Gift of the Pandemic: HAHNEMANN CORPS

July 6th, 2020, the weekend featuring a strange orchestra of soft whistling flutes and whizzes, pops and bangs, the small percussion section scatteringthem into the wind like roasting corn pouring out of the pan under the beat of high flak chasing phantoms.

The July 4th fireworks display in a small town in a quiet liberal Western U.S. state.

One man’s sword that night was the President, “we need someone who will bring people together, not drive them apart,” he said

“We should pray for him,” said another.

“Pray for him? Why?”

“To do the right thing,” he said. “he has a difficult job. Pray for him to do what ultimately has to be done.”

“And what might that be?”

“To provide for the best outcome for the most people possible.”

It is all Perfect, you know, in some sort of way. If you believe in God, then time will tell, you cannot accept anything less. If you find yourself being troubled by all of this, just considier that it’s all part of a Perfect Plan . .

In every adversity there is the seeds of an equal or greater benefit.. This inspiration to look for a greater benefjt  comes from the Godfather of personally motivated success and the power of positive thinking, Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, and other books on how to achieve success in obeying your original commandments for a Plan. . your most distant and greatest goal.


How easy has our personal technology been forgotten, how much time lost,  wasted ruminating on both our secret and collective plights, how deep have we waded into the miasm?

We’re going to end it, beginning now. Turn to  the mirror, point at yourself and say, “You can do it.”

You will be given the pharmaceuticals you need to STOP THE EPIDEMIC but you must act now. You can call me at 503 819 7777

Make an affirmation . . 


“We can stop the Pandemic before the end of this summer 2020.”

When you arise in the morning throw your arms uoward and yell “WE WIN AGAIN!” You got another day!

Stand in front of the mirror again, look yourself in the eyes, and aiming between them, thrust your index finger forward and say in a commanding voice, “You can beat this thing. Thaumaturgy is in your DNA. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. You’re a human being, you command the vital force! Take action and do it now! You’ll come out of this thing looking better than you did going in. Look for those seeds that were planted, furiously growing out of pot and pod!”

“You’ve won before, you will win again!”

Maybe its a chance to start over, to take the time to build something new, or do something you’ve always wanted to do, perhaps simply to make plans for the future or address a new need. To grow upon yout own need, to feed people.

Take my situation. The pandemic has taken away my excuses to not work at something that needs to be done, it has given me the time to focus,  and in this case, for me to present How to Stop the Pandemic.

There is no exception for you not to do the same. If you have lost work because of the Influenza pandemic it’s because you’re about to find a better one. Use this time to solve a problem, old or new. Make do it now your motto and . . DO IT NOW! Start a movement!

Hurry before censure takes it away!

My next jaw dropping  entry to the now notorious John Benneth Journal: How to Stop the Pandemic. Senator Royal S. Copeland, MD was a New York homeopath who worked on the New York City health council to fight the killer flu and reduce the death rate   in New York to half of what it was elsewhere in 1918, became the principal author of the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act. Join us on the John Benneth Journal andlet  Dr. Copeland reveal to you the secret tot he science of homeoapthy, how it is that a homeopathic remedy can be endlessly diluted over and over again and increase in potency cLet the Godfather of homeopathy  guide you on how to Stop the Pandemic with Homeopathy! 

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