Electronic structure of vaccines and homeopathic artifice

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Except for the totally baffled astronomer, totally baffled present day science only looks from the outside in, and science and astronomy both appear to be blind looking from the inside out.

Large Hadron Insider smelling trillions of shares

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The curative strategy of similitude, of like cures like, is the fundamental basis of immunology, such as the use of cowpox serum to immunize against smallpox. This is the practice of homeopathy, which extends inverse effects to other afflictions.



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what inverse effects and what afflictions? and no making antibodies, I’m sure homeopathy does NOT do that. I am not against anything that helps people but I am against everything that is a lie and misleads. how does homeopathy cure a staph infection for instance

1.) “Inverse effects” here are highly specific electromagnetic pushbacks by an immune system that programs and degranulates antibodies such as basophils. The literature details biochemical tests that reveal homeopathic ionized solutes triggering degranulation.

2.) How does homeopathy cure staph infections? It uses ionized substances that produce transitory symptoms similar to those variant in Staphylococcus, such as Hepar sulph, Hypericum and Arsenicum. 2 of 2

Hahnemann stopped a streptococcus (Scarlet Fever) epidemic in 1799 in Königslutter using ionized Belladonna

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Trying to equate vaccination with homeopathy demonstrates a complete ignorance not only of real science but also of homeopathy. Which is a bit silly, coming from a homeopath.

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It is ironic to note that the practice of homeopathy, the cure of natural diseases through the application of similar, less virulent diseases is well accepted in vaccination but rejected by allopathic medicine when proven to work on any human affliction than the use of a cowpox to inoculate against smallpox.

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Here’s a question I punted into Google: How do vaccines immunize?

Here’s what I take to be the answer from conventional settled science via the US government’s Center for Disease Control:

How do vaccines give immunity?

“Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection. This type of infection, however, does not cause illness, but it does cause the immune system to produce T-lymphocytes and antibodies. Sometimes, after getting a vaccine, the imitation infection can cause minor symptoms, such as fever.”

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CDC: “Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection”??!! That, by definition, is HOMEOPATHY! These poor anti-homeopathy suckers have been getting stuck with homeopathy and didn’t even know it. Understanding How Vaccines Work https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/conversations/…/vacsafe-understand-color-office.pdf …


I beg your pardon if by raising an objection I have rocked the Titanic, but the stated recognition that vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection stumbles over a painful stub-toe that bears immediate hindsight, a huge medical stub-toe: it is one of two reasons for rejecting doctrinal homeopathy, a long practiced medical tradition.

Creating immunity from any particular disease by staging an imitation of that disease is the primary strategy of homeopathy in treating, not just infectious diseases, but a wide range of human problems, such as those caused by emotional stress (like peptic ulcers) infection and toxicity. The broad application of pathological similitude to treat a wide variety of human, animal and even plant, i.e. biological afflictions, is on one count why for over 200 years homeopathy has been banned by standard medical practice.

So this is really an odd conundrum. On one hand, according to the CDC, the use of artificial imitative diseases is the only strategy for conveying immunity, such as using bovine smallpox to eradicate the human strain. On the other hand, its use is rejected. It would appear that one hand is ignorant of the other.

As I intimated in a previous paragraph, as one hand is to the other, there is a second count to this dialectic, the issue of chemistry. What is the chemistry of the homeopathic remedy? We could say biochemistry, we could say electrochemistry, we could say physico-chemistry, we could say quantum chemistry, and as Hahnemannian Freemasons we could even say Geometry, and as skeptics we must decline to answer as we are forced to say there is no distinctive chemistry . . but to invoke the truth just asking what is the chemistry of the homeopathic remedy is solvent enough.

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In 1999 I was the first to apply for James Randi’s million-dollar challenge to prove homeopathy. Randi panicked and tried to avoid me by challenging Benveniste instead, who sent him back to me and my triple-blind dielectric strength test. Randi’s been cowering ever since.

12:42 PM – 23 Mar 2018

as the saying arises

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You can prove homeopathy? I’ll rush out and rewrite my textbook. And I’ll get all those other scientists to rewrite the laws of nature.

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Can I prove homeopathy? Yes of course, Dr. Lappin, I can prove homeopathy. So can you if you are willing to lose your job as a pharmacologist. What more proof do I need than James Randi and his million dollars? What more proof do you need than the basophil degranulation test?

So as you can see, skepticism immediately draws us away from the point: homeopathy and disease prophylaxis of immunization share a common ancestor in the electronic structure of their chemistry. In quantum chemistry, electronic structure is the state of motion of electrons in an electrostatic field created by stationary nuclei. The term encompass both the wave functions of the electrons and the energies associated with them. Electronic structure is what determines the molecule’s properties of action. It may be a novel presentation of this essay that at the quantum level the smallpox serum and homeopathic Variolinum share the same electronic structure, and though inverse semiologically pose similar triggers and snares.

You may immediately pose a reasonable objection calling into question the presumed deterioration of molecular properties due to theoretical dissociation by hydrolysis in the manufacture of a homeopathic remedy, unless we assume that electronic structure is holographic, from the solid first phase of matter to plasma, from molecule to the infinitesimal, electronic structure remains the same.

So the next question then is how do water molecules in the homeopathic remedy imitate the electronic structure of the hydrolyzed solute?

Every field has a circuitry, streams within it, channels of energy that act as capacitors, so where we find an electromagnetic field we are compelled to seek its circuitry, and so in the study of homeopathic chemistry this is found in the hydrogen bonding of the water molecule. The electronic structure of water can be a rote copy of matter’s grammar, imitating the solute’s communication at the subatomic level with organic entities and inorganic elements, to trigger endemic processes, build orthogenic ones or annihilate exogenic antigens.

This is how water imitates the electronic structure of matter.

The water molecule is tetrahedral in shape, that is to say it has transverse lines drawn from input and output ports connecting water molecules around impurities, most notably in homeopathic remedies around impurities such as ethanol, nanoscopic silica and atmospheric cavitation, i.e. bubbles, interstitials that give hydrogen bonding formatting. Hydrogen bonding of water molecules allows for molecular self-assembly into an infinite number of forms. It takes its architectural instructions from hydrolyzed guest solutes, creating a circuitry mimicking the guest, transmitting it’s unique signal to recipient DNA.

A number of scientists, most notably Benveniste, Montagnier and Conte have recorded EMF signals coming off this h-bonded structuring, from the low kilowatt range to high beta. Montagnier found that when homeopathically ionized solutions were mµ shielded from the background radiation (Schumann resonances) the 1kw signal quit, suggesting an external power source transducting biased signals.

This is eyebrow raising. It suggests that matter, irrespective of phase, has within it, in all condensations of HO phase, electromagnetic lensing, holographic fractals, recursive psychograms transducing the background radiation into a specific comprehensive signal emitted throughout the spectrum.

. . to be continued

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My Dog Huck

MY PLAN included bungee cords to insure that if I wasn’t dashed to pieces on the first fall, I would be on the second, third or fourth.

My main obstacle was laziness. I’d have to write something (a biting epitaph) order a tombstone, get a thousand feet of rubber surgical tubing for just the right kind of that snappy slingshot action, rack up huge debts, tell everyone what I really thought of them, get someone I secretly despise to fall in love with me and make sure that nothing would be left to my children or ex-wives.

It was too much work. I filled my pipe and was off wandering in the Netherlands when I felt a gentle tug on my pant leg.

It was my dog Huck.

Huck was a cinnamon colored German shepherd who always wanted out. He would usually spend his days with his chin on my knee while I typed, looking up at me with doleful eyes silently begging to be taken for walk. His nights were spent at the foot of my bed, waiting for the next day to begin.

In the afternoons when I would arise, Huck would be in his most charming happy self, which he would use to get me out of bed to start the new day, begging to be let out.

We slept in a long windowless hallway. At one time it was the entrance to the Gould and Curry Mine. It was from here that James Fair snuck a team of miners into the mine down to the 1,500 foot level and began drilling and blasting their way north into what eventually become known as the Big Bonanza, the world’s greatest discovery of silver, so big it caused the worldwide financial crisis of the 1870’s, making him and his three partners, Mackay, O’Brien and Flood four of the world’s richest men.

But that was long ago. The mines were played out and now the mine entrance was my bedroom. As I approached the refridgerator (I know, I know, it isn’t spelled with a d, I’ll take care of it later) at the end of the narrow kitchen, Huck would dance ahead of me, and at the same time, at the same spot, every day, he would look back to see if I was coming, notice he had a bushy tail . . like “what the is that?” and running around in a circle, snap at it three times .

His tail was an elusive thing. Once it was up and wagging he could never catch it.

Well, on this one particular day, when I had been in deep reverie for couple of hours too long, he left off asking and took to tugging and growling a bit as he pulled on my pant leg.

“Hey! Cut it out!” I yelled, but he just pulled harder. I had to get up an hop on one foot. “Stop it! Stop yankin‘ on my leg, you’ll pull it off,” I yelled, but it just made him put his back into it, growl and dig his paws into the rug, like he was fighting over tenderloin with a pit bull.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was wearing Wahmaker denim pants with thick strap suspenders nailed to them on strong steel posts, he would have pulled them right off me, butt naked.

I had to capitulate.

“Alright, alright,” I lied. He instantly dropped my leg and shot for the southeastern side door.

The Flowery Hills west of Virginia City might be called mountains, but in my metrology they only rate as a piedmont leading up to something much bigger. The white capped giants of the Sierra Nevadas off on the horizon . . now those are mountains.

A bricked path by the Mackay Mansion runs east towards them under cherry blooms, past rusting mine junk in front of a beautifully manicured cool green lawn. In the Spring its beauty was breath taking, the cool cherry bossoms that so gracefully bent over the path and laid their pin kisses on my cheek as I passed under them. Huck dashed for it, leapt the gate, flopped, wriggled and rolled, rubbing his back on it like a beached sturgeon.

So much for a walk.

He jumped up, looked around with ears forward. Something leapt the boundaries of the yard, a mule deer, and Huck was off in a blur in hot pursuit of clattering hooves, barking, me screaming his name to come back.

They headed up the hill through an empty lot to main street. I chugged up Flowery Street towards C Street, yelling “Huck! “Huck!”

Dogs need names that can be comfortably yelled loudly, without reservation or embarrassment. I named a rat terrier “Howdy” once and in a situation similar to this one a man said “Well, hello God damnit!”

I learned my lesson on dog names from that, and so it was no distraction when I yelled Huck‘s. Some angry whiskered guy with his teeth all rotted out yelled back at me, “your dog is chasing a mule deer through traffic!”

Huck was so magnifiently big and supernaturally fast that by the time I got to the top of the street he had finished his pursuit and returned home, leaving me slack jawed. I tried to recover some of my dignity by asking, “You mean that dog there?“ Gabby Hayes was as puzzled as I was, but I didn’t show it.

“Well who was that?” he said. “His evil twin?”

I acted like I knew.

When I came stumbling back into the yard, Huck tore around crazily, kicking up bits of lawn, and then turned on me, racing at full speed until he was about six feet away, where he got airborne, lunging directly at my face, whizzing by my ear like a tomahawk.

When I turned around he was fifteen feet away at the gate to the path, looking over his shoulder at me like, “well come on, what are you waiting for, let’s go!”

He noticed his tail: Snap snap snap!

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