A Carefully Lain Trap, Homeopathic Pitfall

In the action adventure detective story Make Me Do it My Way, Jack Protogoras finds himself driving into the night down a long lonesome highway. The trees and vegetation crowd in more and more, closer to the highway, until it is no illusion of the mind that something unnatural is crowding in upon him.
What was thought to be a well traveled road has imperceptively become narrower, overshadowing the road from starlight. The headlights dissolve into blackness, the thick vegation on the side of the road, reaching out, branches so close they lightly brush the door . .
There is something darkly ominous about this. But not to worry happy yellow signs suggest, VEGETATION REMOVAL WORK AHEAD, only a little further, a wide highway is ahead . .
Reassured, Jack plunges forward through an increasing density, until it is scraping the door, then so thick that it is impossible to move ahead. He puts the car in reverse, but the tires spin and squeal. He is caught in a lobster pot, no way out. . the strange vegetation points only one way: Ahead.
There is no turning back.
Thigmotropism is the ability of a plant to move in response to touch. Like the peristaltic action of the gut, in regurgitating motions the car is squeezed forward to a powerful enzymatic pitfall which will dissolve the car . . and its occupant.
It is a carefully lain trap!
Fortunately Jack has a flamethrower in the car, rolls down the window and torches this man eating organism from another planet a burning lesson it won’t forget.

In my last blog I took a particular homeopathy-hater to task on his logic in a post in where he admits that there is evidence for it, qualified weak. Then in a solipsism of the tongue, Guy Chapman says he won’t accept any evidence . . no science, no rationale, no evidence, nothing supports it AT ALL.
“The phytopathological reports are all lies I tell you, lies! You homeopaths are all quacks, fools and madmen!”
It’s the typical contradiction of the pseudo scientist screaming at his god. But Chapman’s no dummy. No sir. He sees the trap. If he moves forward in the diretion of the argument, he is bound to melt. In chemistry, like dissolves like. The solvent  he threatens us with, science, will dissolve his own argument. If he puts homeopathy to the ultimate test and drinks the dilute, he might forget to not accept what he feels . .

Any basic science student knows that a scientific study is an inquiry, not an assertion. Any forensicist knows, if the truth is already known, the skillful use of the interrogatory will lead the victim down a dark, narrow road. This should be the skpetics employ, but it is not. Look at his arguments. They are inimically full of unsupported allegations, assumptions, unreferenced claims, strangely costumed as “science“ . .

Well, I would simply ignore Chapman’s manifesto if it wasn’t for the fact that it is exactly what I would expect to hear come from a majority of our detractors, including Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, Sir John Beddington.
What’s so crazy about this is that Beddington is a Professor of Applied Population Biology at Imperial College in London. A spooky title that, applied population biology. Sounds like genocide to me.

This isn’t the science we’re looking for. Nor does it appear to be the science we need.
In the UK Evidence Check on Homeoapthy, why did not Beddington lead the inquiry before the public with questions designed falsify both placebo as well as verum hypotheses? Why did he not question the authorties on the action of homeopathics such as Profs. Rustum Roy, William Tiller, Richard Hoover, Iris Bell, Madeleine Ennis,  doctors such as J Sainte Laudy, Phillipe Belon, WB Jonas, Claudia Witt?
If the homeopath haters had the truth behind them, they wouldn’t be afraid to ask simple, direct questions, such as what is the extent of pre-clinical testing, such as for biochemical effects? How many of those tests have been replicated, who are the workers, how credible are they?
What is the homeopath’s physico-chemical explanation for his remedies?
There would be questions, not allegations.
But these questions are not asked. We are simply given assertions from a cadre of commentators, supported strangely by the Fabians and their mouthpiece, Sense Against Science.
We are told we don’t need further testing. The results are known.
Is there another, darker agenda afoot?
It feels like a carefully lain trap . .