes, and aiming between them, thrust your index finger forward and say in a commanding voice, “You can beat this thing. Thaumaturgy is in your DNA. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You’re a human being, you command the vital force! Take action and do it now! You’ll come out of this thing looking better than you did going in. Look for those seeds that were planted, furiously growing out of pot and pod!”

“You’ve won before, you will win again!”

Maybe its a chance to start over, to take the time to build something new, or do something you’ve always wanted to do, perhaps simply to make plans for the future or address a new need. To grow upon yout own need, to feed people.

Take my situation. The pandemic has taken away my excuses to not work at something that needs to be done, it has given me the time to focus,  and in this case, for me to present How to Stop the Pandemic.

There is no exception for you not to do the same. If you have lost work because of the Influenza pandemic it’s because you’re about to find a better one. Use this time to solve a problem, old or new. Make do it now your motto and . . DO IT NOW! Start a movement!

Hurry before censure takes it away!

My next jaw dropping  entry to the now notorious John Benneth Journal: How to Stop the Pandemic. Senator Royal S. Copeland, MD was a New York homeopath who worked on the New York City health council to fight the killer flu and reduce the death rate   in New York to half of what it was elsewhere in 1918, became the principal author of the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act. Join us on the John Benneth Journal andlet  Dr. Copeland reveal to you the secret tot he science of homeoapthy, how it is that a homeopathic remedy can be endlessly diluted over and over again and increase in potency cLet the Godfather of homeopathy  guide you on how to Stop the Pandemic with Homeopathy! 

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Tue, Apr 21, 2020 2:34 pm

It can’t be true!

There can’t be a cure for COVID19!

You can’t say there’s a cure! It’s against the law!

Well, presumably YOU can’t use the word “cure” when describing the effects of homeopathic  medicine, but the FDA seems to suggest thru its recommended literature someone can. Clarke, in his Dictionary of the Materia Medica) uses the word “cure” over 1,500 times describing the results of using homeopathic medicine, more accurately defined as  “supramolecular medicine”, for numerous conditions.

Could COVID 19 influenza be one of them?

The answer from the usual authorities, I suspect will be a resounding NO, because they don’t want to look like fools after insisting that the medical diluents used as pharmaceuticals can theoretically have any effect at all . . except by the power of suggestion. But there are sources that would say otherwise, such as the governments of India and Cuba and its clients, which are using homeopathy for prevention and treatment of COVID 19. 

Check out the India and Cuba’s statistics for the number of COVID 19 cases reported, and compare them to the U.S., Spain and other countries at worldometer. I trust you will find it jaw dropping.

It’s been done before in1918 and is being done again 100 years later, amazing results using homeopathic medicine. 

There was a question on the Minutus forum about the effectiveness of radionics. 
Yes, it would appear by testimonial and supramolecular theory, that radionics essentially produces a remedy comparable to remedies called “imponderabilia” like X-Ray and Sol  in homeopathy.

I love it! To call homeopathic remedies made  by exposing water to various sources of radiation “imponderabilia” is another classic example of modern orthodox agreed upon science’s failure to explain the clearly” ponderable” if not obvious action of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Yes, I know it hurts to think when your IQ is in the lower digits, it’s so much easier to just condemn what you can’t explain, dust it with some insults, call it fraud and move on, “there’s nothing to see here . .” 
Allow  me to quickly suggest that the mechanics of creating “imponderabilia” skips dissociation of a solute stage reducing the solute to electrons to create an ionic liquid,  hydrolyzation of solutes  into radiolytes, as is done with triturated solutes, but rather structures the molecules directly from radiant sources.
This gets very interesting when molecular structuring in aqueous solution is affected  by dint of nothing more than “neural radiation” , as was reported in The Structure of Liquid Water and its Potential Relevance to Homeopathy, a monumental work validating homeopathy from the view of the material sciences by  renowned physicists  Rustum Roy and Rick Hover of Penn State, William Tiller of Stanford, and psychiatrist and science of homeopathy researcher Iris Bell, MD of the University of Arizona, 2005.
It’s a daunting 15k read, but every serious homeopath should put an eyeball or two on it . Check out their amazing report amidst some mind numbing technical reporting of a Qi Gong master changing the pH of water in Tiller’s SF lab telekinetically from China . . i.e. believe in the biochemical power of your remedies. Suspicion and  disbelief may abrogate your effectiveness. As a matter of fact, experienced homeopaths have reported that there comes a time when the sugar pills can indeed work as placebos, directed by the minds of practitioner and practitionee alone. The condensed matter of the remedy is merely token to the mind, a psychokinetic congress, a meeting place where healing minds convene.
Speaking of that, let’s stop the pandemic. The nosode Influenzinum COVID 19, and the curative supramolecular similia of the homeopathic materia medica for influenza similia should be made available to all 7 billion of us . . immediately!
And speaking of that, we don’t have to make any specific claims for the action and medicinal effects of homeopathic remedies. The FDA and homeopathy’s godfather Royal Copeland  have done that for us for decades in U.S. FDA 400.400:

“A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.” FDA 400.400 

If homeopathic remedies are fraudulent and without curative action, why has the U.S. Federal government, for decades until last October, been directing us to its centuries old, voluminous and concordant, robust and dense literature, specifically led by British homeopath John Clarke, M.D.? Is this not encouraging the reader to investigate and practice homeopathy?
Here’s the FDA recommended report on Influenzinum:

The nosode of Influenza.
Clinical.─Catarrh. Colds. Influenza.
Characteristics.─The nosode of influenza has with many practitioners taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. It may be given in the 12th or 30th potency, either in the form of tincture, pilules, or discs; or ten globules may be dissolved in six ounces of water, and of this a dessertspoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases. The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds” appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Arsen. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two. This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the “colds,” whether they are of the influenza type or not. Influenza has the property of developing old troubles, and thus it takes an infinite variety of forms in different persons, so that Influ. need not be expected to cure all cases unaided, or, indeed, to be appropriate to every case.
Relations.─I find Influ. compatible with Act. r., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hep., Merc., and many others.

Note that via Clarke, the FDA  says Influenzinum  “may be given”. Reads like a recommendation to use it to me, and although it may not be expected to cure ALL cases of the flu, i.e. not ALL cases of the corona virus, but indeed it apparently by inference means  more than some, in fact homeopathy has outperformed allopathy 30 to 1, 30 being the average number of deaths per 100 cases of the 1918 flu when treated by allopaths, using mostly salycilic acid, ” Aspirin” and coal tar, exacerbating symptoms, (same as in the Ebola epidemic) vs.only one per hundred lost by homeopathic physicians (Sandra Perko, The Homeopathic Treatment of Inluenza, pp.103-111)
Perhaps a better if not bitter word for allopathy would be murder . .

We have the cure for the corona virus. What has allopathy got? Nothing!
in love and war your BFF,

PS: Read what Hahnemann says about Mesmerism at the end of the 6th edition. switching teams on the power of the mind as an instrument of cure. 


Time and temperature as loving literature

Curing narcissism homeopathically

“Your friend, your best friend, your only friend”. insert love in the silences. Homeopathic typology. The constitutional cure, the platinum Presidency.

“Platinas are supersexy Lycopodiums.” Peter Chappell, “Emotional Healing through Homeopathy”

Here is the FDA sanctioned semiological register on Platina.

Click for, Clarke, Main

By John Henry CLARKE, M.D.

Platinum [

Platinum. An Element. (Also called Platina.) Pt. (A. W. 194.3.) Trituration.

Clinical.Amenorrhœa. Chlorosis. Constipation. Convulsions. Delusions. Dentition. Depression of spirits. Dysmenia. Erotomania. Fear. Gout. Hæmorrhage. Hæmorrhoids. Hysteria. Lead poisoning. Masturbation. Melancholia, Menorrhagia. Menses, suppressed. Mind, affections of. Neuralgia. Neurasthenia. Numbness. Nymphomania. Ovaries, affections of. Pruritus vulvæ. Rheumatism. Sexual perversion. Spasms. Tapeworm. Uterus, induration of. Vaginismus. Yawning, spasmodic.


Characteristics.The original name of Platinum was “Platina,” being a Spanish word meaning “like silver” (Plata being Spanish for silver). The metal was introduced into Europe from South America in the middle of the eighteenth century. It is always found in association with other metals, chiefly Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium, Palladium. Hahnemann was the first to think of it as a medicine, and his proving in the Chronic Diseases is the basis of our knowledge of its action. One characteristic symptom, either when found alone or in association with other conditions, has led to many cures with Plat.Lost sense of proportion in both ocular and mental vision. Objects look small or the patient thinks them small. This becomes pride and hauteur in the mental sphere; the patient (generally a woman) looks down on everything and everybody. This is a keynote of Plat. Another is the occurrence of cramps, cramping pains and spasms, developing into convulsions. The cramping pains = numbness and tingling in the parts affected. Pains as if nipped, squeezed in a vice, and these pains increase gradually to an acme and then as gradually decline. In the rectum this becomes tenesmus; in vagina, vaginismus. Another general keynote is the alternation of mental and physical symptoms: as physical symptoms disappear mental symptoms appear, and vice versâ. Nash cured a case of insanity of some duration with Plat., being led to the remedy by an alternation of the mental symptoms with a pain the whole length of the spine. This alternating feature is also seen between one mental state and another: Changing moods; sad and gay alternately; laughs and cries by turns. There is also a perverse state: Laughs immoderately, but in the wrong place; laughs at serious things. The mental disorder at times takes a homicidal form. Jahr cured with Plat. a woman who had an inspiration to kill her child, and Jules Gaudy recorded (Jour. Belge d’H., quoted Amer. H., xxii. 314) the case of a woman who was tormented with an almost irresistible impulse to kill her husband, whom she loved passionately, and with whom she was perfectly happy. The sight of a knife had an irresistible fascination for her, and she was often obliged to leave the table to free herself from the impulse. A few months before, she had lost a child a short time after confinement, which had been followed by profuse and desperately persistent hæmorrhage. Recovering from this she became restless, irritable, and her whole existence was ruled by this terrible impulse. Plat. 6x and 30x relieved and finally cured her. Kent (Med. Adv., xxv. 184) records the case of a middle-aged lady, mother of several grown-up daughters, who complained of a peculiar mental symptom: A fear, in the absence of her husband, that he would never return, that he would die, or be run over. She wept all the time he was away. Kent discovered that she had been treated for uterine displacement, and was then wearing a pessary. This was removed. Menstrual flow was copious, black, clotted. The external genitals were so sensitive that the usual napkin was intolerable. Plat. cured the whole case, including the displacement. Almost every symptom in this case was a characteristic. The sensitiveness of the external genitals is often so great as to make coition impossible. Digital examining of such a patient causes great pain. The action of Plat. to a large extent centres in and radiates from the sexual organs, male and female. It corresponds to masturbation before puberty, and also to the effects of masturbation. It was one of Gallavardin’s remedies for the impulse to pederasty and sodomy. Tendency to uncover completely in sleep is a leading note of it. Excessive desire, especially in virgins. Premature and excessive development of sexual instinct and organs. Nymphomania < in puerperal state. During menses uterine spasms, convulsions. Convulsions of puerperal state. Catalepsy during menstruation. Spasms alternate between convulsive actions and opisthotonos; full consciousness. Spasms alternate with dyspnœa. Excessive itching in uterus; pruritus vulvæ. Plat. has some characteristic symptoms in relation to the bowels. Its cramping tendency makes it an antidote to lead poisoning; and it has constipation scarcely less marked than that of Pb., though differing from it. The stools of Plat. are tenacious and sticky, adhere to the rectum and anus like putty; or they may be hard as if burnt; the constipation comes on whilst travelling; in emigrants; during pregnancy. Peculiar Sensations and Symptoms are: As if her senses would vanish. As if parts of malar bones were between screws. As if everything about her were very small. As if she were constantly growing longer and longer. As if she did not belong to her own family. Vertigo as if torn and pulled with threads. Forehead as if constricted; screwed on; as if a board pressed against it. As if temples too tightly bound. Scalp as if contracted; as if a heavy weight on it. As if head were enlarged. As if throat constricted; palate elongated; tongue scalded. As if abdomen, chest, nape, limbs, thigh, great toe, tightly wrapped or constricted. Back and small of back as if broken. Crawling, tingling, numb sensations. Spasmodic yawning. Pains go from right to left. The right side is somewhat more pronouncedly affected than the left. Severe stitches in right ovary. The symptoms are periodic and paroxysmal, as well as alternating. Plat. is suited to women with dark hair; thin, sanguine, bilious; with too frequent and too profuse menses; sexual organs exceedingly sensitive. Hysterical and hæmorrhoidal patients. The symptoms are: < By touch and pressure. < Fasting. < During menses. < Rest; sitting; standing; bending backward. > By motion. Walking and going upstairs < pressure in genitals; > hysteric rheumatism. Walking against wind = sudden arrest of breathing. < Evening and night. Headache commences on waking. < In warm room; > in open air (but open air = fluent coryza and shaking chill on going from room; heat > cramp pain in legs and irritability and chilliness. Obliged to stretch, which >.


Relations.Antidoted by: Puls., Nit. sp. d. (Teste, who classes Plat. with Thuj., Brom., and Castor, says Colch. is the best antidote to all four). Antidote to: Lead. Complementary: Pallad. (both affect right ovary, but Pallad. has > from pressure). Compatible: Bell., Ign., Lyc., Puls., Rhus, Sep., Ver. Compare: Pride, Pall. (Plat. egotistical, despises others; Pall. easily wounded, attaches importance to others), Lyc. (imperious). Spasms and emaciation from antepuberty masturbation, Staph. Uterine affections, nymphomania, Aur., Sep. (the nymphomania of Plat. is more intense; Plat. is intermediate between Aur. and Sep. in weariness of life; the uterine cramps of Plat. are followed by numbness; those of Sep. are a clutching as if suddenly seized then Suddenly relaxed). Hysteria, indurated ulcers, Tarent. Sees ghosts and demons, Hyo., K. bro. Shamelessness, uncovers, Pho., Hyo. (Hyo. sees things larger; Plat. smaller). Thinks death near and fears it, Aco., Ars. Dark, stringy hæmorrhage, Cham., Croc. (Croc. has sensation of something alive). Pains come and go gradually, Stan., Arg. n. (Bell. and Lyc., suddenly). Sensitive to coitus, Sep., Bell. (dry vagina), Fer., Nat. m., Apis (with stinging in ovary), Thuj., Kre. (followed by bloody flow), Murex, Orig. Constipation when travelling (Lyc. when from home; Bry. when at sea). Weak and exhausted feeling for two hours after stool, Sep. Sticky stools like soft clay, Alm. Hysteria, pressure at root of nose, Ign. Excessive sexual development, especially in virgins, K. pho. Masturbation in girls, Orig., Gratiol. Dark-haired women, Sep. Laughs immoderately at serious things, Anac., Nat. m., Lyc., Pho.


Causation.Fright. Vexation. Bereavement. Fit of passion. Sexual excess. Masturbation.


1. Mind.Sadness, esp. in evening, with strong inclination to weep often (every second day) alternating with excessive gaiety and buffoonery.Involuntary inclination to whistle and sing.Involuntary weeping.Loud cries for help.Thinks she stands alone in the world.Anxietas præcordium to an excessive degree, with great fear of death, which is believed to be very near, accompanied by trembling, palpitation of heart, and obstructed respiration.Sensation of dread and horror.Fear, with trembling of hands and feet and confusion of ideas, as if all persons approaching were demons.Hysterical humour, with great mental depression, nervous weakness, and over-excitement of vascular system.Mental symptoms in general: amativeness; state of disposition.Great irritability, with prolonged ill-humour, after a fit of passion.Apathetic indifference and absence of mind.Pride and self-conceit, with contempt for others, even for those who are usually most beloved and respected; < indoors, > in open air and sunshine.Impulse to kill her own child; her husband; (on seeing a knife).Distraction and forgetfulness.Loss of consciousness.Incoherency of speech.Delusion of the senses; feeling as of being too large, and, on the contrary, all other things and persons seem to be too small and too low.Delirium, with fear of men, often changing, with over-estimation of oneself.Mania: with great pride; with fault-finding; with unchaste talk; trembling and clonic spasms, caused by fright or from anger.


2. Head.Tensive confusion in forehead, as if head were compressed in a vice.Pressing headache from without to within the forehead and temples, gradually increasing and decreasing, < in evening from stooping, while it rest, in the room; > from exercise and in open air.Transient attacks of vertigo in evening with loss of consciousness.Vertigo on sitting down or ascending stairs.Headache which increases gradually, or by fits, until it becomes; very violent, and which diminishes progressively in same manner.Attack of headache, with nausea and vomiting.Sensation of numbness in head, and externally at vertex, preceded by a sensation of contraction of brain and of scalp; < in evening and while sitting, > from motion and in open air.Pain in sides of head, as if caused by a plug.Constrictive headache, as if a tape were tightly drawn around it, with sensation of numbness in brain, flushes of heat and ill-humour, < from stooping and exercice.Formication in one temple, extending to lower jaw, with sensation of coldness on that spot; < in evening and when at rest, > from rubbing.Pressive, cramp-like, compressive pains in the forehead and temples, esp. in root of nose, greatly < by movement and by stooping, sometimes with heat and redness of face, inquietude, and weeping.Tingling in temples, as if caused by insects.Buzzing and noise in head, like that of a mill.


3. Eyes.Pain in eyes after fatiguing the sight by looking attentively at an object.Tension in sockets, with gnawing pain, as from excoriation in margins.Cramp-like pain in edges of orbits.Compressive tension in eyeballs.Aching in eyes with sleep.Creeping tingling in canthi.Sensation of heat or of coldness and smarting in eyes.Trembling or spasmodic quivering of eyelids.Eyes convulsed.Objects appear smaller than they really are.Confused sight, as if directed through a veil, often with painless twitchings round the eye.Quivering and sparkling before sight.


4. Ears.Otalgia with cramp-like pain.Shocks in ears.(Sticking jerking in r. outer ear with) sensation of numbness and of coldness in ears, extending to cheeks and lips.Gnawing tingling in ears.Roaring, whizzing, and ringing in ears.Dull thundering and rumbling in ears.


5. Nose.Cramp-like pain, with sensation of numbness in nose and at root of nose.Ineffectual want to sneeze and tingling in nose.Dry coryza, often semi-lateral.Corrosive sensation on nose, as of something acrid.


6. Face.Face pale, wan, and sunken.Burning heat and glowing redness in face, with ardent thirst and dryness of mouth, esp. in evening.Distortion of muscles of face.Sensation of coldness, with tingling and sensation of numbness throughout (r.) side of face.Cramp and tensive pressure in zygomatic processes.Benumbing, dull pressure in malar bone.Pulsative digging in jaws, esp. in evening and during repose, with involuntary weeping.Lockjaw.Gnawing, with pain as from excoriation in lips and chin, which compel scratching.Smarting and lancinating vesicles on lips.Lips dry and cracked.Plexus venarum, of a reddish blue colour, on chin.Sensation of torpor or coldness round mouth and chin.Cramp in jaw.


7. Teeth.Odontalgia with pulsative and digging pain.Cramp-like drawing, which recurs by fits, in teeth.Numb pain in l. lower teeth.Fissures in gums.


8. Mouth.Sensation of coldness, esp. in mouth.Crawling sensation on tongue.Burnings pain under tongue.Sensation in tongue as if it had been burnt or scalded.


9. Throat.Sensation as if throat were raw during (empty) deglutition and at other times.Cramp-like drawing in throat, like a constriction.Sensation as if palate or uvula were elongated.Scraping and accumulation of phlegm in throat.Hawking up of phlegm.


10. Appetite.Mucous, clammy taste.Sweetish taste on tip of tongue.Adipsia.Loss of appetite after the first mouthful.Complete loss of appetite.Repugnance to food, arising from sadness.Dislike to food.Bulimy.Voracious rapidity in eating, with a disposition to find fault with everything (to detest everything around, himself).After a meal, risings, pressure on stomach; and colic.


11. Stomach.Ineffectual effort to eructate.Empty, noisy eructations.Serum of a disagreeable sweetish bitterness ascends throat, and puts patient in danger of choking.Continued nausea, with lassitude, trembling, and anxiety.Aching (pressure) in stomach, esp. after a meal.Sensation of constriction in pit of stomach, extending into abdomen.Fermentations in epigastric region.Flatulent soreness towards hypogastrium.Contractive pain in scrobiculus, as if it were squeezed too tightly.Pressure or shocks, or else throbbings, shootings, and pinchings in scrobiculus.Burning sensation in scrobiculus, sometimes extending from throat into abdomen.


12. Abdomen.Pains in abdomen, with dull and jerking pressure.Inflation of abdomen, with difficult and interrupted expulsion of flatus.Pressing and bearing down in abdomen extending into pelvis.Lead colic.Constriction in abdomen.Pinchings in umbilical region.Shootings in the side of abdomen and in umbilical region.Gnawing in abdomen.Drawing in groins, commencing from sacrum.


13. Stool and Anus.Constipation: after lead poisoning or while travelling; sometimes very obstinate.The stool is discharged with difficulty, seeming to stick to anus and rectum like putty.Frequent want, with scanty evacuation, which is voided in pieces, and with great efforts.Evacuations of consistence of pap.Stool hard, as if burnt.Tenia and ascarides are discharged from rectum during evacuation and at other times.After evacuation general shuddering or sensation of weakness in abdomen.Frequent itching, tingling, and tenesmus in anus, esp. in the evening (before sleep).Violent and dull lancinations in rectum.


14. Urinary Organs.Red urine with a white cloud, or else which becomes turbid, and deposits a red sediment.Slow but frequent emission of urine.


15. Male Sexual Organs.Burning pain and gnawing in scrotum.Unnatural increase of sexual desire, with frequent erections, esp. at night (with amorous dreams).Voluptuous crawling in genital organs and abdomen, with anxious oppression and palpitation, then painless pressure downwards in genitals with sticking in sinciput and exhaustion.Flow of prostatic fluid.Coition of too short duration, with but little enjoyment.


16. Female Sexual Organs.Sensation of bearing down towards genital organs, with aching in abdomen.Unnatural increase of sexual desire, with painful sensibility and voluptuous tingling from genitals up into abdomen.Nymphomania, which may occur even during the lying-in period.Induration of uterus.Sanguineous congestion in uterus.Miscarriage.Metrorrhagia (with great excitability of the sexual system) of thick, deep-coloured blood, with drawings in groins.Catamenia too early and too profuse (blood dark and coagulated), sometimes with headache, restlessness, and tears.Menstruation, when the discharge is very abundant, thick and black like tar, and is very exhausting; spasms and screaming at every menstrual period.Catamenia too long continued.Before catamenia, cuttings and pains like those of labour in hypogastrium.Cramps at commencement of catamenia.Painful sensitiveness and constant pressure in mons veneris and genital organs, with internal chill and external coldness, except face.Severe stitches in r. ovarian region.During catamenia, pressure as of a general bearing down towards genital organs, which are very sensitive.Leucorrhœa, like white of eggs, flowing chiefly after urinating, and on rising from a seat.


17. Respiratory Organs.Aphonia.Short, nervous, dry cough, with palpitation and dyspnœa.Short, difficult, and anxious respiration.


18. Chest.Shortness of breath, with constrictive oppression of chest.Inclination to draw a long breath, prevented by a sensation of weakness in chest.Anxious oppression of chest, with sensation of heat, which ascends from epigastrium.Pain in chest, as if a weight were pressing upon it, with want to take a full inspiration, which is hindered by a sensation of weakness.Tension, pressure, and shootings in sides of chest, which do not permit lying down on either side.Aching and dull blows in chest.Spasmodic pressure in one side of chest.Spasmodic pain in chest, commencing slightly, increasing to a certain intensity, and gradually diminishing in same way.Dull lancinations in sides of chest, during an inspiration.


19. Heart.Burning and sticking low down by heart.A dull pressure in region of apex of heart.Anxious palpitation of heart.


20. Neck and Back.Rigidity of nape of neck.Weakness and sensation of tensive numbness in nape of neck (the head sinks forward).Contusive pain in loins and in back, esp. when pressing upon them, or else when bending backwards.Pains in back and small of back as if broken, after a walk < bending backwards.Spasmodic pain in loins.Sensation of numbness in coccyx, as after a blow.


21. Limbs.Cramp-like jerking and drawing pains in limbs and joints.Tension in limbs (esp. thighs) as if bound too tightly with ligatures.Attack of spasmodic rigidity in limbs, without loss of consciousness, but with clenching of jaws, loss of speech, eyes convulsed, and involuntary movements of the commissures of lips and eyelids.Tingling restlessness, sensation of weakness and trembling in limbs, esp. during repose and in open air.


22. Upper Limbs.Heaviness and lassitude of arms, with paralytic pulling.Paralysed sensation in l. arm; in both arms.Aching and spasmodic pain in forearms, hands, and fingers, esp. when grasping anything firmly.Itching, gnawing, pricking, and burning sensation in arms, hands, and fingers.Sensation of stiffness in forearms.Painful throbbing in fingers.Distortion of fingers.Numbness of fingers.Trembling of r. thumb, with numbness.Numbness of little finger.Ulcers on fingers.


23. Lower Limbs.Spasmodic pain and tension in thighs, feet, and toes.Weakness of thighs and knees, as if they were broken.Pain as from a blow in l. knee.Shocks and blows in legs.Lassitude of legs.Restlessness and trembling in legs, with a sensation of numbness and rigidity.Lassitude and numbness in feet when seated.Coldness of feet.Gnawing, excoriation, and smarting in ankle-bones, greatly < by least touch.Painful throbbing in toes.Swelling on ball of toe, with tearing and nocturnal pulsations.Ulcers on toes.Pain in great toe as if too tightly enveloped.


24. Generalities.Dark-haired females.Face changing colour frequently.Rising in throat.Tapeworm, other symptoms agreeing.Contraction of inner parts.Catalepsy; epilepsy with rigor; tonic spasms.Very great paleness of skin.Spasmodic yawning.Pains like labour pains.Sensation as of a hoop around parts.Violent shocks as if from pain.Sensation of prickling in the outer parts.Sensation of coldness in outer parts.Compressive, cramp-like, constrictive, or pressive pains, as if caused by a plug, or by dull blows.Cramp-like, jerking, and drawing pains in limbs and joints.Tension in limbs, as if bound too tightly with ligatures.Pains, as from a contusion, a blow, or a bruise, esp. when pressing on part affected.Pains, slight at commencement, increase gradually, often at regular intervals, and diminish in same manner.Sensation of torpor and paralytic rigidity in various parts, often with trembling and palpitation of heart.Attack of spasmodic rigidity in limbs, without loss of consciousness, but with clenching of jaws, loss of speech, eyes convulsed, and involuntary movements of commissures of lips and eyelids.The spasmodic attacks manifest themselves chiefly at daybreak.Affections caused by fright, by vexation, or by a fit of passion.Moral and physical affections, appearing alternately.Excessive weakness (paralytic weakness in limbs).Dull, pushing, or inward pressing pains, as from dull blows.Tingling restlessness, sensation of weakness and trembling in limbs, esp. during repose and in open air.Majority of symptoms < by repose, in the evening; from anger; more in females than males; after lying down and rising again; when sitting; after rising; and > by movement.The affections which are > in open air are generally < towards evening and in a room.


25. Skin.Tingling gnawing, with pain as of excoriation, and itching or burning, pricking, and shooting pain on various parts of skin, which provokes scratching.Ulcers (on fingers and toes).


26. Sleep.Convulsive and spasmodic yawning, esp. in afternoon.Great disposition to sleep in evening.Prolonged sleep in morning.Anxious dreams of wars and bloodshed.Lascivious dreams.Waking at night, esp. after midnight (with frightful dreams, want of consciousness), or with anxious, sad, and distressing thoughts.Bewilderment at night on waking.At night patient lies on back, with arms above head, legs drawn up, with strong inclination to uncover them.


27. Fever.Pulse small, feeble, frequently tremulous.Constant shivering and shuddering over whole body, esp. in open air.Shaking chill when going from the room into the open, even warm air.Chilliness predominates, with low spirits, which ceases during heat.Heat with sensation of burning in face, without any visible change in colour of face (she thought she was very red, but colour the same as usual).Flushes of heat, interrupted by chilliness.Gradually increasing, and in the same manner gradually decreasing heat.Perspiration only during sleep, ceasing as soon as one wakens.


Supramolecular inoculation of Measles and other diseases

Supramolecular means “beyond the molecule” and here refers to the molecular dissociated solutes used in homeopathic medicine.

I pulled up on Twitter another outbreak of pathological skepticism today. These people are crying for a law to make Measles vaccinations mandatory. Yesterday they wanted to prosecute hydrolytic homeopathy for being against the law, today they want to stab you with a needle that pumps you full of their dirty molecular vaccine . . and make it law.

Given that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, let me first post a caveat about getting involved, this is an unusually contentious subject. The reputations of those who present this information publicly are always attacked. So I thought it would be appropriate today to flip that. There’s no need to force people to take common molecular vaccines as long as we have supramolecular prophylaxis, which it so happens to be perfectly lawful.

You might ask, “why are we not using it?”

It’s because of a witch hunt by academics, professional “skeptics” and the pharmaceutical companies they serve conducting a pogrom on the FDA sanctioned use of newly identified medical electrolytes, tritiated drugs and radiophamaceuticals, technical names for what have traditionally been used as “homeopathic remedies” for 200 years.

The witch hunters, calling themselves “skeptics” know only what they’re told to know. They don’t know what tritiated immunopharmaceuticals are, and even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to make them or apply them.

Allow me to show you an example of what I’m talking about.

Let’s take the Measles vaccine for example. Measles is more of a problem as a vaccine now than it used to be as a disease. The CDC says “Measles was declared eliminated (absence of continuous disease transmission for greater than 12 months) from the United States in 2000. This was thanks to a highly effective vaccination program in the United States, as well as better measles control in the Americas region.”

Snake bites and lightning strikes now take more lives than the Measles do, and sometimes people still get it anyway . . i.e. having been vaccinated for the Measles, they still get the Measles.

It’s since been discovered that the main cause of measles is malnutrition, specifically vitamin A. In the US, Measles is relatively rare, there’s not much of that deficiency . . in countries where there is a vitamin A deficiency measles is Legion. So that should stop and make us think, maybe the best prophylaxis for Measles is simply vitamin A.

Or would that be too costly?

If this bothers you, read on. It gets worse. Vitamin A isn’t going to save you from the pogrom if you believe in the use of supramolecular medicine to inoculate against epidemic disease, unless . . unless you got a better grip on science than they do and you can tell them what supramolecular prophylaxis is physically and chemically, what it does and how it works and last but not least, who authorized it.

What you need is a command of the literature on electrolytes, molecular dissociation and electron expansion beside a knowledge of physical, botanical, zoological and botanical tests for homeopathy. You also need a command of the laws that govern it, most of which is under your nose right now if you’re reading it off the Internet. Add to this a taste of plasma physics and quantum chemistry for the heavy artillery to back you up.

The hollow science mob will say that anyone who believes in homeopathy shall be regarded as a fraud or a fool. And that anyone who believes that supramolecular prophylaxis is effective is a danger to society. Gun in hand, needle full of their dirty molecular vaccine and your next stroke in the other, current immunology employs an 18th-century model of immunology. But the grip of rationalism loosened around the neck of medical empiricism long enough for one little discovery to escape and start a chain reaction that, as of today, is still going strong. Modern rationalist thinkers, i.e. pathological skeptics, unaware of hydro physics, bet their reputations, careers and large sums of money on that there is nothing in it, a claim repeatedly disproven ad nauseam.

Here’s the FDA’s position the use of the long challenged homeopathy in the supramolecular treatment of measles by John H. Clarke, M.D.

Morbillin. The nosode of Measles.

Successful clinical treatment of Catarrh. Coryza. Cough. Ear, affections of. Eye, affections of. Measles. Skin, affections of.

Characteristics.─The well-known symptoms which characterise an attack of measles may all be taken as guides for its homœopathic use. Its chief use hitherto has been as a prophylactic against infection, and to clear up after effects of an attack. My own use of it has been confined to the 30th and higher, but there is no bar upon lower potencies, and those who prefer them may begin with the 6th. As a prophylactic given to those who are, or may be, exposed to infection, I prescribe a dose of the 30th twice or thrice daily. For an attack of the disease I find nothing better than Morbil. 30, eight or ten globules in six ounces of water, a dessertspoonful every two hours.─The effect of this is heightened by giving alternately Bell. 30 in the same way. These two medicines will be sufficient to carry through any uncomplicated case, and in my experience do even better than Pulsatilla. As the measles poison has a great affinity for the mucous passages, the eyes, the ears and the respiratory mucous membranes, Morbil. may be used in such cases like any other homœopathic remedy, when the symptoms correspond.

Relations.─Complementary: Bell. Compare: Puls., Hep., Merc., Sul.

” -from the FDA recommended Morbillinum in the DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA by John Henry CLARKE, M.D.

Let me make a brief observation here. I would say to the man and a few women who are suffering from pathological skepticism, that homeopathy, defined within their repertoire, is never footnoted by the actual literature, which includes the particular statute. Skeptics only quote skeptics, and when confronted by the literature they are ignorant of, will panic, deny it, dismiss it, then return to personally attacking the reporter and his credentials.

Contrary to what opponents of homeopathy would have us believe, the use of homeopathic medicine to counteract epidemic diseases is backed by high authority. Clarke was a medical doctor practicing homeopathy in Piccadilly back in the first half of the 20th century, and is the only medical doctor referenced by name in 400.400 of the Federal Drug and Cosmetics Act governing homeopathy, authored by another medical doctor, Sen. Royal Copeland, MD. of New York, sponsor of the Act. Copeland is notable here, not just as the author of the law that sanctions the use of homeopathic medicine, but also as the first reporter of the theory of how it works. [In my previous entry I posted Copeland’s theory of molecular dissociation as the process for extending the solute throughout infinite dilution.]

It can be truthfully said homeopathic medicines, including Morbillin and homeopathic remedies for other diseases such as mumps, whoopimg cough, smallpox, cancer, just about any disease, named and unnamed, if it’s got symptoms, homeopathy has got a cure for it sanctioned by law in CPG Sec. 400.400 “Conditions Under Which Homeopathic Drugs May be Marketed.”

400.400 “A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.”

So here is an FDA endorsed piece of the literature by a British medical doctor on what technically could be called homeoprophylaxis, the use of homeopathic pharmaceuticals to cure and inoculate against disease. If there’s any question about the use of the word “cure”, it appears 1,352 times in this three volume semiological register listing the properties and action of 1000 traditional homeopathic remedies, tested and proven in countless thousands of cases by numerous medical doctors

Here’s Clarke on Parotidinum, the supramolecular nosode of Mumps.

Clinical.─Glandular affections. Meningitis. Mumps. Orchitis. Salivation.

Characteristics.─Parotidinum has been used as a prophylactic against infection by mumps. In this instance it is generally given in the 6th or 30th two or three times a day to those exposed to infection. In the disease itself it may be given every four hours, either by itself or alternated with other indicated remedies. The well-known complications which sometimes occur with mumps, cerebral inflammation and orchitis suggest its possible use in these conditions.

Relations.─Compare: Merc.

Wikipedia, Rubella- “The molecular basis for the causation of congenital rubella syndrome are not yet completely clear, but in vitro studies with cell lines showed that rubella virus has an apoptotic effect on certain cell types. There is evidence for a 53-dependent mechanism”. Megyeri K, Berencsi K, Halazonetis TD, et al. (June 1999). “Involvement of a p53-dependent pathway in rubella virus-induced apoptosis”. Virology. 259 (1): 74–84.1] I suspect it’s Hungarian

It is superbly ironic, that by their own admission, rubella can act as a homeopathic type treatment for cancer. Frankly, I don’t think the molecular basis for the cause of any disease is clear to present day self-styled authorities, This is because the transmission of disease is not molecular, it is supramolecular, and the placeboites are fourth phase retarded.

I suggest you stay on top of this, share with your friends, and read the next entry if I can manage another.


Hydrolytic note-

Our fundamental working tool here is hydrogen, which I don’t see it as a definable, particle, but rather a phase jumping fractal. I believe it’s a hydrogen vortex of energy that is both local and universal, even trans universal, and this comes from the suggestion that the hydrogen atom is a vortex either coming from or going to another universe . . or phase, and this is attested to by the law of the kosmotrope, which says the smallest entity, which is the kosmotrope, creates order, and the largest, the chaotrope, destroys it. Modern popular science belief rates the electron as a fundamental particle, meaning they believe it has no structure. Its properties however, as seen in the testing and use of supramolecular medicines prove otherwise.

Copyright John Benneth 2018

Mining the Kosmotrope

WARNING: Given the potential volatility of the material you are about to read, you acknowledge that by scrolling down you accept full responsibility for the outcome of the information given here and hold harmless the author, John R Benneth, and his agents and assigns, and likewise hold harmless his supporters for anything that may transpire from reading this blog, The John Benneth Journal.

1 Trespass

1 Heresy of heresies

2 Witch hunt

3 Zeno’s paradox

5 Inquisition

8 Skeptics attack Maxwell’s lab

13, 21, 34 the Nobel prize . .




55. Physics of homeopathy, truth and lies



55. An obsession above my pay grade


89. The law of similars follows the laws of electromagnetism, like Coulomb’s law, i.e. opposite poles attract, like repel; similar magnetic fields annihilate, thus laws of curative medicine are Electromagnetic.


7/26/18 I’m sorry, I have to apologize for not staying in touch. I don’t think people understand what a heresy this is, This is the greatest scientific anomaly of all time. It is the physical manifestation of Zeno’s paradox of infinitesimal splitting, and I have found the answer.

The problem is communicating this to others, especially anchored academic science. Trying to explain it to Ph.D’s and medical doctors in 144 characters on Twitter is like trying to explain it to mules and mountain lions, or the Spanish Inquisition while being attacked by a swarm of angry bees.

So please bear with me, it’s just me begging for help.


I have been working on Mining the Kosmotrope by Roman Aclef, what might as well be a science fiction novel about a professional imposter who ruins his life when he accepts a magician’s challenge for $1 million to scientifically prove homeopathy, and discovers the panaceac electro-infrastructure of the immune system . . and the fundamental mechanism of prophylaxis.

The question is, is reading this crap ruining mine, or (2) have I stumbled upon the invocation of the next great advance in medicine?


Given the rancor the central character meets while chumming bits of plasma physics, burn-all-the-text-books anti-science out to the pathologicians, I’m inclined to think that it has indeed ruined my life . . my past life, that is, like what happens at a potlatch, where the chief burns or gives away all his worldly goods. You may well ask, how could he do this? How, as a whim, is it possible to give away everything you worked for your whole life to get?

That’s what’s happened, hasn’t it?


He got a reverse mortgage on his soul. He sees how meaningless all this material crap is. So I thank you for your gracious presence, and your quiet patience, for not posting angry emails or calling me on the phone to demand where the next Journal entry is, and slam the phone down when I tell you I been ill . . and after being run over, beat up and body slammed, had a couple of near death experiences where I was floating above my body, looking down at all the people walking by, not noticing I was dead.


I will confess, however, I am doing much better, yes, I think, as I seem to be curing myself of what’s left of me, branded Parkinsonism, a Parkinson-like condition that at one point had me almost completely paralyzed. But . . I am now walking a brisk mile, dragging Hudson (the dog who used to drag me) around the block, and sprinting. The remedy I’m using is Conium maculatum, Socrates’ final remedy, Hemlock, the cure for imbecility, or genius, you decide.

Maybe what I need is a little ham on wry

In my last journal entry I promised to say something in my next about the glow detected in homeopathic remedies, and as they say in Walla Walla, you’ll find it here.

Here’s a brief excerpt for what will be taken by anchored science as a packet of lies, what I might as well call a stinking novel.

Here the protagonist, homeopath Lester Samuel Moore, addresses a conference of physicists in the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge, U.K., led by Nobel laureate Brian Josephson, while protesters, led by professor of pharmacology David Colquhoun, surround the building, overdosing on homeopathic sleeping pills.

Entering disguised as a “scientist,” Moore shows up with his entourage in the lobby of the Cavendish. Josephson bursts through the door and starts screaming at Moore, “Your videos are unacceptable! You got to stop appearing in Youtube videos using the N-word and posing as a gay Jew!” (watch video below)

[Note that he never identifies the “controversial speaker.”]

“Okay, okay,” says Moore and while others stand agape, he agrees to pull down his livelihood for the opportunity to videotape this epiphany in the womb of electromagnetism . .   and proceeds with Josephson into the Cavendish.

Suddenly they are hit with a second problem sans LaGrangian. As Moore’s son Maxwell sets up the camera, the head of department flies into the room and orders it taken down, prohibiting videotaping. As Josephson reveals in the video (below) he quickly comes up with the answer.


MOORE: “Niels Bohr calculated the transduction of electrons into photons through hydrogen, (5) which reaffirms the conclusion that water, through its hydrogen component, is a wideband transceiver of the electromagnetic spectrum, and it has been observed that ultra dilute homeopathic remedies in solution glow. Discovered by Swiss chemist Louis Rey (6). it was found that the thermoluminescent glow is substantially different between dilutions of different substances. Linus Pauling noted the hydroelectric transduction of alcohol’s narcotic effects through those same hydrogen bonds that make up clathrates (7). So although these may sound like non sequiturs to the fractured mind, like a phase shift up, a picture may be leaping up off the page at this point for readers with fractal minds, pieces of the theory, chemistry and physics, the electrodynamics of the homeopathic remedy puzzle . . and so I beg the indulgence of my doctoral committee’s allowance, in insisting that at the time of this writing there is no known conventional theory for the action of these materials in question that precedes the one being offered here, and I must emphasize the word “known”, for there actually is the inception of a theory for the action of the ultra dilute homeopathic remedy that goes beyond simply noting change in structure, comporting with Roy’s conclusion of epitaxy and the Conte team’s discovery of tritium in the homeopathic remedy (8). The beginning of a conventional theory for the presence of the electronic structure of the solute in the solvent of homeopathic solutions, diluted past the molecular limit in a chain reaction, is found in Copeland’s seminal ionic theory for homeopathy, The Scientific Reasonableness of Homeopathy’published in 1909 (9).”

There is a brief pause as Moore, feeling his heresy, mops the sweat from his face.
“I have this feeling that something is about to kill me . . Copeland’s revelation of molecular dissociation’s infinitesimal mill is homeopathy’s missing link, the part that unites structure and charge. Gentlemen, and excuse me, the lady over there, this is the nuclear event we’ve been looking for.” Lester Samuel Moore in the greatest heresy, Mining the Kosmotrope,

Here is the video wherein Nobel laureate Josephson tells the story of a heretical science lecture at the Cavendish.

5. Bohr, hydraulic conversion of the electron into photons . It is my assertion that the water molecule’s reception, transformation and transmission of the electromagnetic spectrum is not limited to electrons and photons.

6. Rey L Homeopathy. 2007 Jul;96(3):170-4.Can low-temperature thermoluminescence cast light on the nature of ultra-high dilutions?

7. Nobel prize-winning chemist Linus Pauling proposed that the narcotic effect might be due to the formation of crystals called ‘clathrate hydrates’ in the brain. I think that idea is wrong, but we propose a cage-like hydrogen-bonded structure, which  is a liquid analogue of a clathrate,” says Schaefer. “Water alcohol mixtures are known to form clathrate hydrates below -80 degrees C, which is why we proposed a transient cage-like structure in the liquid at room temperature.” J. Agric. Food Chem., May 21, 2010 (12), pp 7394–7401 Structurability: A Collective Measure of the Structural Differences in Vodkas Naiping Hu

8. Conte: “Tritium creation in homoeopathic solutions has been measured. Initially, the measured radioactivity of these solutions was equal to 20 CPM, that is to say 20 pulses/minute and, one year later, the radioactivity measured was of 414 CPM. This is indeed a low value but it represents the last step of the different rematerializations.”

9. Copeland, The Scientific Reasonableness of Homeopathy. Royal S. Copeland, A.M., M.D. “In the theory of dissociation of molecules, the laboratory of physical chemistry has scientifically proven the value of the infinitesimal. While this doctrine is now well known to every scientist. and especially to the reader of the homeopathic publications of the past five years, it may not be out of place to review it briefly. As interpreted by this theory, a chemical, technically an electrolyte, when dissolved, is dissociated into parts or particles smaller than the atoms and known as ions. The more dilute the solution the greater is the dissociation and consequently the atoms are less in number and the ions increased. In a solution infinitely dilute, the dissociation is absolute and the chemical is present only in a state of ionization. When this subject was newly presented the first question which occurred to most of us was: How dilute must the solution be in order to bring about complete dissociation? If it were a solution of sodium chloride, for instance, what dilution, according to our nomenclature, would furnish complete ionization? The search for facts on this subject revealed Lord Kelvin’s statement as to the size of the molecule. He says: “Imagine a rain drop or a globe of glass as large as a pea, to be magnified up to the size of the earth, each constituent molecule being magnified in the same proportion. The magnified structure would be coarser grained than a heap of small shot, but probably less coarse grained than a heap of cricket balls.” The illustration permits us to appreciate, to some extent, at least, the enormous number of molecules in a bit of matter the size of a millet seed. In order, then, to reach a solution sufficient to bring about dissociation of the molecule itself, it is readily seen that the volume of the solvent used must be immense. Having quoted Kelvin, Jones, Professor of Physical Chemistry in Johns Hopkins University, states that perhaps, the best demonstration of the almost unlimited divisibility of matter is furnished by some of the aniline dyes, or by fluorescein, where one part is capable of coloring or rendering fluorescent at least one hundred million parts of water. This solution corresponds to, at least, the eighth decimal dilution. The authorities agree that the dissociation increases with the dilution from the most concentrated solutions up to a dilution of about one one-thousandth normal. It is safe to assume that dissociation of the simplest drug is not complete under the sixth decimal dilution.



Just a nascent reminder that in the U.S. there appears to be more amazing FDA support for homeopathy statutorily than is commonly thought.

Out of my 150 blogs this has been the most widely read:

love, John

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Hillary Clinton: Homeopathic Treatment of Pneumonia


Most people are generally unaware of a second, cryptic pharmacy approved of by the FDA, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the U.S. (HPUS). It is virtually unknown for its amazing success in treating serious diseases like sepsis, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola and Dengue and just about any other symptomatic condition. It is not well known in the West for several reasons: difficult to understand prescribing without a simple pro forma prescription scheme, some drugs treating thousands of symptom, and a track record deadly to the Evil Empire . .threatening predatory medicine’s claim to be the only internal medicine available . .

Yesterday it was announced that 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate took a fall; Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.

Sep. 11, 2016 NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press reports Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton abruptly leaves a 9/11 anniversary Sunday. feeling ‘overheated,’ according to campaign officials. Hours later her doctor discloses she has pneumonia.

Predatory medicine is not the only one that needs to be propped up . .

“A video showed Clinton slumping and being held up by three people as she was helped into a van after the event” the AP says.

Less than two months from Election Day . .

Is there a homeopathic cure for pneumonia? According to the U.S. Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) regulating homeopathic drugs, there is.

It directs the reader to a comprehensive  reference base by John H. Clarke, M.D. which includes a “prescriber.”

Clarke: Pneumonia.

At the commencement, after a chill as from sudden lowering of temperature at sundown on high altitudes ; before physical signs are pronounced, pain, fever, anxiety, Acon. 3, 1h.
If the fever does not yield in 24 – 48h., Sul. 1 – 30, 2h.
With much congestion, Ver. v. 1 – 3, 1h.
When exudation has already occurred rusty sputa, (1) Phos. 3, 1h. ; (2) Tuberc. koch. 6 – 30, 4h.
Typhoid pneumonia, great nervous depression ; pneumonia coming on during the course of fever, Phos. 3, 1h.
Great prostration, thirst, anxiety, restlessness, Ars. 3, 1h.
Dry cough with concussion of whole chest ; oppression ; aching pain at night when waking ; dull stitches and burning pains left half of chest, Seneg. 1x – 30, 2h.
Pneumonia of one or both bases, gasping for breath, unable to lie down ; mind confused, typhoid condition, Carbon. ac. 1x – 30, 1 – 2h.
Pneumonia of delirium tremens ; catarrhal pneumonia ; broncho-pneumonia in children and old persons, Ant. tart. 3, 2h.
Pleuro-pneumonia, sharp pains caused by the least motion, > by lying on affected side, Bry. 3, 1h.
Pneumonia with liver involvement, jaundiced hue, bile-stained sputa, Chel. 1, 1h.
Right-side pneumonia, troublesome cough, difficult expectoration, short breath, Sang. 1, 1h.
Rusty expectoration, weakness, trembling, numbness of extremities, Phos. 3, 1h.
When the cough is especially troublesome at night, disturbing sleep, a few doses of Hyoscy. 3 may be given at half-hour intervals.
When a cough lingers after physical signs have disappeared, Sulph. 3, 4h.

Intercurrent doses of Bacil. 30 – 200 will help the other remedies.
When the lung does not clear after the acute stage is passed.
Ars. iod. 3x, gr. ii. immediately after food three times a day.
If the sputa are rusty, Phos. 3, 4h.
If there are sharp pains in chest on breathing or motion, Bry. 3, 4h.
If the expectoration becomes purulent, Hepar 6, 3h.
Yellowish-green expectoration, depression, unpleasant taste in the mouth, sluggish circulation, coldness, Lyc. 6, 2h.
Pneumonia in persons who suffer from bleeding hæmorrhoids, Hyper. 1x, 2h.
See also Consumption

For abbreviation definitions go to




Transcribed and edited by Betty White

JOHN BENNETH: “We now have numerous reported cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever that have been cured by homeopathy; that is more definitively to say, the symptoms of Ebola have been cured using FDA approved, ionized materials listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. And the reason for clarifying this is because the word homeopathy is a misnomer in describing the physico-chemistry of the materials in question. It would be more accurate to say that the nuclear resonant materials used in the practice of homeopathy are medical isotopes in the class of subtle energy radiophamaceuticals

“Now this in itself is a huge development, but it should be noted that this is probably more than what your average loudmouth who thinks he’s speaking for science can handle; and it always should be noted in any discussion of it that, according to the Washington Post, homeopathy is the world’s most controversial subject. I have already indicated to you what one reason for this is, the other being that whereas these medical isotopes are regulated, sanctioned and approved by the FDA, they can be easily made. And in their traditional uses they can’t be patented or controlled by intellectual property rights. You can’t get the same kind of obscene profits that are reaped by pharmaceuticals patented through petro chemical synthesis.

“And so because they pose a threat to the mainstream pharmaceutical industry, homeopathic medicines are characterized by supporters of the pharmaceutical industry as having nothing in them of medicinal value because all of the heavy molecular phase materials have been removed from them in a process of ionization in purified water, which has to be done in order to extrude the isotope. This leaves a hydroxyl solution containing the specific isotope of the starting material.

“But this not commonly understood, and so people who are looking for a fight or an opportunity to humiliate somebody using what they think is their “superior scientific knowledge,” are quick to insist that because they don’t understand the nuclear physics of thepsimon3 2010_05_01_16_12_21 001 materials used in homeopathy, they then must be placebos, biochemically inert, and that whatever effects they may have are due to coincidence or some psychosomatic effect, thereby making the use of these materials unethical.

“And so accordingly, here in 2015, the claim that one of the modern world’s most virulent and contagious diseases was cured by the world’s most controversial form of medicine, will undoubtedly spark red-faced jealous , foam-at-the-mouth outrage by pseudoscientists who think they should know better.

“Now to be honest, I don’t really know what the response will be to this video when they find out that Ebola has been cured using homeopathy, but in the past it hasn’t exactly been completely laudatory on 100% of the comments.

“The idea that homeopathy can cure the Dark Continent of its worst and most terrifying scourge I suspect at least will leave it’s clown critics breathless.”

“At this point it should be stressed that the belief that homeopathic medicine is inert is based on nothing more than theory, and opposed to contrary putative belief, the action of homeopathic medicine is based entirely on evidence, the evidence that comes not just from some brief laboratory test or clinical trial, but from long term personal use of homeopathic medicine. I know homeopathic medicine works because of my own personal use of it. You can say whatever you want, but I am the final judge of the use of these things for me. I reserve that right. I know they work because I’ve used them successfully, to treat problems that mainstream medicine couldn’t handle, time and time again and I’m still here, aren’t I?”

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#HOMEOPATHY: Mystery of the Empty Ebola Beds

This is essentially an addendum to the previous blog . .


The first known homeopathic remedies were sent to Monrovia in Liberia by the International Emergency Management Organization (IEMO, Rome) in September, 2014; the author sent a second load in mid October. By October 19th, 2014, four homeopathically trained medical doctors, one each from the U.S., India, Switzerland and Spain, arrived in Monrovia. They were sent by the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), the International Organization of Homeopathic Physicians. On November 6th, 2014, the Washington Post announced that the number of reported Ebola cases had dropped in Liberia and Monrovia was returning to normal.


On November 17th Reuters announced “Health workers in Liberia are struggling to tell whether a growing number of empty beds at Ebola treatment centres is a sign that the country’s ramped up response to the disease is working – or just a lull in the epidemic;” and as of Sunday, November 2nd, two thirds of the 696 beds in Monrovia, which in October had been overflowing, were empty!


Is this an anomaly? Is it a happenstance coincidence? History of the late century shows that in the world’s greatest hemorrhagic fever pandemic, homeopathic treatment was 20 to 30 times more effective in saving lives (detailed in the author’s white paper PDF, available in a free download EBOLA PROPHYLAXIS AND CURE 111414 update). But the coincidence of empty beds was not as it appears or what seems as it should have been. It was political.

If the purpose of a manufactured epidemic was to get the Chinese out of Western Africa and the 101st Airborne into it, how easy would it be to simply delay the homeopaths from arriving in Monrovia, before moving all the Ebola patients from JFK Hospital in Monrovia to the newly constructed treatment center put up by the U.S. Government, and if andwhen the homeopaths finally do get to Monrovia, send them to some bush hospital.


The Liga team of homeopaths made their application to go to Liberia in August, long before their arrival in October. The flight to Monrovia was only half full, and many of the passengers were Chinese. When the four homeopaths did finally arrive, they were first given indoctrination in non intervention prophylaxis and then shuttled off to Ganta hospital, a five hour drive to the north. Dr. Richard Hiltner, MD had to make the trip five times back and forth from Ganta to Monrovia in order to get the proper paper work to allow the four MD’s permission to treat patients, and then when they did receive permission they were told they would not be allowed to administer homeopathy to Ebola patients.
The empty hospital beds in Monrovia, according to Hiltner, were due to patients being moved into ad hoc facilities specificallly for intensive Ebola quarantine, put up by the U.S. Government. Hiltner believed it had nothing to do with the potential homeopathic treatment of Ebola.

However, reporters for the Daily Mail claim Hiltner spent time in the Ganta hospital alone, without supervision.

This game of playing keep away with Ebola victims from homeopathically trained medical doctors fits prevailing medicines standards of rejecting easily applied, historically proven treatments for hemorrhagic tropical fevers. According to reports such as India’s Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy’s  alleged cure of three Ebola cases e (as reported in the preceding entry of the John Benneth Journale, Krihsnaamurthy claims Ebola victims were cured within an hour with a single dose of of a venom isotope).


Amidst cries for help by any means, why this obstruction of a simple cure? Could it be that the cure is so simple, so quick and so easily available that the authorities, who stand behind expensive, untried, unavailable vaccines (which the PDF illustrates must be essentially homeopathic in application to be effective) are too embarrassed to admit that pinning their hopes on a new vaccine was unjustified, and that thousands may have unnecessarily died if it proves that isotopic nuclear medicine, which have been available all along, work as reported?

Or is it something more dark? Even the most hardened pseudoskeptic, like James Randi ( the naïve would think) would join the supporting cast in this dramato cry for a test . . for from Randi’s perspective it would be a mass, bumbling trial in ineffectiveness and destroy homeopathy’s reputaation for good.

But James Randi stands to lose a million dollars of Richard Adams’ money if homeopathy is openly proven to work, due to a specious challenge to homeopathy, made as a publicity stunt, to prove itself to him. So how hard is it so see that there are other interests that don’t want homeopathy to work and don’t want it proven one way or another?

Fact of the matter is, the action and efficacy of what is essentially the use of nuclear medicine has already been proven, as the PDF download reveals.


To contrast the mysterious empty beds in Monrovia and announcements by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to end the epidemic by next month, if we go deeper into the Liberian jungle we find the little community of Jene-Wonde, in Grand Cape Mount County, near the border of Sierra Leone. The little village, which has no homeopath to treat the deadly disease, and has lost 10% of its population because of it, has become Liberia’s new epicenter for Ebola. And the fever is still hitting Sierra Leone and Guinea. Within 24 hours Sierra Leone, which also lacks homeopaths, gained 40 new cases.

If this isn’t enough to establish political motives, then answer the question: If the authorities do not have their pride to lose and the Communist Chinese to keep, why isn’t Jene Wonde and other communities receiving proven medicine? Let it be known that as EBOLA PROPHYLAXIS AND CURE 111414 update spreads, there can be no real stricture by Ebola in the U.S. and other developed countries, because there’s too much ofd he antidote available.

The problem is, vis-à-vis the Nobelist Luc Montagnier and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Chinese have probably already been inoculated . . homeopathically.

“We are begging the government to come to our rescue,” said James Jallah Paul of Jene-Wonde. “If the government does not come to our rescue, we will finish (die) here; this place will be an empty space.”

You can help get homeopathy to the Africans. If you can’t aid financially, you can make a connection to someone who can, help increase awareness. In any event, send a prayer.

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