Amanda Knox’s Perugian Holiday



Perugia, Italy – Amanda Knox, the young woman held in an Italian prison for years, convicted of murder and rape in the death of Meredith Kercher, today was set free. In an Op Ed piece in the L.A. Times Nina Burleigh writes:

“After a few weeks in Perugia, I saw that there was something very wrong with the narrative of the murder that the authorities and the media were presenting. There was almost no material evidence linking Knox or her boyfriend to the murder, and no motive, while there was voluminous evidence — material and circumstantial — implicating a third person, a man, whose name one almost never read in accounts of the case.”

Something wrong? That’s putting it mildly. c a third person? Who does Burleigh think she’s protecting? The convicted murderer was and still is Rudy Hermann Guede, a 21 year old man from Abijan, Côte d’Ivoire, who’s DNA was smeared all over the crime scene, including a bloody handprint found on Kercher’s pillow, matched to Guede.  Guede had fled town (Perugia) by train a few days after the murder and had to be extradited from Germany.

What more do you need?

That Knox and her friend, Raffaele Sollecito, an engineering student in Perugia, were even suspected in the murder is outrageous enough; that they were charged with it by the Italian authorities is enough to make anyone with any sense want to stay as far away from Italy as possible; that they were convicted of it is enough to make a less forgiving man push launch on Italy.

If it had been up to me I would have sent in the Marines.

The prosecutor changed his mind more times on what Knox and Sollecito’s motives were for the crime than a kid stoned on weed ordering ice cream at Baskin and Robbins for the first time.    I mean what the hell?   One moment the prosecution had Knox orchestrating an orgy; the next a Satanic ritual; the next she was a jealous lover; the next she did it beause she high on drugs . . but if she was, she obviously couldn’t have been as high as he was.

Italy ought to scrape about a billion Euros together to pay these kids off for what they did to them. My God, how is Italy going to live this down? Have they checked the water in Perugia? Is everyone there that crazy?

Maybe its a virus that causes mass insanity, or presenile dementia.

The  place ought to be quarantined. By the time they had convicted Knox they had already convicted Guede of the crime!

It reads like a witch hunt, something out of the 16th century. There was a report of a crowd outside the courtroom yelling “Shame! Shame!” as Amanda was escorted from the  courtroom grimacing in tears. I tried to translate “shame” and came up with 24 different Italian words for it.

It’s like the number of words that Eskimos have for “snow,” or Arabs have for “sand,” I guess. All nuances of what is under their feet, the many words for it . . in all its different colors, tetures and shades.

It would seem that from the long list of variations on this intransigent theme of guilt, it would seem that the Italians dwell on shame a little more than English speakers do. Perhaps it is because they have so much to be embarrassed about . . the Roman Holiday, Nero, Mussolini, Fascism the Catholic Church, the Mafia.

And now add to this list Amanda Knox’s Perguian Holiday.

Keeping a girl imprisoned for years like that, without any evidence of her guilt., selling her diary, then convicting her of slander after they had driven her mad with sleep deprivation . .  and the crowd was yelling Shame! Shame! . . at Knox?

Not to be outdone, had he known of it,  it would have inspired Caligula to even greater storms of creative cruelty.

Why is Obama wasting smart bombs on people like Anwar al-Awlaki when there are targets like these Italian prosecutors wandering around looking for Americans to grab in Perugia?

I read a homeopath the other day commiserating on cognitive dissonance to say that we homeopaths deal with mental problems on the cellular level. I find that to be profoundly true. I could only respond that it was one of those things I had to dwell on to avour it for awhile. In curing mental problems the remedy is indeed the stuff of quantum psychiatry.

Perhaps now it’s time we start shooting our pellets down their throats with a BB gun.

In the Knox situation I was seized today by how little the light of evidence guides the monstrous crowd in the darkness of what it wants to believe. How can I believe that I am free of such unawareness of prejudice when I see my fellow man casting it about so nakedly?


I immediately thought of my own business and the mountains of evidence that show the effectiveness of my remedies, the ever growing number of remarkable cures I have seen . . and yet how we homeopaths let the false skeptic plant that doubt in our minds and imprison us like Knox, . .with nothing more than slurs.

I always find myself having to shake it off an remind myself, never believe the opposition.

Dear Amanda, nicknamed “Bambi”  by her cellmates, a young woman, not much more than a girl when she was imprisoned years ago, forced to stand alone and make a plaintive plea before they would set her free, and when they did, be cast into the crowd’s obloquy. She could have used that advice . . never believe the opposition when they say you’re wrong and they’re threatening you with it. If you start believing what the opposition is saying about you and what you do or did, you haven’t got to know yourself well enough yet.

How would they know what happened, to be so sure of it? How quickly people who know nothing of a thing will condemn it, voice a strident opinion of it, not because of the evidence, there was none, but because that’s what they wanted to believe.

That’s what they wanted to believe. The look on her face.

Justice, ha! Well, as I have reminded myself,  it builds character . . if you let it.


John Benneth, Homeopath

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