Gift of the Pandemic: HAHNEMANN CORPS

July 6th, 2020, the weekend featuring a strange orchestra of soft whistling flutes and whizzes, pops and bangs, the small percussion section scatteringthem into the wind like roasting corn pouring out of the pan under the beat of high flak chasing phantoms.

The July 4th fireworks display in a small town in a quiet liberal Western U.S. state.

One man’s sword that night was the President, “we need someone who will bring people together, not drive them apart,” he said

“We should pray for him,” said another.

“Pray for him? Why?”

“To do the right thing,” he said. “he has a difficult job. Pray for him to do what ultimately has to be done.”

“And what might that be?”

“To provide for the best outcome for the most people possible.”

It is all Perfect, you know, in some sort of way. If you believe in God, then time will tell, you cannot accept anything less. If you find yourself being troubled by all of this, just considier that it’s all part of a Perfect Plan . .

In every adversity there is the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.. This inspiration to look for a greater benefjt  comes from the Godfather of personally motivated success and the power of positive thinking, Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and other books on how to achieve success in obeying your original commandments for a Plan. . your most distant and greatest goal.


How easy has our personal technology been forgotten, how much time lost,  wasted ruminating on both our secret and collective plights, how deep have we waded into the miasm?

We’re going to end it, beginning now. Turn to  the mirror, point at yourself and say, “You can do it.”

You will be given the pharmaceuticals you need to STOP THE EPIDEMIC but you must act now. You can call me at 503 819 7777

Make an affirmation . . 


“We can stop the Pandemic before the end of this summer 2020.”

When you arise in the morning throw your arms uoward and yell “WE WIN AGAIN!” You got another day!

Stand in front of the mirror again, look yourself in the eyes, and aiming between them, thrust your index finger forward and say in a commanding voice, “You can beat this thing. Thaumaturgy is in your DNA. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You’re a human being, you command the vital force! Take action and do it now! You’ll come out of this thing looking better than you did going in. Look for those seeds that were planted, furiously growing out of pot and pod!”

“You’ve won before, you will win again!”

Maybe its a chance to start over, to take the time to build something new, or do something you’ve always wanted to do, perhaps simply to make plans for the future or address a new need. To grow upon yout own need, to feed people.

Take my situation. The pandemic has taken away my excuses to not work at something that needs to be done, it has given me the time to focus,  and in this case, for me to present How to Stop the Pandemic.

There is no exception for you not to do the same. If you have lost work because of the Influenza pandemic it’s because you’re about to find a better one. Use this time to solve a problem, old or new. Make do it now your motto and . . DO IT NOW! Start a movement!

Hurry before censure takes it away!

My next jaw dropping  entry to the now notorious John Benneth Journal: How to Stop the Pandemic. Senator Royal S. Copeland, MD was a New York homeopath who worked on the New York City health council to fight the killer flu and reduce the death rate   in New York to half of what it was elsewhere in 1918, became the principal author of the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act. Join us on the John Benneth Journal andlet  Dr. Copeland reveal to you the secret tot he science of homeoapthy, how it is that a homeopathic remedy can be endlessly diluted over and over again and increase in potency cLet the Godfather of homeopathy  guide you on how to Stop the Pandemic with Homeopathy! 

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Tue, Apr 21, 2020 2:34 pm

It can’t be true!

There can’t be a cure for COVID19!

You can’t say there’s a cure! It’s against the law!

Well, presumably YOU can’t use the word “cure” when describing the effects of homeopathic  medicine, but the FDA seems to suggest thru its recommended literature someone can. Clarke, in his Dictionary of the Materia Medica) uses the word “cure” over 1,500 times describing the results of using homeopathic medicine, more accurately defined as  “supramolecular medicine”, for numerous conditions.

Could COVID 19 influenza be one of them?

The answer from the usual authorities, I suspect will be a resounding NO, because they don’t want to look like fools after insisting that the medical diluents used as pharmaceuticals can theoretically have any effect at all . . except by the power of suggestion. But there are sources that would say otherwise, such as the governments of India and Cuba and its clients, which are using homeopathy for prevention and treatment of COVID 19. 

Check out the India and Cuba’s statistics for the number of COVID 19 cases reported, and compare them to the U.S., Spain and other countries at worldometer. I trust you will find it jaw dropping.

It’s been done before in1918 and is being done again 100 years later, amazing results using homeopathic medicine. 

There was a question on the Minutus forum about the effectiveness of radionics. 
Yes, it would appear by testimonial and supramolecular theory, that radionics essentially produces a remedy comparable to remedies called “imponderabilia” like X-Ray and Sol  in homeopathy.

I love it! To call homeopathic remedies made  by exposing water to various sources of radiation “imponderabilia” is another classic example of modern orthodox agreed upon science’s failure to explain the clearly” ponderable” if not obvious action of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Yes, I know it hurts to think when your IQ is in the lower digits, it’s so much easier to just condemn what you can’t explain, dust it with some insults, call it fraud and move on, “there’s nothing to see here . .” 
Allow  me to quickly suggest that the mechanics of creating “imponderabilia” skips dissociation of a solute stage reducing the solute to electrons to create an ionic liquid,  hydrolyzation of solutes  into radiolytes, as is done with triturated solutes, but rather structures the molecules directly from radiant sources.
This gets very interesting when molecular structuring in aqueous solution is affected  by dint of nothing more than “neural radiation” , as was reported in The Structure of Liquid Water and its Potential Relevance to Homeopathy, a monumental work validating homeopathy from the view of the material sciences by  renowned physicists  Rustum Roy and Rick Hover of Penn State, William Tiller of Stanford, and psychiatrist and science of homeopathy researcher Iris Bell, MD of the University of Arizona, 2005.
It’s a daunting 15k read, but every serious homeopath should put an eyeball or two on it . Check out their amazing report amidst some mind numbing technical reporting of a Qi Gong master changing the pH of water in Tiller’s SF lab telekinetically from China . . i.e. believe in the biochemical power of your remedies. Suspicion and  disbelief may abrogate your effectiveness. As a matter of fact, experienced homeopaths have reported that there comes a time when the sugar pills can indeed work as placebos, directed by the minds of practitioner and practitionee alone. The condensed matter of the remedy is merely token to the mind, a psychokinetic congress, a meeting place where healing minds convene.
Speaking of that, let’s stop the pandemic. The nosode Influenzinum COVID 19, and the curative supramolecular similia of the homeopathic materia medica for influenza similia should be made available to all 7 billion of us . . immediately!
And speaking of that, we don’t have to make any specific claims for the action and medicinal effects of homeopathic remedies. The FDA and homeopathy’s godfather Royal Copeland  have done that for us for decades in U.S. FDA 400.400:

“A guide to the use of homeopathic drugs (including potencies, dosing, and other parameters) may be found by referring to the following texts: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D., (3 volumes; Health Science Press) and A Clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke, M.D. (Health Science Press). These references must be reviewed in conjunction with other available literature on these drug substances.” FDA 400.400 

If homeopathic remedies are fraudulent and without curative action, why has the U.S. Federal government, for decades until last October, been directing us to its centuries old, voluminous and concordant, robust and dense literature, specifically led by British homeopath John Clarke, M.D.? Is this not encouraging the reader to investigate and practice homeopathy?
Here’s the FDA recommended report on Influenzinum:

The nosode of Influenza.
Clinical.─Catarrh. Colds. Influenza.
Characteristics.─The nosode of influenza has with many practitioners taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. It may be given in the 12th or 30th potency, either in the form of tincture, pilules, or discs; or ten globules may be dissolved in six ounces of water, and of this a dessertspoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases. The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds” appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Arsen. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two. This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the “colds,” whether they are of the influenza type or not. Influenza has the property of developing old troubles, and thus it takes an infinite variety of forms in different persons, so that Influ. need not be expected to cure all cases unaided, or, indeed, to be appropriate to every case.
Relations.─I find Influ. compatible with Act. r., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hep., Merc., and many others.

Note that via Clarke, the FDA  says Influenzinum  “may be given”. Reads like a recommendation to use it to me, and although it may not be expected to cure ALL cases of the flu, i.e. not ALL cases of the corona virus, but indeed it apparently by inference means  more than some, in fact homeopathy has outperformed allopathy 30 to 1, 30 being the average number of deaths per 100 cases of the 1918 flu when treated by allopaths, using mostly salycilic acid, ” Aspirin” and coal tar, exacerbating symptoms, (same as in the Ebola epidemic) vs.only one per hundred lost by homeopathic physicians (Sandra Perko, The Homeopathic Treatment of Inluenza, pp.103-111)
Perhaps a better if not bitter word for allopathy would be murder . .

We have the cure for the corona virus. What has allopathy got? Nothing!
in love and war your BFF,

PS: Read what Hahnemann says about Mesmerism at the end of the 6th edition. switching teams on the power of the mind as an instrument of cure. 


Time and temperature as loving literature




Transcribed and edited by Betty White

JOHN BENNETH: “We now have numerous reported cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever that have been cured by homeopathy; that is more definitively to say, the symptoms of Ebola have been cured using FDA approved, ionized materials listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. And the reason for clarifying this is because the word homeopathy is a misnomer in describing the physico-chemistry of the materials in question. It would be more accurate to say that the nuclear resonant materials used in the practice of homeopathy are medical isotopes in the class of subtle energy radiophamaceuticals

“Now this in itself is a huge development, but it should be noted that this is probably more than what your average loudmouth who thinks he’s speaking for science can handle; and it always should be noted in any discussion of it that, according to the Washington Post, homeopathy is the world’s most controversial subject. I have already indicated to you what one reason for this is, the other being that whereas these medical isotopes are regulated, sanctioned and approved by the FDA, they can be easily made. And in their traditional uses they can’t be patented or controlled by intellectual property rights. You can’t get the same kind of obscene profits that are reaped by pharmaceuticals patented through petro chemical synthesis.

“And so because they pose a threat to the mainstream pharmaceutical industry, homeopathic medicines are characterized by supporters of the pharmaceutical industry as having nothing in them of medicinal value because all of the heavy molecular phase materials have been removed from them in a process of ionization in purified water, which has to be done in order to extrude the isotope. This leaves a hydroxyl solution containing the specific isotope of the starting material.

“But this not commonly understood, and so people who are looking for a fight or an opportunity to humiliate somebody using what they think is their “superior scientific knowledge,” are quick to insist that because they don’t understand the nuclear physics of thepsimon3 2010_05_01_16_12_21 001 materials used in homeopathy, they then must be placebos, biochemically inert, and that whatever effects they may have are due to coincidence or some psychosomatic effect, thereby making the use of these materials unethical.

“And so accordingly, here in 2015, the claim that one of the modern world’s most virulent and contagious diseases was cured by the world’s most controversial form of medicine, will undoubtedly spark red-faced jealous , foam-at-the-mouth outrage by pseudoscientists who think they should know better.

“Now to be honest, I don’t really know what the response will be to this video when they find out that Ebola has been cured using homeopathy, but in the past it hasn’t exactly been completely laudatory on 100% of the comments.

“The idea that homeopathy can cure the Dark Continent of its worst and most terrifying scourge I suspect at least will leave it’s clown critics breathless.”

“At this point it should be stressed that the belief that homeopathic medicine is inert is based on nothing more than theory, and opposed to contrary putative belief, the action of homeopathic medicine is based entirely on evidence, the evidence that comes not just from some brief laboratory test or clinical trial, but from long term personal use of homeopathic medicine. I know homeopathic medicine works because of my own personal use of it. You can say whatever you want, but I am the final judge of the use of these things for me. I reserve that right. I know they work because I’ve used them successfully, to treat problems that mainstream medicine couldn’t handle, time and time again and I’m still here, aren’t I?”

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