He says there’s no cure for gay, I say he knows there is.

Dana Ullman, MPH is America’s leading homeopath. He has written eight books on homeopathy,  most notably “The Homeopathic Revolution.” He is a publisher and supplier of homeopathic supplies, remedies, books and CD’s.

He is currently the writer of a popular blog on homeopathy on the Huffington Post.

He has taught homeopathy at the University of California at San Francisco and has served as a member of the Advisory Council of the Alternative Medicine Center at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In previous years he has been the chairperson for the National Center for Homeopathy’s Annual Conference, and has been consulted by Harvard Medical School’s Center to Assess Alternative Therapy for Chronic Illness. According to Wikipedia he is a regular speaker at universities, medical schools, pharmacy schools, and hospitals.

John Stossel of ABC News says Ullman is “homeopathy’s foremost spokesman.” (Wikipedia)

Ullman isn’t just a homeopath. He’s a force. He is a researcher and edifier of the world’s greatest medical epic.  He knows his subject well.

He is probably the most admired and well known homeopath in the world.

I love Dana Ullman. And I have been his friend, his best friend . .

. . his only friend.

Lately, however, he took issue with a report, linked to from this blog, that said he had cured 10 people  of homosexuality after homeopathic treatment.

This may sound like nothing more than what Ullman claims it to be, a silly spoof. But I was led to believe it, because Ullman would not have been the first to report homosexuals reverting to, or becoming heterosexual.

Other homeopaths have reported seeing the same thing happen.

Not long after the blog appeared, Dana Ullman contacted me, insisted that it wasn’t true, demanded that I sever the link to the offending site, change the statement and apologize.

Here is commentary from him posted on Sunday’s blog.

Submitted on 2011/10/30 at 6:46 pm by Dana Ullman

“John Benneth has been told by me that the quotes supposedly attributed to me about homeopathy as a treatment for homosexuality are a TOTAL fabrication, and yet, he has chosen to simply claim that I “contend” them to be un-true. There is no debate on this issue…they ARE un-true. To say or imply anything else is ethically questionable.

“Further, Benneth’s quote from me about Lachesis shows his tendency to take things out of context…and seemingly, he seems to not understand homeopathy well. When a homeopath says that a medicine is good for “gentle, mild, and yielding people,” a homeopathic medicine will not “cure” this personality traits. Likewise, just because a homeopathic medicine may fit certain homosexual tendencies in people, a homeopathic medicine will not change a person’s sexual orientation. I never said or even implied that homeopathic medicine can “treat” homosexuality…and his reference to me is irresponsible and academically sloppy.
“Ultimately, Benneth proves that homeopaths are not without serious flaws…we homeopaths, like any other group of people, are a mixed group, with some people with high ethical and academic standards and some NOT so. Ironically, some denialists of homeopathy assert that homeopaths are experts at producing a placebo effect. In actual fact, homeopaths are no more expert at this than anyone else…and in fact, many homeopaths, including Benneth, do not elicit positive healing vibes…Luckily, it is NOT our personalities that heal…it is our medicines that provide the primary benefit.


Stop playing me for a chump, Dana. After first blowing up on me in private correspondence, I worded the question to you very carefully to leave no room for ambiguity, to ask if it is right to say that you have never known of a homosexual becoming a heterosexual after homeopathic treatment and you responded to say,

“That is right,” proceeding then to change the subject by launching into a furious flow of abuse, which is continuing here, this time over nuance of “said” and “contends.”

Yet here in this blog, in both commentary by a reader and testimonials from several experienced homeopaths, there have been reported instances where homosexuals have reverted to the normal state after homeopathic treatment.

And you have confirmed your knowledge of it in your own references to Kent!

You write “Benneth’s quote from me about Lachesis shows his tendency to take things out of context…and seemingly, he seems to not understand homeopathy well.”

If I had taken it out of context I would have been doing you a favor, you’re the one who put the symptoms of “aversion of men to women’ into the context of homosexuality, not me.

Again, repeating from an earlier blog , you write, on your own website, “The bushmaster (Lachesis) is also known for its high sexual energy. An eastern zoo has recorded two bushmasters copulating for twenty- two continuous hours. Surprisingly enough, homosexuality among bushmasters has been documented. It is therefore no surprise that Lachesis is one of the few homeopathic remedies known for its homosexuality. Kent lists it as “aversion of men to women” and “falls in love with member of her own sex.”

In trying to validate this, I find no reference in Kent to homosexuality!

None at all!

Kent simply refers to “aversion to women” as a mental symptom indicating eight remedies, of which Lachesis is one. He makes no reference “of men” in this symptom in my materia medica! The “aversion to women” symptom listed in Kent could be by women a well as men. Slipping in “of men” was done by your conjecture!

Show me where he does, or admit that “homosexual” is something you put there.

Or do you have a different edition of Kent?

Maybe Kent erased it in mine. If not, then according to you, by Kent’s account, there are 11 remedies for homosexuality!

And he doesn’t write “falls in love with her own sex.” Not exactly. But isn’t using just the exact word what you’ve been screaming about? Kent writes “love sick with one of her own sex.” Not falls in love.

And you complain I used the word “contend” instead of “said?” How sloppy! Were you even dressed when you wrote that sentence? Had you been drinking?

Come on, Dana. If you can’t show me the exact quote by Kent, then by your own standards you’re not quoting Kent, you’re quoting yourself!

So stop playing stupid and quit lying to me. You have a masters degree in public health. You should know an epidemic when you see one. And as a homeoapth, you should know how to handle one.

You know that homosexuality is mentally ill. You know homosexuality is satyriasis and that it’s hand in glove with pederasty.

You know that one in nine homosexuals has AIDS. You know that they have twice the rate of suicide. You know that they live a quarter of a century less.

These are the symptoms of a syndrome called homosexuality

You know that the symptoms are not because of condemnations.

Two dozen studies now support the conclusions that the degree of all these problems is the same in countries where homosexuality is condemned and in countries where it’s been normalized.

And you know that it’s a reversible condition.


John Benneth, Homeopath

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PS: If condemnations could kill, I would have been dead long ago.


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